Wednesday July 10th, 2013

Stage 11Avranches / Mont-Saint-Michel

Start 10h00 GMT 2+

Key moments

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Stage summary10.07.2013 in 17:51Martin powers to 1st at Mont-Saint-Michel at 54.271km/h!

The time trial world champion has few peers in this discipline. Tony Martin pushed a 58x11 gear on the flat, fast course from Avranches to the stunning stage finish at Le Mont-Saint-Michel and although he was issued a significant challenge for the stage victory by the rider wearing the yellow jersey, the German scored his second stage success in the Tour de France. On a day when the wind got stronger as the day progressed, no one was certain who would win until the final metres of the stage....

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interview10.07.2013 in 18:49Movistar increases its capital

The combined performance of Tony Martin, the world champion and winner of the specialty between Avranches and Mont-Saint-Michel, Michael Kwiatkowski, who gets the white jersey back from Nairo Quintana thanks to his fifth place in the stage, and TT champion of France, Sylvain Chavanel, in seventh, provide Omega Pharma-Quick Step collective gain of the stage. Third behind Sky Procycling, Movistar is the highest ranked players in the overall rankings. The Spanish champion, Jonathan Castroviejo...

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interview10.07.2013 in 18:46Pierre Rolland: "My mind is on the third week"

The time trial, when the King of the Mountain stumbles. The confidence of Pierre Rolland took a blow on the road to Mont-Saint-Michel...

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interview10.07.2013 in 18:39Peter Sagan: "Just three seconds...!"

Sprinters scoring points for the green jersey is rare in time trials and while Peter Sagan had planned to ride a conservative race, the Slovakian couldn't resist the urge to go hard from the start...

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interview10.07.2013 in 18:33Tony Martin: "I nearly started to cry"

Sylvain Chavanel, seventh at 1'37». Michal Kwiatkowksi, fifth at 1'31... Tony Martin's team-mates were good in the time trial but the world champion was a level above everyone else, even Chris Froome. But that doesn't mean that the German's stage win was one without emotion...

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interview10.07.2013 in 18:22Michal Kwiatkowski: "I'll not give up"

The Polish champion came to his first Tour de France to learn but Michal Kwiatkowski is proving to be the all-round revelation of the 100th edition. He can climb, sprint and time trial... his fifth place in Mont-Saint-Michel puts him back in the white jersey...

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interview10.07.2013 in 18:17Chris Froome: "I'm going to need every second I can get..."

The only rider able to get ahead of Tony Martin at any time check in stage 11 was Chris Froome. He led at the intermediate marks - only by a matter of one or two seconds - and finished the stage in second place. He's happy...

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Sporting stakes09.07.2013 in 19:19Tony Martin's date with Mont-Saint-Michel...

There are a handful of riders who have been studying the course of the 33km time trial to Mont-Saint-Michel since they knew it was part of the itinerary for the 100th Tour de France. In what has been widely acknowledged to be a route for the climbers, this flat stage of racing nothing other than the clock will mess with the minds of riders like Joaquim Rodriguez. The Spanish rider who finished the 2012 season as the world number-one, is generally impressive in the mountains but his second-...

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17:36The new top five of general classification: Froome leads by 3'25"!

The 33km of stage 11 has had a dramatic effect on the overall rankings. The top order has shunted around a little and the big winner is the race leader and runner-up today, Chris Froome. The new top five is:

1. Chris Froome (GBR) SKY

2. Alejandro Valverde (ESP) MOV at 3'25"

3. Bauke Mollema (NED) BEL at 3'37"

4. Alberto Contador (ESP) TST at 3'54"

5. Roman Kreuziger (CZE) TST at 3'57"

17:33The top five in the stage...

This is the second time in three years that Tony Martin has won a stage of the Tour de France. His first success was in the penultimate stage of the 2011 race and today he achieved his victory while clad in the rainbow jersey. The top five in stage 11 is:

1. Tony Martin (GER) OPQ - 33km in 41'53" (54.271km/h)

2. Chris Froome (GBR) SKY at 12"

3. Thomas De Gendt (BEL) VCD at 1'01"

4. Richie Porte (AUS) SKY at 1'21"

5. Michal Kwiatkowski (POL) OPQ at 1'31"

17:31Tony Martin wins the stage!

