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Stage summary08.06.2013A long awaited honor for Samuel Sanchez

It was a long awaited victory for Euskaltel and Samuel Sanchez who never won a stage of the Dauphiné before. The 2008 Olympic champion and king of the mountains of the 2011 Tour de France hadn't won a race since the Tour of the Basque country last year. Unhappy with his result at the Giro d'Italia (12th), he came to the Dauphiné with strength and hunger, attacked at the right time in the col du Noyer and outsprinted his last rival, Jakob Fuglsang, in a trouble free stage for race leader...

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interview08.06.2013Chris Froome: "I feel the situation is under control"

Chris Froome has maintained his lead with authority. "This is one more day towards achieving my goal", he explained. "I know it's going to be another hard stage tomorrow, notably because we'll ride above 2000 metres of altitude [at col de Vars] but I feel the situation is under control. It's gonna be a tough finale tomorrow but Richie [Porte] has the legs to be there in the final climb. Hopefully we'll finish it off. We have the two first places on GC. We can be in a very similar situation at...

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interview08.06.2013Samuel Sanchez: "It means a lot to me and the team"

Samuel Sanchez showed how much of a great champion he is by claiming a victory at a difficult time for his team Euskaltel. "I've suffered a lot, especially in the last three kilometers", he said at the finish. "Fuglsang was very strong but I gave everything I had to beat him at the end. It's going to be wonderful for Euskaltel to start the Tour de France with this prestigious victory. We had just won two races [stages at the Tour of Castilla and Leon with Pablo Urtasun and Juan José Lobato]...

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interview08.06.2013Thomas Damuseau: "My goal is almost reached"

Thomas Damuseau has collected more points for the King of the Mountains competition. "It was particularly hard today", he explained. "I felt tired when I woke up. I had no idea what could happen. I've managed to get into the breakaway. It was a pretty favourable situation because I could face my two direct rivals for the polka dot jersey. I've quickly realized that David Veilleux was up there to help Pierre Rolland to win the stage, so I focused on Kevin Seeldrayers. He didn't make my life easy...

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interview08.06.2013Rohan Dennis: "I've put pressure on myself"

Rohan Dennis lost his third place on GC but kept the white jersey with one day to go. "That was hard", the South Australian reacted. "The team did an awesome job to pace me at the front and I was trying to hang on as much as possible. I insisted when I saw a gap on [white jersey rival Michal] Kwiatkowski in the second last climb. At the bottom of the last climb, we lost that advantage but at the end, I keep the white jersey and it's a good day for us. I've put pressure on myself for that. After...

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Newsflashes (Local time)

14:48Top 5

1. Samuel Sanchez (EUS), 5.26.14

2. Jakob Fuglsang (AST), st

3. Richie Porte (SKY), 0.15

4. Dani Moreno (KAT), 0.16

5. Stef Clement (BLA), st

14:46The woinner is Samuel SanchezSanchez outsprints Fuglsang. Porte comes third.
14:44Navarro catches Rodriguez1km to go, Navarro and Rodriguez get passed by Richie Porte
14:41Purito attacksRodriguez attacks from the yellow jersey group with 2km to go. He's 25 seconds behind Fuglsang and Sanchez.
14:40In the final climbWith 3km to go, Fuglsang and Sanchez continue in the lead. They face some head Wind. They have 24 seconds lead.
14:38The yellow jersey groupFroome, Porte, Contador, Rogers, Rodriguez, Moreno, Clement, Navarro and Valverde are soon to be joined by three more riders: Ten Dam, Thomas and Nieve.
14:355km to go: 18 secondsThe yellow jersey group is still led by Contador and formed of nine riders.
14:34Sanchez and Fuglsang are goneSanchez and Fuglsang pursue their effort after the col du Noyer. 20 seconds lead with 7km to go.
14:29Result of KOM at col du Noyer

Result of KOM at col du Noyer, km 176:

