Saturday July 20th, 2013

Stage 20Annecy / Annecy - Semnoz

Start 13h40 GMT 2+

Key moments

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Stage summary20.07.2013 in 18:02Quintana's coup... the arrival of a climbing king!

A short stage with a brutal finish has had netted a significant change to several classifications and the big winner of the 125km race from Annecy to the ski station above the town, Annecy Semnoz, was Nairo Quintana. The Colombian won the stage in an emphatic manner and and gained several extras for finishing the race 17» ahead of Joaquim Rodriguez and 29» in front of Chris Froome. It was a day when Movistar did most of the work at the front of the peloton as the team knew it had...

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interview20.07.2013 in 19:00The coronation of Saxo-Tinkoff

The last selective stage of the Tour de France in 2013 confirmed the superiority of collective Team Saxo-Tinkoff, which postponed its goals on the team standings during the final week of the race. Semnoz was where two from the team dropped down the GC standings but the squad confirmed its position by placing three riders in the top 10: Alberto Contador (7th), Jesus Hernandez (9th), and Roman Kreuziger (10th).

AG2R La Mondiale was well beaten… once again. In the absence of its...

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interview20.07.2013 in 18:53Chris Froome: "I had the overwhelming feeling of, 'I've done this...'"

It's a tradition at the Tour de France that the rider in the yellow jersey after the penultimate stage attends a media conference before the race to Paris. Here are some of the answers from the soon-to-be champion of the 100th Tour de France...

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interview20.07.2013 in 18:20Nairo Quintana: "Even better than I expected"

The stage winner, the King of the Mountains, the winner of the youth classification, the second best rider in the 100th Tour... it's no wonder Nairo Quintana is happy after stage 20.

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Sporting stakes19.07.2013 in 18:54One last throw of the dice

We've seen enough of the tactics employed by the various teams vying for the biggest prize of the 100th Tour de France to have a reasonable understanding of what we can expect to see in the final stage in the mountains of the 2013 edition. Going on the habits of the firs three weeks, it's safe to assume the following...

Sky will defend Chris Froome's lead.

Saxo-Tinkoff will be strong and attack if there's even the slightest whiff of weakness from the yellow...

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17:24The new top 10 of general classification

There has been a major reshuffle of the top order of the general classification after stage 20. The new top 10 is:

1. Froome (SKY)

2. Quintana (MOV) at 5'03"

3. Rodriguez (KAT) at 5'47"

4. Contador (TST) at 7'10"

5. Kreuziger (TST) at 8'10"

6. Mollema (BEL) at 12'25"

7. Fuglsang (AST) at 13'00"

8. Valverde (MOV) at 16'09"

9. Navarro (COF) at 16'35"

10. Talansky (GRS) at 18'22"

17:21Rodriguez into third overall!

Joaquim Rodriguez has jumped up from fifth overall to a place on the podium. He is third on GC, 547" behind Froome.

17:21The top five of stage 20: Quintana's massive attack!

The 20th stage of the 100th Tour de France was won by the rider who will also win the climbing classification and the title of best young rider in the race. The top five of the stage to Annecy Semnoz is:

1. Nairo Quintana (COL) MOV - 125km in 3h39'04"

2. Joaquim Rodriguez (ESP) KAT at 17"

3. Chris Froome (GBR) SKY at 29"

4. Alejandro Valverde (ESP) MOV at 1'42"

5. Richie Porte (AUS) SKY at 2'17"

17:18Froome manages the final challenge and finishes third

Froome will win the 100th Tour de France. He has finished third in the stage, 28" behind Quintana who will be the runner-up in the 2013 edition.

17:17Quintana wins: 3rd overall become 2nd!

Nairo Quintana has achieved a massive coup in stage 20. He has won the stage to Annecy Semnoz, moved up to second overall, and has added to the polka-dot jersey to his collection of prizes!

17:16White turning into spots...

The winner of the white jersey will also win the polka-dot jersey in the 100th Tour de France. Nairo Quintana will also be the first Colombian stage winner of the 2013 edition. He is inside the final 300m.

