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On the road

Loire (42)

Rhone-Alpes region
Population: 749,053 (2011)
Prefecture: Saint-Etienne
Sub-prefectures: Montbrison, Roanne  
Surface: 4,773 km2
Largest town: Saint-Etienne
Economy: steel works, mechanicals, medical textile, optical industry, design, supermarkets (Casino).
Specialities: râpée, barboton (meat), sarasson, fourme of Montbrison (cheese)
Tourism: zoo of Saint-Martin-la-Plaine, ski resort of Chalmazel, museums of Saint-Etienne, castle of Boutheon.

Isere (38)

Rhone-Alpes region
Population: 1,215,212 (2011)
Prefecture: Grenoble
Sub-prefectures: La Tour-du-Pin, Vienne.
Surface: 7,431 km2
Largest town: Grenoble
Economy:  paper mills, metallurgy, electronic components, equipment, chemicals, food industry, tourism.
Specialities: gratin dauphinois, ravioles, Swiss chard à la voironnaise, petafine, bleu du Vercors (cheese), antésite, Chartreuse (drinks).  
Tourism: winter sports (Alpe d'Huez, Deux-Alpes, Chamrousse, Villard-de-Lans), Grenoble (old town, museums)

Km 5.5 : Saint-Chamond

Ancienne usine Gillet © Yann GAVETAncienne usine Gillet © Yann GAVETGreg LeMond, Alpe d’Huez, Tour de France Juillet 1991 © Steve Selwood

Population: 36,000

An ancient guard post of the Lyon aqueduct, the capital of Jarez and then an industrial city, St Chamond is the town whose mayor for 45 years was legendary French politician Antoine Pinay, the advocate of the strong franc. It was also the hometown of Formula One champion Alain Prost and the birthplace of children clothes brand “Z”, who sponsored the cycling team that won the Tour with Greg LeMond in 1990.

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