Sunday July 22nd, 2012

Stage 20Rambouillet / Paris Champs-Élysées

Start 14h10 GMT 2+

Key moments

video22.07.2012 in 23:00Summary of the race


Summary of the race

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Stage summary22.07.2012 in 17:39Great Brit: Wiggins creates history

The Sky team was formed at the start of the 2010 season and the intention was clear from the very beginning: to have a British winner of the Tour de France within five years. It's taken just three. Bradley Wiggins had achieved all there is to do as a track rider and he escaped what he called his «comfort zone» and set himself a new challenge after successfully defending his Olympic title in the individual pursuit in 2008. With three gold medals from the Olympics in his trophy...

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video22.07.2012 in 16:00Interview - Stage Winner


Interview - Stage Winner

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interview22.07.2012 in 19:02Sagan: «I want to finish this season good»

Peter Sagan ended the Tour as he started it: in the green jersey. He won three stages, finished second in three - including the final stage. He'll start thinking about the future soon.

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interview22.07.2012 in 18:56Froome: «I couldn't be happier»

It was suggested that the runner-up in the 2012 Tour could win... if he changed teams but Christopher Froome explained that he believes he might yet get that chance... with Sky.

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interview22.07.2012 in 18:49Van Garderen: «It's been a huge three weeks»

He was fourth overall and the best young rider in the race. Tejay van Garderen will go from Paris to London to take part in his first Olympic Games.

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interview22.07.2012 in 18:43Cavendish: «You've seen my sprint is really good»

For four years in a row, the winner of the final stage of the Tour de France is the same man. Mark Cavendish opened up his sprint right after crossing the Place de la Concorde he came around his team-mate Edvald Boasson Hagen and into the wind. For 400 metres he held off his rivals and claimed his third stage victory in the 2012 race.

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interview22.07.2012 in 18:31Wiggins: «It's very surreal»

«My mother over there,» said Bradley Wiggins from the podium in the centre of the Champs-Elysées, «her son has just won the Tour de France. Thank you everyone. Cheers. Have a safe journey home and don't get too drunk.» The first British winner of the race has considered what it would be like to be in this situation and when it happened he was almost lost for words... but the champion of the 99th Tour eventually found a way to explain his emotions.

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video22.07.2012 in 11:45Analysis of the stage


Analysis of the stage

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video22.07.2012 in 10:30The day's route


The day's route

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17:29Wiggins 53rd in the stage: 1st overall!

Bradley Wiggins led the peloton to the one kilometre to go mark and then the lead out for the final sprint of the 99th Tour began. With his work for the day done, the rider in the yellow jersey positioned himself in the peloton and finished the 20th stage in 53rd place. He was in a group that was nine seconds behind the stage winner, Mark Cavendish.

Wiggins has become the first British winner of the Tour de France!

17:26The top five in stage 20

The late challenge from Goss faded in the final 50 metres and he was overtaken by Sagan who has finished second behind the world champion. The top five of stage 20 is:

1. Mark Cavendish (GBR) SKY

2. Peter Sagan (SVK) LIQ

3. Matt Goss (AUS) OGE

4. Juan José Haedo (ARG) STB

5. Kris Boeckmans (BEL) VCD

17:24Sky reign supreme!

Sky has won on every level today! Cavendish started his sprint almost from the Place de la Concorde. Goss was on his wheel to challenge but he could do nothing to overcome the world champion.

Sky wins the final stage and the overall title of the 2012 Tour de France.

17:23Wiggins begins the lead-out

Wiggins has led the peloton under the 'Flamme Rouge'. Orica-GreenEdge is coming up to challenge for the sprint but it's Boasson Hagen ahead of Cavendish out of hte final turn.

17:22Sky don't get it all their way

There are three Saxo Bankers on the front of the bunch as it dives into the tunnel for the final time. On their wheel is a Garmin rider followed by Wiggins and the rest of the Sky team.

17:21Escape over: FDJ attack

The peloton has caught the escapees with 3km to go. There was a short turn at the front by someone from FDJ but now Rogers is ahead of Wiggins ahead of Boasson Hagen at the front of the bunch.

17:20Hondo and an AG2R rider crash

Hondo (LAM) recently lost control of his bike and took out a rider from AG2R.

17:19Voigt: No Surrender!

Voigt can see that the bunch is about to catch his group but he continues to work hard to try and keep his escape alive. They are inside the final 4km of the Tour and have a lead of 10".

17:18Saxo Bank get to work...

