Thursday July 11th, 2013

Stage 12Fougères / Tours

Start 12h10 GMT 2+

Key moments

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Stage summary11.07.2013 in 17:18Kittel takes on Cavendish... and wins again

A bunch sprint. That's what most said the 12th stage would end with and that almost happened. The thing is, bunch sprints in the 100th Tour de France haven't been contested by all the riders in the peloton as crashes have eliminated a fair portion of the peloton when a sprint looms. It happened again in Tours. Instead of it ending with a race between all the fastest guys it was a battle between those who survived a crash. And again it was Marcel Kittel of the Argos-Shimano team who was not...

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interview11.07.2013 in 18:51Peter Sagan: "I have to think about saving my skin first"

Third again for Peter Sagan. He leads the points classification but wants to win again... but he's still figuring out how to manage that against the likes of Kittel, Greipel and Cavendish.

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interview11.07.2013 in 18:20Omega Pharma-Quickstep earns another prize

Following his victory as a collective in the individual against the clock, the Omega Pharma-Quickstep team was consistent again in a sprint finish. The stage may have ended in the defeat of Mark Cavendish by Marcel Kittel but the British champion's squad has once again earned another prize: first place in the team classification for stage 12.

Gert Steegmans and Tour's best young rider Michal Kwiatkowski crossed the line in 12th and 16th position as part of a combined...

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interview11.07.2013 in 18:12Juan Antonio Flecha: "I'm happy to have done what I did"

The Spanish recruit at Vacansoleil-DCM was on the attack in stage 12 and although Juan Antonio Flecha's only stage win at the Tour de France was 10 years ago, he hasn't given up on the idea of claiming another.

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interview11.07.2013 in 18:08Chris Froome: "At any moment the race can be taken away..."

Flat, windy and fast, the 12th stage was essentially a rudimentary affair but the race leader knows that he cannot afford a momentary lapse of concentration. Chris Froome avoided falls and reached the finish safely but it wasn't necessarily an easy ride to Tours.

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interview11.07.2013 in 17:55Marcel Kittel: "Today I was the fastest man in the peloton"

Although Marcel Kittel now has three stage wins to his credit and beaten André Greipel, Peter Sagan and Mark Cavendish, he refrained from making any bold statements about his form but, when pushed by the media that wanted more than humility from the young German, he gave them what they sought and said that he was the fastest in the peloton...

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Sporting stakes10.07.2013 in 19:02Cavendish's time for some revenge...?

Before the 100th Tour de France, the most prolific stage winner of his generation, Mark Cavendish declared that there were seven sprint stages on the route of the 2013 edition. So far there have been six days where a bunch of riders have contested the finale and ‘Cav' has won but one. There were days in Corsica where the terrain was undulating and eliminated some of the fast men from the finale but that's not going to happen on the road from Fougères to Tours. It's a flat stage and...

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17:03Froome: 12th in stage... safe at the finish

There will be no changes to the top order of the general classification. The yellow jersey, Froome (SKY) was 12th in the stage.

17:01Boasson Hagen holding collarbone...

Boasson Hagen is one of the riders who was caught up in the fall. He has crossed the line holding his collarbone and with a grimace on his face.

17:00Kittel: first for the third time in the 100th Tour!

The top five of the 12th stage is:

1. Marcel Kittel (GER) ARG - 218km in 4h49'49"

2. Mark Cavendish (GBR) OPQ

3. Peter Sagan (SLO) CAN

4. Alexander Kristoff (NOR) KAT

5. Roberto Ferrari (ITA) LAM

16:58Kittel ahead of Cavendish!

It was a bike throw that won the stage. Kittel has beaten Cavendish by a matter of centimetres.

16:58Kittel takes his third victory

Kittel has been named as the provisional winner. He has beaten Cavendish in a head-to-head sprint.

16:57Argos-Shimano lead the way: but Cavendish in command...

There is less than 1km to go in the stage and the sprint has begun. It's Kittel against Cavendish...

16:56No sign of Lotto...

Porte (SKY) has been caught up in the crash and we cannot see any Lotto riders in the lead of the stage. Froome is safe and the incident happened inside the final 3km so those who fell well get the same time as the winner.

16:55Another crash: 20 riders involved

A Lotto-Belisol rider has crashed on the right of the road and brought down about 20 other riders...

16:54Chavanel leading the peloton

Chavanel and Kwiatkowski are at the front of the peloton inside the final 4km. The Cannondale team slots in behind the Omega riders and now Argos come down the left side of the road with 3km to go.

