Saturday July 26th, 2014

Stage 20Bergerac / Périgueux

Start 10h10 GMT 2+

A sporting view

Time schedule Bergerac / Périgueux 54KM

Subject to validation by the prefectoral services

RouteKilometresSchedules (Local time)
from the finishfrom the startFL
BERGERAC (VC-D709)54.00.010h1016h27
BERGERAC (VC-D709)54.00.010h1016h27
Passage à niveau n°42252.02.010h1216h29
Carrefour D709-D4 E348.55.510h1616h33
Les Sarrazies (GINESTET)47.07.010h1816h35
Bardicales (MAURENS)45.58.510h2116h38
Le Bost (MAURENS)43.011.010h2416h41
Carrefour D4 E3-D440.014.010h2716h44
VILLAMBLARD (D4-D39-D4)31.023.010h3816h55
Font-de-Meaux (COURSAC)15.039.010h5917h16
Font-de-Meaux (COURSAC)14.040.010h5917h16
Les Meynichoux (COURSAC)13.041.011h0117h18
Lauglusie (COURSAC)12.042.011h0217h19
Carrefour D4-VC7.546.511h0817h25
Les Crouchaux7.546.511h0817h25
COULOUNIEIX-CHAMIERS (VC-D113-D6089)7.546.511h0817h25
Côte de Coulounieix-Chamiers6.048.011h1017h27
PÉRIGUEUX (D6089-VC) (entrée)2.052.011h1517h32

Tourist attractions


The second city of the Dordogne area is linked to some prestigious riders after hosting two time-trials. Already on the way to Perigueux but on a longer distance of 74.5kms, Jacques Anquetil sealed his 2nd victory on the Tour de France in 1961. In more recent times, Miguel Indurain captured the Yellow Jersey of the 1994 Tour on a course in the opposite direction, beating his closest rival, Tony Rominger by over two minutes. 

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Stage city 2 times
56 250 inhabitants in the 27 commons of the Communauté d'Agglomération Bergeracoise including 28 000 in Bergerac
Dordogne Sous-préfecture (24)


The people of Perigueux have welcomed two time-trials in their city that already linked them to Bergerac, in 1961 and 1994. They also had the opportunity of seeing the pack go by in 2007. As the breakaway group went through the city, they certainly weren't expecting great things from a bruised and battered Sandy Casar who had hit a dog just after the start in Cahors. But once in Angoulême, the rider, used the second positions, finally conquered his very first stage on the Tour de France, eventually beating Axel Merckx, Laurent Lefèvre and Michael Boogerd to the line.érigueux 

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Stage city 2 times
31 000 inhabitants
Dordogne Prefecture (24)

Corporate social responsibility

Since it was founded, Amaury Sport Organisation has been involved in various sponsorship and philanthropy activities. It is the generosity of sport that can be found in a certain number of initiatives aiming to invest in the workings of the disciplines themselves (sponsorship of the French Federation of Cycling), in a humanitarian and social framework, (Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque, Actions Dakar, Un Techo Para Mi Pais) or in the environmental sphere (Madre De Dios, selective sorting, etc.). Read more


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