Wednesday July 17th, 2013

Stage 17Embrun / Chorges

Start 10h15 GMT 2+

Key moments

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Stage summary17.07.2013 in 17:45Froome Fastest: the leader wins again

Chris Froome can do no wrong. He has confirmed, yet again, that he is the fastest rider in the 100th Tour de France. The Brit from Sky Procycling beat Alberto Contador by 8.82 seconds to win a time trial for the first time from his three starts in the Tour. Last year he was second to Bradley Wiggins twice, today he was almost nine second ahead of one of the former champions and yet again demonstrated that his preparation for the race has been perfect. He was given leadership status after...

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interview17.07.2013 in 18:36Saxo-Tinkoff: first and first again..

Team Saxo-Tinkoff and RadioShack-Leopard are waging a battle that is yet to be won. Wrestling the lead from the Luxembourg-registered squad – and the defending champions in the team prize – the Danish formation had a combined attack in time trial from Embrun to Chorges. Alberto Contador was second, Roman Kreuziger fourth and Michael Rogers 13th.

Movistar may be defeated on this day but the Spanish team has far from surrendered. It is now down to fourth in the overall rankings but...

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interview17.07.2013 in 18:30Peter Sagan: I climbed at a moderate pace

Another day in the green jersey, and a relatively calm day for Peter Sagan...

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interview17.07.2013 in 18:28Nairo Quintana: It is both exciting and challenging

After finishing 1'11» behind Froome in stage 17, Nairo Quintana moves up another place on general classification. Next stop: Alpe d'Huez.

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interview17.07.2013 in 18:24Jean-Christophe Péraud: It's only a broken collarbone...

He crashed before the 17th stage and raced with a small fracture to his right collarbone and then Jean-Christophe Peraud crashed again... but he's not too fussed: he's out of the Tour while in ninth overall and already looking at what his next objective might be.

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interview17.07.2013 in 18:08Chris Froome: "I was able to definitely gain a few seconds"

The stage win wasn't his quest, but Chris Froome didn't want to concede time to his rivals for the yellow jersey so he raced hard, took the win but - as he said: «Didn't put himself in the hurt-box» like when he came second in the first individual time trial of the 2013 Tour...

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Sporting stakes16.07.2013 in 19:0132km can be a lot different to 33...

A lot can happen in 33 flat kilometres. The rider in the yellow jersey can, for example, gain an extra advantage of 1'53” on Bauke Mollema, the rider who is closest to him in the general classification. That's how it was on the road to Mont-Saint-Michel in stage 11. And the time trial for stage 17 is a similar distance, at just 32km. But that is where the comparisons should end when comparing the two long time trials of the 100th Tour de France. The first was short, flat, and on a...

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17:31The top 10 on GC after stage 17: Froome still 1st

The new top 10 overall is:

1. Froome (GBR) SKY

2. Contador (ESP) TST at 4'34"

3. Kreuziger (CZE) TST at 4'51"

4. Mollema (NED) BEL at 6'23"

5. Quintana (COL) MOV at 6'58"

6. Rodriguez (ESP) KAT at 7'21"

7. Ten Dam (NED) BEL at 8'23"

8. Fuglsang (DEN) AST at 8'56"

9. Michal Kwiatkowski (POL) OPQ at 11'10"

10. Dan Martin (IRL) GRS at 12'50"

17:29Froome leads Contador by 4'34" overall

Froome has increased his advantage over second place. But rider in second has changed. Mollema is now fourth and Contador is at 4'34" in second place.

17:27The top five in stage 17

Chris Froome has increased his lead in the general classification by winning his third stage of the 2013 Tour de France, the fourth in his career. The top five of stage 17 is:

1. Chris Froome (GBR) SKY 32km in 51'33" (37.2km/h)

2. Alberto Contador (ESP) TST at 9"

3. Joaquim Rodriguez (ESP) KAT at 10"

4. Roman Kreuziger (CZE) TST at 23"

5. Alejandro Valverde (ESP) MOV at 30"

17:25Froome wins the stage - 8.82sec ahead of Contador!

The yellow jersey has won the stage. It is Froome's first time trial win in the Tour de France. He set an average speed of 37.2km/h. He beat Contador by 8.82 seconds.

17:24Froome safely inside the final kilometre

Froome is the only rider yet to finish. He has made it to the 31km mark without a crash and with a quick bike swap... and, at the last check, he was 3" ahead of Contador.