16:53Tuft crashes at the front of the peloton

Tuft has seen his front wheel wash out from under him as he went through a roundabout at the front of the peloton. No one else fell in the incident.

16:51Flecha wins 'Fighting Spirit' award

Flecha will get a red race number for the 13th stage. He has won the 'Fighting Spirit' award for today's race to Tours.

16:50Flecha has been caught: 6km from the finish

Flecha's attack lasted 209km but he has been caught with 6km to go.

16:49Flecha leads by 10"

There are just 7km to go in the stage and Flecha is continuing with his ride at the front. He is 10" ahead and we see Saxo, Orica and FDJ riders leading the peloton.

16:48Tuft and Lancaster with aero helmets...

The Orica-GreenEdge team has a number of riders at the head of the peloton. The plan is to lead Matt Goss out to see if he can win his first stage of the Tour de France (after the TTT, of course).

Svein Tuft and Brett Lancaster are wearing aero helmets (ie. without vents) while the others - including Goss - are in their standard black team-issue lids supplied by Scott.

16:4510km to go

Flecha is inside the final 10km of the stage with a lead of 25".

16:44Sky retreat...

Sky had been at the head of the peloton but now the dominant team at the front is Saxo-Tinkoff. Froome can still be seen near the front along with three team-mates.

16:43Flecha leads by 25"

All the other escapees have been caught by the peloton but Flecha (VCD) has a lead of 25".

16:42Flecha won't concede...

Gavazzi is waiting for the peloton but Flecha is continuing with his effort at the front of the stage.

16:41Gavazzi and Flecha about to be caught

Delaplace has been reeled in by the peloton now only Gavazzi (AST) and Flecha (VCD) remain ahead of the bunch.

16:40Mori caught by the peloton

There are now just three men ahead of the peloton. Mori has been caught.

16:39Escapees in sight of the peloton

The Sky team is at the front of the peloton that is now just 12" behind the four escapees. We see Saxo-Tinkoff and Orica-GreenEdge riders also in big clusters at the front of the pack...

Delaplace is looking behind and accepting defeat. Capture is only a matter of minutes away but Flecha gives it one last nudge...

16:36Peloton in Villandry: 28" behind four

Flecha, Delaplace, Gavazzi and Mori are 28" ahead of the peloton as the bunch reaches the 19km to go mark.

16:3120km to go: 40" advantage

With the four escapees inside the final 20km, they have a lead of 40" on the peloton that is led by Argos-Shimano.

16:30Schleck waiting for team car

Schleck has dropped behind the peloton to consult the team car. He has changed a bike earlier today and now he's getting some mechanical work done in the convoy... he's happy with the work and is now racing to rejoin the peloton.

16:2625km to go

The four stage leaders are inside the final 25km of the stage.

16:25Gavazzi tries with an acceleration

The four at the front are now starting to attack each other. The second move came from Gavazzi but he was marked quickly and now Delaplace is at the front of Flecha and calling the other two through for a turn.

16:24Delaplace picks up the pace at the front

Delaplace has hit out a little at the front of the peloton. To call it an attack would be... ah, an exaggeration but he did at least show that he's not yet prepared to concede to the peloton's chase.

16:22Team cars pulled out from behind the break

With the leaders less than one minute ahead, the race jury has asked the team cars following the escapees to pull to the right side of the road and they are now taking up position behind the peloton.

16:21Leaders just 1'00" ahead at 187km

The peloton is now just 1'00" behind Gavazzi, Flecha, Delaplace and Mori.

16:16Argos-Shimano closing down the advantage

The peloton is now just 1'20" behind the four stage leaders at the 184km mark.

16:11Three team-mates help Quintana back to the peloton

Three team-mates of Quintana have helped him return to the peloton after his recent puncture.

16:08Quintana punctures

The Colombian from Movistar, Nairo Quintana has had to stop to get a new front wheel after a recent puncture.

16:07Albasini gesturing for spectators to get off the road...

The Movistar and Belkin teams are moving forward at the right-hand side of the peloton with Orica-GreenEdge to their right... as Albasini was coming up the side near the edge of the road he was compelled to gesture for some fans who were taking photos to get off the road.

16:02Four stage leaders...

Sicard was caught with 43km to go. There are now only four men ahead of the peloton which continues to be led by the Lotto-Belisol team.

