Saturday July 21st, 2012

Stage 19Bonneval / Chartres

Start 10h35 GMT 2+

Key moments

video21.07.2012 in 23:00Summary of the race


Summary of the race

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Stage summary21.07.2012 in 17:56Wiggins: in charge at Chartres

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The dominant team of the 2012 Tour de France finished the second long time trial with three men in the top five. Any doubts about the ability of Bradley Wiggins were put to rest today when he dominated the 53km time trial from Bonneval to Chartres to win his second stage of the Tour de France and increase his lead in the general classification. He got to throw a victory salute, punching the air with his right hand as he crossed the line to beat the rider in second place overall, Chris...

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video21.07.2012 in 16:00Interview - Stage Winner


Interview - Stage Winner

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Sporting stakes22.07.2012 in 11:00Overall victory sealed, now for another Sky stage win

We saw in Brive-la-Gaillarde at the end of stage 18 and emphatic display of sprinting. The three at the top of the points classification were the only men able to speed past the escapees in the final 100 metres. Mark Cavendish led Matt Goss and Peter Sagan to the line on a day when it seemed that the breakaway would actually survive.
Cavendish hasn't raced for the green jersey this year; rather the world champion formed part of the impressive armada that helped Bradley Wiggins be the...

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interview21.07.2012 in 19:03Sky Procycling divides the gap

By achieving the double of Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome finishing first and second in the final time trial – and having Richie Porte in fifth place – Sky Procycling brings to a resounding victory for the team in the race against the clock from Bonneval to Chartres, which is the absolute litmus test of the Tour de France.
The advantage of 6'01” over Omega Pharma-Quick Step say a lot about the British team's superiority. RadioShack-Nissan, lost 8'03”, in the general rankings...

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interview21.07.2012 in 18:58Van Garderen: «I still think [Cadel] has another Tour win in him

The winner of the white jersey in the 2012 Tour de France actually finished ahead of his team leader and the defending champion - both in the final time trial and the overall rankings - but Tejay van Garderen says he'll still support Cadel Evans in the 2013 Tour.

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interview21.07.2012 in 18:45Voeckler: «It will be a great moment...»

He wouldn't be drawn into saying how he expects to feel after standing on the centre stage as the winner of the Tour de France's King of the Mountains but Thomas Voeckler does know it will be special...

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interview21.07.2012 in 18:33Wiggins: «It's the Tour man, it doesn't get much bigger than

The significance of success in the Tour de France isn't lost on the rider who will be crowned champion of the 99th edition on 22 July in Paris. Bradley Wiggins is a fan of cycling and he wanted to know what it would feel like to win the biggest race of all. In Chartres, at the end of stage 19, he knows...

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video21.07.2012 in 11:45Analysis of the stage


Analysis of the stage

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Sporting stakes21.07.2012 in 11:00Who will graduate from the final test?

The last big challenge of the 99th Tour de France is an individual time trial that comes after 3,314.5 kilometres of competition. Baring disaster, we effectively know who the winner of the 2012 ‘maillot jaune' is going to be but there's many other tests taking place on the roads between Bonneval and Chartres and much of it relates to the future. Can the two Frenchmen in the top 10, Pierre Rolland and Thibaut Pinot – limit their losses in a discipline that they haven't excelled in before?...

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video21.07.2012 in 10:30The day's route


The day's route

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video21.07.2012 in 06:15Archive - 2005


Archive - 2005

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17:44The top 10 overall after 19 stages

There were a few changes to the top 10 overall because of the time trial and the biggest surprise is the position of the Tour's defending champion in Chartres. Evans was 5'54" behind Wiggins and slips down the rankings because of his 52nd place in today's stage. The new top 10 overall is:

1. Bradley Wiggins (GBR) SKY

2. Christopher Froome (GBR) SKY at 3'21"

3. Vincenzo Nibali (ITA) LIQ at 6'19"

4. Jurgen van den Broeck (BEL) LTB at 10'15"

5. Tejay van...

17:40Wiggins salutes his second win

As he crossed the line, Wiggins lifted himself up from the aerodynamic position and punch the air with his right arm. He will win the Tour de France in 2012 after having dominated both the long time trials. The top five in stage 19 is:

1. Bradley Wiggins (GBR) SKY - 53km in 1h04'13" (50.0km/h)

2. Christopher Froome (GBR) SKY at 1'16"

3. Luis Leon Sanchez (ESP) RAB at 1'50"

4. Peter Velits (SVK) OPQ at 2'02"

5. Richie Porte (AUS) SKY at 2'25"

17:37Wiggins wins the stage!