There are now four Saxo Bank riders at the front of the peloton which is 12" behind Voigt, Minard and Costa.

Just behind the Danish team are riders from Lotto-Belisol.

17:16One lap to go...

Voigt's trio has come off the Place de la Concorde with a lead of 16". They have just 6.5km to go and the next time they reach the line it will be the finish of the Tour of 2012. This is The Bell lap!

17:148km to go

Voigt, Minard and Costa continue to hold off the peloton. They are inside the final 8km of the stage and have a lead of 21". Liguigas has been given the responsibility of the chase and Sky is lined up just behind the team of Sagan.

17:13Minard does a long turn...

Minard did a turn of pace that lasted about 20". Now Voigt takes over for about eight seconds before swinging over to let Costa come through...

17:12Trio holding their advantage

The escape may have dwindled from 11 to three but they are three strong men who have increased their advantage over the peloton (led by Liquigas) and are currently 24" ahead. There is 9km to go in the race...

17:10Some escapees caught

Edet, Kroon and Bak have been caught by the bunch inside the final 12km.

Voigt's trio are about to reach the 10km to go mark. They have a lead of 23" on the peloton.

17:09"Shut up legs!"

Voigt is the oldest man in the peloton today but he's far from the slowest. He is attacking the lead group and dragging Costa (MOV) and Minard (ALM) with him. This trio is 8" ahead of the peloton.

17:08The 11 stage leaders...

The 11 escapees joined forces with 32km to go in the 2012 Tour. They are: Marino (SAU), Kuchynski (KAT), Bak (LTB), Burghardt (BMC), Costa (MOV), Minard (ALM), Voigt (RNT), Edet (COF), Tankink (RAB), Kroon (STB) and Iglinskiy (AST). 

Voigt is now going on the attack as the bunch is just 17" behind with 13km to go.

17:0515km to go

We now see a Garmin-Sharp rider at the front of the peloton with Liquigas lined up behind him. We're yet to see a turn at the front of the bunch from an Orica-GreenEdge rider but Langeveld is near the head of the peloton.

With 15km to go, the advantage of the 11 escapees is 20".

17:04Minard goes ahead...

Minard (ALM) is the rider in the escape who is riding in the gutter. It's helped him gain a little advantage on the 10 other escapees.

The peloton is 25" behind the break.

17:01Advantage shrinking

The maximum gain of the 11-man escape was 30". At the moment, with 19km to go, they are 24" ahead.

17:00Three Liquigas rider lead peloton

The peloton is 30" behind the 11 - Marino (SAU), Kuchynski (KAT), Bak (LTB), Burghardt (BMC), Costa (MOV), Minard (ALM), Voigt (RNT), Edet (COF), Tankink (RAB), Kroon (STB) and Iglinskiy (AST) - and three men from the Liguigas team are taking responsibility of the chase.

16:5921km to go

Sagan is on the wheel of Cavendish as the peloton makes its way towards the tunnel that leads to the Rue de Rivoli. The bunch is now 30" behind the escapees.

Feillu (SAU) has just punctured...

16:57Langeveld also at the head of the chase group

Porte leads Knees and then comes Langeveld from the Orica-GreenEdge team at the front of the chase group that is 25" behind the Voigt group of 11.

16:56Four former stage winners in lead group

Of the 11 in the lead, four have previously won a stage of the Tour de France. They are: Jens Voigt, Karsten Kroon, Rui Costa and Marcus Burghardt.

There are three men from Sky at the head of the peloton that's 22" behind the escape.

16:55Basso leading the peloton

The runner-up from the Tour of 2005, Ivan Basso (LIQ) is at the front of the peloton that is still 27" behind the Voigt group.

16:53The 11 leaders...

Marino (SAU), Kuchynski (KAT), Bak (LTB), Burghardt (BMC), Costa (MOV), Minard (ALM), Voigt (RNT), Edet (COF), Tankink (RAB), Kroon (STB) and Iglinskiy (AST) are the riders with a lead of 27" with 25km to go.

16:49Iglinskiy & Kuchynski also involved

Ignlinkiy (AST) and Kuchynski (KAT) are also in the group of 11 a tthe front...

16:4830km to go

The escapees include Voigt (RNT), Minard (ALM), Lund (STB), Bak (LTB), Burghardt (BMC), Edet (COF), Tankink (RAB)...

16:46Five in the lead

There are five men with a small advantage over the peloton: Voigt and Lund are present in the front group... and they've being chased by a group of five.