17:23Mollema hits barriers!

With 1.2km to go, Mollema has thumped up against the barriers. He was forced to stop but he's now racing again. He did not land on the ground but he did seem hit his head hard...

17:22Froome leads Contador by 3"

A GPS check of Contador and Froome has the yellow jersey ahead of the Saxo-Tinkoff leader by 3".

17:21Mollema: 3km from the finish...

He started the day ranked second overall, 4'14" behind Froome and Mollema (BEL) is inside the final 3km of the race. He was 1'53" behind Contador at the 20km mark.

17:19Contador beats Rodriguez by 0.72 of a second

Contador has beaten Rodriguez by 0.72 of a second to set an average speed of 37.1km/h and take the lead of the TT with just two men yet to finish the stage.

17:18Contador 1km from the finish

There are only three men yet to finish the stage. Contador is the fastest at the 6.5km and 20km mark. He is now inside the final kilometre of the 32km race.

17:15The top five at 20km

With everyone now past the second time check, the top five is:

1. Contador (TST) 20km in 38'25"

2. Rodriguez (KAT) at 6"

3. Kreuziger (TST) at 9"

4. Froome (SKY) at 11"

5. Valverde (MOV) at 24"

17:12Froome has stopped before the second time check... for a new bike

Froome stopped about 100m before the 20km check and grabbed a time trial bike. He is 11" behind the time set by Contador who is still on his road bike.

17:11Mollema loses 1'53" to Contador at 20km

The Dutch rider who had been second overall has lost 1'53" in the opening 20km of the 17th stage.

17:10Froome inside final kilometre of second climb

Froome has the second best time at the 6.5km mark and he's closing in on the second check. He is inside the final kilometre of the second climb today.

17:08Rodriguez 1st at the finish

Rodriguez (KAT) is 20" ahead of Valverde at the end of his time trial. He is likely to be the only rider with an average speed over 37km/h... yet.

There are still six more riders to finish the stage.

17:06Contador leads at 20km

With only two men yet to reach the 20km check, Contador has the fastest time of the day: 38'25". He is 6" ahead of Rodriguez.

17:05Peraud out of the Tour: ninth place forced to quit with injuries

Peraud has abandoned the Tour de France because of his second crash today.

17:04Peraud crashes 2km from the finish

Peraud (ALM) has crashed with 2km to go in the stage. He was already racing with a small fracture to his clavicle that he sustained only early today...

17:03Kreuziger 2nd at 20km...

At the 20km mark, Kreuziger is 3" behind Rodriguez - that's the second best time of the day at the second checkpoint.

17:00Quintana: 3rd at 20km

Quintana is 37" behind Rodriguez and 19" behind Valverde at the 20km mark.

16:59Ten Dam: 1'42" behind Rodriguez at 20km

The rider in sixth place on GC, Laurens Ten Dam (BEL) is 11th best at the 20km check. He is 1'42" behind Rodriguez.

16:58Rodriguez now on a TT bike

The leader of the Katusha team has the best time at the 20km mark and he has recently swapped his road bike for a TT specific one.

16:57Kwiatkowski 2nd at the finish

At the end of his time trial, Kwiatkowski is 1'03" behind Valverde... the Pole's time is the second best of the day, 8" ahead of Talansky (GRS).

16:56Contador: 20" ahead of Froome at 13.5km

At the bottom of the first first descent, Contador has taken 20" out of Froome.

16:54Rodriguez beats Valverde at 20km

Rodriguez (KAT) has set the best time of the day at the 20km mark. He covered that distance at an average speed of 31.2km/h. Valverde's time is 17" slower than his compatriot.

16:51Talansky: 2nd best in the stage so far...

Talansky has posted the second best time of the stage so far. He is 1'11" behind Valverde (MOV) and 10" ahead of compatriot van Garderen (BMC).

16:50Top five at 6.5km

With everyone past the 6.5km mark, the top five at the first check looks like this:

1. Contador (TST) 6.5km in 14'40"

2. Froome (SKY) at 2"

3. Rodriguez (KAT) at 17"

4. Valverde (MOV) at 20"

5. Kreuziger (TST) at 20"

16:48Froome: 2nd at 6.5km - 2" behind Contador

The yellow jersey is second at the first check. He is 2" behind Contador.