Wiggins has covered the 53km course of stage 19 at an average speed of 50.0km/h! He has won the stage, beaten his team-mate Froome by 1'16" and effectively sealed his overall victory in the 99th Tour de France.

17:36Wiggins can almost begin to celebrate

Wiggins has less than a kilometre to go in stage 19. He is 1'15" ahead of his team-mate Froome at the last check and he's surely about to claim his second stage victory in the Tour de France.

17:35Nibali home in 14th place

Nibali is 14th best in the time trial. He is 1'48" behind Sanchez. As he finished Froome appeared in the finishing straight. The soon-to-be runner-up in the Tour de France has beaten Sanchez's time by 34" but Wiggins is yet to come...

17:341km to go for Nibali...

Nibali (LIQ) is going to keep his third place overall. He was 15th at the 48km mark and he's now inside the final kilometre.

17:33VDB 2'31" behind Sanchez

Van den Broeck's time is 23rd best with just three men yet to reach the finish. The Belgian is 2'31" slower than Sanchez for the 53km course.

17:32The top five at 48km

With Wiggins now past the third check, the top five is:

1. Wiggins - 48km in 57'17"

2. Froome at 1'15"

3. Sanchez at 1'37"

4. Velist at 1'55"

5. Gretsch at 2'08"

17:31Froome beats Sanchez at 48km

At the 48km mark, Froome is 22" faster than Sanchez. Sky is looking like it will win its seconds successive stage and its fifth for the Tour in 2012...

As impressive as Froome is, Wiggins is demolishing the previous best times... the yellow jersey is 1'15" ahead of his team-mate.

17:29Van Garderen at the finish

Van Garderen's average speed was 48.1km/h. He is 44" behind Sanchez but well ahead of his team-mate Evans who was 4'03" behind the Spaniard who - at the first two checks - has only been beaten by Wiggins and Froome.

17:27Van Garderen 4th at 48km

The best young rider in the 2012 Tour, van Garderen, has reached the third check 32" slower than Sanchez. He is now inside the final kilometre of the stage and he will be the best of the BMC team after having caught and passed his team-mate Evans with 20km to go.

17:24Rolland 4'23" behind Sanchez

Pierre Rolland (EUC) finished in a time that's 4'23" slower than Sanchez. The Frenchman keeps his 8th place but only just... he is seven seconds better than Brajkovic (AST).

17:2015km to go for Wiggins

Wiggins is inside the final 15km at the stame time that Zubeldia reaches the 4km to go mark. Wiggins has set the best times of the day at the first and second check and he is looking like he's going to win his second stage in the Tour de France. He was 12" ahead of Froome at 14km, and 54" ahead of 30.5km...

17:16Pinot finishes 3'50" slower than Sanchez

The rider in 10th overall at the start of the day, Thibaut Pinot (FDJ) has finished the 53km 3'50" behind Sanchez (RAB).

17:15Kloden moving up to 11th overall...

With the current advantage of Kloden over Roche the German is poised to inherit 11th place on GC.

17:14Wiggins leads Froome by 748.5m

If you convert the time gains of Wiggins over Froome into metres after 30.5km, the yellow jersey is 748.5 metres ahead of his team-mate.

17:12Zubeldia: 30.5km 35" faster than Evans...

At the moment, Evans has slipped down to seventh overall as Zubeldia has covered the first 30.5km in a time that's 35" faster than the Australia.

17:10Wiggins smashes the previous best

The second best average speed of the first 30.5km was 48.7km/h - set by Froome. Wiggins has just covered the same distance at 49.9km/h, beating his team-mate by 54"!

17:08Froome beats Sanchez at 30.5km

Froome (SKY) has done the first 30.5km at an average speed of 48.7km/h. That is 4" faster than Sanchez (RAB).

17:06Zubeldia moves ahead of Evans on GC

Zubeldia (RNT) is 27" faster than Evans (BMC) at the second time check. This puts the Spaniard ahead of the Australian on GC...

17:02Van Garderen to catch Evans

The rider in the white jersey is about to catch the winner of the Tour last year. This is a confirmation of a change of generations: the 35-year-old defending champion being convincingly beaten by his 23-year-old team-mate.

