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Monday, August 18th

Prime Minister Erna Solberg attended the conclusive stage of the Arctic Race of Norway as well as thousands of fans who cheered for exiting champion Thor Hushovd but his successor Alexander... Read more

The conquest of the North


Christian Prudhomme - Director of the Tour de France © A.S.O

Cycling is a sport of discovery par excellence. Having started its history onthe mountain slopes of Europe in the early 20th century, one hundred yearson it is present throughout the world.

At a time when the Tour de Francewill have the most northerly start in its history, setting out to discoverYorkshire, the second edition of the Arctic Race of Norway invites us totake another journey, none other than taking the pack to much higherlatitudes, deep inside the Arctic Circle for the most northerly rendezvousof the cycling season.
Last year, as well as the fantastic landscapes of Nordland and Troms thatthe riders discovered, it was the public's enthusiasm that really made animpact. This year, the territory of Finnmark will welcome – for the firsttime – a top-level cycling competition. The first stage will be decidedin the heart of this region, at the most northerly point ever visited in thehistory of cycling: North Cape.
Only one edition was needed for cycling to blend into the northern landscapesof Norway; the country has adopted it wholeheartedly. This yearthe punchers will have their say on the variedroutes of these territories, including ThorHushovd, race ambassador and winner ofthe event last year, but he will have to workhard to retain his title!

Christian PRUDHOMME - Director of the Tour de France

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Christian Prudhomme - Director of the Tour de France © A.S.O

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Jersey wearers after the stage 4

Classifications after the stage 4


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