Froome has finished 11 seconds behind Tony Martin. The world champion has won his second stage of the Tour de France, his first for the 100th edition!

17:30Froome inside the final kilometre

In less than a minute we'll know if Martin or Froome will win the stage...

17:29Valverde inside the final kilometre

Valverde (MOV) is less than 1km from the line. He was 1'27" behind at the 22km mark...

17:27Mollema 2'04" behind

There are only three men yet to reach the finish. Mollema has finished with a time that's 2'04" behind Martin.

17:26Ten Dam: 19th at 2'32"

The rider in fourth overall after 10 stages is going to slip down the rankings today. Laurens Ten Dam (BEL) finished 2'32" behind Martin...

17:19Froome leads by 2.42 seconds at 22km

The yellow jersey is racing for his third stage win in the Tour (and his second this year). Froome is 2.42sec ahead of Martin after 22km of racing. He covered that distance at an average speed of 53.5km/h.

17:18Contador: 11th at 2'15"

Contador's time is 2'15" behind Martin. That's only good enough for 11th place today... wtih five men yet to finish.

17:17Kwiatkowski back in the white jersey today

Michal Kwiatkowski (OPQ) has the fourth best time of the day so far, 1'31" behind Martin. The leader of the youth classification at the start of the stage, Nairo Quintana (MOV) has just finished the stage at 3'28" which means the Polish rider will reclaim the white jersey today.

17:15Rui Costa: 36th so far today...

One of the key team-mates for Valverde (MOV) is Rui Costa. The Portuguese rider was 10th overall at the start of the stage and, with 175 men at the finish, he is ranked 36th.

17:12Only Froome can beat Martin...

The only time that Tony Martin's name is not at the top of the time sheet is for the one check that Chris Froome has raced past. The Sky leader is one second faster than the world champion at 9.5km... but no one else is even close.

As it now stands, Martin is 39" ahead of the next-best (De Gendt) at 22km and 1'01" of De Gendt at the finish.

17:10Rodriguez 3'28" behind Martin

The leader of the Katusha team, Joaquim Rodriguez is 49th best at the finish: 3'28" behind Tony Martin.

17:09Froome leads Valverde by 40" at 20km

Froome's advantage over the leader of the Movistar team is 40" at the 20km mark.

17:08Contador 11th at 22km

The former champions are not having things their way today. Contador is the best of the three former winners of the Tour de France, but he's 11th at the 22km mark (at 1'24"). Evans is 20th (at 1'40"). Schleck is 143rd (at 3'20").

17:06Froome's average speed over 55km/h!

Tony Martin's average speed for the first 9.5km was 55.072km/h. Chris Froome is one second faster...

17:05Froome beats Martin at 9.5km

At the 9.5km mark, Froome has beaten Martin's time by 1".

17:04Froome led Valverde by 964m before today's TT

If the 1'25" deficit that Valverde has on Froome in the general classification were converted into distance, then it would equate to 964m.

17:01Froome vs Valverde: 2012 revisited

The two at the top of the GC after 10 stages of the 100th Tour de France are Chris Froome and Alejandro Valverde. Here is a reminder of their efforts from the two long time trials of the 2012 Tour de France:

Besançon: Froome 2nd to Wiggins at 35"; Valverde 34th at 4'01"

Chartres: Froome 2nd to Wiggins at 1'16"; Valverde 113th at 8'36"

16:56Froome sets off for Mont-Saint-Michel

The yellow jersey is now racing. Chris Froome is in pursuit of Alejandro Valverde who started three minutes ahead of him. The Kenyan-born Brit was second (to his team-mate Bradley Wiggins) in both long time trials of the 2012 Tour de France.

16:54Schleck: 4'43" behind at the finish

With Froome in the start house and Schleck at the finish we can report that the 2010 Tour de France champion has lost a fist-full of minutes today. Andy Schleck started the stage ranked 15th overall but he has lost 4'43" to Martin over 33km.

16:52Rogers comments on Contador...