The capture happened at the 20km to go mark.

17:00Evans 3'01" behind at 30.5km

Evans' star is fading fast. He has suffered illness during the Tour of 2012 and now he's ridden passed the 30.5km check 3'01" off the pace set by Sanchez.

His team-mate, meanwhile, is the fourth fastest at the same point. Van Garderen is 24" behind Sanchez with a little less than half the stage to go.

16:57Lelangue follows van Garderen...

John Lelangue who called the final time trial of the Tour last year for the eventual winner, Cadel Evans, is not doing the same this year. The Belgian directeur sportif is with the rider who has the third best time of the stage at the 14km mark, Tejay van Garderen.

16:55Valverde on equal time with Engoulvent

The leader of the Movistar team - and winner of the stage to Peyragude - Alejandro Valverde has finished with the same time as the rider in last place overall, Jimmy Engoulvent.

16:53Nibali 41" behind Wiggins at 14km

Nibali is defending his podium place by covering the first 14km 20" faster than van den Broeck but the Italian won't be improving his overall position today - not that it was expected...

He covered the first 14km 41" slower than Wiggins.

16:50Wiggins sets the best time (again)

Wiggins led at every check in stage nine. He has just reached the first time check today with a time that's 12" better than his team-mate Froome and 35" ahead of van Garderen.

16:49Froome beats van Garderen by 23"

At the first time check, Froome is 23" faster than the previous best time - that of van Garderen.

16:47Pinot 18" behind Roche at 30.5km

At this stage, Pinot is defending his position in the top 10. He is 18" behind Roche at the second time check.

16:45VDB 26" behind at 14km

Jurgen van den Broeck (LTB) is 26" behind van Garderen (BMC) at the 14km mark. Van Garderen has to beat the Belgian by 3'23" to move up the rankings from fifth to fourth.

16:40Van Garderen sets best time

Evans was 1'10" behind Sanchez but van Garderen is 3" better than the Spaniard.

The best young rider in the 2012 Tour has the fastest time of the stage at the 14km mark.

16:3955th place for Evans at 14km

Evans (BMC) has posted... ah, the 55th best time at the 14km mark. He is 1'10" behind Sanchez at the same point. We still wait for van Garderen's arrival at that check but we can assume that the American is going to be the best placed on GC of the BMC team this year.

16:34Wiggins begins the TT..!

Bradley Wiggins has a yellow helmet and yellow skinsuit (with Adidas stripes down the side). He took less time than Froome to settle in to the TT position and, if the 9th stage is anything to go by, he could be racing to a second stage win in the Tour that he is expected to win...

16:32Froome out of the saddle twice as long as Evans

Froome took quite some time before he settled into the saddle after the start. He covered roughly twice the distance that Evans did before sitting.

16:3116" between Roche and Pinot at 14km

Roche (ALM) has taken 16" out of the rider who is ahead of him in the general classification, Pinot (FDJ), at the first time check.

16:28Velits beats Porte's time

Peter Velits has set the second best time of the stage. He is 12" behind Sanchez and 23" better than Porte.

16:25Van den Broeck starts in a big gear

Therea re now just three men to start the TT. Jurgen van den Broeck came out of the start house with his chain in the middle of his cluster (while others are starting with it up high at the back). He took a fair while longer than recent riders to settle into the time trial position...

Only Nibali, Froome and Wiggins are yet to start.

16:24Roche 57" down after 14km

Nicolas Roche (ALM) is fighting for a place in the top 10 today. He was 11th at the start of the day, 58" behind Pinot (FDJ). At the first time check, Roche is 57" behind the time set by Sanchez.

16:21Porte 2nd at the finish

After his 53km, Porte is just 34" behind Sanchez. It's the second fastest time of the day with 33 men yet to finish.

16:2017 pedal strokes before Evans sits...

Evans (BMC) has blasted out of the start house. He did 17 rotations of the cranks before settling into the time trial position. He was second in the final time trial of last year's race, finishing only six seconds behind the future time trial world champion Tony Martin.

Evans has won two stages of the Tour in the past: the 13th stage of 2007 (a TT in Albi, when he was actually second on the day but was elevated after the positive test of the original winner Alexandre Vinokourov), and...