17:15Froome attacks 1.3km from the finish

Froome has raced into the lead with 1.3km to go and now we see Quintana racing ahead and into the lead. Froome cannot respond. And nor can Rodriguez.

17:14Valverde at 1'10": Contador at 1'55"

The front three - Quintana, Froome and Rodriguez - are 1'10" ahead of Valverde while Contador is at 1'50".

17:09Rodriguez leading all the way...

Rodriguez continues to set the pace of the front group which is 1'35" ahead of Contador's quartet.

17:08Talansky catching Porte's trio

While Kreuziger does what he can to minimise the losses of his leader, Contador and Porte follows the Saxo pair, we see Talansky (GRS) racing back up to the riders who are in 5th, 6th and 7th place in the stage.

17:06Rodriguez leads Quintana and Froome under 4km to go banner

Rodriguez has been the rider setting the pace of the leading trio since his "chat" with Froome and Quintana around the 7km to go mark. The yellow and white jersey's trio is now inside the final 4km of the stage.

They are 1'00" ahead of Valverde.

17:05Contador's trio 1'00" behind 5km from the finish

Contador has dropped from second to third overall. He is now 1'00" behind Quintana's trio with 5km to go.

17:03Valverde checking on Contador: 5km to go

Valverde is unable to offer any assistance to Quintana and he is now looking behind to see how far behind the Contador trio is.

17:03Valverde between two groups of three

Sandwiched between the leading trio and the chasing trio is the rider who was second overall until The Costly Puncture of stage 13, Valverde.

The Spaniard is 40" behind Froome, Rodriguez and Quintana and 10" ahead of Contador, Kreuziger and Porte.

17:016km to go: 40" between Contador and Quintana

With 6km to go, Froome's trio is 40" ahead of the Porte/Contador/Kreuziger group.

16:59Three lead three: Kreuziger returns to help Contador

Contador is fighting to save his second place overall. At the moment he is riding with Porte and his team-mate Kreuziger but this trio is 35" behind the trio at the front of the stage: Froome, Quintana and Rodriguez.

16:58Three lead two by 30"...

Quintana, Froome and Rodriguez are 30" ahead of Porte and Contador and 35" ahead of Kreuziger.

16:57Contador slips down a step on the podium...

Contador is 26" behind Quintana's trio which puts the Spaniard into third overall...

16:56Rodriguez talking to Quintana and Froome

In the shadows of the trees, the Katusha leader, Rodriguez could be seen talking to his escape companions Froome and Quintana...

16:55Contador out of second place: 22" behind Quintana

Quintana is now riding with Froome and Rodriguez. The Colombian is into virtual second overall after making up over 21" on Contador.

16:54Froome is in the lead!

Rodriguez attacked, then came Quintana but with this pair ahead by 25m, Froome darted up to the leaders and the raced past them like they were standing still!

16:53Porte leads the stage...

Porte is at the front of the yellow jersey's group that is composed of seven riders: Froome, Porte, Quintana, Rodriguez, Contador and Valverde.

16:52Voigt about to be caught...

Voigt is going to be caught with 8.5km to go. Valverde is the rider leading the yellow jersey up to the wheel of the German escapee...

16:51Kreuziger cracks because of Valverde's pace

Valverde is ahead of Porte and Froome and the latest surge by the Movistar rider has dropped Kreuziger from the yellow jersey's peloton.

16:50Moreno coming back to Rodriguez group

Rolland has been dropped by the yellow jersey group that is now just 26" behind Voigt. Moreno is about to rejoin the group that includes his leader, Rodriguez.

16:49Eight in yellow jersey's group with 10km to go

Voigt is 42" ahead of the yellow jersey's group that includes Froome, Porte, Costa, Valverde, Quintana, Rolland, Contador, Kreuziger, Rodriguez...

16:47Rolland caught by Froome's group

van Garderen, Rolland and Vuillermoz have been caught by the yellow jersey's group with 10km to go in the stage.

