Tuesday July 16th, 2013

Stage 16Vaison-la-Romaine / Gap

Start 13h25 GMT 2+

Key moments

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Stage summary16.07.2013 in 17:52Costa victory on the day that could have cost Contador dearly

The stage to Gap has a habit of creating several stories at the same time and it happened again in stage 16 of the 100th Tour de France. There were two races unfolding concurrently: one for the stage victory that was dominated by Portugal's Rui Costa - who outsmarted, out climbed and out paced everyone else on a fast, hot day of racing - and a second contest fought between the riders vying for the yellow jersey. An escape had formed after an hour of attacking early in the stage and there...

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interview16.07.2013 in 19:07RadioShack-Leopard sinks its claw

The winner of the team classification of the Tour de France twice in three appearances, RadioShack-Leopard took the win in its favorite competition by placing three men in the decisive breakaway towards Gap: Andreas Klöden claimed fifth place, 42 seconds behind the winner Rui Costa, Laurent Didier was 14th at 1'04”, and Tony Gallopin 21st at 2'26”. As the next chase group reached the finish in the department of the Hautes-Alpes, at best 11 minutes after the Portuguese, the...

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interview16.07.2013 in 18:40Nairo Quintana: The fall... "it's not my fault"

The best young rider in the 2013 Tour de France moved up from sixth to fifth on GC and, like many at the end of the stage to Gap, he was already thinking about the time trial of stage 17.

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interview16.07.2013 in 18:35Peter Sagan: I tried to sit in the breakaway

It took 75 minutes for the escape to form in stage 16 and while the green jersey was in the original move, he would eventually roll in to Gap a long way behind the stage winner...

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interview16.07.2013 in 18:15Chris Froome: "That put me in danger"

«I think he was actually taking a few too many risks there,» said the race leader about the antics of Alberto Contador in the final 10km of the 16th stage. The reference was, of course, about the incident that saw him ride off the road with about 7.5km to go... he didn't crash but he isn't happy about the way one of his GC rivals rode.

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Sporting stakes14.07.2013 in 18:20Battle of the GC men set to continue

Only minutes after the dominant display of climbing from Chris Froome on Mont Ventoux the Saxo-Tinkoff directeur sportif Fabrizio Guidi stated that the winner of the 100th Tour de France had yet to be decided.

“There are still opportunities in this race and we're highly motivated,” said the Italian. “Froome shouldn't rest assure of the overall win just yet.”
Many other have seen the performances of the yellow jersey in stage 15 and felt demoralised. Nairo Quintana, for...

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17:29The top five overall: Quintana into fifth place

The casualty today from the top five of GC was Laurens Ten Dam. The new top five overall is:

1. Chris Froome (GBR) SKY

2. Bauke Mollema (NED) BEL at 4'14"

3. Alberto Contador (ESP) TST at 4'25"

4. Roman Kreuziger (CZE) TST at 4'28"

5. Nairo Quintana (COL) MOV at 5'47"

17:27Quintana leads the yellow jersey group to the finishline

Quintana (MOV) has led the yellow jersey and his rivals over the line 11'08" behind Rui Costa.

17:24Sporting gesture from Mollema!

Mollema had an opportunity to get closer to the yellow jersey but the Dutchman was part of the group that waited for Froome and Contador who were caught up in an incident that held them up about 7.5km from the finish.

17:23Mollema's group waited for Froome...

It would seem that the group that contained Valverde, Mollema, Rodriguez, Quintana and Kreuziger waited for Froome, Porte and Contador...

17:22No time check for Mollema, Quintana and co...

We don't know how much time Froome, Porte and Contador have lost to the Mollema and Quintana group....

17:21Crash happened with about 7.5km to go

The incident involving Contador and Froome happened about 7.5km from the finish. Froome now has the support of Porte who is leading the yellow jersey down off the col de Manse.

17:20Froome and Contador racing again...

Froome went off the left side of the road but he's back on his bike. Both Contador and Froome had an incident on a sharp right turn. Contador was on the ground and Froome off the road... both are racing again.

17:19Crash with yellow jersey!

Froome has crashed while in pursuit of Contador!

