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Stage 12Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne / Annonay Davézieux

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Millar: I want people to know that I am clean now

interview13.07.2012Stage 12- Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne / Annonay Davézieux

David Millar found out recently that he would once again be eligible for selection for the Olympics, and then he was named on the team for the London Games. And, in Annonay, he became the fourth rider from Team GB to win a stage of the Tour de France. He thought about that during the longest stage of this year's race...

“It's amazing. I was thinking about the form of the British team while I was out there today. You've got a lot of time to think when you're riding for 226 kilometres... and we've got four stage winners in our team – we are going to have the strongest team at the Olympics and let's hope that we can do what we have to do.
“You can't miss the attention that cycling is now receiving from the British public. It's something that we have to be very proud of; we have to appreciate that this isn't going to happen every year either. We've got the reigning world champion, we've got Brad in yellow – and he's more than likely going to win the Tour... we've got Chris who is Brad's biggest threat, his British team-mate. And if you had said that this would happen when I was at the Tour 10 years ago, I wouldn't have believed you – I'd have thought you were just crazy.
“I think this is as good a win as I've had in my career. And it's particularly poignant that it came today on the 45th anniversary of Tommy Simpson's death. I think it's a full circle in a way. I'm an ex-doper and I'm very proud of where our sport is today and what we've done to change it. I think we mustn't forget the past and I'm one of the people who have made mistakes and I want people to know that I am clean now and the sport is a different sport. We should be very proud of it.
“I needed to do this for the team. I'm very proud to be the one who's helped the team come back from what's been a shocking Tour. I was determined to win today. Allan [Peiper, the Garmin-Sharp directeur sportif] has had a rough time these last few weeks – we all have... we came here with big objectives and they were destroyed in one fell swoop so I think we've shown our character and we're going to continue on the same manner.”

Stage 12 Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne / Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne

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