“I think Alberto has got a little bit of work to do. Chris [Froome] is at a higher level in the time trials. Alberto has certainly got work to do," said the team-mate of the Spaniard, Michael Rogers before the start of the Tour de France.

“I don't think the Dauphiné was an accurate reflection of where he's at. Everyone suffers allergies differently, some suffer more in certain conditions. For sure, he had a bad day. It was obvious that he wasn't comfortable at all on his bike. I...

16:48Evans: 14th at the finish

Cadel Evans is 2'30" behind Martin. Good enough for 14th place at the moment.

16:46Only three yet to start...

Laurens Ten Dam (BEL) has just started the time trial. Next up are Bauke Mollema (BEL), Alejandro Valverde (MOV) and Chris Froome... and then a wait of around 36 minutes to see if there's anyone in the peloton who can beat Martin's time. So far today, no one can get within in a minute of the German.

16:45Kwiatkowski drops to 6th at 22km

He was third at the first time check but the young Polish rider from Omega Pharma-Quickstep has reached the 22km with the sixth best time. Michal Kwiatkowski is behind Martin, De Gendt, Tuft, Porte and Chavanel in Courtils.

16:41Schleck: 3'27" behind after 22km

The leader of the RadioShack-Leopard team, Andy Schleck, has reached the second time check 3'27" behind the time set by Tony Martin.

16:40No one can get within a minute of Tony Martin...

So far today 163 riders have finished the time trial. Tony Martin has the best times at each three time checks (including the finish).

Alberto Contador has just begun the TT... he is one of the other riders in the peloton to have won a long time trial at the Tour de France but that was in 2009.

The nearest challenger to Tony Martin is Thomas De Gendt but even he is 1'01" behind the German world champion.

16:37Evans: 20th at 9.5km; 17th at 22km...

Cadel Evans (BMC) has just reached the second time check 1'40" down on Tony Martin (OPQ). That's 17th best with 15 riders yet to reach that check.

16:35Only seven yet to start...

Dan Martin (GRS) is the latest to leave the start house. In the next 21 minutes we'll see the departure of Quintana (MOV), Contador (TST), Kreuziger (TST), Ten Dam (BEL), Mollema (BEL), Valverde (MOV) and Froome (SKY).

16:32Kwiatkowski: 3rd at 9.5km: three Omega Pharma riders lead!

Michal Kwiatkowski has posted a time of 10'36" at the first check. There are now three from the Omega Pharma team in the top three at the 9.5km mark: Martin in 1st, Chavanel 2nd and Kwiatkowski 3rd...

16:29Yellow replaces blue on Froome's frame

The race leader has had a change of colour on his Pinarello bike frame since the TTT of stage four. Chris Froome has been seen on the trainer near the Sky team's bus on a bike which has yellow where the Sky blue once was.

Froome's start time is 4.54pm.

16:22Evans: 10'56" for 9.5km

The winner of the Tour in 2011, has posted a time of 10'56" at the 9.5km mark. This is 35" slower than Tony Martin.

16:15Chavanel: 5th at the finish

The French champion, Sylvain Chavanel (OPQ) has the fifth best time of the stage. He is 1'37" behind his team-mate Tony Martin who is looking like he may win a second stage of the Tour... his first was the penultimate stage of the 2011 Tour when he beat Cadel Evans by 7".

16:10Evans starts his time trial

The only Australian to have won a long time trial at the Tour de France, Cadel Evans (BMC) has just started the 11th stage. There are only 15 more riders yet to start including the two other former winners of the Tour: Andy Schleck (who is the next to start) and Alberto Contador (who has a start time of 4.39pm).

16:06Rogers racing

Michael Rogers (TST), the triple world TT champion (from 2003, 2004 and 2005) is the latest to start the 11th stage. He is ranked 17th overall, one please behind compatriot Cadel Evans (BMC).

16:03Porte: 3rd at the end of his TT

Porte has nudged ahead of Svein Tuft at the finish. The Tasmanian is ranked third, 1'21" behind Tony Martin and 20" behind Thomas De Gendt.