17:18The top five in stage 16

1. Rui Costa (POR) MOV 168km in 3h52'45"

2. Christophe Riblon (FRA) ALM at 42"

3. Arnold Jeannesson (FRA) FDJ at 42"

4. Jerome Coppel (FRA) COF at 42"

5. Andreas Kloden (GER) RTL at 42"

17:17Contador on the attack...

The stage has been won but the race is still very much alive. We see Contador and Kreuziger continue to attack the yellow jersey. They did this on the uphill and they're doing it still on the downhill.

17:16Riblon takes second at 42"

Riblon has beaten Coppel and Jeannesson to the line to take second place 42" behind Costa.

17:15The salute begins: Rui Costa wins again!

The Movistar team is about to win 16th stage. Rui Costa is punching his fists into the sky and celebrating his second stage win in the Tour de France.

Hands in the air, he has crossed the line well clear of any other riders.

17:13Costa to win the stage: a second in three years...

Costa is inside the final 2km of the stage. He is going to give Movistar its first stage win in 2013 and the second Portuguese win in Gap in recent years. (Sergio Paulinho won here a few years ago.)

17:12Froome now without team support... momentarily...

Porte (SKY) has been dropped by the yellow jersey's group which is now composed of: Froome, Contador, Kreuziger, Quintana, Valverde, Mollema, Rodriguez... and now we see Porte coming back.

17:105km to go: Costa well clear

As Contador attacks the yellow jersey (again) and eliminates Porte from the group, we can report that Costa is inside the final 5km.

Contador is chased down and now Kreuziger goes again.

17:08Kreuziger attacks again!

Kreuziger (TST) has attacked the yellow jersey again and he's opened a good gap but Porte (SKY) is still pacing Froome... and that's it, another surged chased down.

17:07Costa 7.5km from the finish... and a second Tour stage win

Costa is in command looking like he's going to give Portugal its first stage win in the 100th Tour de France. The Movistar rider is 45" ahead of the four-man chase group...

17:05Porte leading the yellow jersey's group

The bout of action from Saxo-Tinkoff in the GC group is now over and we see Porte at the front of Froome but, just as that was written, we see another move from Kreuziger.

17:04Results of final climb

1. Costa (MOV) 5pts

2. Coppel (COF) 3pts - at 50"

3. Riblon (ALM) 2pts

4. Jeannesson (FDJ).

17:04Contador caught: Kreuziger goes!

Contador's attack is over but now his team-mate Kreuziger is on the move... but Porte and Froome are managing the attacks...

17:03Contador on the attack!

Contador has attacked the yellow jersey. Porte is leading the pursuit of the rider in third overall.

17:01Rodriguez attacking Froome

There are only eight riders in the group with the yellow jersey. It's Rodriguez (KAT) who is setting the pace ahead of Porte and Froome. Also present is Mollema, Valverde, Quintana, Contador... but Ten Dam has lost contact with this group.

17:00Evans dropped by peloton

Two years ago, he was on the attack on the col de Manse, but today Cadel Evans (BMC) has been dropped on that same climb...

16:59Costa leads by 45"

Costa looks like he could win his second Tour stage today. He won at Super Besse in 2011. He is 45" ahead of Kloden, Jeannesson, Riblon and Coppel.

16:58Schleck, Nieve and Rolland dropped

Andy Schleck, Mikel Nieve and Pierre Rolland have also been dropped by the peloton that is led by Moreno (KAT).

16:57Katusha leading peloton

There are three riders from the Katusha team at the head of the peloton that is spitting plenty of riders out the back including: Kennaugh, Cavendish...

16:56Anton flat tyre

The rider who is in 21st overall, Igor Anton (EUS) has had to stop to get a new wheel after a puncture.

16:552nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th... 20" behind Costa

The first chase group is: Kloden (RTL), Jeannesson (FDJ), Riblon (ALM) and Coppel (COF). They are 30" behind Costa who is showing now sign of slowing down.

16:545km to climb...

Costa is inside the final 5km of the col de Manse. He is 21" ahead of the next-best rider. The AG2R rider leading the pursuit is Riblon.

16:52Costa leads by 10"

Costa (MOV) leads Coppel (COF) by 10". Then comes Roche along Jeannesson, Kadri and Navarro.

