Tuesday July 9th, 2013

Stage 10Saint-Gildas-des-Bois / Saint-Malo

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Marcel Kittel: "Every sprinter wants to come to the front"

interview09.07.2013Stage 10- Saint-Gildas-des-Bois / Saint-Malo

As he walked from one interview to the next after his second stage win in the Tour de France, Marcel Kittel, discovered more about the crash that hindered the sprint of some others riders. He'd eventually see the footage, shown to him by the Eurosport crew, and offer his commentary...

“You could say that it is more satisfying today because all the big sprinters were there at the finish. I'm really proud that we won today and that everyone was there for the finale and that I could beat even [André] Greipel in close race to the line. I have to say a big thank you to my team-mates they did an amazing job and it's just a pity that Tom [Veelers] crashed so bad in the last 100 metres. I really hope that he's okay and that we can concentrate on the next stages.

“Apparently [Mark] Cavendish bumped into Tom and he lost control of his handlebars and crashed... I cannot imagine that Cavendish did that on purpose, it just happens sometimes in a hectic final. Every sprinter wants to come to the front when he comes to the line and I hope that he's okay.

“You can see it... Tom Veelers crashed and at that moment I had a bit of a gap to André Greipel; when I started my sprint, I could use his slipstream to get up to his wheel and then to pass him just before the line. It was very close.

“You can see that Cavendish really bumped into the handlebar of Tom but it doesn't look like he does it on purpose. Tom swings off to the right and Cavendish to the left – and it's just very unlucky at that moment.

“This is a big result for me, for the whole team. It's great that we showed – in a sprint of one-against-one – that I can beat him and I'm very proud of it.”

Stage 10 Saint-Gildas-des-Bois / Saint-Malo

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These five riders have won sprint stages of the 100th Tour de France. Of these five, who do you think will win in Paris?

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  • Simon Gerrans1.08%
  • Mark Cavendish54.21%
  • André Greipel5.5%
  • Peter Sagan24.28%
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