Tuesday July 9th, 2013

Stage 10Saint-Gildas-des-Bois / Saint-Malo

Start 12h55 GMT 2+

Key moments

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Stage summary09.07.2013 in 18:10Kittel ahead of Greipel in a sprint of the Germans

After the excitement of the ninth stage and a day of rest, it was back to racing in the 100th Tour de France. The day was categorised as 'flat' and a bunch sprint was predicted... and that's just what unfolded in St-Malo at the end of 197km of racing. 'The Break' was composed of five men but they never really stood a chance of holding off the charge of a peloton that had been controlled by Argos-Shimano, Lotto-Belisol and Omega Pharma-Quickstep riders who were intent on ensuring that this...

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interview09.07.2013 in 19:09Peter Sagan: I'm really relieved to have avoided this crash

Peter Sagan, the leader of the points classification, finished fourth in the stage to St-Malo. He collected more points for his green jersey but is more satisfied with the fact that he got to the finish unscathed...

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interview09.07.2013 in 18:54Jérôme Cousin: "I got chills...»

A red race number for the time trial of stage 11 and a prize of 2,000 euros was not all that Jérôme Cousin earned with his attack early in stage 10. He also had the thrill of leading the Tour de France through «his» region...

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interview09.07.2013 in 18:47Chris Froome: "This isn't going to be an easy ride..."

There was one objective for the overall leader in stage 10: be safe. Chris Froome followed the wheel of Ian Stannard for most of the stage to St-Malo. As expected he finished in the same bunch as the winner and started to think about the TT at Mont-Saint-Michel...

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interview09.07.2013 in 18:38Marcel Kittel: "Every sprinter wants to come to the front"

As he walked from one interview to the next after his second stage win in the Tour de France, Marcel Kittel, discovered more about the crash that hindered the sprint of some others riders. He'd eventually see the footage, shown to him by the Eurosport crew, and offer his commentary...

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Sporting stakes07.07.2013 in 17:56Gentlemen: re-start your engines...

A rest. A deep breath. A change of scenery. The second Tuesday of the 100th Tour de France will be contested on a flat course through the heartland of cycling, Brittany. The school holidays have begun and the fans are always out in force in this part of the country even if the peloton will speed by on the road to Saint-Malo where there are but a few hills to slow them down. The antics of the GC riders that were on display in stages eight and nine – daring attacks and bold challenges on...

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17:53Top five in stage 10

The top five of the 10th stage is:

1. Marcel Kittel (GER) ARG

2. André Greipel (GER) LTB

3. Mark Cavendish (GBR) OPQ

4. Peter Sagan (SLO) CAN

5. William Bonnet (FRA) FDJ

17:51Second stage win for Kittel

It was a photo finish between two Germans: Marcel Kittel (ARG) versus André Greipel (LTB). The younger man beat the 'Gorilla' today but only after one of his team-mates crashed inside the final 500m.

17:50Kittel beats Greipel

Kittel has won his second stage of the Tour de France in a close sprint against compatriot Greipel.

17:49Steegmans begins his work...

Cavendish is laying off the wheel of Steegmans inside the final kilometre but now it's Greipel about to start the sprint...

17:48Lotto vs Argos

The two organised lead-outs are coming from Argos-Shimano and Lotto-Belisol.

17:47Lotto-Belisol leads to the 'flamme rouge'

We see Orica-GreenEdge and Lotto-Belisol riders at the front of hte peloton as they race towards the 1km to go banner. On the right side of the road is Omega Pharma... there are less than 2km to go in the stage. Hansen is in command with three team-mates on his wheel.

17:46Boeckmans out with mechanic problems

One of Vacansoleil's sprinters, Kris Boeckmans has been forced to stop with mechanical problems.

17:454km go to: three teams leading...

Kwiatkowski is at the front alongside riders from Saxo-Tinkoff as they race under the 4km to go banner. The other team with numbers up front is Argos-Shimano.

