Tuesday July 11th, 2017

Stage 10Périgueux / Bergerac

Start 13h25 (Local time)
  • Christian Prudhomme's comment

    After a rest day in Dordogne, the debates resume in a romantic and peaceful atmosphere. But the challenge of winning a stage will stop the possible inclination to take it easy, notably when the pack moves closer to the Lascaux Grotto which will have its entire replica drawings available to see as of next December. Whether they're enthusiasts of cave arts or not, the riders will be mainly focused on the sprint to take on, (or avoid, depending on the actors) in Bergerac.

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Etape 10 : Le bassin de la Dordogne avec Camille Grassineau...

  • Etape 10 : Le bassin de la Dordogne avec...

Tourist attractions

On the road

Population: 418,200

Prefecture: Perigueux

Sub-prefectures: Nontron, Bergerac, Sarlat

Surface: 9,100 km²

Specialties: foie gras, truffles, wines from Bergerac, cabécou from Perigord, chestnut, walnut from Perigord, leather, arts and crafts

Clubs and sporting events: Boulazac Basket Dordogne, motrcycling endurance race  Grappe de Cyrano, 100 kilometers of Belves (running), Perigord Raid Adventure, cyclotourism.

Festivals and exhibitions: Theater and Film Festival in Sarlat, Mimos and Sinfonia in Périgueux, Grand Souk in Jemaye, Black Périgord Festival, Route of Baroque in Périgord Vert, contemporary art exhibition at Château de Biron.

Economy: tourism, agriculture, viticulture, food industry, paper industry, subcontracting high-tech industry, luxury industry (Hermès, Repetto)

Websites and social networks: www.dordogne.fr / www.facebook.com/cddordogne/ / www.twitter.com/cddordogne / www.instagram.com/cddordogne

Montaigne is often presented as being from Bordeaux but he was truly from Perigord. His work, mainly written in the Dordogne, left its humanist imprint on the territory. Before him came the men who painted Lascaux and offered Perigord a worldwide reputation. Today, the identical replica of their works is visible in Montignac, at the International Center of Parietal Art. And their work is even enhanced by the latest technologies of virtual imagery. Beyond Lascaux, it is the whole valley of the Vézère, the valley of Man, which is classified as a World Heritage site by UNESCO.
Perigord is also a territory known for its gastronomy much to the pride and pleasure of its inhabitants. The quality of life also involves various outdoor activities suited to accomplished sports fans or leisurely walkers.

Château de Boulazac © Père Igor

Pop: 10,400
Boulazac-Isle-Manoire is a commune formed by the merger of villages Atur, Boulazac, Saint-Laurent-sur-Manoire and Sainte-Marie-de-Chignac. It is the city of former Foreign Minister Roland Dumas, who created a museum in the manor of Saint-Laurent-sur-Manoire displaying the gifts received when he was at the Quai d'Orsay.

Castle of Lieu-Dieu
The castle of Lieu-Dieu de Boulazac is a small building inspired by the defensive elements found on larger castles. Located below the road to Brive, Lieu-Dieu owes its name to the fact that it sheltered for a time the relics of the monastery of Saint-Front in Perigueux, in order to preserve them from Protestant exactions. It was built in the 14th or 15th century by the family of Saint-Astier, on the site of an older fortress. It is not open to visitors. 

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