16:47Mollema: 19th at 6.5km

Mollema has lost 1'07" to Contador in the first 6.5km. The Dutchman risks losing his second place in the general classification to the Spaniard today.

16:46Evans 7'34" behind Valverde

Evans is the 154th rider in the TT with 16 men yet to reach the finish. He is 7'34" behind the time of Valverde.

Valverde's average speed was 36.9km/h; Evans did the 32km course at an average of 32.2km/h.

16:44Valverde: 36.9km/h for the 32km

Valverde has beaten Van Garderen's time by 1'21". The Spaniard rode the 32km course at an average speed of 36.9km/h. That's one kilometre an hour faster than the American who had been sitting in the 'hot seat'.

16:43Contador sets the best time at 6.5km!

The third last rider to start, Contador (TST) has the best time of the day at the 6.5km mark. He took 17" off the time set by Rodriguez (KAT).

16:42Kreuziger 3" behind Rodriguez: 3rd best at 6.5km

Kreuziger (TST) has the third best time at the first check: 3" behind Rodriguez (KAT).

16:41Schleck third at the end of his TT

The champion of the 2010 Tour, Andy Schleck (RTL) has the third best time of the day. He is 36" behind van Garderen (BMC) and 2" behind Izaguirre (EUS).

16:38Talansky 5th at 20km

The young American who is third in the youth classification during his first Tour de France, Andrew Talansky (GRS) is 1'14" behind Valverde at the 20km time check.

16:37Dry roads for late starters early on the course

The heaviest rain today was around the 25km mark. For the moment, the top 10 of GC are still riding on dry roads.

Quintana has just reached the 6.5km check with a time of 15'30", that's 8th best 33" behind Valverde.

16:36Froome tucks briefly into the aero position

Froome is racing much of the stage with his hands on the hoods of his brake levers but when there's no turn in the road, he gets down into the aero bars that are on his Pinarello bike.

16:34Froome: 15 pedal strokes before sitting

Froome has set off from Embrun. He sped out of the start house and did 15 pedal strokes before sitting. He is on a road bike with aero bars...

16:33Evans 6'29" down after 20km

As the yellow jersey appears in the start house, we can report that the 2011 Tour champion Cadel Evans has lost 6'29" to Valverde after 20km of racing today...

16:32Rodriguez ahead of Valverde at 6.5km

The world number-one from last year, Joaquim Rodriguez (KAT) has beaten Valverde's time at the 6.5km mark. He is 3" ahead of the former leader at this checkpoint.

16:31Valverde takes 59" off van Garderen's time: 1st at 20km

Valverde (MOV) has the best times at the first and second checks. He raced the first 20km at an average speed of 30.9km/h. He is 59" ahead of van Garderen.

16:26Peraud: 17th at 6.5km

Despite racing with a small fracture of his right clavicle, Jean-Christophe Peraud (ALM) is 17th best at the 6.5km mark. He is 52" behind Valverde.

16:22Quintana begins his time trial...

Quintana is racing without any aero bars and on a standard road bike. He is in the saddle after only 20 pedal strokes and is on the tip of his saddle. The Colombian has a white-top skinsuit on and he is riding on dry roads as he leave Embrun.

16:20Kwiatkowski: 4th at 6.5km

The former leader of the youth classification, Michal Kwiatkowski (OPQ) has ridden the first 6.5km in 15'21" - he is 21" behind Valverde.

16:17Rogers 17th at 6.5km

The three-time TT world champion (from 2003, 2004 and 2005), Michael Rogers has just reached the first check 53" behind Valverde's time.

16:16Rain now falling at the finish

The cloud cover is heavier as the day draws on. It's now raining at the finish but it's not heavy... yet.

16:14Talansky: 3rd at 6.5km - 20" ahead of van Garderen

Andrew Talansky has reached the first check with a time of 15'18" - third best of the day (18" behind Valverde) and 20" ahead of the rider who has the best time at the finish, van Garderen.

16:11Peraud racing with a fracture...

Jean-Christophe Peraud (ALM) is the ninth-last rider to start. He is on dry roads and using a road bike with aero bars. Earlier today he crashed and later went to get scans that revealed a small fracture to his right clavicle. He has decided to try racing despite the injury which is heavily strapped after his crash around the 13.5km mark of the 32km course.

16:09Evans loses 2'19" in 6.5km: 128th place

Cadel Evans has reached the first time check in 128th place. He is 2'19" behind Valverde...