16:02Hesjedal: 103rd so far today - 5'03" behind

The "leader" for Garmin-Sharp at the start of the Tour was Ryder Hesjedal. The team has since changed tactics and Dan Martin is now the protected GC rider. The Canadian finished the time trial 5'03" behind Tony Martin - which is only good enough for 103rd at the moment.

15:55Talansky: 10th at 9.5km

The young Garmin-Sharp rider, Andrew Talansky has reached the first time check 28" slower than Martin (OPQ).

15:51Porte 4th at 22km...

Porte (SKY) has ridden the first 22km in 25'36", that's fourth place behind Martin (OPQ), De Gendt (VCD) and Tuft (OGE)... with 33 riders yet to get to this time check.

15:47Chavanel into second place

The French time trial champion, Sylvain Chavanel (OPQ) has beaten everyone but his world champion team-mate at the 9.5km mark.

Martin leads Chavanel by 7".

15:47Bakelants down 40" at 9.5km

The former leader of the 100th Tour de France, Jan Bakelants (RTL) has ridden the first 9.5km in 11'01", that's 40" slower than the standard set by Tony Martin.

15:43Talansky sets off... riders now leaving at 3-minute intervals

Andrew Talansky has just started his time trial. The Garmin-Sharp rider is ranked 25th overall. The last 24 riders today will start at three-minute intervals.

15:41No dots on top today...

Rolland (EUC) has just left the start house. He has been racing with a spotted helmet - spotted knicks, spotted frame, spotted socks - while in the lead of the climbing classification. Today he has a team-issue coloured Europcar helmet with a polka-dot top half of a skinsuit and red bottom half.

15:37Porte 25" behind Martin at 9.5km

Richie Porte (SKY) has reached the first time check in a time that's 25" behind Tony Martin (OPQ).

15:32Van Garderen 28th at the finish...!

He had the second best time at the 9.5km mark, the 14th best at 22km but van Garderen has finished the stage 3'19" behind Tony Martin.

15:29Top 10 for another Omega Pharma-Quickstep rider

Peter Velits (OPQ) has just posted the 10th best time of the stage. He is 2'32" behind his team-mate, Tony Martin.

15:28Porte 4th and 6th in world championship TTs

The two times that Porte (SKY) has raced the time trial at the world championships - 2010 and 2011 - he has finished fourth and sixth, respectively.

Earlier this year, he became the first Australian to win the title at Paris-Nice, and he won the final stage time trial up the col d'Eze.

15:24Richie Porte ready to race

The rider who finished second at Ax-3-Domaines is Richie Porte. He's won a few time trials in recent years and he is the latest to start the 11th stage.

Last year, he had problems with his time trial bike at the Tour and, only after the ninth stage did he realise that the saddle was set too high for him (by accident).

15:19Van Garderen from 2nd at 9.5km to 14th at 22km

The rider with the second best time at the 9.5km mark, Tejay van Garderen (BMC) could only conjure 14th place at the 22km check. He is 1'40" behind the time set by Martin.

15:18Van Garderen due at 22km soon...

The next rider to reach the second check should be Tejay van Garderen. The American is ranked second at the 9.5km mark, 19" behind Martin... we wait to see if he is able to maintain his tempo or if he might drop off like Boom did in his ride earlier today.

15:11Dumoulin into 5th place...

Tom Dumoulin (ARG) was 11th at the 9.5km mark, 5th at the 22km mark and he's just finished the stage with the fifth best time: 1'45" behind Martin.

15:10Jon Izaguirre: 11th at the finish

One of the Izaguirre brothers from the Euskaltel team, Jon, has finished with the 11th best time of the day so far.


Recently we posted a newsflash stating that Thor Hushovd was the most recent winner of points for the green jersey in a time trial in the year that he won the points classification. This is incorrect as the Norwegian won the green jersey in 2005 and 2009, but he won the prologue in 2006.

Apologies for any confusion caused.

(The reason for the post was that Sagan is currently ranked seventh and stands a chance of scoring points for his green jersey in today's time...

15:04Van Garderen: 2nd at 9.5km

The winner of the white jersey last year, Tejay van Garderen (BMC) has just clocked 10'39" for the opening 9.5km... that's the second best time of the day. He is 18" behind Martin and 4" ahead of Boom in Ducey.