Only Voigt remains ahead of Froome's group.

16:46Costa leading the yellow jersey

The winner of yesterday's stage, Costa is now ahead of Froome in an elite selection that has thinned dramatically in the first part of the final climb.

16:45Voigt on the final climb

Voigt is inside the final 10.7km of the stage. He is 50" ahead of van Garderen, Rolland and Vuillermoz.

The peloton is at 1'05".

16:44Kwiatkowski dropped

The rider in 10th overall has been dropped after a huge turn of pace from Siutsou (SKY). The yellow jersey is now just 1'15" behind the stage leader.

16:44One last drink for The Jensie

With a few hundred metres to go to the final climb, Jens has taken one last can of drink from the team car. He is 55" ahead of van Garderen, Rolland and Vuillermoz.

16:42Gilbert caught by peloton

There was a huge turn of pace by Siutsou and the peloton has caught the world champion near the foot of the final climb.

16:42Evans dropped again...

As van Garderen starts to attack the counter-attack, his "team leader" is one of the first to be dropped by the yellow jersey's peloton that is led by Siutsou.

16:40Movistar vanish... or retreat at least...

The Movistar team didn't just tuck in behind the Sky guys, they have gone completely from the front of the peloton. We now see Thomas (SKY) at the front followed by four team-mates (including Froome) and then comes the Omega Pharma-Quickstep team.

16:39Sky takes over the lead of peloton

After following the Movistar team at the front of the peloton for most of the day we now see Stannard and Thomas of the Sky team ahead of the yellow jersey and at the front of the pack that is 2'10" behind Voigt.

16:3715km to go: Voigt 1'10" ahead

As he passes under the 15km to go banner, Voigt (RLT) has a lead of 1'10" over the eight chasers.

Burghardt (BMC) has recently been caught by the Katusha/Movistar-led peloton that is 2'35" behind.

16:36Feeding allowed until 10km to go

The race jury has announced that teams will be allowed to give food and drinks to the riders right up until the 10km to go mark.

16:34Final climb 10.7km long

Voigt is about 7km from the final 'HC' climb of the 2013 Tour de France. The climb to Annecy Semnoz is 10.7km long and has an average gradient of 8.5 per cent.

16:32Burghardt drops out of counter-attack

The BMC rider who was part of the original escape (that started in the opening kilometre), Burghardt, has dropped out of the counter-attack that is 1'15" behind Voigt.

16:29Voigt inside the final 20km

Voigt has raced under the 20km to go banner. He continues to wrestle his bike to such an extent that it can do nothing but beg for mercy. He is extracting time out of his former escape companions and is now in the lead by 1'20".

16:28Katusha and Movistar...

There are riders from two teams at the head of the peloton: Movistar and Katusha are swapping off with 23km to go.

16:26Peloton 3'12" behind with 25km to go

Movistar is at the front of the bunch again and this group is 3'12" behind Jens Voigt with 25km to go.

16:25Chase group inside the final 25km

There nine-man chase group: Burghardt, Gilbert, van Garderen, Rolland, Gautier, Riblon, Anton, Clarke and Vuillermoz are 1'40" behind Voigt as they pass under the 25km to go banner.

16:21Two Katusha lead peloton

Movistar has been leading the yellow jersey's peloton most of the stage but now we see Brutt and another Katusha rider at the head of the pack that is 3'00" behind Voigt, and 1'10" behind the Rolland group.

16:19Voigt leads by 1'50"

Anton has been caught by the Rolland group which is now 1'50" behind Voigt.

16:15Voigt leads by 1'00"

Voigt (RLT) is increasing his advantage on the nearest rider, Anton (EUS). The German is now in the lead by 1'00" and is near the 30km to go mark.

16:14Kreuziger back in the peloton

After getting a new wheel, Kreuziger (TST) has been paced back to the peloton by team-mate Nico Roche.

16:13Kreuziger with a second puncture today

Kreuziger has also recently had to stop to tend to a mechanical. The Czech who is fourth on GC has had two flat tyres already today...