16:51Costa goes ahead alone

Coppel is not able to hold the pace of the Tour de Suisse winner, Rui Costa (MOV). The rider who had been ranked 10th overall until the stage to Saint-Amand-Montrond is now chasing his second stage win in the Tour de France.

16:49Hansen caught: Coppel and Costa take over

Hansen's bid to win the stage is over. He has been caught and passed by Coppel (COF) and Costa (MOV).

16:48Roche leads the pursuit of Hansen...

Coppel and Roche are now at the head of the group that's in pursuit of Hansen.

16:47Mori and De Gendt dropped...

Hansen is on his own at the head of the stage. He has dropped Kadri and Marino and, out the back of the bigger group is Mori (LAM) and De Gendt (VCD).

16:46Hansen catches Marino

Marino (SOJ) has been caught by Hansen (LTB) on the final climb. There are now three men at the front of the stage.

16:4520km to go

The two stage leaders are just 15" ahead of the other escapees and they are less than 20km from the finish of the stage.

The peloton... well, we can stop talking about its deficit until the stage has been won as it is now 12'30" behind the stage leaders.

16:44Details of the col de Manse...

The final climb is 9.5km long and has an average gradient of 5.2 per cent. The top is at an altitude of 1,268m while the finish in Gap is at 745m. The top of the col de Manse is 11.5km from the end of the stage.

This climb is rated category-two and thus there are 5, 3, 2 and 1 points on offer for the first four over the top.

16:43Albasini leading the pursuit

One of the Orica-GreenEdge riders in the break, Michael Albasini, is at the front of the chase as the escapees begin the ascent of the col de Manse.

16:4025km to go: two lead by 22"

The advantage of Kadri and Marino is 22" at the 25km to go mark. The peloton is content to let the escape take the spoils today and it is 11'30" behind the leading pair.

16:37Water used to cool the road on Col de Manse

It was on the road to Gap 10 years ago that Joseba Beloki had his famous crash after a duel with Lance Armstrong. The bitumen was so hot that the road surface was sticky and played havoc with the tyres of the cyclists.

Although it was much hotter that day in the 2003 Tour than it is today, the local authorities have doused the road at the top of the col de Manse with a lot of water hours in advance of the peloton's arrival.

16:34Feeding until 15km to go

Earlier today it was announced that feeding will be authorised from team cars until 15km to go in the stage. The conditions are hot today and feeding, of course, also includes supply of drinks.

16:3330km to go: two lead by 20" and the peloton by 10'30"

Kadri and Marino continue to gain time on the other escapees. The last check has the French pair 20" ahead of the 24 and 10'30" ahead of the peloton.

16:30Two lead by 10"

Marino and Kadri are committed to their move. They have gained an advantage on the other escapees, however, of just 10".

16:28With 35km to go, Marino launches an attack

The Sojasun rider in the escape group, Jean Marc Marino has launched a big attack down the right of the road with 35km to go. He has been followed by Kadri (ALM) and this pair now has a lead of about 10" on the 24 others.

16:253rd hour average speed: 43.6km/h

The average speed for the third hour is the same as the second: 43.6km/h. The average since the start of the stage is 43.2km/h.

16:25Lead up to 10'15"

With the leaders 36km from the finish of stage 16, the peloton is 10'15" behind.

16:24Mori's father a winner in Gap in 1970

One of the Italians in the escape group today is Manuele Mori of the Lampre-Merida team. His father, Primo, was a professional cyclist from 1969 to 1975 and he won the 13th stage of the 1970 Tour de France which ended in... yep, Gap - the site of today's finish.

That was Primo's only Tour de France stage victory (he started, and finished, three times).

16:16Full results of intermediate sprint in Veynes (123km)

The points for the intermediate sprint of stage 16 were won by:

1. De Gendt (VCD) 20pts

2. Hoogerland (VCD) 17pts

3. Jeannesson (FDJ) 15pts

4. Gilbert (BMC) 13pts

5. Meyer (OGE) 11pts

6. Albasini (OGE) 10pts

7. Riblon (ALM) 9pts

8. Kadri (ALM) 8pts

9. Marino (SOJ) 7pts

10. Trofimov (KAT) 6pts

11. Velits (OPQ) 5pts

12. Didier (RTL) 4pts

13. Narardauskas (GRS) 3pts

14. Gautier (EUC)...

16:13De Gendt races ahead for 20 points

De Gendt has attacked the lead group in the quest to get the 20 points for first place at the intermediate sprint. No problem, Thomas... it's all yours. The rest of the break just paced themselves over the line about 50 metres behind the Belgian.

