Friday, June 23rd

Returning to the island of Andørja will take the Arctic Race of Norway back to its roots for its fifth edition. For the occasion, the course will once again feature splendid scenery but also a... Read more

Share your best photos with us!

Monday, April 24th

Share your best photo from the past four years of Arctic Race and join the contest where you can win 5 kg Norwegian smoked salmon. Read more

Back to the origins

Wednesday, January 4th

The route of the fifth edition of the Arctic Race of Norway, scheduled for 10-13 August, was unveiled this morning in Oslo in the presence of last year's champion, Italian prodigy Gianni Moscon,... Read more

Half a ton of Norwegian salmon to Team Sky

Thursday, December 15th

The winner of this year's Arctic Race of Norway, Gianni Moscon, received 500 kg of Norwegian salmon during his team's training camp in Mallorca this week. Read more

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Innsatsen / regler

Rettledning 2016

Last ned Rettledning (pdf, 70 pages, 24 Mb)

What is there to win?

The rules are the bible for a sporting competition. Through their balance and subtleties, they must ensure equality, motivate the riders and help spectators and viewers to understand the event. Here is an outline of the main points in the rules.

Download the rules (pdf, 2 pages, 64 kB)

The Stakes

  • Blå og Oransje Trøye, sponset av Statoil

    Sammenlagtkonkurransen, beste sammenlagt tid individuelt

  • Grønn Trøye, sponset av SpareBank 1 Nord-Norge

    Konkurransen for beste spurter, med flest antall poeng

  • Hvit Trøye, sponset av Statoil

    Konkurransen for beste unge rytter

  • Laks Trøye, sponset av Laks Norge

    Konkurransen for beste klatrer

  • Konkurransen for mest aktive rytter, sponset av Atea

    Konkurransen for mest aktive rytter

  • Totalt lagresultat, sponset av Hyundai

    Totalt lagresultat, sponset av Hyundai.

  • Etappeseier, sponset av Visit Norway

    Sponset av Visit Norway.

Jersey wearers after the stage 4


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