1. Samuel Sanchez (EUS), 15 points

2. Jakob Fuglsang (AST), 13

at 0.07, 3. Alberto Contador (TST), 11

4. Michael Rogers (TST), 9

5. Richie Porte (SKY), 8

6. Chris Froome (SKY), 7

7. Dani Navarro (COF), 6

8. Alejandro Valverde (MOV), 5

14:261km to the top1km from the top, Sanchez is 10 seconds ahead of the yellow jersey group composed of 13 riders only.
14:25Sanchez tries to goLess than 2km to go, Samuel Sanchez (EUS) tries to go clear. Contador leads the yellow jersey group.
14:24Dennis off the backWhite jersey Rohan Dennis gets dropped as well, so does Rein Taraamäe (COF).
14:2325 riders in the lead25 riders remain in the lead. Yesterday's winner Thomas Voeckler gets dropped.
14:22No more breakawayWith 14km to go, De Marchi gets caught. Contador leads the yellow jersey group.
14:21De Marchi with 20 secondsDe Marchi is still ahead with 20 seconds at the 15km to go mark.
14:17Contador on the moveAlberto Contador moves up to the front of the peloton reduced to less than 30 riders.
14:14Spaniards in actionAt the head of the peloton, José Herrada prepares an acceleration by Alejandro Valverde who has Purito Rodriguez on his wheel. They catch Sepulveda.
14:13Chavanel in difficultyWith 16km to go, De Marchi drops Chavanel off. The yellow jersey group is at 44 seconds.
14:08Sepulveda in betweenArgentine rider Eduardo Sepulveda (BSE) has attacked from the bunch. He's 50 seconds behind Chavanel and De Marchi, ten seconds ahead of the peloton led by Team Sky in the ascent to col du Noyer.
14:00Yellow jersey at 1.40Led by Geraint Thomas in the ascent to col du Noyer, the group of yellow-blue is 1.40 down on Chavanel and De Marchi with 20km to go. Former breakaway riders get caught one by one. Only seven riders remain in between: Paulinho, Van den Broeck, Santaromita, Gallopin, Rolland, Madrazo and De La Cruz.
13:501.25 at 25km to goWith 25km to go, Chavanel and De Marchi are 1.25 ahead of their former breakaway companions and 2.25 ahead of the peloton. Chavanel does all the work!
13:49Wagner stopsOne more rider quits: Robert Wagner (BLA).
13:47Chavanel and De Marchi insistChavanel and De Marchi have an advantage of 40 seconds over their former breakaway companions and 3 minutes over the bunch now led by two riders from Katusha. Richie Porte was right to tell us this morning that he feared Dani Moreno mostly, but the chase by the Russian team seems less productive than when it was Team Sky at the head of the peloton.
13:453 more abandonsDimitri Muravyev (AST), Massimo Graziato and Andrea Palini (LAM) pull out of the Dauphiné.
13:43Chavanel looking for shapeSylvain Chavanel told our estimate colleague Gilles Le Roc'h from Reuters this morning that he was struggling to get back into shape after resuming racing at the Tour of California last month. He's hoping these efforts made at the Dauphiné will give him the right condition for the Tour de France.
13:43Chavanel and De Marchi at the frontTwo riders in the lead: Chavanel and Alessandro De Marchi (CAN).
13:41Chavanel loves riding downhillSylvain Chavanel who initiated this breakaway, got dropped up the col d'Ornon before coming across in the downhill, is now riding as fast as he can in a downhill section prior to the ascent to the col du Noyer.
13:39Head windIt's difficult for the breakaway riders to get organized because they're facing head wind on the way to col du Noyer.
13:37Veilleux and Arndt in difficultyOnce again, David Veilleux and Nikias Arndt get dropped from the front group. Jérôme Coppel, Gorka Izagirre and Alexey Lutsenko lose contact as well but manage to get back on.
13:33Van den Broeck first at Corps

Jurgen Van den Broeck accelerates before the hot spot sprint at Corps, km 148. Here's the result:

1. Jurgen Van den Broeck (LTB), 5 points

2. Travis Meyer (OGE), 3

3. David De La Cruz (TNE), 1

13:24Col du Noyer is nextThe next hill is the col du Noyer, set to be the decisive climb. It's known in the history of the Tour de France for having been the theatre of Luis Ocana's demonstration prior to his legendary stage victory over Eddy Merckx at Orcières-Merlette in 1971. More recently, in the 2010 Tour de France, Mario Aerts who is now a directeur sportif for Lotto-Belisol at the Dauphiné passed first atop the col du Noyer. In the breakaway on that 14 of July, there were already Pierre Rolland and Sergio...
13:204.40 at km 135Sergio Paulinho (TST), Jurgen Van den Broeck (LTB), Alexey Lutsenko and Kevin Seeldrayers (AST), Ivan Santaromita (BMC), Laurent Didier and Tony Gallopin (RLT), Travis Meyer (OGE), Jérôme Coppel (COF), Gorka Izagirre (EUS), Pierre Rolland and David Veilleux (EUC), Sylvain Chavanel (OPQ), Alessandro De Marchi (CAN), Angel Madrazo (MOV), Nikias Arndt and Thomas Damuseau (ARG), Arnaud Gérard (BSE) and David De La Cruz (TNE) are 4.40 ahead of the peloton led by Edvald Boasson Hagen and Team Sky...
13:19Hermans abandonsFollowing his crash on a walk side, Ben Hermans (RLT) abandons the race.
13:17Unlucky birthdays...Two riders of the Dauphiné celebrate their birthday today: Jack Bauer (GRS) and Ben Hermans (RLT). Unfortunately, they have something else in common: Bauer crashed earlier on while Hermans just did the same now!
13:04The sparrow is in the lead group!There was a confusion regarding which one of the Movistar riders dropped off from the breakaway: it was Eloy Teruel who is back in the peloton while Angel Madrazo, nicknamed "El Gorrion" (the sparrow), is still at the front.
13:01Gap going down: 3.45Still led by Ian Stannard for Team Sky, the peloton keeps coming closer to the 19 breakaway riders: 3.45 at km 128. Former escapees Bono, De Gendt and Madrazo are caught by the bunch.
12:52Capecchi, Rohregger and De Clercq abandonMore riders have quit the Dauphiné at the feed zone: Thomas Rohregger (RLT), Bart De Clercq (LTB) and Eros Capecchi (MOV) who has completed the Giro d'Italia last week.
12:514.05 the gap at the feed zoneAt km 118 where the feed zone is located at Valbonnais, the deficit of the peloton still led by Ian Stannard and Team Sky is down to 4.05.
12:47Elissonde is sickMany riders have quit the Dauphiné and a few more might do it soon as the peloton is approaching the feed zone, but the courage of a young rider is noted: being sick, Kenny Elissonde (FDJ) has been one of the first riders dropped in the ascent to l'Alpe d'Huez and he continues alone in front of the broom wagon, supported by his team manager Marc Madiot who decided to stay with him.
12:45Lutsenko is also the youngest rider in the raceU23 world champion Alexey Lutsenko is not only the first rider atop the col d'Ornon, he's also the youngest rider in the race.
12:374.55 at km 113Sergio Paulinho (TST), Jurgen Van den Broeck (LTB), Alexey Lutsenko and Kevin Seeldrayers (AST), Ivan Santaromita (BMC), Laurent Didier and Tony Gallopin (RLT), Travis Meyer (OGE), Jérôme Coppel (COF), Gorka Izagirre (EUS), Pierre Rolland and David Veilleux (EUC), Sylvain Chavanel (OPQ), Alessandro De Marchi (CAN), Eloy Teruel (MOV), Nikias Arndt and Thomas Damuseau (ARG), Arnaud Gérard (BSE) and David De La Cruz (TNE) are 4.55 ahead of the peloton at km 113.
12:34Veilleux, Arndt and Chavanel are back to the frontThree riders have made it across to the leading group in the downhill of col d'Ornon: Veilleux, Arndt and Chavanel. 19 riders at the front.
12:31Lutsenko, the world champion!Noted in first position atop col d'Ornon, Alexey Lutsenko is the current world champion for road racing in the U23 category. The 20 year old neo pro from Astana won the rainbow jersey last year in Valkenburg and is known as a sprinter.
12:28Lutsenko first at col d'Ornon