16:0650km to go...

The escapees are inside the final 50km of the stage. The group of 26 is 9'25" ahead of the peloton which continues to be led by the Sky team.

16:03Malacarne consults medical car

Davide Malacarne, the Italian with the Europcar team, has recently dropped behind the peloton to consult the race doctor.

16:01RadioShack trio doing plenty of work...

With three riders from the RadioShack team in the lead of the stage - Didier, Gallpin and Kloden - this is the squad that seems to be doing the most work. There are six other teams with more than one in the move of 26 riders: BMC (Gilbert and Quinziato), Europcar (Gautier and Voeckler), AG2R (Kadri and Riblon), Cofidis (Coppel and Navarro), Orica-GreenEdge (Albasini and Meyer) and Vacansoleil-DCM (De Gendt and Hoogerland).

15:55Lead over nine minutes...

The 26 stage leaders are nine minutes ahead of the peloton at the 101.5km mark.

15:53More from Hansen: interesting language skills...

When LeTour.fr spoke with Adam Hansen about his interests aside from cycling we asked: how many languages do you speak? His answer was far from the standard one...

“Computer programming languages, I speak five: PHP, MySQL, ASP, VB, Java – actually, and Javascript as well, if you want to include that. And, I've forgotten one that I used to know.

“Normal languages… uhm, some would say I don't speak English very well, so I accept that: my English is not very good. And as...

15:51Navardauksas needs wheel change

The Garmin-Sharp rider in the break today, Navardauskas, has just had to stop and get a new rear wheel. He's no in pursuit of the 25 others...

15:48Lead up to 8'25"

The incident with the train has benefitted the escapees who are now 8'20" ahead of the peloton. The escapees are in Serres at the 104km mark.

15:44Hansen's other job: creating a management program for pro teams

LeTour.fr spoke with one of the riders who is in the escape today before the Tour and asked about his life away from cycling. Adam Hansen came to road racing via mountain biking but he is also a computer programmer. He developed an online management system that he's sold to his Lotto-Belisol team.

“It's an online database where the logistics lady puts in all the races and adds the riders programs as they're devised. There's also fields for all the other staff: the soigneurs,...

15:41"Incident of the race"... no change to the timing

Jean-François Pescheux has just announced that the incident at the level crossing will not change anything in the timing. The pelotonw as stopped for only 20 seconds at the training tracks and it's just an "incident of the race".

15:39Peloton stopped by train

The peloton has been forced to stop for about 10 seconds as they waited at a level crossing. They are rolling again now after a very short stop.

15:30Advantage grows a little...

The Navarro group (so named as the Cofidis rider is the best on GC of the 26 ahead of the peloton) now has an advantage of 7'40".

15:28Omega Pharma-Quickstep: to the front...

We now see a number of Omega Pharma-Quickstep riders come to the front of the peloton but its only as it makes its way through the feedzone (at 84km).

15:27World champion a winner in Gap two years ago

When the Tour last had a stage finish in Gap, the winner was Thor Hushovd who raced with the Garmin team at the time. He had worn the yellow jersey for seven days in Le Tour of 2011 but by the time the race arrived in Gap, he was back in the world champion's jersey.

Hushovd beat his compatriot Edvald Boasson Hagen in a two-up sprint on a very wet day on Tour.

Today we see the reigning world champion, Philippe Gilbert - now a team-mate of Hushovd (who is not at the Tour in 2013)...

15:24Average speed for the second hour: 43.6km/h

The second hour has been raced faster than the first. The average speed for the second hour is 43.6km.h. The average since the start of the stage: 43.0km/h.

15:23De Kort gets hair cut short...

One of the Dutch riders from the Argos-Shimano team has upheld his part of a deal done with Marcel Kittel and had his hair cut short as part of a bet he lost a few days ago.

If Kittel won three stages in this year's Tour, Koen de Kort said he would shave his head. The long locks that usually can be seen coming out from under de Kort's helmet were all buzzed off at the team's hotel yesterday.

