The history of the Tour de France

Year 1963


  • Those who thought Jacques Anquetil was nothing more than a time trial specialist had to reconsider after the 1963 Tour. In becoming the first four-time Tour winner, Anquetil not only won the two time trials, but also mountain stages in the Pyrénées and the Alps. By the time the race returned to Paris, nobody contested his superiority.

  • Anquetil's second mountain stage win in the 1963 race also showed that "Master Jacques" could also be a master bluffer. On Stage 17 to Chamonix, Anquetil managed to hang with legendary climber Federico Bahamontès on the Forclaz climb. At the summit he cried out, "my derailleur, my derailleur!" The words served as a cue to his director, who immediately gave him a heavier bike for the descent. The move, of course, was pre-planned, and it allowed Anquetil to overtake his Spanish rival on the descent, win the stage and grab the yellow jersey.

  • On Geminiani’s initiative, Anquetil fakes a mechanical problem in the Val d'Isère - Chamonix stage in order to change his bike and use a lighter one in the Forclaz climb. Last rider: Derboven (76th) at 2 h 45 min. 10 sec.

  • A standing ovation awaits Anquetil in the Parc des Princes stadium, where Poulidor is whistled at.

  • The first Kodak Instamatic camera is introduced; President Kennedy is assassinated; singer Edith Piaf dies; Federico Fellini releases his film "8 1/2."

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