Arctic Heroes of Tomorrow Race

Arctic Heroes of Tomorrow Race (HOT)

Looking for The Heroes of Tomorrow

Young talented cyclists will get the opportunity to compete in the Arctic Heroes Of Tomorrow Race in Tromsø on the 17th of August.
Seven Norwegian teams, as well as three international teams from the UK, Russia and Finland, each with a maximum of four girls and six boys aged 17 or 18, will go head-to-head on the same 8.4km final circuit in Tromsø, the one in which we will see Thor Hushovd and co. competing.

Norwegian Cycling Federation

Norwegian cyclists have achieved good results from Olympic Gold medalist Knut Knudsen in 1972 to World Champions like Thor Hushovd in 2010 and the latest success of Gunn Rita Dahle Flesjå in MTB.These successes are a result of good dedicated activities in several districts and clubs during the last decades. To secure even better results and continuously growth in Norwegian cycling, the Federation has decided to reorganize the structure of cycling in Norway from 19 Districts to 7 Regions.

The HOT is an opportunity for the new regions to create team spirit and to create a top-athlete culture. To prepare the Norwegian junior riders to what they will meet later in their career have we invited four international teams to challenge the Norwegian teams.
There will be individual winners, but the biggest rewards and prizes will go to the Region Team that have the best total points for boys and girls based on the ranking - not time.
The price money (60.000 NOK) will be dedicated to development of the youth activities in the regions that take 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

Les victoires individuelles seront, certes, récompensées chez les filles comme chez les garçons, mais le chèque principal (7 500 euros) sera remis à l’équipe régionale qui affichera le total de points le plus élevé, garçons et filles confondus. Cet argent ira à la région vainqueur, qui devra le consacrer à l’épanouissement de ses jeunes athlètes.

«We are delighted and thankful to the organizers of the Arctic Race of Norway as well as Statoil, who have made this race possible.»

Harald Tiedemann Hansen
President of the Norwegian Cycling Federation (NCF)


The success of Statoil is to a large extent due to people with the ability and will to think differently, with the courage to make the impossible possible and with the competence and persistence to work hard to achieve remarkable results.
If we are to succeed in the future, we need more people like these. Not only in Statoil, but throughout society at large. We call them heroes of tomorrow. Heroes inspires us and binds us together. We need such people – people who provide us with thrilling experiences, people to whom we can aspire.
That is why Statoil is supporting the heroes of tomorrow in sports, culture and education. For their benefit and for ours.
“Talent development is dependent on hard work, focus when times are tough and the ability to be inspired by new challenges. Through the Heroes of Tomorrow-program Statoil wishes to contribute to talents within sports, culture and education reach their peak potential. We are proud to support those who will thrill us with remarkable achievements in the years to come.”

Marius Rosenberg Amundsen
Head of Sponsorship Strategy - Statoil ASA

Sunday, 17th August - Tromsø :

  • • 09h30 - 12h30 : Arctic Heroes of Tomorrow Race - Boys (10 laps - 84 km)
  • • 13h30 - 14h50 : Arctic Heroes of Tomorrow Race - Girls (6 laps – 50,4 km)

Jersey wearers after the stage 4

Classifications after the stage 4


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