Theo Bos: «No time to recover»

interview23.03.2013Stage 1- Porto-Vecchio / Porto-Vecchio

“I knew that I could achieve something on this stage but it proved to be really difficult. There was only one climb today but as soon as we hit the hill, I started feeling bad and I was dropped behind. I really had to fight myself back to the pack. We only managed to catch up in the last 15 kilometres and everything went really quickly. I just had the time to get my breath back and have a drink and I had to start focusing on the sprint. Almost no time to recover. My team mates led me out really well. On the final straight, I was just behind Graeme Brown and then managed to power away and capture the win. I have the yellow jersey but I really don't think that I'll be able to keep it after the time-trial. I don't even know what my start time is, but I know that it'll be at that time that I will loose it.”

Stage 1 Porto-Vecchio / Porto-Vecchio

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