Result of KOM at col d'Ornon, km 101:

1. Alexey Lutsenko (AST), 15 points

2. Thomas Damuseau (ARG), 13

3. Kevin Seeldrayers (AST), 11

4. David De La Cruz (TNE), 9

5. Jurgen Van den Broeck (LTB), 8

6. Laurent Didier (RLT), 7

7. Sergio Paulinho (TST), 6

8. Arnaud Gérard (BSE), 5

Peloton at 5.40.

12:2233.2km covered in the third hourThe 16 leaders, Sergio Paulinho (TST), Jurgen Van den Broeck (LTB), Alexey Lutsenko and Kevin Seeldrayers (AST), Ivan Santaromita (BMC), Laurent Didier and Tony Gallopin (RLT), Travis Meyer (OGE), Jérôme Coppel (COF), Gorka Izagirre (EUS), Pierre Rolland (EUC), Alessandro De Marchi (CAN), Eloy Teruel (MOV), Thomas Damuseau (ARG), Arnaud Gérard (BSE) and David De La Cruz (TNE), have covered 33.2km in the third hour of racing. The average speed so far is 32.9km/h.

12:205.30 at km 97The peloton is 5.30 behind the 16 leaders.
12:16Ignatiev abandonsRiders continue to quit: Mikhaïl Ignatiev (KAT), and apparently Bartosz Huzarski (TNE) too.
12:14Beppu stopsFumiyuki Beppu (OGE) abandons the Dauphiné.
12:0616 riders in the leadThe front group is down to 16 riders. Veilleux and Arndt are at 55 seconds, Bono, Chavanel, Madrazo and De Gendt at more than one minute, the peloton at 5.05 at km 95.
12:05Benjamin Noval abandons as wellBenjamin Noval (TST) who is close team-mate and friend of Alberto Contador also quits the Dauphiné.
12:02Parisien abandonsFrançois Parisien (ARG) calls it a quit. The Argos-Shimano is left with only four riders, including Warren Barguil who crashed yesterday, polka dot jersey wearer Thomas Damuseau who is in the breakaway together with his team-mate Nikias Arndt.
11:52Riders getting droppedClimbing to col d'Ornon, a few riders are getting dropped from the breakaway group: successively Angel Madrazo (MOV), David Veilleux (EUC), Thomas De Gendt (VCD) and now Sylvain Chavanel (OPQ).
11:514.05 at km 84New time gap: 4.05 at km 84.
11:34Still 22 escapeesSergio Paulinho (TST), Jurgen Van den Broeck (LTB), Alexey Lutsenko and Kevin Seeldrayers (AST), Ivan Santaromita (BMC), Laurent Didier and Tony Gallopin (RLT), Travis Meyer (OGE), Jérôme Coppel (COF), Gorka Izagirre (EUS), Matteo Bono (LAM), Pierre Rolland and David Veilleux (EUC), Sylvain Chavanel (OPQ), Alessandro De Marchi (CAN), Angel Madrazo and Eloy Teruel (MOV), Thomas De Gendt (VCD), Nikias Arndt and Thomas Damuseau (ARG), Arnaud Gérard (BSE) and David De La Cruz (TNE) are...
11:3324.7km in the second hourThe second hour of racing included the ascents to l'Alpe d'Huez and col de Sarenne. Breakaway riders have covered 24.7km during that period. It makes it an average speed of 32.8km/h since the start. Time gap: 4.05.
11:25Anthony Charteau pulls outAnthony Charteau (EUC) abandons the Dauphiné.
11:22It's a Tour de France recoL'Alpe d'Huez, the col de Sarenne and the tricky downhill to Le Perron are also on the menu of stage 18 of the coming Tour de France next month.
11:11Seeldrayers beats Damuseau at col de Sarenne

