Friday July 6th, 2012

Stage 6Épernay / Metz

Start 12h30 GMT 2+

Sagan: I called this one 'The Hulk'

interview06.07.2012Stage 6- ?pernay / Metz

He's having fun with his victory salutes and Peter Sagan has been able to perform one three times in the first week of his first Tour de France...

“I'm very happy when I can win a stage like today. Yesterday I was unlucky with the crash but also content that nothing was broken and that I didn't have any injuries. I don't want to be compared with other riders, I want to be Peter Sagan.
“I was near the front when the crash happened but the two riders who were ahead were pushed and this forced me to brake; behind me was Vincenzo Nibali who also had to brake and behind us was the crash. This is the race, this is the Tour de France and it's very nervous. The accident was on a downhill and we were going very fast and it's very dangerous.
“Another win and I called this one ‘The Hulk'.
“I want the green jersey and I think I can hold on to it all the way to Paris.
“This is already more than I ever expected. It's surprised me too. I wanted to do well but I need to say that this is only the start of the Tour de France and tomorrow is when the race really begins because it's the climbs and I think that after two weeks, by the start of the third week, it's going to be really hard.
“I think I did well today because the other sprinters are a little tired and maybe that's the key to this win.”

Stage 6 ?pernay / ?pernay

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