15:03Impey the latest to start...

The former leader of the 2013 Tour de France, Daryl Impey (OGE) is the latest rider to start the time trial. He is 138th starter.

15:00Tom Dumoulin: 5th at 22km

Tom Dumoulin (ARG) has pushed Castroviejo (MOV) down to 6th place at the 22km check. The Dutchman reached the second check 1'11" behind Martin which is good enough for fifth place for the moment.

14:50Martin allowed his rainbow stripes today

When Tony Martin raced the team time trial last Tuesday, he did so using a Specialized frame that had rainbow stripes on it. This netted him a fine of 2,000 Swiss Francs as the UCI is protective of the colours that are use for the rainbow jersey.

Even though Martin was a member of the Omega Pharma-Quickstep team that won the inaugural edition of the team time trial at the world championships, no rainbow jersey is awarded for this new category... that's why the fine was issued after...

14:46More points for Sagan today?

Points for the green jersey are awarded to the first 15 riders in the stage today. Sagan is currently ranked seventh (finishing the stage 2'18" behind Martin).

14:37Gilbert: 13th at 22km

Philippe Gilbert (BMC) has the fifth best time at 9.5km but he is 13th at the 22km mark, 1'48" behind Martin in Courtils.

14:30Boasson Hagen: 2'20" behind at 22km

At the second time check, the Norwegian TT champion Edvald Boasson Hagen (SKY) is ranked 21st, 2'20" behind Tony Martin.

14:24Gilbert: 5th at 9.5km - 25" behind Martin

The road race world champion has posted the fifth best time at the 9.5km mark. Philippe Gilbert (BMC) is 25" behind the TT world champion at the first check.

14:23Bazayev: 7'21" behind Martin

With 97 riders at the finish, the rider in last place is Assan Bazayev (AST). He finished the 33km course in 43'18", 7'21" behind Tony Martin (OPQ).

14:19Sagan: 8th at 9.5km

The rider in the green jersey, Peter Sagan (CAN) has posted a time that's 34" behind Martin at the 9.5km mark. It's good enough for eighth place at the moment. He is the 109th rider to start the time trial.

14:16Strong winds = good conditions for later starters

The wind was relatively strong at the start of the stage and it is getting strong. Cadel Evans (BMC) has recently asked if it will "favour late starters for once?"

14:13McGee a winner in Avranches

The first leader of the 2003 Tour de France was Bradley McGee. The Australian won the prologue of the Tour's centenary edition. His first victory in the Tour, however, happened in the city where today's time trial starts. He made a surprise attack with 1km to go in the seventh stage of the 2002 Tour and caught Pedro Horrillo in the final metres of the stage to take the win. The sprinters were off-guard and Jan Kirsipuu finished second, Horrillo third and Robbie McEwen fourth...

14:06Castroviejo: 5th at 22km

The Spanish time trial champion Jonathan Castroviejo (MOV) has set the fifth best time at the 22km mark; he is 1'24" behind Martin at the second check.

13:57Martin's average speed: 54.271km/h!

The rider with the best time at each time check: 9.5km, 22km and the finish (33km) is Tony Martin (OPQ).

He did the first 9.5km at an average speed of 55.072km/h; 22km at an average of 53.441km/h; and the total stage at an average of 54.271km/h.

13:50Millar: 1'32" behind at 22km

Millar (GRS) is 1'32" behind Martin at the 22km mark. He is 1'32" behind Martin... good enough for seventh at the moment at Courtils.

13:39Martin??s Tour de France TT history

The leader of the time trial at the moment is the two-time world TT champion, Tony Martin (OPQ). He made his debut in the Tour in 2009 when he finished 8th on the opening day: a 15.5km time trial in Monaco (won by Cancellara).

In the TT of stage 18, around Lake Annecy in 2009, he was 11th (won by Contador).

In 2010 he was 2nd in the prologue (behind Cancellara) and 2nd on the penultimate day (behind Cancellara, in Pauillac).

In 2011 he won the penultimate stage, a TT on...

13:28Millar: 7th at 9.5km

David Millar won the first time trial he contested at the Tour but a lot has happened since stage one of the race in 2000... still, he remains a force in the race against the clock and he's now seventh best at the 9.5km mark, 15" behind the time set by Tony Martin.

