Sunday July 15th, 2012

Stage 14Limoux / Foix

Start 12h25 GMT 2+

Sanchez: With Gilbert and Sagan in the break, I had my doubts

interview15.07.2012Stage 14- Limoux / Foix

Had it not been for the spate of punctures, the focus of the 14th stage would have been entirely on the panache of Luis Léon Sanchez who showed enormous fighting spirit to just stay in the Tour after a crash on the first Sunday. Now, two weeks later, he's added another to his tally of stage wins...

“Since the start of the Tour I have never given up on the idea of being in breakaways in the hope of winning stage. I was injured during the first week, but I persisted. Not everything worked out in our favour at first but I knew that this stage was made for me; I really wanted to do something today. Of course, when I saw that Sagan and Gilbert were also in the break, I thought it would be almost impossible to beat them, and my only option was to attack from a long way out. This is why we accelerated with my team-mate [Kruiswijk] at the top of the Mur de Péguère, and then I attacked solo near the finish.
“I intend to keep trying to go in the breakaways and, why not, pick up another stage win. I also think about the Olympics, because I'm doing better and better right now and my wrist does not hurt anymore. I'd like to go to do something.
“I always have had trouble with very high mountains, and that is why it complicates things to aim for overall victory in a Grand Tour. I know that since Indurain, the Spanish mentality is to be interested mainly in three week races. But I do not have the legs for this kind of feat, even though I already finished in the top 10. After all, I've won four stages on the Tour de France, and I intend to keep adding more.”

Stage 14 Limoux / Limoux

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