Wednesday July 4th, 2012

Stage 4Abbeville / Rouen

Start 12h25 GMT 2+

Peter Sagan: No one wants to see accidents

interview04.07.2012Stage 4- Abbeville / Rouen

The accident near the finish left the leader of the points classification without his key lead-out man Daniel Oss but Peter Sagan still managed to get fifth place in the sprint in Rouen.

“Today it was very difficult to win because it was also a crash and it was very dangerous. These sprints in the Tour de France create a very nervous group. All the riders want to be in the front group and it's very stressful but I'm happy that I didn't crash today.
“I feel good because I stayed upright and I got some points for the green jersey; I'm good. I didn't see the crash. I was nearby because it was on my left side and all the riders came pushing in to me and I was lucky to stay up.
“For now it's been a very good Tour for me but also I hope – and I'll try – to get the green jersey all the way to Paris.
“I'm not at all happy when someone crashes. I can crash and it's not very good. I don't anyone to be in a fall and that's normal – no one wants to see accidents happen.
“I'm not sure if I can win a sprint like this in the future. Each sprint is different from the last. Today Greipel had a very good team and a very good lead-out train for the last two kilometers. My team-mate Daniel Oss crashed today and that was a great shame because he helps get me to the front and I missed him.”

Stage 4 Abbeville / Abbeville

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