16:43Full result of intermediate sprint

The points for the final intermediate sprint of the 99th Tour have been won by:

1. Hondo (LAM) 20pts

2. Voigt (RNT) 17pts

3. Pineau (FDJ) 15pts

4. Gretsch (ARG) 13pts

5. Perez (EUS) 11pts

6. Bak (LTB) 10pts

7. Vansummeren (GRS) 9pts

8. Quinziato (BMC) 8pts

9. De Weert (OPQ) 7pts

10. Kroon (STB) 6pts

11. Knees (SKY) 5pts

12. Rogers (SKY) 4pts

13. Fouchard (COF) 3pts

14. Porte (SKY)...

16:41Three in the lead

Lars Bak has briddge the gap to Voigt and Hondo. There are now three men with a lead of 10" on the peloton.

16:40Hondo takes 20 points

Hondo (LAM) led Voigt over the line to claim the 20 points for the intermediate sprint of stage 20.

16:39Intermediate sprint due soon...

The third passage of the 'Haute des Champs' is where the intermediate sprint of stage 20 is. That's at the 35.5km to go mark...

16:39Two lead six by 8"

There is a counter-attack group of six riders 8" behind Voigt and Hondo. The peloton is at 15".

16:38Yellow helmets for RadioShack-Nissan

The RadioShack-Nissan squad is going to win the team classification this year. It is the second time in three years that RadioShack will claim this prize.

This year the teams were asked to have two sets of helmets for their: one in the standard colours, another in yellow in case they led the team rankings.

Only two outfits have led the general rankings for teams in 2012: Sky and RadioShack-Nissan. The US squad is 6'02" ahead of the British team in the overall rankings.

16:35Three in counter-attack

There are three men in a counter attack that's 8" behind Voigt and Hondo. The peloton is at 15".

16:3540km to go

Hondo and Voigt continue to swap turns of pace at the front of the race. They are inside the final 40km of the 2012 Tour.

16:34Escapees in the middle of the road

Hondo has led Voigt up the hill towards the Arc de Triomphe and he did so in the middle of the Champs-Elysees. Often riders chose to try and ride on the verge of the road as the gutter is much smoother than the cobbles in the middle of this famous avenue.

16:32Two Germans in the lead

Voigt and Hondo are the two riders who led the peloton over the line for the second time. The two Germans have a lead of about 100m on the bunch.

16:30Up to the Rue de Rivoli

A Saur-Sojasun rider, Jimmy Engouvent - the rider who will "win" the 'Lanterne Rouge' in 2012 - is at the front of the bunch as it makes its way along the Rue de Rivoli.

He has been caught and now Voigt (RNT) leads the bunch to the Place de la Concorde.

16:27Pineau on the attack

Jerome Pineau (OPQ) has started the attacking action. He is about to be joined by Hondo (LAM), Grivko (AST) and a number of others who are keen to get in an escape early on the streets of Paris.

16:26Horner and Hincapie lead peloton over the line

Two veterans of the peloton have led the peloton to the line that will be the finish in 51km: Hincapie (BMC) is about to finish his 17th Tour. And Horner (RNT) is the second oldest rider in the Tour's peloton this year.

16:19Sky leading the bunch

Knees leads Eisel, Rogers, Boasson Hagen, Cavendish, Porte, Wiggins and Froome to the first circuit of the Champs-Elysees.

16:15Peloton arrives in Paris

The yellow jersey is at the front of the peloton as it arrives on the streets of Paris. We're likely to see the bunch cross the line that will be used for the finish (after eight laps of the 6.5km circuit) be led by Sky but the attacks are likely to start soon after the first passage of the Avenue des Champs-Elysées.

16:00Peloton at 56km

The world champion Mark Cavendish is at the front of the peloton alongside his loyal Austrian team-mate Bernhard Eisel. To the right of the lead-out man is the rider in the yellow jersey... the bunch is only a few minutes away from reaching the streets of Paris.

15:5714 teams without a stage win

Of the 22 teams in the 99th Tour, 14 are without a stage win.

Here's a reminder of the winners since the start in Liège on 30 June:

Prologue: Fabian Cancellara (RNT). Stage 1: Peter Sagan (LIQ). Stage 2: Mark Cavendish (SKY). Stage 3: Peter Sagan (LIQ). Stage 4: André Greipel (LTB). Stage 5: André Greipel (LTB). Stage 6: Peter Sagan (LIQ). Stage 7: Chris Froome (SKY). Stage 8: Thibaut Pinot (FDJ). Stage 9: Bradley Wiggins (SKY). Stage 10: Thomas Voeckler (EUC). Stage 11:...