13:26Siutsou: best of the four Sky riders...

So far four from the Sky team have reached the 22km mark. Siutsou is the best placed of this quartet, in ninth place at the second check (1'49" behind Martin); 75 riders have reached this checkpoint and Lopez (SKY) is 71st at 4'33".

13:22The top five after Martin's arrival...

With 37 riders at the finish of the stage, the top five is:

1. Tony Martin (GER) OPQ - 33km in 36'29"

2. Thomas de Gendt (BEL) VCD at 1'01"

3. Svein Tuft (CAN) OGE at 1'35"

4. Jeremy Roy (FRA) FDJ at 1'43"

5. Lars Bak (DEN) LTB at 2'15"

13:14Martin leads by 1'01"!

Although De Gendt took significant time out of Tuft's standard, the German who wears the rainbow jersey today oblitorated the best time. Tony Martin scorched over the course and finished the 33km in 36'29" - that's 1'01" better than the next-best rider, Thomas De Gendt (VCD)>

13:13De Gendt 1st at the finish

De Gendt has finished with a time that's 34" better than Tuft. The Belgian is currently the leader of the stage but Tony Martin started the race two minutes behind him.

13:11Bodnar into fifth at 22km

The Polish rider from Cannondale, Maciej Bodnar has the fifth best time at the second check. He is 1'25" behind Martin at 22km.

13:05Bak into second place

Bak (LTB) was 11th at the first check, seventh at the 22km mark but he's finished quickly and is now ranked third behind Tuft (OGE) and Roy (FDJ). The Danish Lotto-Belisol rider is 40" behind the Canadian from Orica after 33km.

13:02Martin ahead of De Gendt and all others...

Martin has beaten the time of De Gendt. The German is 39" ahead of his nearest rival at the 22km mark.

13:00De Gendt beats Tuft at 22km...

Thomas De Gendt, the rider who started two minutes ahead of Tony Martin, has posted the best time at the 22km mark. He is 14" ahead of Tuft.

12:57Roy second at 22km

FDJ's Jeremy Roy reached the 22km mark with the second best time: he is 17" behind the standard set by Tuft.

12:54Boom: 1'08" behind at the finish

Boom and Tuft had the best time at the 9.5km mark but the Dutchman faded in the finale and now has the third best time of the day 1'08" behind Tuft and 6" behind Westra.

12:52Martin 1st at 9.5km

The world champion has posted a time of 10'21" at the 9.5km mark. He leads Tuft by 22".

12:47Martin due at the first check...

We'll soon find out if Martin has the sort of form he needs to win his second Tour de France stage. He is the next man due at the 9.5km check...

12:44Roy into fourth place at 9.5km

The latest change to the top order at the first check point comes courtesy of Jeremy Roy (FDJ) who is fourth fastest at the 9.5km mark... he beat Terpstra's time in Ducey and is 8" behind Boom.

Roy was second to Sylvain Chavanel in the French TT championships contested nine days before the Tour de France began.

12:40Boom blown back by 22km... 48" behind Tuft

Boom (BEL) beat Tuft's time by a fraction of a second at the 9.5km mark but the Dutchman is ranked third at the moment at the second checkpoint. He is 48" behind Tuft and 10" behind compatriot Westra (VCD).

12:32Lopez with the slowest time at 9.5km

One of the Sky riders, David Lopez has posted the slowest time at the first check. He is 1'40" behind Boom after just 9.5km.

12:31Three Dutch in the top four at 9.5km

With 55 riders past the 9.5km mark, there are three Dutchmen in the top four. Boom (BEL) leads Tuft (OGE), followed by Westra (VCD) and Terpstra (OPQ).

12:29Boom just ahead of Tuft at 9.5km

The 53rd rider to start the TT has beaten the second starter's time. Lars Boom (BEL) has the fastest time at the 9.5km mark but only a fraction of a second ahead of Svein Tuft (OGE).

12:19Martin's start time: 12.36pm

A favourite for the stage is the world time trial champion Tony Martin (OPQ). He is confident that he'll cope with the effect of the injuries sustained in the opening stage of the 100th Tour de France. His start time is 12.36pm (the 65th rider today).

