Sunday July 13th, 2014

Stage 9Gérardmer / Mulhouse

Start 13h20 GMT 2+

A sporting view

Time schedule Gérardmer / Mulhouse 170KM

Subject to validation by the prefectoral services

RouteKilometresSchedules (Local time)
from the finishfrom the start42 km/h40 km/h38 km/h
GÉRARDMER (D417-VC-D486-D417)13h1013h1013h10
La Roche du Diable163.56.513h2913h2913h30
Le Collet160.010.013h3413h3413h35
Col de la Schlucht (1 140 m)158.511.513h3613h3713h38
Carrefour D417-D61158.012.013h3613h3713h38
Le Tanet (LE VALTIN)155.015.013h4113h4213h43
Le Gazon-Martin (LE VALTIN)152.517.513h4413h4613h47
Le Gazon-de-Faing (LE VALTIN)150.519.513h4713h4913h50
Station du Lac Blanc (LE BONHOMME) (D148-D48 II)146.024.013h5413h5513h57
ORBEY (D48 II-D48)137.033.014h0714h0914h12
Col du Wettstein129.041.014h1814h2114h25
Carrefour D48-D11 VI128.541.514h1914h2214h25
Le Linge126.543.514h2214h2514h29
Giragoutte (LABAROCHE)119.550.514h3214h3514h39
Carrefour D11 VI-D11118.551.514h3314h3714h41
Les Évaux (LABAROCHE)118.551.514h3314h3714h41
Carrefour D11-D10108.561.514h4814h5214h57
TURCKHEIM (D10-D10 I)108.062.014h4814h5214h57
Carrefour D10 I-D417106.064.014h5114h5615h01
Passage à niveau n°20 b105.564.514h5214h5715h02
Carrefour D417-VC105.065.014h5314h5715h02
Saint-Gilles (WINTZENHEIM)105.065.014h5314h5715h03
Côte des Cinq Châteaux100.070.015h0015h0515h10
HUSSEREN-LES-CHÂTEAUX (VC-D1)94.575.515h0815h1315h19
HERRLISHEIM-PRÈS-COLMAR (D1-D121)91.578.515h1215h1715h24
Carrefour D121-D1 V89.081.015h1515h2115h27
Couvent Saint-Marc84.585.515h2215h2815h34
Côte de Gueberschwihr (559 m)84.086.015h2315h2915h36
Carrefour D1 V-D4080.090.015h2815h3415h41
OSENBACH (D40-D40 III)78.591.515h3115h3715h44
SOULTZMATT (près)74.096.015h3715h4415h51
Carrefour D40 III-D4074.096.015h3715h4415h51
Col du Bannstein70.0100.015h4215h4915h57
Schweighouse (D40-D40 I-D429)68.5101.515h4415h5216h00
LAUTENBACH (D429-D40 IV-D430)68.0102.015h4615h5316h01
Lac de la Lauch54.0116.016h0516h1416h23
Le Markstein (1 183 m)50.0120.016h1116h1916h29
Carrefour D430-D430 A50.0120.016h1116h1916h29
Carrefour D430 A-D43150.0120.016h1116h2016h29
Grand Ballon43.0127.016h2116h3016h40
Col Amic36.5133.516h3016h4016h50
UFFHOLTZ (D431-D5)22.5147.516h5017h0117h12
CERNAY (D5-D483-D2)21.0149.016h5317h0317h15
Carrefour D2- D2 BIS16.0154.017h0017h1117h23
WITTELSHEIM (D2 BIS-D19-D19 I)15.5154.517h0017h1117h24
PFASTATT (D19 I-VC-D66)8.0162.017h1117h2217h35
LUTTERBACH (D66-VC-D20)6.0164.017h1417h2617h39
MULHOUSE (D20-VC) (entrée)4.5165.517h1617h2817h41

Tourist attractions


In terms of cycling, Gerardmer is deeply linked to the Tour de l'Avenir that has stopped there five times. It was on that Vosges stage in 2009 that Romain Sicard had taken command of the race, distancing the likes of Tejay Van Garderen, Rafael Vals Ferri and Sergio Henao. A few years before, in 2001, the future Green Jersey of the Tour, Baden Cooke, had captured one of his first successes. 

Web sites

Stage city 1 time
9 330 inhabitants
Capital of the Vosges Canton (88)


The biggest automobile museum in the world, the Cité de l'Automobile, is set in Mulhouse. And the same goes for the train museum, Cité du Train that offers one of the most impressive railway collections. But the city also has quite a few great cycling stories to tell. Indeed, at the end of the first stage of the 1926 Tour, winner Jules Buysse captured the Yellow Jersey, eventually won in Paris by… Lucien Buysse. There is actually only one other example of brothers, also Belgian, to have carried the Yellow Jersey in the same edition of the Tour: Romain and Sylvère Maes, in 1939. 

Web sites

Stage city 15 times
110 000 inhabitants
Haut-Rhin Sous-préfecture (68)

Corporate social responsibility

Since it was founded, Amaury Sport Organisation has been involved in various sponsorship and philanthropy activities. It is the generosity of sport that can be found in a certain number of initiatives aiming to invest in the workings of the disciplines themselves (sponsorship of the French Federation of Cycling), in a humanitarian and social framework, (Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque, Actions Dakar, Un Techo Para Mi Pais) or in the environmental sphere (Madre De Dios, selective sorting, etc.). Read more


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