15:19The leaders, their teams and the nations they represent...

Here is a reminder of who the 26 in the lead of stage 16 are:

- Hansen (AUS) LTB

- Philippe Gilbert (BEL) and Manuel Quinziato (ITA) BMC

- Laurent Didier (LUX), Tony Gallopin (FRA) and Andreas Kloden (GER) RTL

- Cyril Gautier (FRA) and Thomas Voeckler (FRA) EUC

- Arnold Jeannesson (FRA) FDJ

- Blel Kadri (FRA) and Christophe Riblon (FRA) ALM

- Nicolas Roche (IRL) TST

- Yuriy Trofimov (RUS) KAT

- Mikel Astarloza (ESP) EUS


15:1290km to go: lead still 7'20"

It was a relatively fast start to the stage and the escapees are still 7'20" ahead of the peloton that is stretched out by the pace being set Geraint Thomas (SKY).

15:07Peloton at 68km; leaders at 73.5km

The 26 riders are ahead by 5.5km. The time difference is 7'23". The peloton has just arrived in the Haute-Alpes department.

15:03Only four teams not represented in escape group

There are 18 of the 22 teams in the 100th Tour de France represented in the escape today. They are 7'20" ahead of the peloton and the squads which don't have anyone up front are: Sky, Cannondale, Astana and Belkin.

15:0026 lead by 7'10" with 100km to go

The peloton is strung out in one long line with Orica-GreenEdge following the Sky riders. This group is 7'10" behind the 26 men who are inside the final 100km of the stage.

14:57Advantage over seven minutes...

The escape group of 26 is now 7'07" ahead of the peloton. This advantage puts Navarro (COF) up from 20th overall to a virtual position on GC of 15th, one spot ahead of Valverde (MOV).

14:54Average speed for the opening hour...

The first hour of stage 16 was raced at an average speed of 42.4km/h.

14:52Comments from Cameron Meyer about his debut Tour...

"I'm normally used to going full gas and having a go," wrote Cameron Meyer (OGE) about the time trial to Mont-Saint-Michel last week, "but my objective was to save energy after a hard first week and look to later in the tour for a breakaway opportunity."

The Orica-GreenEdge rider is riding the Tour for the first time this year and he, and team-mate Michael Albasini are part of the 26-man escape group that is 6'37" ahead at the moment.

"My job here in my first Tour is learning...

14:50Cannondale second in the prize money haul after 15 stages

The next-best team in the prize money allotment thus far on Tour is Cannondale which has won a stage (Peter Sagan, in Albi) and had its leader in the green jersey since the end of stage two. It has 41,440 euros, then comes Sky with 40,950, Movistar with 38,000, Orica-GreenEdge with 36,410, Vacansoleil with 35,080...

Cofidis remains the team with the least amount of prize money, just 4,530 euros.

14:43Advantage up to 6'30"

Geraint Thomas and Ian Stannard (SKY) are at the front of the bunch which is yet to reach the top of the 2nd climb. It is 6'30" behind the 26 escapees.

14:38The points for the col de Macuegne were won by...

1. Hoogerland (VCD) 5pts

2. Didier (RTL) 3pts

3. Coppel (COF) 2pts

4. Kloden (RTL) 1pt

14:37Hoogerland out of the saddle at the front

The Dutch championi Johnny Hoogerland has done a long turn at the front of the escape as they reach the top of the second climb... it seems he'll take the five points for first place.

14:36Leaders 1km from top of 2nd climb

The escape group is inside the final kilometre of the second climb. We see  Roche (TST) at the front but it seems everyone in the move is swapping off with fairly even turns.

14:33Omega Pharma-Quickstep earns the most in the opening 15 stages...

Omega Pharma-Quickstep earns almost twice as much as next-best
After 15 stages of racing in the 100th Tour de France, the Omega Pharma-Quickstep team that has so far won four stages is easily the biggest earning team with regards to prize money.

With two victories for Mark Cavendish, one for Tony Martin and one for Matteo Trentin (as well as second in the team time trial), the Belgian-registered squad has collected a total of 82,740 euros.

A stage win is worth 10,000 euros...