16:13BMC's Gilbert has a problem with the chain...

On the descent of the Revard, Gilbert (BMC) has been forced to change bikes after a problem with his chain. It's akin to what happened to van Garderen when he was on the attack in stage 18.

16:08Voigt is 3'05" ahead of peloton at 82km

The Jensie is still on his own at the front of the stage. He has a lead of 45" over Anton (EUS) and then comes a group of nine - at 1'50".

The peloton is at 3'25".

16:06Rolland's tally totals 117pts

Rolland started the stage in second place in the climbing classification with 103pts, to Froome's 104. The Frenchman was first at the first climb, second and the second, first and the third, first at the fourth and third at the fifth... adding another 14pts to his tally.

There are double points on offer at the finish of stage 20, which is rated 'Hors Category' which means the first 10 at the end of the stage will earn: 50pts, 40pts, 32pts, 28pts, 24pts, 20pts, 16pts, 12pts, 8pts and...

16:03Peloton at 3'40" with 46.5km to go

The peloton has reached the top of Mont Revard 3'40" behind Voigt.

16:02Full result of Mont Revard climb

The points for the fifth climb of stage 20 were won by:

1. Voigt (RLT) 10pts

2. Antony (EUS) 8pts - at 38"

3. Rolland (EUC) 6pts - at 2'10"

4. Riblon (ALM) 4pts

5. Gilbert (BMC) 2pts

6. van Garderen (BMC) 1pt

16:00Anton 38" behind Voigt at the top

Anton lost some ground to the German in the lead. The Euskaltel rider collected eight points 38" behind Voigt.

15:5910 points for Voigt

The stage leader is over the top of the Mont Revard while only Anton is in striking distance (at 15"). Voigt has 10 points and is already on the descent while the counter-attack with the world champion is at 2'25" behind and 1km from the top.

15:58Voigt close to 10 points

Voigt is fending off fans who are encouraging him to the top of the Mont Revard. He is 15" ahead of Anton and about to take the 10 points on offer at the top of this cat-1 climb.

15:54Voigt: the ??Peter Pan of cycling?...

The stage is led by the oldest rider in the peloton of the 100th Tour de France. Jens Voigt turns 42 in September and he's been known to yell at himself in situations like this, when he's trying to extract as much out of himself as possible.

“He's a Peter Pan of cycling,” said former team-mate, Brad McGee about the German. “He doesn't age. He's an absolute freak.

“I remember in the Tour of Germany one year, we were coming up to climb. He was leading on GC but there were...

15:5050km to go: Voigt continues to lead on his own

The top of the Mont Revard is 46.5km from the end of the 20th stage. Voigt is still on his own at the front with 50km to go. He is 25" ahead of Anton and 1'55" ahead of the group with three BMC riders in it.

The peloton is at 3'15".

15:46Situation up front as Astarloza is caught by peloton

There are now 11 men ahead of the peloton. Voigt continues to lead Anton by 30", then comes van Garderen, Rolland and Riblon.

The next group is Burghardt, Gilbert, Gautier, Brutt, Clarke and Vuillermoz. Then comes the peloton which is now 3'22" behind The Jensie.

15:44Burghardt drops out of his group

The leading groups are splintering on the Mont Revard. Burghardt has just dropped out of the group containing team-mate van Garderen. The German is now going back to the group with Gilbert in it.

15:42Clarke caught by BMC trio

Clarkes (OGE) is now in the group that includes three BMC riders. This is the third group on the road behind Voigt (on his own in the lead), Anton (at 30").

15:38BMC group catches Brutt

The group with the three BMC riders has just caught Brutt. There are now seven in this group: van Garderen, Burghardt, Gilbert, Rolland, Gautier, Riblon and Brutt. They are 1'25" behind Voigt.

In between is the King of the Mountains of last year's Vuelta, Simon Clarke.

The peloton is at 2'50".

15:36Vuillermoz ahead of the peloton

Vuillermoz (SOJ) attacked the peloton recently and he is in pursuit of a group that includes three BMC riders: Burghardt, Gilbert and van Garderen.