16:16Rogers at 30.5km

One of the Australians who will do the time trial at the London Olympics, Michael Rogers (SKY) has just read the 30.5km check in 23rd place (at an average of 46.4km/h). He is 1'49" behind the time set by Sanchez who covered the course at an average of 48.6km/h.

16:14Taaramae into fourth

The Estonian TT champion spent much of the early season riding on the home trainer after breaking his arm earlier in the year. Rein Taaramae and Tejay van Garderen are the only riders to have worn the white jersey in the 2012 Tour. The Cofidis rider has the fourth best time of the stage: 1'00" behind Sanchez.

16:13Basso ahead of Voeckler after 30km

Basso has passed his two-minute man Voeckler before the second intermediate check.

16:12Gilbert 7'07" behind Sanchez

The Belgian TT champion Philippe Gilbert (BMC) has just finished his time trial looking like he couldn't care less. He was 7'07" behind the time of Sanchez (RAB).

16:08Only nine yet to start...

Thibaut Pinot (FDJ) is now racing. That means only nine more riders are yet to begin the time trial. With the best time of the day so far one hour six minutes and three seconds, we should know who the stage winner is at about 5.39pm... give or take a minute - depending on how fast Wiggins goes.

16:04Grivko catches Peraud

Andriy Grivko, the TT and road race champion of the Ukraine, has caught his two-minute man Jean-Christophe Peraud. The Astana rider is ranked 20th with another 43 riders yet to finish.

16:02Velits continues is impressive ride

Peter Velits (OPQ) is the third fastest at the 30.5km mark; he is 18" behind Sanchez and just 2" slower than Gretsch.

15:55Porte improves at 2nd check...

Sixth at 14km and now fourth at 30.5km, Richie Porte is the first to interrupt the top five at the second check since Kiryienka went past much earlier in the day.

The Tasmanian from Sky is 43" slower than Sanchez at the 30.5km mark.

15:50Disc wheels the choice for today

Many riders are opting to use disc wheels in the TT today. There is a light breeze blowing but the advantage of the aerodynamic wheel outweighs the negative effect of being blown around by crosswinds.

15:48Velits one second shy of Sanchez

Peter Velits (OPQ) was seventh in the first long time trial of the 2012 Tour. He has just posted the second best time at the 14km mark, only 1" behind Sanchez (RAB).

15:47Porte: 6th at 14km

Richie Porte (SKY) is at the 14km mark with a time of 17'44". The rider who finished 5th in the world championships in 2010 has the sixth best time so far at the first check.

15:40Voigt home in 12th place

Voigt's time at the finish is 1'58" behind Sanchez. The German is 12th best so far today. Two compatriots are ahead of him: Gretsch (currently second) and Grabsch (currently 11th).

15:37Vande Velde the latest to nudge into the top 10

One of the Garmin-Sharp riders who has previously finished in the top 10 overall at the Tour, Christian Vande Velde, was the last rider to interrupt the top 10 of today's time trial. He was 13th at the 14km mark, seventh at the 30.5km check, 12th at 48km and is 10th at the finish, 1'50" behind Sanchez.

15:36Basso's history in the final TT of the Tour

The winner of the white jersey in the 2002 Tour, Ivan Basso, has just started the time trial today.

This will be his sixth time he finishes the Tour de France. Here is a history of his performances in the final time trials of the race:

2002: 24th

2003: 22nd

2004: 6th

2005: 5th

20010: 145th

34th: 34th

15:27Only 26 men yet to start

Jelle Vanendert (LTB) is the latest to leave the start house. The next to depart is Thomas Voeckler (EUC) and, after him, there are only 25 men let to start the TT. The final 14 are separated by three-minute intervals.

15:21O'Grady: "Time trials are never fun"

“It's a lot harder than it looks on paper [but] every time trial is hard,” said Orica-GreenEdge's veteran, Stuart O'Grady who is contesting the Tour for a 15th time. “It's been a long, hard Tour, as they all are. Time trials are never fun; they hurt whether you're first or last on the classification,” he told Roger Vaughan of AAP. “I'm looking forward to getting into Paris - one, big, final push.

“The highlight is being part of Australia's first team at the Tour de France...

15:16Sanchez sets the best time

Luis Leon Sanchez (RAB) has the best time of the day. He covered the 53km course in 1h06'03" to set an average speed of 48.6km/h. He is 38" faster than Gretsch.