14:32Six former stage winners in the escape group

Of the 26 in the lead, six have previously won a stage of the Tour de France.

Gilbert won the opening stage in 2011.

Voeckler has won a number of times including, most recently, in Luchon last year.

Riblon won at Ax-3-Domaines in 2009.

Costa won at Super-Besse in 2011.

Narvardauskas was part of the Garmin team that won the TTT in 2011.

Meyer and Albasini were part of the Orica-GreenEdge team that won the TTT earlier in this year's Tour.

14:30Escape 6'15" ahead...

The Sky team continues to lead the peloton but they are not chasing the escape group that continues to build on its advantage: currently the 26 are ahead by 6'15".

14:27Leaders on second climb of the stage: ahead by 5'25"

The racers are now on the second climb of the 16th stage. The col de Macuegne is a 1,068m high climb that is 7.6km long that is 5.2km long. We see the world champion, Philippe Gilbert (BMC) at the front.

The advantage at the 41km mark is 5'25".

14:23The 26 stage leaders... 5'00" ahead

Hansen (LTB), Gilbert and Quinziato (BMC), Didier, Gallopin and Kloden (RTL), Gautier and Voeckler (EUC), Kadri and Riblon (ALM), Roche (TST), Trofimov (KAT), Astarloza (EUS), Jeannesson (FDJ), Costa (MOV), Coppel and Navarro (COF), Mori (LAM), Velits (OPQ), Navardauskas (GRS), Albasini and Meyer (OGE), Dumoulin (ARG), De Gendt and Hoogerland (VCD) and Marino (SOJ).

They are 5'00" ahead of the peloton.

14:20Jeannesson bridges the gap...

There are now 26 men in the lead of the stage. Arnold Jeannesson of the FDJ team has joined the escape after an hour of racing.

14:1923 lead by 3'45": Navarro the best of the lead group

The escape group is now 3'45" ahead of the peloton. Of the men in the front of the stage, the best on GC after 15 stages is Daniel Navarro who is 20th overall, at 23'36".

14:14Composition of the escape group

Hansen (LTB), Gilbert and Quinziato (BMC), Gallopin (RTL), Gautier and Voeckler (EUC), Kadri and Riblon (ALM), Roche (TST), Trofimov (KAT), Astarloza (EUS), Costa (MOV), Coppel and Navarro (COF), Mori (LAM), Velits (OPQ), Navardauskas (GRS), Albasini and Meyer (OGE), Dumoulin (ARG), De Gendt and Hoogerland (VCD) and Marino (SOJ).

The peloton is now 2'35" behind.

The escape group is at the 38km mark.

14:10Counter-attack catches leading pair

We'll soon post the composition of the escape group as the counter-attack has caught Hansen and Kloden.

14:09Two lead by 1'10"

Hansen and Kloden are 1'10" ahead of the peloton. We await confirmation of the names of those involved in the counter attack but can report that Gilbert (BMC), Voeckler and Gautier (EUC) are present in this move.

14:07Sky leading the peloton

It seems that we'll soon name the counter-attacking group as there are now riders in the peloton answering the call of nature and the chase of the escapees seems to have stopped...

14:06Two counter-attack groups...

It was announced that the 30 escapees had been caught but it's difficult to name everyone who is on the attack. Currently we still have Hansen and Kloden at the front followed by two groups of counter-attackers and then the peloton but there is only 48" between the two stage leaders.

Gilbert (BMC) is in one of the counter-attacking groups.

14:0530 caught by peloton and only two remain ahead...

That's it for the early escape... it amounts to nothing. The capture of 30 riders happened at the 29km mark and now only Hansen (LTB) and Kloden (RTL) are ahead of the bunch.

14:02Hansen and Kloden attack at 27km

Hansen (LTB) and Kloden (RTL) are, in fact, the two at the front of the stage. They are 12" ahead of the other escapees and the peloton is at 20".

14:02Composition of the escape group

At 27km the escapees:

Sagan (CAN), Hansen (LTB), Morabito (BMC), Bakelants, Didier, Gallopin, Kloden and Voigt (RTL), Voeckler (EUC), Jeannesson (FDJ), Kadri and Riblon (ALM), Bennati, Hernandez and Roche (TST), Brutt and Trofimov (KAT), Valverde, Costa and Rojas (MOV), Navarro (COF), Mori (LAM), Chavanel and Velits (OPQ), Boom (BEL), Hesjedal, Martin and Navardauskas (GRS), Dumoulin (ARG), De Gendt (VCD) and Vuillermoz (SOJ).

