A piece of the Arctic Race of
Norway for everyone

Friday, July 25th

Fortified by the popular success enjoyed by the first edition of the Arctic Race of Norway and the presence of more than 150,000 cycling enthusiasts along the roadsides of the North in 2013, this... Read more

Welcome to Finnmark!

Monday, July 21st

During the days of the Arctic Race in Finnmark, participants, media and visitors will notice that they are in an almost separate country. Read more

Welcome to Troms!

Monday, July 21st

And welcome to the northernmost professional cycling race in the world! Read more

Northern Norway welcomes you!

Monday, July 21st

Arctic Race 2013 was truly amazing! Photos from the race went all around the world, framed by cheering people in a fantastic landscape. Read more

Kittel candidate to challenge
Hushovd, Kristoff,...

Wednesday, July 9th

Marcel Kittel of Giant-Shimano and Norwegian sprinters are expected to contest the second Arctic Race of Norway from August 14 to 17 with an unprecedented stage finish at the North Cape even though... Read more

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Our recipe for success in year II


Knut-Eirik Dybdal - Director of the Arctic Race of Norway © A.S.O

With the memory of last year's success fresh in mind, many are eagerto find out if the Arctic Race of Norway 2014 has the ingredients needed in order to create a new, spectacular chapter of the arcticcycling adventure.

Year two offers several sportive highlights. We open the professionalcycling race on August 14th, in the wild and beautiful county of Finnmark,starting in Hammerfest and with a historic finish on the North Cape, Topof Europe. The great final will take place on August 17th in and aroundTromsø, our Paris of the North.
Even with such an epic route, there is one ingredient that we cannotmeasure in advance as organisers of the event. It is the human factoror what I would call the chilli in our recipe. Nobody could anticipate orpredict with certainty that 150,000 enthusiastic spectators would followthe race in 2013 and I recall one memorable moment from last year'sArctic Race of Norway. It was during the final ceremony in Harstad thatI found myself standing in the midst of the amazing crowd, with feelingsof pride, relief and deep gratitude to all those who had contributed inmaking this a true celebration by and for the people.
Our ambition for the Arctic Race of Norway 2014 is precisely to createa new total event that transcends the boundaries of a normal cyclingrace and that creates values in more than one sense. This year weare happy to launch an extended Arctic Heroes of Tomorrow racefor Norwegian and foreign cycling talents, four Mini Arctic Races forchildren and three versions of the Arctic Race of Norway Challenge.With the enthusiasm and energy that all collaborative partners haveshown already in the preparation of this year's event, everything pointsto new wonderful days in the northern part of Northern Norway. I hopemany choose to add some personal chilli to this recipe, by travelingnorth in order to follow the race en direct,from the side of the road, at arm's length. Ifthis happens, no one should ever doubt thepotency of the end result.

Knut-Eirik DYBDAL - Director of the Arctic Race of Norway

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Knut-Eirik Dybdal - Director of the Arctic Race of Norway © A.S.O

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