17:44Cousin gets the 'Fighting Spirit' award

The Europcar rider who instigated the escape today has been voted the most aggressive rider of the stage.

17:445km to go: four about to be swallowed up

The Omega Pharma team is going to eat up the last bit of advantage that the escapees had. Sojasun is attacking but now we see OGE riders chasing down the move.

17:428km: 8"

With 8km to go Oroz, Mate, Cousin and Simon get one last mention. Although the Sojasun rider is putting in one last-minute effort to hold onto the advantage they have on the peloton, it seems doomed for the escape. They are just 8" ahead with 8km to go.

Millar's time at the front is over and he's now out the back of the peloton. Kwiatkowski is the rider who is at the front of the bunch but the lead-out trains are just getting ready to really light it up...

17:39Millar eats up the advantage of the escapees

It's Millar who is at the front of the peloton that's now just 6" behind the four escapees. As he closes in on the break his American team-mate Talansky returns to the peloton after his crash.

17:3710km to go: 15" lead

The escapees have been at the front of the stage for 185km. They are 12" ahead of the peloton which is now inside the final 10km of the stage.

17:3615" advantage for four...

On the narrow coastal road, the peloton is actually losing ground to the four at the front of the stage who are now 15" ahead.

Millar is leading the peloton ahead of Dan Martin.

17:34Four lead by 11"

Cousin, Oroz, Simon and Mate are just 11" ahead of the peloton that is led by three from Saxo-Tinkoff. But now we see Stannard ahead of Froome at the front on the left side of the road while Argos-Shimano is forming its lead-out train on the other side of the road.

17:3215km to go...

De Marchi (CAN), Westra (VCD), Hivert (SOJ), Lopez (SKY) are some riders who have been dropped and Hesejdal (GRS) seems like he's going to also lose contact with the peloton inside the final 15km.

17:30Talansky and Tuft crash

Garmin's young GC rider, Talansky has crashed in the peloton. Also caught up was Canadian Svein Tuft.

17:30Two Sky at front; two Sky at back...

Stannard is the only rider from Sky with Froome at the front of the peloton; at the back is Thomas and Kennaugh...

17:28Westra caught by peloton

There are now just four men at the front of the stage: Oroz, Simon, Maté and Cousin.

Westra has sat up and waited for the peloton. His capture was with 18km to go.

17:27Flecha comes down...

Flecha (VCD) approached a roundabout just behind the yellow jersey and, as Froome jumped over the median strip. the Spaniard came crashing down. He quickly remounted his bike and is now racing to try and rejoin the peloton that is inside the final 20km of the stage.

17:25Roche leading the peloton

Roche (TST) is at the front of the bunch with Tossato, Contador and Kreuziger right on his wheel. Now we see Chavanel leading Kwiatkowski to the front of the bunc that is just 30" behind the escapees with 20km to go.

17:23Leaders in Cancale

The escapees have a lead of just 45" as the bunch reaches Cancale.

Roche (TST) has raced off the front of the bunch and he seems annoyed that the four team-mates behind him haven't joined him with a little attack in the wind.

17:21Flat front tyre for Brutt

There's been a second puncture in one minute, this time for Brutt (KAT). And just as this was typed, we hear that Amador (MOV) has a flat front tyre.

17:20Bauer needs a new rear wheel

One of the New Zealanders in the race has had to stop to get a new rear wheel. Bauer (GRS) is the rider who is now out the back the peloton that's 1'00" behind the escapees.

17:19Stannard leads Froome...

There is only one Sky rider sheltering Froome from the wind; Ian Stannard is ahead of the yellow jersey on the far right of the road with 25km to go.

17:16Five together again...

Oroz's move didn't last long. He has been caught by Cousin, Simon, Westra and Maté. There are five men together again with a lead of 1'00".

17:15Oroz attacks the lead group

With the advantage of the escapees just 55", Oroz is the first to attack the lead group.