15:15Porte the next to start

The Sky rider who was one of the candidates for the two places on the Australian team for the TT at the Olympics, Richie Porte, is the next to start the stage today. He didn't make the selection for London and told a week ago that he will "go on holidays for a little while after the Tour and make sure that I'm no where near the television... I don't to see any of the Olympics."

15:12Sanchez's average speed for first 30.5km

The rider who is surely about to set the best time of the day, Luis Leon Sanchez, covered the first 30.5km at an average speed of 48.6km/h.

15:10Sanchez at 48km

The Spanish TT champion's time at the third check is 58'54", 31" better than the next best rider (Gretsch). Only four men have coverered the first 48km in less than an hour: Sanchez (RAB), Gretsch (ARG), Kiriyenka (MOV) and Zabriskie (OPQ).

15:05Sanchez beats Gretsch at 30.5km

Luis Sanchez is the only rider to beat the times set by Patrick Gretsch. The Spaniard was 3" ahead of the German at 14km and, at 30.5km he is the best of the day by 16".

15:04Voigt 7th at 14km; Boasson Hagen 8th...

Two key team-mates in the 2012 Tour have pushed their way into the top 10 at the first check: Jens Voigt (RNT) is 7th, 28" behind Sanchez; and Boasson Hagen (SKY) is 8th at 30".

15:02Popovych 13th so far...

The winner of the youth classification in 2005, Yaroslav Popovych (RNT) has the 13th best time so far. His best place in the final time trial of the Tour de France was 4th in 2007 (in Angoulême).

He didn't finish last year's Tour after crashing in stage nine but here is a review of his performances of the final time trial of the race since he made his debut in 2005 as a team-mate of Lance Armstrong:

11th in 2005, 25th in 2006, 4th in 2007, 29th in 2008, 39th in 2009 and 31st...

14:57Sagan starts his TT

The triple stage winner Peter Sagan (LIQ) has just started the 19th stage. He is the 111th to leave the start house. He had an incident in the prologue that cost him time and he finished 53rd in Liège.

In the time trial of stage nine he was 105th 6'46" behind Wiggins.

14:53Peraud starts his race

Jean-Christophe Peraud (ALM) is the 109th starter of the time trial. He was 10th overall last year but is ranked 45th after 18 stages this year (in his third Tour de France start).

14:51Alain Gallopin: We risk losing 8 to 10 minutes to Sky

When Allan Gallopin was contacted by this morning, the sports director of RadioShack-Nissan explained that race for the win in the team classification is still very much alive. “We want to maintain our position at the top the team standings. We have an advantage [over Sky] of 14'05”, but it is not a luxury because I think we will lose 8 to 10 minutes to Sky.
“We no longer have Fabian [Cancellara] with us, but we still have Klöden, Monfort, Zubeldia and Voigt, who can...

14:48Kiryienka beats Zabriskie

Kiryienka (MOV) has the second best time so far today He has beaten the time of Zabriskie (GRS) by 26". The Belorussian is 18" behind Gretsch.

14:37Gretsch 1'15" better than Grabsch

There are two Germans in the top 10 at the finish at the moment. Patrick Gretsch still has the best time (1h06'41") and he's 1'15" ahead of the 2008 TT world champion.

14:32Ride Jens, Ride!

The oldest rider in the race has just left the start house. Voigt (RNT) is one of the key riders for RadioShack as it defends its first-place position in the team classification.

14:31Stortoni slipping behind Sanchez

The Lampre rider who started two minutes ahead of Luis Leon Sanchez is Simone Stortoni. The Italian was caught by the Spaniard before the first time check and then tried to stay in the draft of the rider with the best time but Sanchez is now racing clear of Stortoni.

14:28Roy in to fourth at 14km

The Frenchman who won the Super-Combative prize in the 2011 Tour, Jérémy Roy (FDJ) has the fourth best time at the first check. Ahead of him are Gretsch, Zabriskie and Kiryienka.

Roy is 16" behind the time set by Gretsch.

14:28Sanchez beats Gretsch's time

The Spanish time trial champion Luis Leon Sanchez is three seconds faster than Gretsch at the 14km mark.

The Rabobank rider is the only rider to beat a time posted by the 10th starter so far today.

14:26Vande Velde riding high on his cassette in the opening kilometres

Christian Vande Velde (the 92nd starter) has 50km to go in the stage. We've just seen a shot of his chain position up high on the cluster. He's in the time trial tuck but the opening stanza is slightly uphill so he's spinning a higher cadence than he will once he reaches the 7km mark when the road goes downhill a little.