"They are used to the pain," said the Omega Pharma-Quickstep doctor, Helge Riepenhof when asked by how he thought Martin would cope. "Cyclists' injuries are usually the consequences of crashes... they are exceptionally hard men...

12:11Boom begins...

The 2007 under-23 world time trial champion, Lars Boom (BEL) is the latest to leave the start in Avaranches. He is the 50th starter in today's stage.

12:07Evans: 55-tooth chainring for the moment... perhaps 56

Allan Peiper of the BMC team told this morning that it's normal that one of the favourites for today's stage, Tony Martin (OPQ) – who used to race on the team that the Australian was a DS of (HTC-Highroad) – to use a 58-tooth chainring. “He does that on all but a mountain parcours,” said Peiper. “That's not a surprise but he's a different kind of rider to our guys.

“For the recon this morning, Cadel [Evans] had a 55 but he might put a 56 on for the race depending...

12:02Cavendish: 31st at 9.5km

The winner of stage five, Mark Cavendish has posted a time that's 1'10" behind Tuft at the 9.5km mark. That's good enough for 31st place with 41 riders past that checkpoint.

11:55Bauer: "The finish is like a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow..." concluded its interview with Jack Bauer of the Garmin-Sharp team by asking if it looks spectacular from the bike riding towards Le Mont-Saint-Michel. "Oh man, definitely," he gushed. "It's beauiful, huh? What a finish - it's like a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

"It's a pity we had to turn around just at the end and race away from it."

11:53Bauer: "I pushed a bit hard a bit too early..."

“It's pretty fast up until the 12km mark,” said Jack Bauer (GRS), the rider with the third best time of the day so far. He offered a few comments on his race to at the finish after posting a time that's 1'42” slower than Tuft (OGE).

“From 19km to the final corner at the end, it's a really hard headwind... at least it felt that way for me in my state of semi-consciousness. A TT on the coast is pretty rare, I guess and it'll be interesting to see what happens with the...

11:32BMC out on course at 9.45am for recon... spoke with the High Performance Manager of the BMC earlier today and Allan Peiper explained a few details about his team's preparation for the time trial of stage 11. Commentary about the race, however, is to be left to the directeurs sportif at the Tour: John Lelangue and Fabio Baldato.

Peiper could tell us that both Cadel Evans and Tejay van Garderen left to have a look at the course for the race from Avranches to Le-Mont-Saint-Michel at about 9.45am.

Peiper and...

11:32Thomas behind by 2'05"

Tuft's time is 2'05" faster than the two-time team pursuit Olympic gold medallist from Wales, Geraint Thomas (SKY).

11:30Tuft the early pacesetter: in keeping with Orica's tactics...

Tuft is a time trial specialist who was second in the world championships in 2008 (behind Bert Grabsch). The Canadian has eight national titles in the TT to his credit and he was a pivotal member in Orica-GreenEdge's victory in stage four of the 100th Tour de France. "When he was on the front," said Brett Lancaster in Nice last Tuesday, "we were travelling at over 70km/h!"

The instruction from the team director Matt White is for Tuft to race for a good time but the others from the...

11:25Bazayev beats Veelers... for last place

Tom Veelers (ARG) crashed inside the final 150m of yesterday's stage. He has finished the stage in 42'33" - that's 4'29" behind Tuft's time. The Dutchman has, however, just been surpassed... for the slowest time. Assan Bazayev (AST) has finished 5'46" behind the Canadian.

The time limit today is 25 per cent of the winner's time.

11:20Murayev effectively 82.5km behind Froome...

After 1,710km of racing, the overall leader Chris Froome (SKY) has an advantage of two hours, one minute and 13 seconds over the rider in 182nd place, Murayev (AST). Converted to distance that's a difference of 82.5km.

11:15Bauer into third at 9.5km

One of the two New Zealanders in the 100th Tour, Jack Bauer (GRS) has just past the first check with the third best time: 25" behind Tuft (with Westra in second at 8").