17:1230km to go: 1'10"

The five escapees continue to share the work load and the head of the peloton continues to change colours as an array of teams get to the front only to be replaced by others.

Currently it's Belkin and Saxo-Tinkoff dominating the front of the hungry peloton that is just 1'10" behind the escapees.

17:07Belkin riders also up front...

There are now number of riders from both the Belkin and Saxo-Tinkoff teams at the front of the peloton. There's anxiety about just what will happen when the bunch reaches the coastline and so we see both sprint and GC teams vying for position at the head of the bunch.

17:06When will Westra attack...?

Only Maté (COF) and Westra (VCD) have attacked the lead group: once each for the sprint, once for the categorised climb... the Dutch time trial champion, Westra, has enjoyed the most success of this group of five this season. His group is now just 1'35" ahead of the peloton.

With 33km to go in the stage, we may see one last surge from the Dutchman before what seems like the inevitable capture by the peloton.

17:01Advantage under two minutes...

The escapees now have a lead of less than two minutes. They are 37km from the finish and on a section of road where the wind is blowing from the left.

16:56Boasson Hagen a winner near here...

As the peloton gets near the 40km to go sign, we note that the Sky team scored its first stage win in the Tour de France in Lisieux which is relatively close to where today's stage is contested. The winner of that stage of the 2011 Tour that began in Dinan and the winner was Edvald Boasson Hagen.

In 2007, as a member of the Norwegian Joker-Bianchi team, Boasson Hagen also won a stage of the Tour de Bretagne in Cnacale which is at the 23km to go mark of today's stage.

16:50Radioshack moving forward...

It's still Omega Pharma-Quickstep and Argos-Shimano at the front of the peloton but we can also see RadioShack, Sky, BMC and Movistar moving forward... the final 20km are on the coastline and the wind is quite strong near the sea.

16:4450km to go...

The escapees are inside the final 50km of the 10th stage. Europcar's director Ismael Moutier has recently told France Télévisions that the four-minute advantage the peloton allowed the escapees – including Jerome Cousins – was not going to be enough for them to keep the move alive until the end.

The five leaders are 2'40" ahead of the peloton.

16:40Tony Martin recovering from injuries

Before the start of the stage today, Tony Martin told journalists that he was finally able to sleep on his back again without hurting the substantial wounds he got from the crash in stage one. The German has won a stage of the Tour de France in the past, the time trial in Grenoble on the penultimate day of the 2011 edition.

He is confident of his chances for another success in stage 11 tomorrow, a TT to Mont-Saint-Michel.

16:38Five together in the lead again...

Westra is now waiting for his escape companions and, with 52km to go, there are five together at the front of the race.

16:36Westra not waiting around...

After collecting his climbing points, Lieuwe Westra has decided it's time to leave his escape companions behind. He is now ahead by about 100m with Simon leading the pursuit of the Dutch TT champion.

16:35Only 1km between escapees and peloton

As Westra led the break over the top of the climb, the peloton passed the 1km to climb sign.

16:34Westra attacks for one point

Westra (VCD) has raced ahead of his escape companions on the climb. Cousin (EUC) is the first chaser but the Dutchman is going to win the point atop the cote de Dinan.

16:33Leaders in Dinan

The five escapees are in Dinan and are about to start the climb to the only categorised hill of the stage, a 1km long ascent with an average gradient of 4.2 per cent.

16:20Calorguen at 132.5km: Hinault's hometown

Calorguen is known to cycling fans for its most famous inhabitant, Bernard Hinault, who bought and restored a farm in 1983 and looked after it until recently when he was not asked by ASO to be the Tour de France ambassador to VIPs and to handle the podium ceremonies with his energy and vigour. The Hinaults are so well known in Calorguen that the wife of the five-time Tour champion was elected mayor in 2008.