16:07Valverde into the lead at 6.5km

The 164th rider to start, Alejandro Valverde (MOV) has posted the best time at the 6.5km mark. He is 16" ahead of De Gendt and 26" ahead of Jeannesson (FDJ).

16:07Only nine riders yet to start

Dan Martin (GRS) has just left the start house. Riders are now separated by three minutes. Next up on the ramp is Jean-Christophe Peraud who had a crash earlier today but is racing with heavy strapping on his right shoulder.

16:04Velits the latest to swap bikes...

It's a common practice today for riders to change their bikes mid-way through the TT. Velits (OPQ) is the most recent example of this tactic and, once he was off his road bike and on his time trial bike, he got a significant shove from his DS, Davide Bramati.

16:01Schleck beats van Garderen's time at 6.5km

Andy Schleck has the fourth best time of the day at the 6.5km mark. He is 4" faster than van Garderen and 18" slower than De Gendt.

15:59Van Garderen: ??I might just be the luckiest guy here today.?

Tejay van Garderen has just spoken to the media at the finish. France Télévision asked: if it's raining do you think Froome or Contador can beat you? “It's possible,” said the BMC rider. “I mean, the way Froome is riding right now I think that, even if it's raining, he might just beat me but who knows, I might just be the luckiest guy here today.

“Things haven't really gone my way from the start of this Tour but I wanted to take something away and have something to be proud...

15:48Evans starts his time trial

The winner of the Tour in 2011 has just left the start house. Cadel Evans is on a standard road bike early in the stage but he has clip-on aero bars which he is using on the opening climb. He has a standard helmet rather than the aero one used by his team-mate, Tejay van Garderen, who is still in the lead of the race.

Van Garderen swapped his bike after the 20km time check. He has the 4th best time at 6.5km, but the best time at both the 20km mark and the finish.

15:43Chavanel 22nd at 6.5km

The French TT champion, Sylvain Chavanel, who was seventh in stage 11 has reached the 6.5km mark in 22nd place, 47" behind the time set by De Gendt. This part of the course is still dry but the roads are wet around the 10km mark.

15:40Riblon moves into seventh place...

The ever-aggressive AG2R rider, Christophe Riblon, has posted the seventh fastest time of the stage. He is 1'03" behind van Garderen.

15:37Nicolas Portal "Zero risk"

France Télévisions recently interviewed the sporting director of Sky, Nicolas Portal, to discuss the tactics of his team for the wet conditions and find out if it will change the plan for Chris Froome.

“It was in the forecast and now it is a certainty,” said Portal about the rain. “We had considered the case, we include special tyres. But it is certain that this will make the descent a little more complicated.

“We know that the best will rise at a rapid pace, so he...

15:29Rain is falling on the second climb...

The road is still dry at the start of the time trial but it's raining on the cote de Reallon, the second climb of the 32km stage. Images are showing Rolland at the 25km mark and he has wet roads while Richie Porte started at 3:23pm and it's still dry where he is...

15:27Jeannesson: 2nd at 6.5km

The rider who was third in stage 16, Arnold Jeannesson (FDJ) has the second best time at the 6.5km mark, 10" behind De Gendt.

15:20Roads are now wet...

The roads on the TT course are now wet and rain is falling in the Hautes-Alpes.

15:19Van Garderen into the hot seat: 1st place, 34" ahead of Izaguirre

Tejay van Garderen (BMC) has beaten the time of Jon Izaguirre. The American covered the 32km course in 53'24" (35.9km/h).

15:13van Garderen leads at 20km

Van Garderen (BMC) has reached the second time check in a time of 39'47", that's 8" ahead of Izaguirre (EUS).

15:11Road still dry but clouds rolling in...

The bright blue sky of early this morning his now hidden by high clouds. Rain was on the forecast for this afternoon and while it is still dry in the Haute-Alpes department, is seems the weather bureau will be right... the question is: will it rain before or after the end of the stage?

15:06New bike for van Garderen

The rider with the third best time at the 6.5km mark, van Garderen (BMC) has stopped just before the 20km mark to change bikes.

14:55Izaguirre's average speed: 35.6km/h

The fastest time of the day is still held by Jon Izaguirre of the Euskaltel team. His average speed for the 32km course is 35.6km/h.