16:01First time Cavendish beats rivals to intermediate sprint points

Today is the first time in the 2013 Tour that Cavendish has beaten his rivals in the points competition to the line at the intermediate sprint.

15:59Sicard at 2'00"

Sicard dropped out of the lead group at the intermediate sprint. He is now 2'00" behind Gavazzi, Flecha, Delaplace and Mori.

The peloton is at 2'35"

15:56Kwiatkowski still committed to Cavendish...

"It would be nice to stay in the top 10 GC," said the leader of the youth classification, Michal Kwiatkowski after the time trial, "but I will see day-by-day."

The Polish champion is seventh overall and the leader of the youth classification. 

"We want to keep working on the flat stages for Mark [Cavendish] and we will see how it goes with me. If I lose my place in the top 10 GC I can still gain experience from the best. I want to improve everywhere. This Tour de France has...

15:55Full results of intermediate sprint...

1. Gavazzi (AST) 20pts

2. Flecha (VCD) 17pts

3. Mori (LAM) 15pts

4. Delaplace (SOJ) 13pts

5. Sicard (EUS) 11pts

6. Cavendish (OPQ) 10pts - at 2'25"

7. Greipel (LTB) 9pts

8. Sagan (CAN) 8pts

9. Boeckmans (VCD) 7pts

10. Henderson (LTB) 6pts

11. Steegmans (OPQ) 5pts

12. Roelandts (LTB) 4pts

13. Lopez (SKY) 3pts

14. Kennaugh (SKY) 2pts

15. Paulinho (TST) 1pt

15:53Sagan gives VCD rider a mouthful...

Sagan was unimpressed that a rider from Vacansoleil-DCM got in his way on the approach to the intermediate sprint site. The rider in the green jersey turned and offered a verbal spray as he crossed the line behind Greipel and Cavendish.

15:52Cavendish and Greipel lead peloton to the sprint

Greipel and Cavendish have led Sagan to the intermediate sprint line. We await confirmation of the sixth place but can report that the peloton was 2'25" behind at the line.

15:51Sicard 12" behind

There are now four men in the lead of the stage as Sicard (EUS) has been dropped by the antics on the approach to the intermediate sprint. He is now 12" behind the four former escape companions.

15:50Five over the intermediate sprint line

The order over the intermediate sprint line at the 166km mark for the first five was:

1. Gavazzi (AST) 20pts

2. Flecha (VCD) 17pts

3. Mori (LAM) 15pts

4. Delaplace (SOJ) 13pts

5. Sicard (EUS) 11pts

15:40Leaders near intermediate sprint

The escapees are 3'10" ahead of the peloton and are about to contest the sprint in Savigne-sur-Lathan (which is 52km from the finish of the stage).

15:3814 riders from Tour of 2005 in the peloton today

The last time that a stage of the Tour de France finished in Tours was in 2005. has just compared the peloton from eight years ago with that of today and only 14 riders from that stage, won by Tom Boonen, are still racing the Tour today. Third place in 2005 was Stuart O'Grady who is riding his 17th successive Tour this year.

The others who were present in 2005 and today are:

Quinziato (who was 16th in Tours in 2005), Flecha (17th), Kloden (33rd), Voigt (49th), Gilbert...

15:33Lead down to 3'40"

The peloton is closing in on the five escapees who are inside the final 63km. They have a lead of 3'40".

15:27Christian Guiberteau: "With the wind, it will not be easy" recently spoke with the director of the Argos-Shimano team, Christian Guiberteau and asked for his thoughts on Marcel Kittel's chances today in Tours. “We are at our maximum to reel in the break,” said the Frenchman. “But with the wind, it will not be easy.

“Yesterday, it was set for everyone to go easy in the time trial... except for Tom Dumoulin. They needed to do this because they have already spent a lot of energy. In any case Marcel is serene. His first victory...

15:22Greipel fills his skinsuit with bottles

He might be the protected rider from Lotto-Belisol but he has returned to the team car to change helmets with 70km to go in the stage and collected a bunch of bottles to carry up to his team-mates who are helping with the chase of the escapees.

15:12Skinsuits for Lotto-Belisol today

Marcel Sieberg, Greg Henderson and André Greipel are three riders from the Lotto-Belisol team who have opted to race the 12th stage in skinsuits...

The New Zealander and tall German (Sieberg) also have their silver aerodynamic Lazer helmets on in preparation for the work they will be doing to try and lead André Greipel to a second stage win in 2013.

15:10Average speed for 3rd hour: 45.2km/h

The average for the third hour of stage three is 45.2km/h. The average since the start of the race today: 45.8km/h.