Result of KOM at the col de Sarenne, km 60.5:

1. Kevin Seeldrayers (AST), 10 points

2. Thomas Damuseau (ARG), 9

3. Jurgen Van den Broeck (LTB), 8

4. Laurent Didier (RLT), 7

5. Alexey Lutsenko (AST), 6

6. Thomas De Gendt (VCD), 5

Peloton at 4.20

11:06New time gap: 4.05Team Sky keeps leading the peloton with Ian Stannard and Edvald Boasson Hagen in the first positions but in the downhill towards the col de Sarenne, the time gap goes up: 4.05.
10:58De Gendt first at l'Alpe d'Huez

Result of KOM at l'Alpe d'Huez, km 51:

1. Thomas De Gendt (VCD), 20 points

2. Thomas Damuseau (ARG), 18

3. Kevin Seeldrayers (AST), 16

4. Alexey Lutsenko (AST), 14

5. Jurgen Van den Broeck (LTB), 12

6. Laurent Didier (RLT), 10

7. David De La Cruz (TNE), 8

8. Ivan Santaromita (BMC), 7

9. Nikias Arndt (ARG), 6

10. David Veilleux (EUC), 5

10:533.20 at 1km to the topOne kilometre before the top, the advantage of the 22 breakaway riders is 3.20.
10:423.15 at curve 5The time gap is 3.15 at curve 5.
10:39Time gap going down: 3.30Sergio Paulinho (TST), Jurgen Van den Broeck (LTB), Alexey Lutsenko and Kevin Seeldrayers (AST), Ivan Santaromita (BMC), Laurent Didier and Tony Gallopin (RLT), Travis Meyer (OGE), Jérôme Coppel (COF), Gorka Izagirre (EUS), Matteo Bono (LAM), Pierre Rolland and David Veilleux (EUC), Sylvain Chavanel (OPQ), Alessandro De Marchi (CAN), Angel Madrazo and Eloy Teruel (MOV), Thomas De Gendt (VCD), Nikias Arndt and Thomas Damuseau (ARG), Arnaud Gérard (BSE), David De La Cruz (TNE) remain all...
10:31Contador has seen Nadal winning

The stages of the Dauphiné finishing pretty early and the riders enjoying the transfers being very short from finishing areas to their hotel, Alberto Contador has made it on time to his room to watch Rafael Nadal beating Novak Djokovic at the French Open. Contador and Nadal are good friends. They often encourage each other via private messages or twitter. Yesterday, Contador told Spanish newspaper El Mundo on the phone: “Nadal and I have something in common: the confidence. In...

10:31Alberto Contador: ??I??ll test myself, today, or tomorrow, or at the Tour?

Contacted this morning by, Alberto Contador (TST) who is 13th on GC since he didn't do very well in time trialling due to suffering pollen allergies said: “I'm serene. I'm coming back in good form. I've always said that I came to the Dauphiné for training for the Tour de France and it's the case. I'm not at my best yet. But if I can test myself, I'll do it, today or tomorrow, or at the Tour. With regards to the Dauphiné, my team-mate Michael Rogers is in a good position...