They are just 11" ahead.

13:58Valverde and Martin (GRS) join lead group

Valverde and Dan Martin have recently joined the group that's 35" ahead of the peloton at the 25km mark.

13:56Counter-attack over before riders are named

There are now 32 riders ahead of the peloton. The counter-attack has been caught by the peloton that is now 30" behind.

13:55Eight in counter-attack...

There are eight men in the second group but we don't have their names. They are 15" behind while the peloton is at 30.

The lead is composed of 32.

13:53Peloton at 25"; counter-attack at 15"

There are 29 men in the lead of the stage who have been named in previous posts. We wait before listing them again as the advantage is just 15" over a group of counter-attacking riders and the peloton is at 25".

13:50Peraud punctures...

Peraud has punctured and he's waiting for the team car with team-mate Minard.

13:49Hesjedal leads over the first climb...

The points for the cote de la Montagne de Bluye were won by:

1. Hesjedal (GRS) 2pts

2. Didier (RTL) 1pt

13:48Three more out of escape group

Jon Izaguirre, John Degenkolb and Eduard Vorgranov have been dropped by the lead group on the first climb of the 16th stage.

13:47Flecha out of break; Gallopin in...

Flecha has dropped out of the escape group but Gallopin (RTL) has takenhis place in the lead group.

13:46Hernandez also present in escape group

There is a third rider from Saxo-Tinkoff in the early escape. Jesus Hernandez is also present in the group of 32 who are now 30" ahead of the peloton.

13:45Peloton at 30"

The 31 leaders that are yet to reach the top of the opening climb are ahead of the peloton by 30". There are a number of riders in between the lead group and the main pack.

13:4431 now in the lead...

Bakelants (RTL), Kloden (RTL), Morabito (BMC), Voeckler (EUC), Jeannesson (FDJ), Vorganov (KAT), Jon Izaguirre (EUS), Navarro (COF), Chavanel (OPQ), Hesjedal (GRS), Flecha (VCD) have recently joined the lead group.

13:40Sky also no present in the move...

Further to the previous post: Sky is also not represented in the break early in stage 16.

13:39Six teams not in the break today...

BMC, FDJ, Astana, Euskaltel, Cofidis and Orica-GreenEdge are the teams without anyone in the escape early today.

13:38Reminder of the 20 escapees

The 20 riders who are now 5km from the top of the first climb are: Sagan (CAN), Hansen (LTB), Didier and Voigt (RTL), Veilleux (EUC), Kadri and Riblon (ALM), Bennati and Roche (TST), Brutt (KAT), Costa and Rojas (MOV), Mori (LAM), Boom (BEL), Velits (OPQ), Navardauskas (GRS), Degenkolb and Dumoulin (ARG), De Gendt (VCD) and Vuillermoz (SOJ).

They lead the the peloton by 35".

13:33FDJ.fr missed the move...

With the 20 men still only 20" ahead (at 9km) we can report that: 1. There is no FDJ.fr rider in the escape; and, 2. That FDJ.fr is at the front of the peloton.

Ah, do you reckon that points one and two are related...?

13:32Costa the best on GC of the escape group

Of the 20 men who are 20" ahead at the 7km mark, the best on GC after 15 stages is Rui Costa (MOV). He is 29th overall, 33'42" behind Froome.

13:31The 20 riders on the attack in stage 16...

Sagan (CAN), Voigt (RTL), Didier (RTL), Hansen (LTB), Bennati (TST),  Roche (TST), Brutt (KAT), Kadri (ALM), Ribon (ALM), Costa (MOV), Rojas (MOV), Mori (LAM), Boom (BEL), Velits (OPQ), Navardauskas (GRS), Degenkolb (ARG), Dumoulin (ARG), De Gendt (VCD), and Vuillermoz (SOJ) are the riders in the lead of the stage. They have an advantage of 29".