15:07Down comes the advantage: just 4'50" now...

Omega Pharma-Quickstep, Lotto-Belisol, Argos-Shimano and Sky continue to lead the peloton as it slowly closes in on the escapees who are now 80km from the finish. The latest check as Flecha's group ahead by 4'50".

15:01Nicolas Guillé: "There may be a small opening"

Sojasun's directeur sportif has offered an appraisal of the chances of the escape today. It includes Anthony Delaplace, a regular attacker at the Tour who is yet to win a stage. "When you're ahead, you must believe," said Nicolas Guillé. "Flecha is controlling the break well, but the situation is complicated, our chances of successfully making it all the way to Tours depends on the peloton. We think the stage will end with a sprint, but there may be a small opening, you never know."

14:54One winner of Paris-Tours in the peloton

Among the riders of the Tour de France in 2013, there is one who has one the one-day Classic, Paris-Tours and this year he wears the jersey as world champion. Philippe Gilbert won on the Avenue de Grammont in 2008, in what was his penultimate race in the colours of the team he turned professional with, FDJ. The next year he defended the title as a member of the Silence-Lotto team.

14:50Boasson Hagen returns after puncture

The Norwegian from Sky has recently stopped to get a new wheel after a puncture. He is about to rejoin the peloton that is led by his team-mate Siutsou.

The peloton is 6'00" behind the five escapees.

14:49New bike for Schleck

Andy Schleck has stopped to get a new bike from his RadioShack team car.

14:46Smukulis back near the peloton

After his crash in the feedzone, Smukulis (KAT) is about to rejoin the peloton.

14:43Smukulis crashes in the feedzone

Smukulis (KAT) has been caught in the feedzone by a stray bag. His bike hit the road but he managed to stay on his feet. An impressive dismount from the tall Katusha rider...

14:41100km to go

The escapees are inside the final 100km of the stage. They have been on the attack for 115km.

14:39Geniez returns to the peloton

The other rider to have crashed, Alexandre Geniez (FDJ) has rejoined the peloton just as it enters the feedzone at the 112km mark.

14:34With 105km to go: five lead by 5'55"

Gavazzi (AST), Delaplace (SOJ), Sicard (EUS), Mori (LAM) and Flecha (VCD) are 5'55" ahead of the peloton with 105km to go.

We see Lopez (SKY) at the front of the bunch ahead of riders from Lotto, Omega and Argos.

14:30Kadri back in the peloton

After his crash, Blel Kadri (ALM) has returned to the peloton. He is now consulting the race doctor while the other rider who was involved in the fall - Geniez (FDJ) - is riding behind his team car and still in pursuit of the peloton.

14:26Geniez and Kadri crash... both back up and on their bikes

There has been a fall in the peloton with Alexandre Geniez (FDJ) and Blel Kadri (ALM). They are both riding again and racing to rejoin the peloton that is 6'15" behind the five escapees.

14:16Gap down to 6'50"

The pace of the peloton has picked up a lot and the advantage of the escape has dropped to 6'50".

Flecha and his four mates are 118km from the finish in Tours.

14:13Average speed for the second hour: 45.2km/h

The average speed for the second hour of stage 12 is 45.2km/h. It's two kilometres an hour slower than the first hour... the average for the first two hours combined is 46.2km/h.

14:01Juan José Oroz: 33 today

There are, in fact, two birthdays in the peloton today. As well as Davide Malacarne (EUC), there's Juan José Oroz who turns 33 today.

13:59Happy 26th birthday Davide Malacarne

Today is the 26th birthday of one of the Europcar riders, their Italian on Tour, Davide Malacarne.

13:54Peloton 8'20" behind Flecha's quintet

The peloton conitnues to slowly reel in the advantage of the five escapees who reached a maximum gain of 9'00".

Flecha, Delaplace, Sicard, Mori and Gavazzi are now 8'20" ahead.

13:46Schleck... discusses his time trial position spoke with Andy Schleck before the Tour and asked about how he's adjusting to being back in the race after a season's hiatus because of injury. He admits that his weakness is the time trial and this was evident yesterday when he lost 4'44" to Martin and finished 123rd. “Honestly, I haven't done much work on my time trial position," he confessed.

"I have to concentrate on being good on a normal bike. All the work that I did last year, before the crash in the Dauphiné isn't...

13:42Strong crosswinds making riders in the bunch nervous...