His brother, Gorka, had also been at the Tour of 2013 but he was one of the non-starters today.

14:49Van Garderen into third at the 6.5km mark

Tejay van Garderen has reached the 6.5km mark with the third best time: he is 22" behind De Gendt's time and 10" behind Izaguirre.

14:43Sagan: 44th so far, 3'33" behind Izaguirre

The rider who wears the green jersey, Peter Sagan (CAN) was 17th in the TT of stage 11. He is at the finish of stage 17 with a time that's 3'33" behind Jon Izaguirre.

14:39Izaguirre did use a TT bike...

The virtual stage leader, with 102 riders at the finish, is Jon Izaguirre. The Euskaltel rider finished the stage on an Orbea time trial bike but we are uncertain as yet if he swapped from a standard road bike or if he rode the TT bike from the start.

14:31Bike changes are allowed: but only from the the racks of following car

Jean-François Pescheux has reminded that the regulations of the race allow riders to swap bikes midway along the course but it must be a bike that is carried in the following car. Teams cannot have a spare bike waiting at a specific location and switch it... it must come from the car.

14:28Izaguirre beats Westra by 4"

Jon Izaguirre (EUS) has the best time of the day. He finished the course in 53'58" to shunt Westra (VCD) down to second place.

Izaguirre is 4" faster than the Dutchman.

14:26Van Garderen sets off...

The best young rider of last year's Tour is the latest to start the TT. He is in the aero position (on a road bike with clip on aero bars) almost immediately after rolling down the ramp. Tejay van Garderen is the 125th to start the stage.

14:20Jon Izaguirre 1st at 20km

Jon Izaguirre (EUS) has beaten the time of De Gendt (VCD) at the 20km mark by one second.

14:19Taaramae: second at the finish

Taaramae (COF) is 11" behind Westra and 1" ahead of another Vacansoleil-DCM rider, De Gendt. The Estonian is ranked second in the stage so far.

14:10Westra: ??I never used the 29...?

“Normally this is a course for the Quintanas, the Froomes... those guys are going faster today,” said Westra when asked who he thought the stage was best suited for.

“For me it's very important when the condition is better and better and the feeling is good. For the first two weeks of the Tour, I was not so good but now I'm better.” asked Westra about his bike choice: a time trial frame with the full aerodynamic set up, unlike most riders today who are using...

14:05Comments from Westra after his time trial...

“Oh, that's one of the hardest time trials I've ever done,” said Lieuwe Westra (VCD) who has the best time of the day so far. “I don't remember anything like it.” caught up with the Dutchman while he waited in the ‘hot seat' for the arrival of his team-mate De Gendt and we asked Westra about his ride, the course, who he expects might win... and his equipment choice as he's one of the only riders to use a TT bike for the 17th stage today.

“There was a very...

14:00De Gendt 2nd behind Westra...

Westra will remain in the hot seat for a little while longer; his team-mate Thomas De Gendt has finished the 32km course 12" slower than the Dutchman.

13:58Westra's time achieved on a TT bike recently caught up with the rider who currently has the best time in the stage, Lieuwe Westra. The Dutchman opted to use a time trial bike for the 17 stage. "I think I'm one of the only guys to do this," he said but there was plenty of time when I was in the aero position. I'm glad I did."

[More to follow.]

13:50Jon Izaguirre beats Westra at 6.5km

One of the Izaguirre brothers from Euskaltel, Jon, has the second fast time at the first check. He is 12" behind De Gendt and 13" ahead of Westra.

13:49Millar: 10th at the finish

David Millar (GRS) has posted the 10th best time of the day. He is 2'16" behind Westra who covered the 32km course at an average speed of 35.53km/h.

13:48De Gendt continues to beat the previous best times...

De Gendt (VCD) was third in the stage 11 time trial (1'01" behind Tony Martin) and the Belgian has posted the fastest times so far today at both the 6.5km and 20km marks. He is 17" ahead of De Marchi at the second check. His team-mate, Westra, holds the best time at the finish but at the 20km mark, the Dutchman was 30" slower than De Gendt.

13:38Castroviejo: 5'36" behind Westra

The Movistar team is clearly concentrating on the days ahead. The Spanish TT champion has finished the stage today with the 63rd best time: 5'36" behind Westra. Jonathan Costroviejo is a key team-mate of the Colombian who leads the youth classification, Nairo Quintana and there are some big days in the mountains coming up...

