Friday July 6th, 2012

Stage 6Épernay / Metz

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Zabriskie: We're kind of like a family

interview06.07.2012Stage 6- ?pernay / Metz

The winner of the 'Fighting Spirit' award in stage six was in the middle of explaining his take on good and bad luck at the finish of a stage when one of his team-mates had to abandon and the leader lost over 13 minutes and Billie Jean started playing in the background. Immediately a smile appeared and he interrupted the interview to listen...

“I didn't think the escape would last as long as it did. I just tried to do the break and I thought we were going to get caught a little bit earlier but those last 12 or 13 kilometers were all with a tailwind so it's hard to pull back a move when it's like that. We were just trying to get to the line and, at the end, I gave it that one last dig and they fell off my wheel.
“My prize today is not even close to a consolation for what happened to the team today. That's real bad luck but this race is full of ups and downs so that's the way it is. It's too bad.
“I'm not upper management yet but I'm sure there's going to be a lot of consoling of one another [after what happened today] and trying to cheer each other up. But as long as we're team-mates, we're kind of like family so that goes a long way.
“What happened today is like if you were to take away all the laws on the freeway you'd get a similar result.
“It's the Tour de France – and bike racing in general – has days like this; you can be the strongest man in the world but you've got to have some luck every now and then. Sometimes you've got good luck and sometimes you've got bad luck… and, oh look at that, they're playin' Michael Jackson now. That's a bit of good luck.”

Stage 6 ?pernay / ?pernay

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