15:5150km ridden...

The "escape" is over and the bunch is all together again at the 50km mark of the 120km stage. The final 57km are on the streets of the French capital and that's when the pace is expected to pick up...

15:49Six riders in the lead...

Costa (MOV), Valverde (MOV), Cooke (OGE), O'Grady (OGE), Paulinho (STB) and Basso (LIQ) have opened up a bit of a gap on the peloton as it approaches Versailles which is at the 49.5km mark of the 20th stage.

It's wrong to call it an escape as all six in the lead had a giggle about the fact that they'd opened a gap of about 50 metres on the peloton.

15:34Plaza leads over final climb

Ruben Plaza (MOV) has claimed the one point on offer at the top of the final climb of the 2012 Tour de France.

15:31Movistar leading on second climb

Juan José Cobo and another Movistar rider are at the front of the peloton as it slowly makes its way up the second hill of stage 20.

15:26Voeckler adds another point...

Voeckler (EUC) was beaming from ear to ear as he rode across the line of the first of today's two hills to claim the one point on offer. The other riders essentially ignored the Frenchman but the camera loves the rider in the polka-dot jersey who now has a total tally of 135 points.

15:22No champagne today...

The peloton is 85km from the finish of the stage. And while the opening 35km have been done at a lazy pace, we're yet to see a glass of champagne raised in a toast as is a tradition for the final stage.

15:16Average speed for the first hour...

The peloton has covered just 31.7km in the first hour of the 20th stage.

15:10The winners of 'Fighting Spirit' awards...

Each day that there isn't a time trial, a rider is voted the winner of the 'Fighting Spirit' award. Here is a reminder of who claimed the red 'dossards' in Le Tour 2012:

Stage 1: Nicolas Edet (COF)

Stage 2: Anthony Roux (FDJ)

Stage 3: Michael Morkov (STB)

Stage 4: Yukiya Arashiro (EUC)

Stage 5: Matthieu Ladagnous (FDJ)

Stage 6: Dave Zabriskie (GRS)

Stage 7: Luis Leon Sanchez (RAB)

Stage 8: Frederik Kessiakoff (AST)

Stage 10:...

15:03Chris Anker Sorensen: Super-Combative of 2012

Saxo Bank-Tinkoff Bank will have a rider on the podium today as Chris Anker Sorensen has been voted the most aggressive rider of the 99th Tour de France. He was on the attack during both stages in the Pyrenees and, on the day to Peyragudes, he sliced his fingers in an accident... but still battled on to finish 24th in the stage.

He is ranked 14th overall and is third in the climbing classification.

14:59Other recent examples of team-mates on the podium

Beyond Wiggins and Froome this year and Schleck and Schleck last year, other recent examples of team-mates being on the final podium of the Tour include:

2009: Contador (1st) and Armstrong (3rd) - Astana

2007: Contador (1st) and Leipheimer (3rd) - Discovery Channel

1996: Riis (1st) and Ullrich (2nd) - Telekom

1986: LeMond (1st) and Hinault (2nd) - La Vie Claire

1985: Hinault (1st) and LeMond (2nd) - La Vie Claire

1984: Fignon (1st) and LeMond (3rd) -...

14:44Blue line turns yellow for today

The famous 'blue line' of the Sky team is yellow for today. The 'Sky' logo on the team bus has turned from blue to yellow and the line over the team cars have also changed colour today.

14:43Rogers arranging the photographers

The Sky team is assembling themselves for a team photo but first the eight riders from Wiggins team must find a stretch of road where they can all pose for the shot. Kanstantsin Sivtsov is the only one from the original line-up not to have made it to Paris.

14:39Vichot punctures...

Ah yes, Radio Tour bursts into action as Sebastien Piquet announces the rear tyre puncture for FDJ's Arthur Vichot... it's hardly gripping action but it's something different for the moment.

14:38Second year in a row team-mates share the final podium

This will be the second successive year that team-mates have stood on the final podium of the Tour de France. In 2012, obviously, it's Wiggins and Froome (in first and second place) from Sky. Last year it was Andy and Fränk Schleck (in second and third).

14:348km ridden...

Michael Schar (BMC) and Michael Albasini (OGE) are the two Swiss riders at the front of the peloton at the 8km mark. The mood is jovial and there have, of course, been no early attacks. The champagne hasn't yet appeared but surely it won't be long before we start seeing the riders toast their achievements over the last few weeks.

