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Cycling's bastions have a special ambience, one that the riders recognise and from which they draw a part of their motivation.

Some nations treat cycling as almost an art form and as a way of life. Amongst them, the Netherlands and Belgium belong to the countries most involved and most fanatical about cycling as a sport, which is the utmost expression of this two-wheeled means of transport. Consequently, the creation of a race uniting these two countries was a logical coming together and all the more evident given that the two biggest ports in Europe were the driving force behind the idea. With a two-stage format and demanding characteristics, due to the constantly threatening wind on the Zeeland plains, the journey between Rotterdam, Antwerp and Rotterdam offers a subtle variation from the spring classics which light up these lands each year. Some riders will see it as a means of making up lost time and ground, or another opportunity to fine-tune their form before tackling the most prestigious of trophies. Indeed, it is impossible to find anything but good reasons to bring together a pack of such ambitious riders, capable of offering a highly intense show to a public of connoisseurs and enthusiasts.

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