16:18Full results of intermediate sprint

The points for the sprint in Le Hinglé were won by:

1. Mate (COF) 20pts

2. Westra (VCD) 17pts

3. Simon (SOJ) 15pts

4. Cousin (EUC) 13pts

5. Oroz (EUS) 11pts

6. Greipel (LTB) 10pts - at 2'25"

7. Sagan (CAN) 9pts

8. Cavendish (OPQ) 8pts

9. Flecha (VCD) 7pts

10. Rojas (MOV) 6pts

11. Sabatini (CAN) 5pts

12. Bodnar (CAN) 4pts

13. De Gendt (VCD) 3pts

14. Chavanel (OPQ) 2pts

15. Stannard (SKY)...

16:15Greipel gets 10pts for sixth place

Greipel has led the peloton to the line of the intermediate sprint. He was 2'25" behind the escapees.

16:14Maté almost doubles the earnings for Cofidis

By leading the break over the line at the intermediate sprint, Luis Angel (COF) has collected 1,500 in prize money. Until today, the total that Cofidis had earned in the 2013 Tour was 1,670.

16:13Result of the intermediate sprint: the first five

The points for the first five men at the intermediate sprint have been won by:

1. Mate (COF) 20pts

2. Westra (VCD) 17pts

3. Simon (SOJ) 15pts

4. Cousin (EUC) 13pts

5. Oroz (EUS) 11pts

16:111km before the sprint: 3'25"

The five escapees are about to contest the intermediate sprint of stage 10. They are less than 1km from the line in Le Hinglé.

16:0275km to go

The leaders are inside the final 75km of the stage. The intermediate sprint comes with 69.5km to go.

16:01Average speed for 3rd hour: 37.9km/h

The average speed for the third hour of stage 10 is 37.9km/h. The average for the first three hours: 39.0km/h.

16:00Leaders near the intermediate sprint

The peloton is 10km from the intermediate sprint and the Cannondale team has still not yet made an appearance near the front of the bunch that is 3'20" behind the five escapees.

15:56How the narrow handlebar trend started...

Further to the previous newsflash about the measurements of Lotto-Belisol riders' handlebars, here's an explanation from Hansen about making the change... "In 2011, I had women's handlebars because they were 38cm. Now we run the smallest size in the model we have, which is 38.

“I tried it out at the end of the 2010 season.

“I remember when I joined Lotto in 2011, when I said that I had 38cm handlebars, they were like, ‘Ah, you can't have 38. We don't have them.' And I...

15:503'40" lead with 83km to go

The maximum gain of the break was 5'05" (at 32km). Oroz and his mates are now inside the final 83km and have lead of 3'40".

15:43Sieberg and Henderson in skinsuits today...

At least two of Greipel's lead-out men, Sieberg and Henderson, are wearing skinsuits for the 10th stage (ie. not jersey and knicks, but a one-piece).

15:39Five Lotto-Belisol riders race with narrow bars...

Adam Hansen is one rider who is often willing to experiment with equipment, not only does he make his own carbon-fibre shoes, but he's started a trend that four of his Lotto-Belisol team-mates have copied: he uses narrow handlebars (36cm in width, measured centre-to-centre). Two others on his team have the same: Henderson and Sieberg.

Greipel and Roelandts have slghtly wider bars (38cm, centre-to-centre) but they are narrower than what most riders in the peloton use.

15:34Leaders in the feedzone

The five escapees - Oroz (EUS), Westra (VCD), Simon (SOJ), Maté (COF) and Cousin (EUC) - have just collected their feedbags from the respective soigneurs at the 103km mark.

15:32Greipel sprinting with a 54x11 today...

The winner of the stage to Montpellier, André Greipel (LTB) is one of the favourites for today's win if it ends in a bunch sprint. The big German who is nicknamed 'The Gorilla' has a top gear of 54x11 for today's stage.

