The history of the Tour de France

Year 1937


  • A lot of drama on this Tour! Bartali, who then wore the yellow jersey, falls in a ravine (Grenoble - Briançon stage). His successor, Sylvère Maes, withdraws in Bordeaux. Roger Lapébie, who was very far behind the lead, comes back strongly and wins. He's the first Tour winner using a derailer. French climber Pierre Gallien reveals himself. Vicini (second) wins the individuals category. Amberg (third) is the first Swiss native on the podium.

  • Lapébie's spectacular come-back from behind. He takes seven minutes from Maes in the Alps and the Pyrénées.

  • In the course of a heated meeting before the start in Luchon, Roger Lapébie notices the frame of his bike had been sawed off. Last rider: Klensch (46th) at 6 h 39 min. 25 sec.

  • Sylvère Maes (yellow jersey) and his Belgian team withdraw after he was penalized for receiving help from a Flemish individual rider.

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