Wednesday July 16th, 2014

Stage 11Besançon / Oyonnax

Start 12h50 GMT 2+

A sporting view

Time schedule Besançon / Oyonnax 187.5KM

Subject to validation by the prefectoral services

RouteKilometresSchedules (Local time)
from the finishfrom the start44 km/h42 km/h40 km/h
DOUBS (25)
BESANÇON (VC-D673-D106)12h3012h3012h30
AVANNE-AVENEY (D106-D106 E-D106)
Le Toupot186.51.012h5112h5112h51
MONTFERRAND-LE-CHÂTEAU (D106-D105)184.53.012h5412h5412h54
BYANS-SUR-DOUBS (D105-D13-D105-D101-D105)172.515.013h1013h1113h12
Carrefour D105-D12171.016.513h1213h1413h15
Passage à niveau n°12170.017.513h1413h1513h16
LIESLE (D12-D17)165.022.513h2013h2213h23
Passage à niveau n°17163.024.513h2313h2513h27
Passage à niveau n°10160.027.513h2713h2913h31
JURA (39)
Aux Pieds-de-Loups156.031.513h3213h3413h37
Carrefour D7-D53153.534.013h3613h3813h40
Saint-Cyr (SAINT-CYR-MONTMALIN) (D53-D9-D53)145.542.013h4713h5013h53
Passage à niveau n°5139.048.513h5613h5914h02
Carrefour D53-D53 E138.549.013h5613h5914h03
ARBOIS (D53 E-D469)138.549.013h5613h5914h03
Belvédère du Fer-à-Cheval131.056.514h0614h1014h14
Maison-Gribouille (LA CHÂTELAINE)130.557.014h0714h1114h15
Carrefour D469-N5124.063.514h1714h2114h25
MONTROND (N5-D23)123.564.014h1714h2114h26
CROTENAY (D23-D5-D27)117.570.014h2514h2914h34
PONT-DU-NAVOY (D27-D471-D27)113.074.514h3114h3614h41
MARIGNY (près)107.580.014h3914h4414h49
Lac de Chalain105.582.014h4114h4714h53
CHARCIER (entrée)99.088.514h5014h5615h02
CHARÉZIER (près)96.091.514h5415h0015h07
Carrefour D27-D6793.594.014h5815h0415h10
Carrefour D67-D67893.094.514h5915h0515h12
BOISSIA (PRÈS)93.094.514h5915h0515h12
CLAIRVAUX-LES-LACS (D678-D118)90.597.015h0215h0815h15
Les Ronchaux78.0109.515h1915h2615h34
LES CROZETS73.5114.015h2515h3315h41
RAVILLOLES (près)67.0120.515h3415h4215h50
LAVANS-LÈS-SAINT-CLAUDE (D118-D470)63.0124.515h4015h4815h57
Carrefour D470-D43659.5128.015h4415h5316h02
Carrefour D436-D63 E254.5133.015h5116h0016h09
Carrefour D63 E2-D6354.0133.515h5216h0016h10
Carrefour D63-D10053.0134.515h5316h0216h11
Carrefour D100-D29349.0138.515h5816h0716h17
Côte de Rogna46.5141.016h0216h1116h21
VIRY (D293-D100-D25)44.0143.516h0516h1516h25
Carrefour D25-VC42.5145.016h0816h1716h27
CHOUX (VC-D63)39.0148.516h1216h2116h32
Côte de Choux39.0148.516h1216h2216h33
Carrefour D63-D2536.5151.016h1616h2616h36
Côte de Désertin35.0152.516h1816h2816h39
Désertin (LES BOUCHOUX) (D25-D124)34.5153.016h1816h2816h39
AIN (01)
La Seigne32.5155.016h2116h3116h42
BELLEYDOUX (D33-D13)31.5156.016h2316h3316h44
La Merle29.0158.516h2616h3616h47
Le Favillon (ÉCHALLON)27.0160.516h2916h3916h50
Carrefour D13-D4926.5161.016h2916h4016h51
Le Crêt (ÉCHALLON)26.0161.516h3016h4016h52
Miribel (ÉCHALLON) (D49-D55)25.5162.016h3116h4116h53
La Pallud (ÉCHALLON)24.0163.516h3316h4316h55
Le Bugnon (ÉCHALLON)22.5165.016h3516h4616h57
Carrefour D55-D1321.5166.016h3616h4716h59
Côte d'Échallon19.5168.016h3916h5017h02
Carrefour D13-VC18.0169.516h4116h5217h04
Lac Genin15.0172.516h4516h5617h08
Grand Vallon (APREMONT) (VC-D95-D74)11.0176.516h5117h0217h15
OYONNAX (entrée) (D74-VC)5.5182.016h5817h1017h23

Tourist attractions


The first stage finish in Besançon was to be a historical one. The riders had indeed climbed up the Ballon d'Alsace for the very first time. But the “city of time” has naturally become a key place for time-trials. In 1963 for example, it was in Besançon that Jacques Anquetil, after conquering the overall lead in Chamonix added a final touch to his fourth triumph. In the same spirit, Bradley Wiggins confirmed his status as the boss of the Tour by shining on the Besançon time-trial where he captured his first stage success on the Tour de France. 

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Stage city 19 times
176 000 inhabitants in the 59 commons of the Communauté d'Agglomération du Grand Besançon including 123 000 in Besançon
Doubs Prefecture (25)


What a year of sports it's been for Oyonnax, a city that will welcome the Tour de France for the very first time and saw its rugby team promoted to the Top 14 league. In terms of cycling, the city has had the time to prepare after hosting the Criterium du Dauphiné. During the last edition, Elia Viviani had made the best of the tough last part of the course to distance Thor Hushovd and Nacer Bouhanni, his expected rivals in case of a bunched sprint. The Italian eventually beat the future Green Jersey of the event, Gianni Meersman.

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Oyonnax vous accueille ! ©
New stage city
40 150 inhabitants in the 10 commons of the Communauté de Communes d'Oyonnax including 23 000 in Oyonnax
Capital of the Ain Canton (01)

Corporate social responsibility

Since it was founded, Amaury Sport Organisation has been involved in various sponsorship and philanthropy activities. It is the generosity of sport that can be found in a certain number of initiatives aiming to invest in the workings of the disciplines themselves (sponsorship of the French Federation of Cycling), in a humanitarian and social framework, (Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque, Actions Dakar, Un Techo Para Mi Pais) or in the environmental sphere (Madre De Dios, selective sorting, etc.). Read more


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