15:23100km to go: 4'00"

The same teams remain at the head of the peloton that has been hovering around 4'00" behind the five-man escape that joined forces at the 3km mark. Omega Pharma-Quickstep, Lotto-Belisol, and Argos-Shimano have one man each at the front and this trio is followed by all eight of Sky's riders...

15:17Peloton almost in St-Méen-le-Grand

Saint-Meen-le Grand is a famous town for cycling in Brittany since it was the home of Louison Bobet, who was born here in 1925 and was buried in the local cemetery in 1983. A museum is dedicated to the memory of the three-times winner of the Tour de France, with many books, jerseys, medals, trophies and bicycles.

Louison's brother Jean, the Paris-Nice winner in 1955 and a talented writer, was also born in St Meen.

Another cycling personality comes from St Meen, Frederic...

15:12Leaders near Louison Bobet's hometown...

The town of St-Méen-le-Grand is at the 98km mark of today's stage. This is the hometown of the first three-time champion of the Tour de France, Louison Bobet.

In 2006, a stage of the Tour started there and finished in Lorient. The stage winner that day was Sylvain Calzati.

14:5836.5km/h is the average speed for the second hour

The second hour is significantly slower than the first. The average for the second hour of stage 10 is 36.5km/h. The average for the first two hours: 39.5km/h.

14:54Omega Pharma-Quickstep earns 32,030 euros in nine stages

The team that has collected the most prize money in the opening nine stages of the 100th Tour de France is Omega Pharma-Quickstep, with 32,020 euros. Then comes Orica-GreenEdge (29,610), Cannondale (29,100), Vacansoleil (24,440) and Sky Procycling (23,860).

Cofidis has collected the least amount of prize money so far, just 1,670 euros.

14:45Yellow helmets for Movistar

Movistar is the fourth squad to lead the team classification in the 100th Tour de France. It has a lead of 4'11" over Saxo-Tinkoff and the eight riders from the Spanish team are wearing yellow helmets and yellow race numbers in stage 10.

The yellow helmets are optional but the race organisers encourage the leading team to wear them as part of an initiative that started last year.

14:43Bardet with red race number...

Romain Bardet (ALM) was one of the attacking riders in stage nine when he was 5th over the col de Peyresourde, third at the col de Val Louron, and 24th at the finish of the stage to Bagnères-de-Bigorre. The university graduate is riding his first Tour de France and he's got a red race number today as the winner of the 'Fighting Spirit' award in the stage before the rest day.

14:37Lead down to 4'00"

The peloton is now 4'00" behind the five escapees who are 130km from the finish.

14:3134 nations represented in Le Tour 2013

The 193 riders in the 100th edition of the Tour de France represent 34 nations. The breakdown is as follows:

40 from France (originally 42, but Yoann Bagot (COF) abandoned during stage three; Maxime Bouet (ALM) broke his wrist in a crash at the end of stage five.

24 from Spain – originally 26 but Gutierrez (MOV) and Noval (TST) abandoned during stage nine

17 from the Netherlands

16 from Italy – originally 18 but Malori (LAM) abandoned during stage seven and...

14:20Lopez leading the peloton...

David Lopez of the Sky team is now at the front of the peloton that is 4'25" behind the five escapees. Behind him are riders from Lotto, Argos and Omega Pharma, followed by Stannard and Froome (SKY).

14:17No former stage winners in the escape...

Of the five men in the lead of the 10th stage, none has previously won a stage of the Tour de France.

- Oroz (EUS) started his season at the Tour Down Under in Australia and his best race result in 2013 is 14th in Paris-Camembert.

- Maté (COF) started his season at the Trofeo Palma in Mallorca and his best race result in 2013 is 5th in the one-day Vuelta a Murcia.

- Cousin (EUC) won his second race for the season, the opening stage of the Etoile des Besseges. That was...

14:06Leaders ahead by 4'50" at 44km

The peloton is at the 44km mark with a deficit of 4'50". The maximum advantage of the five escapees so far today is 5'05" at 32km.