Steven van Olmen, a mechanic from the Lotto-Belisol team has just reported in to and said that the speed of the peloton has picked up and although it's been a fast start to the stage (with assistance from a tailwind) there seems to be some anxiety from the riders now.

"The wind has turned and I know that we have a few anxious riders at the moment," said van Olmen. "It's a crosswind now and that adds to the nervousness."

13:31Peloton picks up the pace...

The maximum advantage of the escape group today is 9'00" wtih the peloton at 42.5km (in Laval). There are now riders from three teams at the front of the fast-moving pack: Omega Pharma-Quickstep, Lotto-Belisol and Argos-Shimano.

This increase in speed has pulled back the break, but only marginally. The escapees have a lead of 8'50".

13:29Three Movistar riders in top 10 of GC: Costa up to 9th

Movistar continues to lead the team classification with an advantage of 4'34" over Saxo-Tinkoff. There are three from the leading team in the top 10 of the overall rankings: Valverde (2nd), Quintana (8th) and Rui Costa moved up from 9th after the time trial.

“To be honest, I didn't feel quite well in this time trial," said Costa after the stage. "I tried to make a strong start, like I always do... It didn't go like planned, but the day is over and we must stay confident to search...

13:19Peloton in Laval: 9'00" behind

The advanage of Flecha, Delaplace, Sicard, Mori and Gavazzi's escape continues to grow. With the peloton in Laval (42.5km), the five attackers are ahead by 9'00".

13:10Lead grows to 8'45"

The peloton is 8'45" behind the five escapees after an hour of racing in stage 12.

13:10Anna Meares picks Cavendish for the win today

The 12th stage may be 218km but the consensus is that it will finish with a bunch sprint, at least that's what the flat profile suggests in a likely outcome. recently asked the Olympic sprint champion from the London Games, Anna Meares, who she thought would win the stage.

"Cavendish, Kittel, Kristoff, Goss and Sagan..."

So far this year, four from this selection have stages... three of them in sprints and (Goss) as part of the Orica-GreenEdge team's victory in...

13:08Fast start to stage 12: 47.2km/h

The opening hour was raced at an average speed of 47.2km/h.

13:00Alain Gallopin: "The last week will be good for Andy"

RadioShack-Leopard's directeur sportif offer a few comments on the race to earlier today. Alain Gallopin spoke about the 2010 Tour champion, Andy Schleck and stated: “We saw on the second stage in the Pyrenees that he was very good. Regarding the time trial... yes, he lost a lot more time than we had anticipated. But we know that this is not his thing, he lost the Tour twice because of his time trial performances. But now, the last week it will be good for Andy. There are five...

12:56Peloton at 31km, 7'20" behind escapees

Here's a reminder of the riders who are ahead of the peloton (7'20" at 31km):

- Romain Sicard (FRA) EUS

- Francesco Gavazzi (ITA) AST

- Anthony Delaplace (FRA) SOJ

- Manuele Mori (ITA) LAM

- Juan Antonio Flecha (ESP) VCD

12:50Steels a winner in Laval in 1999

The escapees are 6'00" ahead of the peloton that's at the 26km mark. At 42.5km today the peloton will pass through Laval. This is where Tom Steels won a stage of the 1999 Tour de France. The Belgian was at the finish of the stage yesterday as he is now a consultant for the Omega Pharma-Quickstep team that has won two stages this year: Cavendish in Marseille (stage five) and Martin yesterday (at Mont-Saint-Michel).

12:38Five lead by five minutes...

At the 19km mark, the five escapees have an advantage of five minutes on the peloton.

12:35McEwen: ??Gotta get a stage win for Gossie soon...?

As he does every time that a bunch sprint is the expected finale for a stage, Robbie McEwen was out on the course early this morning filming the last part of the course so that he could send it back to the Orica-GreenEdge team. The three-time winner of the Tour's green jersey retired from racing last year after a brief stint with the upstart Australian team. He is now a consultant for the squad and he advises the riders on tactics and helps with various other duties.

“We've gotta...

12:29Lead up to 3'45": Omega Pharma-Quickstep leads the peloton

The peloton is at the 13km mark and is 3'45" behind the five escapees.

12:26Fast stages in this region before...

The stage today passes through Laval which first hosted the start of a Tour de France stage in 1999. On that day, the finish was in Blois and the winner was Mario Cipollini (ie. it was a bunch sprint) and his average speed was 50.355km/h. This is the fastest road race (ie. non-time trial) stage of the Tour and... as the saying goes for that day "everyone was over 50".

