Saturday July 19th, 2014

Stage 14Grenoble / Risoul

Start 12h10 GMT 2+

A sporting view

Time schedule Grenoble / Risoul 177KM

Subject to validation by the prefectoral services

RouteKilometresSchedules (Local time)
from the finishfrom the start36 km/h34 km/h32 km/h
ISÈRE (38)
GRENOBLE (D523-VC-D1090-D1075-D5 B)11h5511h5511h55
Tavernolles (BRIÉ-ET-ANGONNES)176.01.012h1112h1112h11
Brié (BRIÉ-ET-ANGONNES)173.04.012h1612h1612h17
VIZILLE (D5-N85)168.58.512h2412h2512h25
Carrefour N85-D1091166.510.512h2712h2812h29
Le Péage-de-Vizille164.512.512h3112h3212h33
SÉCHILIENNE (près) (D1091-D591-D1091)159.517.512h3812h4012h42
Gavet (LIVET-ET-GAVET) (près)155.022.012h4612h4812h51
Pont-de-Rioupéroux (LIVET-ET-GAVET)151.026.012h5312h5512h58
Rioupéroux (LIVET-ET-GAVET)151.026.012h5312h5612h59
Livet (LIVET-ET-GAVET) (D1091-D1091 DP2-D1091)148.029.012h5813h0113h04
Les Sables140.536.513h1013h1413h18
La Paute (entrée)137.539.513h1513h1913h23
LA PAUTE (BOURG-D'OISANS)137.040.013h1613h2013h24
Carrefour D1091-D1091 B135.541.513h1913h2313h28
Carrefour D1091 B-D1091133.543.513h2213h2613h31
Le Vernis132.045.013h2513h2913h34
Les Alberges130.546.513h2713h3213h37
Le Clapier (AURIS)129.048.013h2913h3413h39
Tunnel des Commères (MONT-DE-LANS)128.548.513h3113h3513h41
La Rivoire (MONT-DE-LANS)127.050.013h3313h3813h43
Tunnel de l'Infernet (MONT-DE-LANS)124.053.013h3813h4313h48
LE FRENEY-D'OISANS123.054.013h3913h4513h51
Barrage du Chambon (MONT-DE-LANS)120.556.513h4413h4913h56
Grand Tunnel du Chambon (MIZOËN)120.057.013h4513h5013h57
Tunnel du Grand Clôt (LA GRAVE)111.565.513h5914h0614h13
LA GRAVE-LA MEIJE106.570.514h0714h1414h22
Tunnel du Serre-du-Coin (LA GRAVE)105.571.514h0914h1614h24
Tunnel des Ardoisières (LA GRAVE)104.572.514h1014h1714h25
Col du Lautaret (2 058 m)95.082.014h2614h3414h43
Le Pont-de-l'Alp88.089.014h3814h4614h56
LE MONÊTIER-LES-BAINS82.594.514h4714h5615h07
LA SALLE-LES-ALPES77.599.514h5615h0515h16
BRIANÇON (D1091-D994 F-N94-D36 A-D36-D902)70.5106.515h0715h1715h29
Le Laus52.0125.015h3815h5016h04
Refuge Napoléon45.5131.515h4916h0216h16
Col d'Izoard (2 360 m) - Souvenir Henri Desgrange44.5132.515h5116h0416h18
Casse Déserte - Stèle Louison Bobet-Fausto Coppi42.5134.515h5416h0716h22
La Chalp36.0141.016h0516h1916h34
La Maison-du-Roy19.0158.016h3316h4917h06
Gorges du Guil18.5158.516h3416h4917h07
GUILLESTRE (D902-D902 A)15.5161.516h3916h5517h12
Pont-de-Chagne (D902 A-D86)12.5164.516h4417h0017h18
La Rua (D86-D186)11.0166.016h4617h0217h21
Le Languieu9.0168.016h4917h0617h24
Montée de Risoul (1 855 m)0.0177.017h0517h2217h42

Tourist attractions


The city is deeply linked to three pillars of the history of cycling. First of all because it is frequently on the map of the Tour de France since 1905. Grenoble also remains the last town in France to organise a prestigious Grenoble Four-Day race in its velodrome. Finally, it is almost systematically a host to the Criterium du Dauphiné. For its last edition, in 2013, one of the Tour's most exciting attackers, Thomas Voeckler, had triumphed there, just in front of the Stade des Alpes.

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Stage city 39 times
405 000 inhabitants in the 28 commons of the Communauté d'Agglomération Grenoble Alpes Métropole including 159 000 in Grenoble
Isère Prefecture (38)


The Hautes-Alpes resort proved its value when crowning Christopher Froome during the Critérium du Dauphiné 2013 and hosting the young guns of the 2010 Tour de l'Avenir. On two occasions, a normal stage and then an uphill time-trial, its verdict was to be the same with two victories for Nairo Quintana in front of Andrew Talansky, the winner and his runner-up of the youth classification at the last Tour de France.

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New stage city
650 inhabitants
Hautes-Alpes tourist resort (05)

Corporate social responsibility

Since it was founded, Amaury Sport Organisation has been involved in various sponsorship and philanthropy activities. It is the generosity of sport that can be found in a certain number of initiatives aiming to invest in the workings of the disciplines themselves (sponsorship of the French Federation of Cycling), in a humanitarian and social framework, (Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque, Actions Dakar, Un Techo Para Mi Pais) or in the environmental sphere (Madre De Dios, selective sorting, etc.). Read more


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