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Sunday, August 20th

Nîmes / Gruissan. Grand Narbonne. Aude

Stage 2 203.4 km
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  • Fernando Escartín commentary

    Flat. This stage will be one of the few in this year's Vuelta to end with a sprint to the finish-line. The stage will take place entirely in France, with all the obstacles that this implies: lots of roundabouts and central isles, all of which will force the peloton to ride in a straight line. Special attention must be paid to the crosswind and the echelons found along the coastline.

Nîmes / Gruissan. Grand Narbonne. Aude


Nîmes oozes history. In the year 31BC, Augustus conquered the Roman Empire following his triumph over Marc Anthony and Cleopatra. The emperor rewarded his troops with...

Gruissan. Grand Narbonne. Aude

This small town in the Southern region of Aude is an almost compulsory stop for the Tour de France. According to local legend, the pirate Redbeard lived there for part...

La Vuelta 2017

Running from Saturday August 19th to Sunday September 10th 2017, the Vuelta will be made up of 21 stages and will cover a total distance of 3,324.1 kilometres.

  • 5 flat stages and 1 flat with high-altitude finales stage
  • 8 hill stages
  • 5 mountain stages
  • 1 individual time trial stage
  • 1 team time trial stage

Distinctive aspects of the race

  • 40.2 km individual time trial
  • 13.7 km team time trial
  • 50 summits
  • 2 rest days

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