13:28André Greipel: 31 today

The winner of the stage to Montpellier this year, André Greipel (LTB) celebrates his 31st birthday today. He is ranked third in the points classification and has finished in the top four three times this year: fourth in stage five, first in stage six and second in stage 10.

The German won three stages at the Tour in 2012 and one the year before.

Happy birthday, André.

13:2720 riders in the escape group

There is a group of 20 riders at the front of the 16th stage. Names to follow shortly... if the break is established. We can report that Voigt (RTL) is present in the early move. So too is Peter Sagan (CAN).

13:26Miguel Indurain: 49 today

One of the five-time winners of the Tour de France, Miguel Indurain, celebrates his 49th birthday today.

13:23Racing in stage 16 - 179 riders still in the race...

The official start of the 16th stage was at 1.22pm. There are 179 riders still in the race. The non-starters are Thibaut Pinot (FDJ) and Danny van Poppel (VCD).

The first attack has come from a rider from Vacansoleil-DCM.

13:19Stéphane Heulot: "The first challenge is to make the break"

We LeTour.fr contacted Stéphane Heulot, the manager of the Sojasun, before the start of the stage to Gap we asked what he thought the chances of success for one of his riders was. "We home to have someone in the move today,” said the Frenchman. “It's a stage for a breakaway rider, one when they have a real chance of taking out the win. That being said, it will be a real fight to make the break.

“What we want is to have no regrets in coming to Paris,” said Heulot about his...

13:16Prize classification review: part 04 ?? white jersey

As he expected, Michal Kwiatkowski (OPQ) dropped out of the lead in the youth classification. The Polish champion was 18th in the stage to Mont Ventoux, finishing 3'14” behind Froome and 2'45” behind his rival in the race for the white jersey Nairo Quintana.

The Colombian from Movistar is sixth overall, second in the climbing classification and first in the category open to riders born after 1 January 1988. He is 29” ahead of Kwiatkowski and 6'45” ahead of the next-best in...

13:15Prize classification review: part 03 ?? polka-dot jersey

The leader of the 100th Tour de France after 2,568km, Chris Froome (SKY) is also the leader of the climbing classification. He has a haul of 83pts, 50 of which came from his victory at Mont Ventoux on Sunday (which carried double points as it was the final climb of the stage and ranked ‘hors category').

Nairo Quintana (MOV) is ranked second with 66 points, but neither then Brit nor the Colombian will wear the polka-dot jersey in stage 16. Froome is in the yellow jersey, Quintana is...

13:15Peloton ready to roll...

The 16th stage is only a minute from starting: the peloton is waiting in Vaison-la-Romaine and is ready to roll on a warm day in Provence. The temperature at the start is 28.5 degrees Celsius.

13:12Prize classification review: part 02 ?? green jersey

Peter Sagan (CAN) worked hard for his 20 points in stage 15: he was part of the 10-man escape group that set the fastest average speed for the second hour of racing in any stage of the 2013 Tour (48.4km/h). The intermediate sprint wasn't until the 208km mark of the 242.5km stage but the Slovakian led the other escapees to the line in Malaucène.

Sagan now has a lead of 377pts to 278 (collected by one of the dual stage winners this year, Mark Cavendish). André Greipel is third with...

13:12Prize classification review: part 01 ?? yellow jersey

The winner of stage 15 increased his lead over second place in the general classification, from 2'28 to 4'14” and there were plenty of other changes to the top order the race for overall honours in the 100th Tour de France because of the events on Mont Ventoux. At 242.5km it was the stage was the longest in the 2013 Tour and the average speed was a remarkable 41.720km/h.

Froome (SKY) still leads Mollema (BEL) in the race for the yellow jersey and second and third remain the same:...

13:08Welcome to the live coverage of stage 16

After another day of rest, the riders are just about ready to race again. The 16th stage is due to start at 1.15pm with a 3.4km neutral zone that will lead them to the outskirts of Vaison-la-Romaine. Ahead lies a 168km course that includes three categorised hills: the cote de la Montagne de Bluye (cat-3 at 17.5km), the col de Macuègne (cat-2 at 48km) and the col de Manse (cat-2 just 11.5km from the finish).

The intermediate sprint for stage 16 is in Vyenes at the 123km mark.


Jersey wearers after the stage 21

Classifications after the stage 21


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