"On the whole," Baden Cooke recently told, "it's a fast course. It's not terribly technical and the best guys are going to be super fast. The wind isn't too...

14:22Kiryienka 2nd at 30.5km

Vasili Kiryienka (MOV) has the third best time at the 14km mark (14" behind Gretsch) and, at the second check, he's the second-best (15" behind Gretsch).

14:18Sanchez racing...

The winner of the stage to Foix six days ago, Luis Leon Sanchez (RAB) is in the Spanish TT champion's outfit today. He is seven minutes in to his time trial and could be one of the men to nudge in to the top five at the first check.

That said, he was fourth in the stage yesterday (only being passed by Cavendish, Goss and Sagan in the final 100m) so perhaps he's lost some of his speed for the TT after an aggressive ride in stage 18.

14:15The stakes of the Top 10: Vincenzo Nibali, 3rd

For the Shark of Messina, Vincenzo Nibali (LIQ), is likely to hold his third place overall after today's time trial. He is only 36” behind Chris Froome (SKY), but it would take about an incident for the British rider to stumble and lose his place as the runner-up in the 2012 Tour.
At the time trial in Besançon, Nibali had a good ride but he was still 1'32” behind Froome. And, in the TT of the Criterium du Dauphine in June (also contested over 53km) he lost 1'55” to Froome.

14:08Kiryienka 3rd best at 14km

Vasili Kiryienka (MOV) has the third best time so far at the first check. He is 2" behind Zabriskie (GRS) and 14" slower than Gretsch (ARG) at the 14km mark.

14:07The stakes of the Top 10: Jurgen van den Broeck, 4th

For now, the Belgian leader of the Lotto-Belisol team is one place ahead of his the fifth place overall that he ended the 2010 Tour de France in. He is 3'12” behind Vincenzo Nibali before today's stage and it would take an extraordindary performance from the climber for him to finish on the podium. But he's still in a strong position to finish the 2012 Tour in fourth.

13:59Zabriskie 2nd at the finish

Gretsch continues to lead at every check. Zabriskie (GRS) has just reached the finish with a time of 1h07'25", which is 44" behind the German Argos-Shimano rider.

13:42Places of current top 9 in the TT of Criterium du Dauphiné

Today's time trial is a 53km test and, in June, there was another stage race with a TT of the same distance. The top nine of the general classification at the Tour de France all contested the Criterium du Dauphiné and here is a summary of how they went in the race against the clock from Villié-Morgon to Bourg-en-Bresse on 7 June 2012.

1. Bradley Wiggins – 1st in the Dauphiné TT

2. Christopher Froome – 7th in the Dauphiné TT at 1'44”

3. Vincenzo Nibali – 24th...

13:38The stakes of the Top 10: Tejay van Garderen, 5th

Tejay van Garderen (BMC) is riding his second Tour de France this year. In 2011 he was 82nd overall and led the climbing classification for a day after the stage to Super Besse. This year he's destined to finish the race in the top 10 overall... he is fifth after 18 stages.
In the time trial of stage nine, the rider who wears the white jersey today was 2'08” ahead of Jurgen van den Broeck (LTB). The Belgian is currently ranked fourth and the American fifth overall...
If van...

13:34Places of the current top 10 in the TT of stage nine

Although it's widely accepted that the winner of the first long time trial of the 2012 Tour de France, Bradley Wiggins (SKY) is expected to win the race – and perhaps the time trial today – there is a big battle on today for positions in the top 10. Here is a review of the places of the riders currently in the top 10 and where they were in the 41.5km time trial in Besançon in stage nine:

1. Brad Wiggins – 1st in Besançon

2. Chris Froome – 2nd in Besançon at...

13:32Zabriskie at 36"

At the 30.5km mark, Zabriskie (GRS) has the third best time so far. He is 36" behind Grestch who continues to hold the best times at all intermediate checks (and the finish).

13:31Start times of stage winners in 2012

Mark Cavendish (SKY) is the first rider who has won a stage of the 99th Tour to start the time trial today. The road race world champion doesn't get to wear the rainbow jersey today (as it's a TT stage). He finished the 53km race in 1h11'11" - 4'30" behind the best time fo the day so far.

