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Last sprint for Groenewegen, Froome wins his fourth Tour

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100 days before hosting the Grand Départ of the Tour de France, the city of Düsseldorf has become a true cycling capital in all its forms. Between the results of the Tour de France Dictation, the prologue reconnaissance and other activities in town, the Tour de France has never been closer.

“We are 100 days from the start of the 104th edition of the Tour de France. 30 years after the start at the foot of the Berlin wall, a new experience is emerging with the discovery of the once small medieval village of Düsseldorf, which has become one of the country's major cities. This interval allows us to measure the interest that we feel from the German public. In addition to the many exploits of Tony Martin, the domination of the sprinters has created a huge fan following. At the same time, the large-scale movement which has seen the bicycle's role in the daily life of city dweller gain ground in both Germany and France. We were convinced at first, and then concrete evidence emerged in the building of our relationship, that Düsseldorf is enthusiastically and resolutely committed to this path of the future. It is among other things this common vision that allows us to advance towards our big day. It is also the guarantee that all of us will experience a grandiose celebration of the bicycle”.

When Christian Prudhomme and Bernard Thévenet came to announce the first results of the Tour de France Dictation on Friday March 24 in Düsseldorf, they were greeted by a full and enthusiastic assembly. In all, 350 students from the French middle school and Lycée Francais of the city came to express their passion for the Grand Boucle. “It is the dream of my life” said one middle school pupil. “The Tour, for sure is the biggest race in the world, but there is also the culture, geography and history”, explained Christian Prudhomme to them.
Following a round of questions and answers with the participants, the results were announced. Cécile, Gabriel, Tal, Emmanuelle, Judith, Yann, Inès, Alice and Lina, pupils ranging in age from 10-12, will enjoy behind the scenes access to the Tour de France in Düsseldorf. On July 1st, each winner, accompanied by an adult will experience an unforgettable day. Until then, all that remains is for them to imagine the day of their dreams…

A hundred or so children between the age of 10 and 12 took part in their first stage race at the Düsseldorf University sports complex. The day's action included three events: a circuit race, a sprint and an obstacle course.
Five similar events will be held leading up to the Tour de France. Each will take place in the different sport complexes of the city. The final event will take place on the day of the Grand Départ.

Düsseldorf was clearly the most French of German cities this weekend. Draped in blue-white-red flags and yellow tunics, the streets of the city conveyed a sweet perfume of July. Activities, mobile theatres, the Tour village with its partners and communities occupied the Burgplatz and the Markplatz all day long.
The residents, as well as many tourists had the opportunity to meet their childhood heroes like two-time Tour de France winner (1975 and 1977) Bernard Thévenet, winner of the last Tour de France to start in Germany (Berlin in 1978) Stephen Roche and German cycling personality Sven Teutenberg. This great event will undoubtedly allow everyone to create their own parallel between everyday bicycle riding and the cycling practiced by the champions of the Tour de France.

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