Sunday July 1st, 2012

Stage 1Liège / Seraing

Start 12h35 GMT 2+

Michael Morkov: «This is ironic because I'm not a climber...»

interview01.07.2012Stage 1- Liège / Seraing

There were five hills with one point on offer, respectively, for the climbing classification. Michael Morkov calculated a way to get on the podium and it was by climbing the «little lumps in the road» faster than the other escapees.

“It's not a jersey that I expected to get in this Tour but today's course was not one with real climbs it was more like small lumps in the road and on those small hills I could use my track background and my quick legs to get the points and to get this jersey.
“It's nice to hear that the others in the escape thought I was too strong on the climbs to be able to follow. I feel good and feel really fast in the sprints and I was happy that I could get the points and get the jersey.
“I had built my plan for several days, after I realized by looking at the details of this stage that there was an opportunity to take the polka-dot jersey if I could sneak into the break. There was an option because I'm sprinter and I am able to go fight to pick up points.
“This is ironic, because I am not a climber, and I end up with the polka-dot jersey. But it's amazing because I've started the Tour de France for the first time and I have a jersey on my shoulders. Even in the less prestigious races, it is very rare that I get something like this.”

Stage 1 Liège / Liège

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