Here is a summary of the start times of the other stage winners this year:

- André Greipel (LTB) 12.30pm.

- Dave Millar (GRS) 12.54pm.

- Luis Leon Sanchez (RAB) 2.10pm.


13:20Cavendish 10th at 48km...

The winner of the remarkable stage to Brive-la-Gaillard yesterday, Mark Cavendish (SKY) has the 10th best time of the day at the third check. He is 4'00" off the pace set by Gretsch early today.

13:18The stakes of the Top 10: Cadel Evans, 6th

The Australian who was second in the final time trial of the Tour in 2011 – when he was just six seconds slower than Tony Martin and took the yellow jersey for the final stage – has already acknowledged that the title defence has escaped him in 2012. But Cadel Evans is expected to excel today. He is going to be one of the two Australian representatives in this discipline at the London Olympics and today he needs to finish at least 14” ahead of Zubeldia (RNT) to maintain his sixth place...

13:15Time of the first rider home...

Jimmy Engoulvent (SAU) was the first to start the stage and his time in Chartres is 1h12'49".

13:14Zabriskie cannot beat Gretsch... yet

At the first check, one of the TT specialists from Garmin-Sharp - Dave Zabriskie, who has a bet with his room-mate Dave Millar about who is going to be the best in today's stage - is ranked second.

The US TT champion is 12" behind the time set by Gretsch at 14km.

13:12The stakes of the Top 10: Haimar Zubeldia, 7th

The best rider on GC from the RadioShack-Nissan team is the Spaniard who finished fifth overall in the Tour of 2003, Haimar Zubeldia. He is ranked seventh before today's race and he carries the hopes of the squad that is leading the team classification by 14'05” (over Sky).
His sports director, Alain Gallopin, told this morning that he feared the loss of eight to 10 minutes against Team Sky today.
The Spanish rider should not be challenged by any rider behind him on...

13:09Third intermediate check: 48km

There is a third intermediate check in stage 19. It is in Le Coudray at the 48km mark. Four men have reached this mark and the best time to date has been set by Johan Vansummeren (GRS): 1h01'44", 1'15" better than Julien Fouchard (COF). No one has yet reached the finish in Chartres.

13:07Grabsch improves between 14km and 30.5km

The world TT champion from the last Olympiad (2008) is Bert Grabsch (OPQ) was the 8th fastest at the first time check today, 59" behind Gretsch (ARG). The German past the 30.5km check with the third best time: 1'09" behind his compatriot,Gretsch.

13:06The stakes of the Top 10: Janez Brajkovic, 9th

The leader of Astana is ranked ninth overall after 18 stages of the 2012 Tour. Janez Brajkovic crashed in stage 18 and is 11'00” behind Wiggins on GC. He was 15th in the Besançon time trial. He is likely to overtake Pierre Rolland (EUC) on the overall classification today as he only has to make up 43”. But the next rider ahead of him, Haimar Zubeldia (RNT) is also strong in time trials so making up the deficit of 49” that he is behind the Spaniard who is ranked seventh is going to be...

13:02The stakes of the Top 10: Pierre Rolland, 8th

Pierre Rolland (EUC) have a fight on his hands today to maintain his place in the top 10 overall. He is eighth overall only 43” ahead of a strong time trial rider Janez Brajkavic (AST). The Frenchman who won the white jersey (and the stage to Alpe d'Huez in 2011) is known for his powers of recovery as well as his resistance to fatigue after three weeks of racing but he doesn't have a great record in races against the clock. He was 3'08” behind Brajkovic in stage nine this year (a 41.5km...

12:57Sprick takes 2nd at 14km

Another Argos-Shimano rider is near the top after 14km. Matthieu Sprick is second best at the first intermediate check. He is 22" behind his team-mate Patrick Gretsch.

12:54Eisel 2nd at 30.5km

The first rider from Sky to start the time trial today is Bernhard Eisel. The Austrian was sixth at the 14.5km mark (1'00" behind Gretsch) and, at the 30.5km mark, he has the second best time: 1'25" behind Gretsch.

12:52Start times for TT specialists

With 10 past the 2nd check (and Gretsch with the best time so far, 37'55") here's a summary of the start times of some specialists in the TT.

