Monday July 2nd, 2012

Stage 2Visé / Tournai

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Cavendish: We have one objective

interview02.07.2012Stage 2- Visé / Tournai

He might have won his 21st Tour de France stage in Tournai but Mark Cavendish was still reminding some reporters of what the next three weeks is all about. «There's not two objectives! There's one objective and that's to win the yellow jersey,» he told Norwegian television. «And I can just try and pick up sprints but there's no pressure on me.» Just the same, many expected him to win... and that's just what he did.

“This is really up there with one of the best wins I've had at the Tour. It was really hectic in the final: everyone was there, the GC guys, the climbers, the sprinters. And I had Bernie [Eisel] there keeping me out of trouble with five kilometers to go. It's just so hard! If you've got a full team there, you can kind of stay out of trouble. Then, if you've got one or two [riders with you], it ends up being more hassle than it's worth. So I said, ‘Oh, I'll just do it alone.' With about five to go, I just said, ‘Leave me – and we'll see what happens.'
“It was quite nice. I came into a sprint day really with the least amount of pressure I've ever had for a Tour stage. Normally I've had a fully dedicated team and it's been like, ‘If we do this and we do this, we'll win...' but I'm a realist and I know that without that, there's only a small chance that I can win.
“I know that if I'm in the best position, I'm the fastest but to get there is half the work.
“As you can see, it was close. Normally I win by... ah, bike lengths, but today I had to lunge for the line. It wasn't too easy.
“My family was here on the weekend but they went home this morning. I would have been nice for them to be here especially because my girlfriend Peta is incredible. I haven't been easy to live with, knowing that I have to come here and not be able to win multiple stages but she's been great to keep my morale up. She's such great girl so I want to give a shout out to her.
“As for the race itself, I saw the spaces in the sprint, saw the opportunity like I always do... If we win, we win but we're here as a team with one objective and that's to create history and win the yellow jersey with a British rider and a British team.”

Stage 2 Visé / Visé

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