Sporting stakes / rules

What is there to win?

The rules are the bible for a sporting competition. Through their balance and subtleties, they must ensure equality, motivate the riders and help spectators and viewers to understand the event. Here is an outline of the main points in the rules.

Download the rules (pdf, french version, 2 pages, 46 ko)

The Stakes

  • Stage victory RAGT Semences

    The 65th Critérium du Dauphiné will be made up of 8 stages.
    Prize money : 4000 € to the winner for each stage (120,000 € total).
    The Stage victory, sponsored by RAGT Semences

  • Blue and Yellow Jersey LCL

    This jersey is worn by the leader of the general classification.
    The Blue and Yellow jersey, sponsored by LCL.

  • The Green Jersey PMU

    This jersey is worn by the leader of the points classification. The points are won on the three daily intermediate sprints and at the finish of each stage.
    The Green jersey, sponsored by PMU.

  • White Polka Dot Jersey Région Rhône-Alpes

    This jersey is worn by the leader of the mountain classification. The mountain points are won on reaching the climbs or passes in each of the seven straight stages.
    The Polka Dot Jersey has been sponsored by Région Rhône-Alpes.

  • The White Jersey PMU

    It is worn by the best young rider aged 25 years or less in the general individual time classification.
    The White Jersey has been sponsored by Savoie Mont Blanc.

  • The team classification

    This classification is established by adding up the time of the three best riders in each team on each stage.

Jersey wearers after the stage 8

Classifications after the stage 8


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