13:34Tony Martin 8th at 20km; 3rd at the finish

Tony Martin (OPQ) has reached the 20km mark 57" behind the time set by De Marchi (CAN). That's good enough for 8th place at the second check but his powered over the last part of the course to finish just 37" behind Westra. Third place for the world champion.

13:30De Gendt into the lead at 6.5km

De Gendt has beaten the time of his team-mate, Westra at the first check. The Belgian is 25" ahead of the Dutchman.

13:26De Marchi: 2nd at the finish

De Marchi (CAN) who won the stage of the Dauphine in Rissoul in June, has finished with the second best time of the day. He is 13" behind the time set by Westra.

13:23Cannondale in 3rd, 4th and 5th at 6.5km

The fastest time at the 20km mark is held by De Marchi (CAN). He was third best at the first check (behind Westa and Lavarlet) and his team-mates Koren and Moser are fourth and fifth best, respectively.

13:15De Marchi beats Westra at 20km

Westra (VCD) was the 30th starter today and he's held the best time at the 20km check until the arrival of Alessandro De Marchi (CAN). The Italian is 13" ahead of the Dutchman at the second checkpoint.

13:07Update on Jean-Christophe Peraud: due to race at 4.09pm despite accident

During a training ride this morning, Jean-Christophe Peraud (ALM) - the rider in ninth place on GC after 16 stages of the 100th Tour de France - crashed at the bottom of the cote de Puy-Samieres. He injured his right shoulder/collarbone and has been to have it scanned.

The medical report from the AG2R team is that he has a small fracture of his right clavicle but, after a consulation with the team doctor, he has decided that he will start the 17th stage.

13:01Moreno 2nd at the finish: De Marchi 2nd at 6.5km

The Cannondale team is having a good TT. At the first check, De Marchi is 10" behind Westra, while Moser has just arrived at the finish with a time that's second best of the stage so far: 51" behind Westra.

12:56Martin: 22" behind Westra at 6.5km

Tony Martin (OPQ) has reached the first time check 22" behind the time set by Westra. The winner of stage 11 is in fifth place at the 6.5km mark.

12:52Time trial helmet for Millar... but standard road bike

David Millar is riding his team-issue Cervélo road bike today and he hasn't even got aero clip-on bars. He is, however, wearing a time trial helmet. His start time was 12.51pm.

12:50Roy into 2nd place

Roy (FDJ) finished the course in exactly 55 minutes. He is second behind Westra (VCD) by 58" and one second ahead of Sicard (EUS).

12:48Russian TT champion Brutt the next to start...

Pavel Brutt (KAT) is about to roll down the ramp in Embrun. He will be followed by David Millar (GRS) two minutes later.

12:47Marino next to start...

Jean Marc Marino is the third successive Sojasun rider to start the time trial. His two- and four-minute men are team-mates Anthony Delaplace and Cyril Lemoine.

12:45Roy 9th at 6.5km; 5th at 20km

Jeremy Roy (FDJ) has reached the second time check with the fifth fastest time. He is 43" behind the time set by Westra.

12:44Westra's average speed: 35.53km/h

The fastest time of the day is still held by the 30th starter, Westra (VCD). He finished the 32km course in 54'02", which is an average speed of 35.53km/h.

12:41Tony Martin racing...!

The winner of the stage 11 TT and the world champion in the time trial discipline, Tony Martin (OPQ) is now racing. His start time was 12.39pm. He is the 72nd rider to start the 17th stage.

12:25Moser up to second place early in the stage

There is a new wave of fast riders coming through: Moreno Moser (CAN) was the 55th to start the time trial and he is second best at the 6.5km mark, just 22" behind Westra and on the same time as the Portuguese RadioShack-Leopard rider, Sergio Paulinho.

12:22Westra and Sicard ahead of O'Grady

As expected, the two who were first and second at the first and second check have beaten the time of O'Grady at the finish. Westra (VCD) is the fastest at this stage, 32km in 54'02". He is 59" ahead of Sicard (EUS) and O'Grady is now third at 1'22".

12:09Bonnet 6'48" behind O'Grady

The difference between the rider with the best time and the one with the slowest with 27 men at the finish is 6'48".

We await the arrival of Westra but for the moment it's O'Grady in first in a time of 55'24", while William Bonnet (FDJ) is last with a time of 1h02'13".