10:243.55 the gapThe time gap is 3.55 at curve 14.
10:2340.9km in the first hour40.9km have been covered by the breakaway riders in the first hour of racing.
10:223.45 at curve 20Kevin Seeldrayers is the virtual race leader as the breakaway has an advantage of 3.45 at curve 20.
10:143.20 at curve 21The famous 21 curves in the ascent to l'Alpe d'Huez all have a number in decreasing order, as well as the names of the Tour de France stage winners at the top of the mythical climb. At curve 21, the deficit of the peloton is 3.20.
10:13Three minutes leadAt Bourg d'Oisans, the peloton led by Team Sky is three minutes behind the breakaway, in which the highest ranked rider on GC is Kevin Seeldrayers (AST) at 3.30.
10:11A fierce competition for the KOMThe three riders on top of the KOM competition are part of the leading group: Damuseau, Veilleux and Seeldrayers.
10:11Riders at Bourg d'OisansThe escapees are at Bourg d'Oisans at the bottom of l'Alpe d'Huez.
10:10Florencio abandonsXavier Florencio (KAT) has pulled out.
10:09Chavanel initiated the breakawaySylvain Chavanel has initiated this breakaway that has 2.10 lead at km 30.
09:48Another group of 22 ridersThe 22 attackers have been caught but replaced at the front by another group of 22. They are: Sergio Paulinho (TST), Jurgen Van den Broeck (LTB), Alexey Lutsenko and Kevin Seeldrayers (AST), Ivan Santaromita (BMC), Laurent Didier and Tony Gallopin (RLT), Travis Meyer (OGE), Jérôme Coppel (COF), Gorka Izagirre (EUS), Matteo Bono (LAM), Pierre Rolland and David Veilleux (EUC), Sylvain Chavanel (OPQ), Alessandro De Marchi (CAN), Angel Madrazo and Eloy Teruel (MOV), Thomas De Gendt (VCD), Nikias...
09:4122 riders at the front22 riders have gone clear at km 18. One of them is polka dot jersey wearer Thomas Damuseau (ARG).
09:29Richie Porte: ??It??ll be tricky to control?

“We have the jersey, so we'll defend it”, announced with no surprise Richie Porte when contacted by a few minutes before the start. “Chris and I have a pretty good lead. Personally, I would like to hold on the second place but a lot of guys want to attack. It's gonna be hard. Our main threat is probably Dani Moreno. He's climbing well. And Cofidis has two good climbers [Dani Navarro and Rein Taraamäe] just behind. It would be great if Chris could win another stage but it's a...

09:28Jersey holders

For the third day in a row, Chris Froome (SKY) wears the yellow-blue jersey as he leads the overall classification with an advantage of 52 seconds over his team-mate Richie Porte. Three Australians occupy the top 4 with Rohan Dennis (GRS), who is in the white jersey, in third place and Michael Rogers (TST) in fourth. Gianni Meersman (OPQ) has the green jersey. His main threat is no other than Froome who is second at 13 points and a stage win allocates 15 points. Thomas Damuseau (ARG) leads...

09:26All together at km 5Despite the skirmishes, the peloton is all together at km 5.
09:23161 ridersIn reality, 161 riders have taken the start. In addition to Durasek, Pinotti and Viviani, Frantisek Rabon (OPQ), Leopold König and Paul Voss (TNE) are non starters. The two riders from Net-App are reported to being sick. König was ninth on GC.
09:22Start at 9.21The start proper has been given at 9.21. Race director Bernard Thévenet has seen attacks going on from the gun.
09:17Correction: Pinotti and Viviani are also non-startersItalian stars Marco Pinotti (BMC) and Elia Viviani (CAN) have quit the Dauphiné.
09:15166 starters166 riders have signed the starting sheet. One non-starter: Kristjian Durasek (LAM). The Croatian champion for time trial actually also signed in but tried to warm up on his bike and decided to not race because of a sore knee.
09:09It's a mountain stage!Today is a beautiful mountain stage with five climbs on the menu:
- Km 51: Montée de l'Alpe d'Huez (H.C.), 12km at 8.6%
- Km 60.5: col de Sarenne (cat. 2), 3.1km at 6.8%
- Km 101: col d'Ornon (cat. 1), 10.5km at 6.1%
- Km 176: col du Noyer (cat. 1), 11.3km at 7.2%
- Km 187.5: Superdévoluy (cat. 3), 4km at 5.7%
09:08Welcome to stage 7Welcome to the live coverage of stage 7 from Le Pont-de-Claix to Superdévoluy.


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