Bert Grabsch (OPQ) - the world TT champion of 2008: starts at 12.24pm

Dave Zabriskie (GRS) - a winner of the Tour's opening TT in 2005: starts at 12.50pm

Dave Millar (GRS) - a two-time winner of a Tour TT (2000 and 2003): starts at 12.54pm

Jens Voigt (RNT) - 16th in stage nine and one of the key members for RadioShack's team...

12:41Roux into second

Anthony Roux (FDJ) has beaten Timmer's time at the 14km mark. The Frenchman is behind Patrick Gretsch (ARG) by 40". No one has yet arrived at the second time check... but Engoulvent can't be far away.

12:38Gretsch: 52" better than his team-mate

Argos-Shimano riders have the best times at the 14km mark. Patrick Grestch leads Albert Timmer by 52".

12:35Prize classification review: part 04 ?? white jersey

Tejay van Garderen (BMC) is a day away from becoming the third American to win the white jersey at the Tour de France as the best young rider in the general classification. The first from the US to claim this prize was also the first from the States to win the overall title of the Tour de France, Greg LeMond. The triple winner of the Tour (1986, 1989 and 1990) won the white jersey in 1984.

The 1988 Giro d'Italia winner, Andy Hampsten, was the second American to win the white jersey...

12:30Timmer has the best time yet at 14km

With eight men past the 14km mark, the best of the day is Albert Timmer (ARG). He is 7" ahead of Vansummeren (GRS) and 28" better than Kuchynski (KAT).

Sebastian Langeveld (OGE) is ninth, already losing 1'35" to his compatriot from the Argos-Shimano team.

12:21First rider's time at 14km

Jimmy Engouvent (SAU) has posted a time of 19'05" at the first check.

12:15Two intermediate time checks for TT

There are two points on the 53km course today where we'll get an idea of how the riders are going. The first is at Mézieres-au-Perche (at 14km) and the second at Bailleau-le-Pin (at 30.5km).

No rider has yet reached the first check.

12:12Prize classification review: part 03 ?? polka-dot jersey

There are no climbs in the 19th stage of the 2012 Tour de France. All Thomas Voeckler (EUC) has to do to win his first polka-dot jersey is reach Paris tomorrow. He is 11 points ahead of the Swede who became his biggest rival in the climbing competition, Frederik Kessiakoff (AST).

12:10Prize classification review: part 02 ?? green jersey

Peter Sagan (LIQ) is ranked 43rd overall (1h33'12” behind Wiggins) but he has won three stages and is in complete command of the points classification. Only Brad Wiggins (who was second in the prologue) and Sagan have worn the green jersey in the 2012 Tour de France. The Slovakian is 122 points ahead of his nearest rival – the other triple stage winner of the 99th edition, André Greipel.
Yesterday's runner-up Matt Goss (OGE) is ranked third with 238 points and the winner in...

12:07One minute intervals until the 44th starter

A correction is required as, in the first newflash today, it was stated that riders left at two minute intervals until the final 14. This is wrong.

The first 44 men will start one minute apart. Then it's two minute gaps until the final 14... the final group are separated by three minutes.

12:05Two riders already racing...

We have two men already racing in the 19th stage. Jimmy Engouvent was the first to begin the 53km race from Bonneval to Chartres. Then, two minutes later, Jan Ghyselinck (COF) set off.

Tyler Farrar (GRS) is the first former stage winner of the Tour to start the time trial. He is due to start the race today at 12.03pm.

12:03Prize classification review: part 01 ?? yellow jersey

Bradley Wiggins (SKY) is poised to be the first British winner of the Tour de France. The winner of the first long time trial of the 99th edition will be the last rider to start the penultimate stage. His main rival is team-mate Chris Froome who was also second overall in the last Grand Tour he contested (the Vuelta a España of 2011, when he was 13” behind Juan José Cobo and 1'26” ahead of third place – Brad Wiggins).
Vincenzo Nibali (LIQ) holds third overall after 3,319.4km of...

11:55Welcome to the live coverage of stage 19 of the 2012 Tour

The penultimate stage of the 99th Tour de France is about to begin. The riders will leave Bonneval at two minute intervals until the final 14 who will be separated by three minutes. The starting order for the 53km time trial to Chartres is the reverse order of the position of the general classification.

The 'Lanterne rouge' after 3,319.4km of racing in the 2012 Tour is Jimmy Engoulvent (SAU). He is 3h49'09" behind Wiggins on GC after 18 stages and his start time for the time trial is...


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