12:02Sicard continues with good ride: 2nd at 20km

Romain Sicard (EUS) has reached the 20km mark and he is still ranked second behind Westra (VCD). The Frenchman is 14" behind the Dutchman.

11:57Westra ahead of O'Grady at 20km

Westra has the fastest time at both intermediate checks: 26" better than Sicard at 6.5km and 42" ahead of the rider who, at the finish, has the fastest time: O'Grady.

11:53O'Grady beats Kittel...

The fastest time of the day so far has been set by O'Grady. He still has the best time at the 20km mark (21" ahead of Hivert) while, at the finish, he is 26" ahead of Kittel.

11:39Sicard climbing well early: 2nd to Westra at 6.5km

The 2009 under-23 road race world champion Romain Sicard (EUS) has the second best time at the 6.5km mark: 26" behind Westra.

11:37Westra beats O'Grady at 6.5km

Lieuwe Westra (VCD) has the best time at the 6.5km check. He is 38" ahead of O'Grady who has recently beaten Hivert's time at 20km (by 21").

11:36Kittel beats Hivert by 6"

Marcel Kittel is currently leading the TT. He has the fastest time of the day so far: 32km in 55'50". Hivert (SOJ) is at 6", Timmer (ARG) at 1'07", and Lancaster (OGE) fourth at 1'36".

11:25Hivert leads by 1'53"

Jonathan Hivert, the Sojasun rider who had the best time at 6.5km (until O'Grady beat it by 2"), is fastest at 20km and the finish. The Frenchman has the best time of the day so far, 1'53" ahead of Boeckmans (VCD).

11:21Muravyev 1'02" behind Tuft at the finish

Muravyev (AST) was six seconds ahead of Tuft (OGE) at the 20km check but at the finish, the Kazakhstani is 1'02" behind the Canadian.

11:18Tuft's finishing time: 59'34" for the 32km

The first to start the TT, Svein Tuft (OGE) has reached the finish in a time of 59'34".

11:17O'Grady beats Hivert at 6.5km

O'Grady (OGE) has beaten the previous best time at the first time check. The Australian was two seconds faster than Hivert at 6.5km.

11:16Hivert still leading at 20km mark

Six riders have reached the top of the second climb. Hivert (SOJ) has set the fastest time check, at 20km. He covered that distance in 41'29". He is 1'18" ahead of the next best rider, Cousin (EUC) and 2'10" ahead of Boeckmans (VCD).

Tuft (OGE) is last, at 3'55".

11:13Peraud's crash in between the two climbs is still awaiting news on the injuries of Peraud from his crash while training this morning. His accident happened between the two climbs that are a feature of the 17th stage. He injured his shoulder and we are yet to find out if he is to start the time trial today.

The Frenchman is ranked ninth overall, 8'47" behind Froome.

11:10Only 2??18? separate the last five on GC

The battle for the ‘Lanterne Rouge' is a close one with only 2'18” separating the final five riders on GC after 2,736km of racing in the 100th Tour. has checked the differences between the last five in recent years and can report that this is a very tight margin in comparison to other Tours.
In 2012, the difference of the last five after 16 stages – Kuchynski and Ghyselinck – was 14'05”.

In 2011, Burghardt and Amador: 22'21”

In 2010, Klier and...

11:01Peraud crashes in training: now off to hospital for examination

The rider who is ranked ninth on GC after 16 stage, Jean-Christophe Peraud (ALM) has crashed while doing a recon of the TT course. He has hurt his shoulder and has gone to hospital to get some scans done...

10:59Tuft: 124km behind Froome

The time difference between first and last place on GC - Froome vs Tuft - is two hours, 57 minutes and 30 seconds. After 2,736km of racing so far in the 2013 Tour, that equates to a distance of 124km.

10:57Veelers already 2'45" behind at 6.5km

With 12 men past the first check, the best time is still held by Sojasun's Jonathan Hivert (16'21" at 6.5km). Tom Veelers (ARG) has the slowest time at Cote de Puy-Sanieres, already 2'45" behind the Frenchman.

10:56Standard road bikes the choice for early starters

Lobato (EUS) is the latest rider to leave the start house. He is on his usual road bike - not even with aero bars - and this seems to be the equipment of choice for some of the early starters although some have clip-on bars on their road bikes.

