Saturday July 8th, 2017

Stage 8Dole / Station des rousses

Start 12h25 (Local time)
  • Christian Prudhomme's comment

    “Made in Jura”, that's how this stage could be qualified as it will take place entirely in that area. On this part of the Jura mountain range, the climbs will offer a good opportunity to breakaway riders at their best. Last of the three climbs on the menu, the Côte de la Combe de Laisia Les Molunes, and its summit just 11kms from the finish, will be a perfect scene for the best of them to make a difference.

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Etape 8 : La Réserve naturelle du Lac de Remoray avec Sandrine Bailly...

  • Etape 8 : La Réserve naturelle du Lac de...
  • Lakes of Station des Rousses

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Population: 260,681

Prefecture: Lons-le-Saunier

Sub-prefectures: Dole, Saint-Claude

Surface: 5000 km²

Specialties: Comté (cheese), Vache qui rit (cheese in portions), Yellow wine (the only wine made with Savagnin grape), toys, Saint-Claude pipes, watchmaking, eyewear, boissellerie, industrial subcontracting

Sport events: La Forestière (a 40 to 100 km mountain bike race, a French reference in this field), the Transjurassienne (a must for Nordic skiing in France), Tour du Jura cyclist (recently registered in the professional UCI Europe Tour 2.2 calendar).

Cultural events: Festival Idéklic (Moirans-en-Montagne), Moulin de Brainans, Circus and Fanfare (Dole), festival by word of mouth (Music in Petite Montagne), NoLogo festival, The Rendez-vous of the Adventure (Lons-le-Saunier).

Economy: plasturgy, chemistry, food industry, turning, subcontracting luxury industry, eyewear, watchmaking, construction wood, livestock, four seasons tourism, hydrotherapy, automobile and aeronautics subcontracting, viticulture, cheeses.

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Know-how, savoir vivre, savoir-être: the triptych "Made in Jura"
At the crossroads between Paris and Switzerland thanks to its airport (Dole-Tavaux), its TGV line and its motorways, Jura presents a haven of nature at the outiskirts of the city. Between its strong urban centers, attracting major companies, its vast expanses of greenery punctuated by mountain bike or ski courses, enhanced by a rich gastronomy with its famous Comté cheese and its yellow wines or vin de paille , Jura is a territory of know-how, way of life and well being.
Wals reveal another Jura in full nature, with the lakes of Chalain or Vouglans. A sporting Jura as welll thanks to its many natural sites, prone to cycling or skiing, climbing and hiking. The department where Louis Pasteur, Rouget de Lisle, Marcel Aymé, Edgar Faure, André Besson, Jason Lamy-Chapuis, Alexis Vuillermoz and many others reached fame and glory can be proud of its historical past. Jura is a a place to live, discover and accomplish. 

Mont-sous-Vaudrey - Ancienne mairie-école, aujourd'hui école © Cjulien21

Pop: 1,240
In this village was born and is buried lawyer Jules Grevy, the French president from 1879 to 1887. He remains the symbol of the implementation of Republican ideas in the political institutions and imposed his style in his mission as president of the Republic.

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