13:57Average speed for the first hour: 42.5km/h

The escapees have ridden 42.5km in the opening hour of the 197km stage to St-Malo.

13:47Federico Bahamontes: 85 today

The 'Eagle of Toledo', Federico Bahamontes attended the podium ceremony of the 100th Tour de France when the race was in the Pyrenees on the weekend. The Spaniard who won the polka-dot jersey six times celebrates his 85th birthday today.

13:44Five minute lead at 29km

Oroz, Simon, Cousin, Maté and Westra are 5'00" ahead of the peloton that is now at the 29km mark.

13:36Leaders in Redon...

In the 2011 Tour de France, Tyler Farrar, claimed a victory in the stage that was contested on 4 July. His Garmin team would also win the TTT that year but the sprinter's success came in the city where the escapees currently are, Redon.

13:31Time gaps to 10th place after first rest day in recent years...

Here is a summary of the differences in time between the yellow jersey and the rider in 10th overall after the first rest day of the past 10 Tours de France...

2012: Besançon: 10th, Nicolas Roche, at 5'29” to Bradley Wiggins

2011: Saint-Flour: 10th, Jakob Fuglsang, at 3'08” to Thomas Voeckler

2010; Morzine: 10th, Michael Rogers, at 2'31” to Cadel Evans

2009: Tarbes: 10th, Vincenzo Nibali, at 1'54” to Rinaldo Nocentini

2008: Hautacam: 10th Vladimir...

13:27Time differences after the rest day

Generally the favourites for GC at the Tour de France usually have established a pecking order by the time of the first rest day. Chris Froome (SKY) has an advantage of 2'45” to 10th placed Rui Costa (MOV). Many are suggesting that the race for the yellow jersey in the 100th Tour de France is over but if we compare it with other recent editions, we realise that Froome's gain is far from the largest. Of course, we should take into consideration the fact that, in other editions, there have...

13:23Sprint teams come to the front...

With the escapees in the lead by 4'35" we now see riders from the sprinters' teams at the front of the peloton. Lotto-Belisol is sharing the workload with Omega Pharma-Quickstep and Argos-Shimano.

13:21Julien Simon: a local on the attack

The Télégramme newspaper welcomes the Tour to Brittany today and noted the riders from the region who are in the race. Among them is Julien Simon who is part of the five-man escape group and he told the reporter that he is thinking about where the race goes today. “We will pass Beignon, which is where my mother and my grandmother are from and I know all the roads in the area by heart.

“Before moving to Lamballe, I often trained in a Paimpont forest... It will be an additional...

13:15Sky lead the peloton at 11km...

The escapees are at 14.km and the peloton is just past the 11km mark. The Sky team has riders at the front of the bunch that is now 4'10" behind.

13:11Position of ecapees on GC

The five riders who are now 3'00" ahead are:

- Jerome Cousin (FRA) EUC - 178th overall, at 1h54'08"

- Lieuwe Westra (NED) VCD - 177th overall, at 1h52'06"

- Luis Angel (ESP) COF - 122nd overall, at 1h23'46"

- Julien Simon (FRA) SOJ - 100th overall, at 1h09'54"

- Juan José Oroz (ESP) EUS - 93rd overall, at 1h03'19"

13:082'20" at 6.5km

Of the five in the lead of the stage by 2'20" (with the peloton at the 6.5km mark), there is no threat to the yellow jersey. Oroz (EUS) is the best placed of the quintet on GC after nine stages, but he's only ranked 93rd overall, 1h03'19" behind Froome.

13:06Prize classification review: part 04 ?? white jersey

Nairo Quintana (MOV) was voted the winner of the ‘Fighting Spirit' award in stage eight. The Colombian finished that stage in ninth place. He was on the attack again in stage nine and finished 19th at Bagnères-de-Bigorre on Sunday, as part of a group of 19 who finished 20” behind Dan Martin (GRS).

