Hushovd delivers a thrilling
finale, Kruijswijk and...

Monday, August 18th

Prime Minister Erna Solberg attended the conclusive stage of the Arctic Race of Norway as well as thousands of fans who cheered for exiting champion Thor Hushovd but his successor Alexander... Read more

Northern Norway welcomes you!


The North Cape © Frithjof Fure Innovation Norway

Arctic Race 2013 was truly amazing! Photos from the race went all around the world, framed by cheering people in a fantastic landscape.

This year, the county councils of Northern Norway have contributed to create yet another wonderful event, that involves all of Northern Norway. Now we are looking forward to this year's race being hosted by our neighbours further north, from North Cape to Tromsø! In Nordland, we are proud of our county. We are known for our hospitality, and surroundings that we believe you will fall head over heels for! Nordland is also big on exports based on fishing, aquaculture, manufacturing and mining. We are especially proud of our vibrant landscape, and the local food product that our region can offer - and that we have succeeded in preserving our history, while at the same time managed to build a modern and strong local society. As the pictures from last year shows: Enthusiastic and committed people live throughout the county of Nordland! We love our county, and would love for you to experience it, too.

Arctic Race of Norway – welcome back to Nordland in 2015!

Tomas Norvoll
President of The County Government of Nordland

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The North Cape © Frithjof Fure Innovation Norway

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Jersey wearers after the stage 4

Classifications after the stage 4


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