14:26The eight editions with only two leaders

The eight other times that only two riders have led the Tour de France were:

1999: Armstrong and Kirsipuu

1977: Thurau and Thévenet

1970: Merckx and Zioli

1961: Darrigade and Anquetil

1934: Speicher and Magne

1925: Bottecchia and Benoit

1921: Mottiat and Scieur

1919: Christophe and Lambot

14:23O'Grady chatting with Wiggins at the front

The Australian rider who is about to contest his sixth Olympics, Stuart O'Grady, is at the front of the bunch today and having a chat with the rider in the yellow jersey early in the stage.

14:22Only two race leaders in 2012

Had it not been for the seven seconds that Wiggins (SKY) lost to Cancellara (RNT) in the prologue in Liège, the race winner would have worn the yellow jersey from start to finish. This has only happened twice: in 1924 when Ottavio Bottecchia won and in 1935 when Romain Maes took the title.

This year will be the ninth time that only two men have led the general classification of the Tour de France.

14:18The race begins... sort of

The official start time for the 20th stage is 2.15pm. The white flag has been waved by Christian Prudhomme for the final time in the 2012 Tour but it prompted no reaction whatsoever from the riders. They continue to idle along at a speed that could be described as tranquil.

There are 153 riders still in the race.

14:16Prize classification review: part 04 ?? white jersey

Tejay van Garderen (BMC) will be the third American rider to win the youth classification at the Tour de France (after Greg LeMond in 1984 and Andy Hampsten in 1986). He is ranked fourth overall but will stand on the podium in Paris later today to collect a white jersey.
Van Garderen and Rein Taaramae (COF) were the only riders to wear the white jersey in the 99th Tour. The Estonian slipped down the rankings and is now 4th in the category open to riders born after 1 January 1987.

14:13Prize classification review: part 03 ?? polka-dot jersey

Thomas Voeckler (EUC) loves to put on a show. He has won two stages of the 2012 Tour de France – in Bellegarde-sur-Valserini and Luchon – and he's collected more points in the climbing classification than any other rider. He rides with panache and can't resist the lure of the cameras for a performance. On the start line today, he took off his polka-dot jersey and then removed his undershirt before putting the prized top back on. It raised a giggle from several riders on the Sky team.

14:09Prize classification review: part 02 ?? green jersey

The rider who won the green jersey in 2011 also claimed the final stage. That was Mark Cavendish's 20th victory of a Tour de France stage. Today the Manxman is ranked fourth in the points classification. Ahead of him are his former team-mates Matt Goss (OGE) and André Greipel (LTB)... but first place is in what's considered the ‘Sprinters Prize' is the winner of three stages this year, Peter Sagan.
It will be the first time that a Slovakian has won the green jersey in the Tour de...

14:07Rolling in the neutral zone...

As is the case for every road stage of the Tour, there is a short neutral zone before the bunch arrives at the site of the official start. This gives the riders a chance to put themselves into position and, in some cases, prepare to launch an early attack. That's unlikely to happen today as the stage to Paris generally begins with a bit of a parade - an opportunity for photos to be taken and pleasantries to be exchanged. The only exception in the last 20 years was in 2004 when Filippo...

14:03Classification leaders up front

The bunch is about to start rolling in stage 20. Each of the prize jersey wearers - Tejay van Garderen, Brad Wiggins, Peter Sagan and Thomas Voeckler - has a bike coloured the same as their jerseys: white, yellow, green and red spots on white, respectively.

14:00Prize classification review: part 01 ?? yellow jersey

And so it will be: Brad Wiggins is to become the first British winner of the Tour de France. He's won both long time trials and his team-mates Chris Froome picked up a mountain stage win; and now the Sky pair are set to become first and second overall in the 99th edition of the race.
With his second stage victory – in the 53km time trial on the penultimate day – Wiggins improved his advantage over Froome: from 2'05” after 3,319.4km to 3'21”. The average speed after 3,372.9km is...

13:56Welcome to the live coverage of the final stage of the 2012 Tour

The sun is shining and the final act of the 99th Tour de France is set to begin shortly. The shortest road stage (ie. not a time trial) of the 2012 edition is due to commence at 2.00pm. There is a 4.2km neutral zone before the peloton reaches the site of the official start, this is expected to be at around 2.10pm.

The course from Rambouillet to Paris is 120km long and there are two small hills: the cote de Saint-Remy-les-Chevreuse (at 36.5km) and the cote de Chateaufort (at...


Jersey wearers after the stage 20

Classifications after the stage 20


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