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Special rules

Article 1. Organisation

The 70th Paris-Tours Espoirs, a class ME 1.2. (u23) international road cycling competition is organised by Amaury Sport Organisation (A.S.O.) under the aegis of the "TDF Sport" Club and under the regulations of the International Cycling Union (UCI) and the French Cycling Federation (FFC). It will take place on Sunday 7 October 2012.


Article 2. Participation

The competition is open to continental UCI teams, national teams, national bodies (clubs), regional teams and clubs from the national division according to the regulations of the UCI and the FFC.
Participation is limited to 30 teams of a maximum of 6 racers each.


Article 3. Race HQ

The bibs and frame numbers are distributed to each team manager on presentation of licenses at the Race HQ ('Permanence') at the Start:

Hôpital Henri Ey
28800 Bonneval

On Saturday 6th October from 4.30 to 7 pm and on Sunday 7th October from 7.50 to 8.30 am

The team managers' meeting will take place on Sunday 7th October at 8.45 am at Race HQ.


Article 4. Refreshments

Refreshments will be available. These must be consumed in the zone designated for this purpose by the organisation.


Article 5. Radio-Tour

Race information will be broadcast on frequency 163.3875 MHz.


Article 6. Elimination times

Any rider finishing in a time 5% in excess of the winning time will no longer be ranked.


Article 7. Protocol

The three fastest racers in the competition must report to the protocol.


Article 8. Prize

The competition prizes are as follows:

Places Prizes allocated.
1st €2,425
2nd €1,210
3rd €607
4th €305
5th €240
6th €180
7th €180
8th €118
9th €118
10th €57
11th €57
12th €57
13th €57
14th €57
15th €57
16th €57
17th €57
18th €57
19th €200
20th €57


The total prize purse allocated during the Race is €6,010


Article 9. Arbitration

By entering the race, each rider acknowledges his familiarity with the present regulation and his consent to all clauses contained herein. For cases unforeseen in the present regulation, arbitration is sought from the members of the Jury of Commissaires under the general regulations of the UCI and FFC.