Quintana wears the Tour's white jersey for the second day. His lead over second place, the former leader of the youth classification Michal Kwiatkowski (OPQ) is 1'23”. The ‘Fighting...

13:02Five lead by 1'05" at 3.5km

The five escapees are 1'05" ahead of the peloton at the 3.5km mark.

13:01Prize classification review: part 03 ?? polka-dot jersey

Pierre Rolland (EUC) wore a polka-dot outfit in stage nine but he was not the leader of the climbing classification, rather he shared the same tally of points as the overall leader, Chris Froome (SKY); they both had 31 points. The Frenchman collected 18pts in stage nine – 2 on the col de Mente, 8 on the col de Peyresourde, and 8 on the col de Val Louron – and he now has a total of 49pts while Froome drops to second with 33pts.

Richie Porte (SKY) may have dropped from second to...

12:59Five riders in the lead at the 1.5km mark

There are five men with a small advantage on the peloton after attacking at the 1.5km mark. They are: Jerome Cousin (EUC), Juan Jose Oroz (EUS), Luis Mate (COF), Lieuwe Westra (VCD), Julien Simon (SOJ).

They are 30" ahead of the peloton.

12:57Prize classification review: part 02 ?? green jersey

Stages four (the TTT) and nine are the only days that Peter Sagan (CAN) has not scored any points in the race for the green jersey. The Slovakian won the points classification last year and he currently holds a strong advantage over second place, André Greipel (LTB): 234points to 141pts.

The winner of the stage to Marseille, and points classification champion from 2011, Mark Cavendish (OPQ) is third with 128pts.

The intermediate sprint for stage 10 is in Le Hingle at the...

12:57Racing in stage 10: 182 starters

The official start time for the 10th stage of the 2013 Tour de France is 12.55pm. There were 182 riders at the sign on with no one going home on the rest day.

12:55Prize classification review: part 01 ?? yellow jersey

Today is the second day that Chris Froome (SKY) will wear the yellow jersey in the Tour de France. The winner of stage nine has a lead of 1'26” over the Movistar team's leader, Alejandro Valverde. Richie Porte slipped from second overall to 33rd (after finishing 60th in stage nine).

There are three teams represented in the top seven overall: two each from Movistar, Belkin and Saxo-Tinkoff, and only one from Sky.

Third and fourth places on GC after 1,513km of racing in the...

12:54Riders in the neutral zone...

The peloton is currently riding along in the 2km neutral zone. They official start is expected to be at around 12.55pm.

12:52Starters after the first rest day in recent years...

So far in this race, 16 riders have abandoned the Tour de France. LeTour.fr took not of the number of riders left in the race after the first rest day of the past 10 years and here is the breakdown:

2003: 171 in the race (189 starters)

2004: 176 in the race (198 starters)

2005: 175 in the race (189 starters)

2006: 170 in the race (176 starters)

2007: 172 in the race (189 starters)

2008: 169 in the race (190 starters)

2009: 171 in the race (180...

12:46Poll on LeTour.fr today... the winning team?

For each stage of the Tour de France there is a question on the official site of the race, LeTour.fr and today we ask readers:

Five teams have shared the chasing duties on the flat stages. Of the following squads which is most likely to win stage 10?

- Omega Pharma-Quickstep

- Lotto-Belisol

- Argos-Shimano

- Cannondale

- Orica-GreenEdge

Who gets your vote?

12:42Welcome to the live coverage of stage 10

After the first rest day of the 2013 Tour de France, racing will commence again at 12.50pm after a transfer to the north of France. The 10th stage is from Saint-Gildas-des-Bois to St-Malo on the northern coastline of Brittany. This is a flat course (with 45pts on offer for the first rider at the finish) with only one categorised hill, the cote de Dinan (at 142km).

The temperature has dropped considerably since yesterday when it was 30+ degrees Celsius. It's 23 degrees in St-Malo as of...


Jersey wearers after the stage 21

Classifications after the stage 21


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