The history of the Tour de France

Year 1935


  • Despite a race riddled with accidents, and a strong challenge from Italian Ambrogio Morelli, Belgium's Romain Maes held onto the yellow jersey from start to finish . In so doing, Maes put an end to France’s five-year domination of the Tour de France.

  • Romain Maes wins the first and last stages. Crashes marred the 1935 race. Defending champion Antonin Magne was forced to abandon after crashing on the descent of the Télégraphe. The Tour also mourned the death of Francisco Cepeda, the first cyclist to die in the race’s history. The Spaniard fell during the descent of the Galibier and later succumbed to his injuries.

  • A red flag is used on the Tour. In the stage run in the Landes, which he wins with a 15-minute lead, Julien Moineau uses a chain wheel with 52 teeth. Radio coverage expands.

  • Romain Maes reveals himself in unexpected circumstances. Antonin Magne withdraws, run over by a car. Increase of half-stages and time trials.

  • Italian troops invade Ethiopia; Penguin releases the first paperback; Hitler attacks modern art in Nuremberg; British adventurer Thomas Edward Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) dies in a motorcycle accident.

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