No other road stage of the Tour has been raced at over 50km/h.

12:21Five lead by 1'45" at 8km

Gavazzi, Mori, Delaplace, Sicard and Flecha are 1'45" ahead of the peloton which has just reached the 8km mark.

12:18Five lead by 55": no threat to Froome's lead present...

Of the five who are 55" ahead of the peloton, the best placed on GC after 11 stages of the 2013 Tour is Manuele Mori (LAM). He is 63rd overall, 49'59" behind Froome.

12:17Gavazzi started the attack

The Astana rider in the lead, Francesco Gavazzi, is the man who started the escape at the 3.5km mark.

12:16The five stage leaders who are 45" ahead at 6km

The escapees early in stage 12 are:

- Gavazzi (AST)

- Sicard (EUS)

- Mori (LAM)

- Flecha (VCD)

- Delaplace

12:14Five riders on the move... names not yet announced

At the 3.5km mark there is a group of five men with a slight advantage on the peloton. Radio Tour has not yet announced the names of the riders involved but they have a lead of 15".

12:10Peloton together at 2km

There hasn't been a successful attack early in stage 12. The peloton is all together at the 2km mark.

12:09Racing in stage 12!

The official start of the 12th stage, from Fougères to Tours is 12.07pm.

12:08Froome 86.44km ahead of 'Lanterne Rouge' Muravyev

While we wait for the stage to start, has done some calculations on what the distance between certain riders would be after 1,743.5km of racing in the 100th Tour.

Froome's advantage over the rider in last place, Dmitriy Muravyev (AST) is 2h06'24", and calculated in terms of distance that equates to 86.442km.

12:03Froome leads Valverde by 3'25"... or 2,347 metres

After 1,743.5km of racing in the 100th Tour de France, the two riders at the top of the overall rankings are separated by 3'25" seconds. In terms of distance, this equates to 2,347 metres between Froome and Valverde.

11:54Prize classification review: part 04 ?? white jersey

Michal Kwiatkowski (OPQ) is back in the white jersey thanks to his fifth place in the time trial. He finished 1'57” ahead of the former leader of the youth classification, Nairo Quintana (MOV). With the exception of Marcel Kittel (ARG) who won the opening stage of the 100th Tour de France, the Pole and Colombian are the only two to have led this category in 2013.

Kwiatkowski is 34” ahead of Quintana and Romain Bardet (ALM), who finished 118th in the time trial (3'19' behind...

11:50Prize classification review: part 03 ?? polka-dot jersey

There was no climb in stage 11 and there's not even a hill on the 218km road from Fougères to Tours in stage 12. Pierre Rolland will keep his polka-dot jersey for another day. He has 48 points, 16 more than the overall leader, Froome, 21 more than Richie Porte (SKY).

11:49Peloton ready to roll...

The riders are assembled at the site of the start and they are about to start rolling in the neutral zone.

11:47Prize classification review: part 02 ?? green jersey

Of the riders in the top 10 in the points classification after 11 stages of the 2013 Tour de France, only one scored points in the time trial yesterday. Michal Kwiatkowski (OPQ) was fifth in the stage and he scored 11 points for that effort that also put him back in the white jersey as best young rider. He is now ranked sixth in the race for the green jersey in the 100th Tour.

Peter Sagan (CAN) said he was originally going to do a conservative time trial but once on the bike, he...

11:43Prize classification review: part 01 ?? yellow jersey

Chris Froome (SKY) has now finished second in the three most recent long time trials at the Tour de France. He missed out on a second stage win in the 100th Tour (and a third in his career) yesterday by just 12”, but he significantly increased his lead in the general classification. The Kenyan-born Brit is now 3'25” ahead of his nearest rival, Alejandro Valverde (MOV) who was 13th in the stage to Le Mont-Saint-Michel.

Froome will spend his fourth day in the yellow jersey as the...

11:38Welcome to the live coverage of stage 12

There is not a single categorised hill in the stage from Fougères to Tours. It is a 218km road through five departments – Ille-et-Vilain, Mayenne, Sarthe, Main-et-Loir, and Indre-et-Loire – and the consensus is that it will end with a bunch sprint.

There are 182 riders still in the 100th Tour de France after 1,743.5km of racing.

The conditions are cooler than yesterday and the temperature before the start today is around 22 degrees Celsius.

There is a 9.4km neutral...


Jersey wearers after the stage 21

Classifications after the stage 21


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