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Talansky: "I was smart"

interview07.03.2013Stage 4- Brioude / Saint-Vallier

Yellow Jersey holder Andrew Talansky (GRS) told how he thought he outwitted his main rivals in today's finale to St Vallier. And the American is now looking forward to jauge himself in the Montagne de Lure.

You were on you own in the finale but you handled it very well…

Well today you had to be smart I was smart. They were not. Today we knew it would be the trickiest stage of the race and I would be alone towards the end.

It didn't worry you to be without a team-mate in the last part?

We knew what kind of team we brought here. Last night we talked about it and we knew I was going to be on my own in the last 30 kms. It wasn't a surprise, we were prepared for it. We wanted to keep the jersey but I wasn't stressed. If I lost it I could always take it back the next day. The way it worked out I felt good and you can't play off the guys who fight for the jersey and the ones who want a stage win. It worked out perfectly. The only way to keep it today was smart tactics.

You behaved like an experienced leader...

I think just having guys in the team who have been doing this for so many years like David Millar, Andreas Klier or Johan van Summeren, they told me to stay calm. Andreas told me last night don't get upset in the finale, you'll be all alone but you stay calm. If you don't, you'll waste a lot of energy. So you just stay calm, it's always better.

Tomorrow is the Montagne de Lure, another test…

Tomorrow, we're really going to see. We've gone up a lot of climbs but for me, 10 or 15 minutes climbs are hardest. Once it's going over 20 minutes it's better and it's going to be around 35 minutes. Contador climbed it in 34 minutes in 2009 so it's going to be 35 minutes at least for us at 1,600 metres which is pretty high. It's going to me a high time trial for me and we'll see what it means.

Are you looking forward to it?

I am, yes . Today was stressful but when you get to a climb like this all you have to do is to go as hard as you can and whatever happens happens. Thats' simple.

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Andrew Talansky : "I was smart"

  • Andrew Talansky : "I was smart"

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Stage 4 Brioude / Brioude

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