10:43Hivert into first place: 1'45" ahead of Tuft

Forget the prediction that Tuft would set the early standard. He is already 1'45" behind the best time of the day, set by the fifth starter, Jonathan Hivert (SOJ).

10:40Murayev beats Tuft by one second

There is a battle royal going on at the tail end of the general classification. There are six riders all within three minutes of each other, each of them in solid contention for the 'Lanterne Rouge' title of the 100th Tour.

Muravyev (AST) is now at the first check and he has gained one second on the Canadian from Orica-GreenEdge after 6.5km while his team-mate and compatriot, Bazayev is 32" faster.

Although there's a title on offer, no one really wants to be the 'Lanterne...

10:37Tony Martin due to start at 12.39pm

So far 17 riders have started the time trial and we can report that Svein Tuft has reached the 6.5km mark in 18'06". This time reflects the nature of the course today: difficult!

The winner of the stage 11 time trial, Tony Martin is the first rider who has won a Tour stage to start today's race. He is schedule to start at 12.39pm.

10:26Five riders already racing...

Tuft is yet to reach the site of the first time check but five men have already left the start house. While Tuft is a specialist in the TT, today's stage is completely different to what the race to Mont-Saint-Michel was last week when he finished sixth.

The seven-time Canadian TT champion should, however, hold the best time for quite some time...

10:22Prize classification review: part 04 ?? white jersey

Nairo Quintana (MOV) gained a significant advantage on his main rival in the youth classification, Michal Kwiatkowski (OPQ) thanks to his 27th place in stage 16. The Polish champion was 46th in the race to Gap, finishing 12'47” behind the winner (Rui Costa) and 1'39” behind Quintana.

The Colombian's lead in this category is now 3'50” while the next best, American Andrew Talansky (GRS) is behind by 7'45”.

10:21Prize classification review: part 03 ?? polka-dot jersey

The winner of stage 16 yesterday, Rui Costa (MOV) grabbed another five points for his collection in the race for the polka-dot jersey but that only adds up to a total of 11 for the Portuguese rider who is now ranked 20th in the climbing classification.

This category is led by Chris Froome (SKY) with 83pts and the runner-up from the race to Mont Ventoux, Nairo Quintana (MOV) is second with 66pts. Neither will, however, wear the polka-dot jersey in the time trial of stage 17 as Froome...

10:20Prize classification review: part 02 ?? green jersey

Early in stage 16, Peter Sagan (CAN) was on the attack and he was part of a 23-man group that gained a small advantage on the peloton in the opening 15 minutes but he then retreated to the peloton and didn't score a point in the green jersey competition on the road to Gap. He admitted later that he was happy to roll in to the finish with the ‘grupetto' and also said that he'd race the TT today relatively conservatively. He was 17th in the time trial of stage 11 but, judging by the comments...

10:19Prize classification review: part 01 ?? yellow jersey

Aside from the winner at Mont Ventoux strengthening his grip on the yellow jersey, the main beneficiaries of the two most recent stages of the 100th Tour de France are Nairo Quintana (MOV) and Joaquim Rodriguez (KAT) who have moved up three places in the general classification thanks to their result in stages 15 and 16.

Froome (SKY) has a commanding lead with an advantage of 4'14” to Mollema (BEL) and 4'25” to Contador (TST), while Kreuziger (TST) is in fourth overall at 4'28”....

10:17Svein Tuft begins the time trial...

The first rider to begin the time trial is Svein Tuft (OGE). He has just left the start house at 10.17am.

10:13Today's question on the Tour's official site: who can beat Froome?

For each stage of the Tour, the official site - - asks readers a question relating to the race. Today we ask:

Can any of Chris Froome's rivals make their deficit less than four minutes today?

- Yes, Bauke Mollema

- Yes, Alberto Contador

- Yes, Roman Kreuziger

- Yes, Nairo Quintana

- No, he's going to increase his advantage!

What are your thoughts?

10:08Welcome to the live coverage of stage 17

The 17th stage of the 100th Tour de France is a 32km time trial from Embrun to Chorges that features two climbs: the côte de Puy-Sanières (6.5km) and the côte de Réallon (30km). The riders will start in the reverse order of their position on general classification and depart at two-minute intervals for most of the day; the final 20, however, will be separated by three minutes.

The sun is shining in the Hautes-Alpes department early today but a storm is forecast by the weather...


Jersey wearers after the stage 21

Classifications after the stage 21


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