11:12Three men home: Westra 2nd at 1'02"

The Dutch time trial champion Lieuwe Westra (VCD) has reached the end of the 33km TT 1'02" behind Tuft (OGE).

11:10Tuft at the finish in 38'04"

The Canadian Orica-GreenEdge rider has caught and passed his two-minute man and posted a time of 38'04" for the 33km course. Murayev (AST) finished 3'48" behind Tuft.

10:58Tuft ahead at 22km

Two riders are past the 22km mark. Tuft (OGE) leads Murayev (AST) by 1'43" at the second time check.

10:55Tuft ahead at the 9km mark by 8"

Svein Tuft (OGE) has posted the best time of the day so far at the first check. He covered the opening 9km in 10'43" and leads Westra (VCD) by 8". Gerain Thomas (SKY) may well have been a top 10 contender for a stage like today but he's racing with a small fracture to his pelvis and he's ranked third at the moment at the first check, 47" behind Orica's Canadian recruit.

10:41Eight-time Canadian TT champion, the second starter

Svein Tuft (OGE) has won the national time trial championship title in Canada eight times: 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012. He is the second starter today and is likely to post a time that will be the best for some time.

10:31The stage begins: Murayev is on his way to 'the abbey'...

The first rider in stage 11, Dmitriy Murayev (AST) has begun his time trial. The Kazakhstani is one of two riders who are over two hours behind Froome in the general classification after 10 days of racing in the 100th Tour. The other is a rider who has won a stage this year, Canada's Svein Tuft who is a member of the Orica-GreenEdge team that won the TTT in Nice on Tuesday last week.

Tuft's TT start time is 10.30am.

10:24Prize classification review: part 04 ?? white jersey

Nairo Quintana (MOV) keeps his white jersey for another day and there is no change to the top three of the youth classification after stage 10. The Colombian has a lead of 1'23” over former leader, Michal Kwiatkowski (OPQ) and 5'07” over the young Frenchman Romain Bardet (ALM). Andrew Talansky (GRS), however, crashed with about 11km to go in stage 10 and lost 1'40”... he is still ranked fourth but he is now 9'13” behind Quintana.

10:22Prize classification review: part 03 ?? polka-dot jersey

There are no climbing points on offer in the time trial of stage 11. All Pierre Rolland (EUC) has to do to keep his polka-dot jersey is finish the stage... and it's back to collect the jersey at the podium protocol for the seventh time this year. He has 49 points, 16 more than the leader of the Tour, Chris Froome (SKY) while Richie Porte (SKY) is ranked third with 28pts. There was no change to the top order of the climbing classification in stage 10 as there was only one hill that offered a...

10:19Prize classification review: part 02 ?? green jersey

With his victory in the 10th stage, Marcel Kittel (ARG) moved up from seventh in the points classification to fourth thanks to a haul of 45 points at the finish. Peter Sagan collected 26pts with his fourth place in the stage to St-Malo but the Cannondale leader still has a solid advantage over the second-best rider in the race for the green jersey. André Greipel (LTB) was second in yesterday's stage and he trails Sagan 269 points to 186.
Mark Cavendish (OPQ) is ranked third with...

10:17Prize classification review: part 01 ?? yellow jersey

There was no change to the top order of general classification after stage 10. Chris Froome finished the race to St-Malo nestled in the peloton (24th place) and he will wear the yellow jersey for the third day. He will be the last rider to start the time trial to Le Mont-Saint-Michel, departing at 4.54pm. The leader of Sky Procycling was second in both the time trials of the 2012 Tour de France (in Besançon and Chartres), finishing 35” and 1'16” behind his team-mate Bradley...

10:14Welcome to the live coverage of stage 11

The time trial of stage 11 of the 100th Tour de France is due to start at 10.28am. The sun is out and there's not a cloud in the sky near the route for the 33km race from Avranches to Le Mont-Saint-Michel. The first 157 riders will depart at two-minute intervals while the final 24 will start three minutes apart. There are two intermediate time checks for the TT, the first in Ducey (at 9.5km) and the second in Courtils (at 22km).

Dmitriy Murayev (AST) is currently the ‘lanterne...


Jersey wearers after the stage 21

Classifications after the stage 21


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