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Monday, August 18th

Prime Minister Erna Solberg attended the conclusive stage of the Arctic Race of Norway as well as thousands of fans who cheered for exiting champion Thor Hushovd but his successor Alexander... Read more

Welcome to Finnmark!


Hasvik - Finnmark © Anne Olsen-Ryum

During the days of the Arctic Race in Finnmark, participants, media and visitors will notice that they are in an almost separate country.

The county in the far north, Finnmark, is bigger than Switzerland, but Finnmark has only 75,000 inhabitants. In a European context, our towns and villages appear tiny. And this is a good way of living. I usually say that we live right in the middle of nature. In Finnmark we are occupied with food, experiences, culture, energy and minerals. Nature surrounds us, powerful and omnipresent.

I believe you will all in some way notice the energy and vitality that makes Finnmark live and perform on a daily basis. Some of the best natural resources are found here. Our abundance of resources, our cultural diversity and our Sámi indigenous population all make Finnmark a rewarding place to work. During your days in Finnmark you will surely get this feeling of being in a “different country”. This experience I'd like to share with all of you – not only during Arctic Race. Welcome back!

Runar Sjåstad
Chairman of the Finnmark county council

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Hasvik - Finnmark © Anne Olsen-Ryum

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Jersey wearers after the stage 4

Classifications after the stage 4


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