15:35The oldest in the peloton leads the stage

Jens Voigt (RLT) is on his own at the front of the stage. He has a lead of 20" on Anton, 45" on Clarke and Brutt and 1'10" on Burghardt, Rolland, Gautier and Riblon. At 1'25" is Gilbert and van Garderen.

Flecha is at 1'40".

Astarloza is at 1'45".

The peloton is at 2'40".

15:32Astarloza dropped by BMC pair

One of the men who had been in the initial escape, Astarloza (EUS) has been dropped by Gilbert and van Garderen.

15:32Brutt and Anton, 20" behind Voigt

The rider at the front of the stage is Voigt (RLT). He has a lead of 20" on Brutt (KAT) and Anton (EUC). The others from the early move are at 55" - Burghardt, Rolland, Gautier and Riblon... while Flecha is a little further back.

Then comes a group of three: Gilbert, van Garderen and Astarloza at 1'25".

The peloton is at 2'20".

15:30BMC pair gain time

The world champion, Gilbert, and his team-mate van Garderen are now 1'10" behind the stage leader, Voigt (RLT). The peloton is at 1'55" - this is the biggest gain for the break so far in stage 20.

15:27Gilbert and Van Garderen on the move

Gilbert and Van Garderen have ridden ahead of the peloton with 61km to go. There was no reaction to the acceration of the BMC pair.

15:26Rolland doesn't follow Voigt's pace

He has led over the first four climbs of the stage and Pierre Rolland was even prepared to shove Anton around in the sprint for two points at the col des Pres but the rider in the polka-dot jersey cannot follow the pace of Voigt at the front of the stage.

There are 10 points on offer at the top of the climb and Voigt is currently in the lead with Clarke.

15:24Grupetto begins to form

Cavendish and Greipel are two riders who have been spat out the back of the peloton early on the uphill of the Mont Revard.

15:22Leaders on Mont Revard

The escapees have begun the ascent of the fifth climb in stage 20. They are just 45" ahead of the Movistar-led peloton. The Mont Revard is 15.9km long with an average gradient of 5.6 per cent. The top is at the 78.5km mark of today's 125km stage.

15:20Gallopin waiting for team car

Gallopin recently had to change bikes after a broken chain. He is drifting behind the peloton waiting for the team car as the leaders arrive at the base of the Mont Revard climb.

15:18Guimard first in 28km stage to Mont Revard in 1972

The next climb in the 20th stage is the cat-1 Mont Revard (at the 78km mark). The shortest road race stage of the Tour de France was a 28km race from Aix-les-Bains to Mont Revard in 1972 and the winner was Cyril Guimard. The Frenchman beat several famous names to first place in that 15th stage 41 years ago... Eddy Merckx was second, Lucien van Impe third, Raymond Poulidor fourth and Joop Zoetemelk fifth.

15:1070km to go: 55" advantage for 10

The 10 leaders are 55" ahead of the peloton and inside the final 70km of the stage.

15:08Rolland awarded first place on fourth climb

Rolland, despite his tactics in the race for the two points at the top of the fourth climb, has been declared winner of the race to the line at the 51km mark. He is first at the col des Pres, one place ahead of Anton (EUS).

15:07Gallopin breaks his chain

Gallopin has had to stop after breaking his chain on the fourth climb. He is now waiting for a second bike to be handed to him...

15:06Rough tactics for Rolland

The rider in the polka-dot jersey is desperate. Rolland has taken Anton to the right of the road and almost knocked his rival off his bike as they started the sprint for climbing points.

15:03Leaders inside final kilometre of fourth climb

The peloton has eased the pace of its chase a little and Valverde has gestured that it was... ah, a tough pursuit of the 10 escapees. His group is now 1'15" behind as the leaders reach the final kilometre of the col des Pres.

15:01Burghardt back to the front...

Burghardt (BMC) has rejoined the lead group after a recent rear puncture. He lost about 25 seconds with his wheel change but has chased down Rolland, Voigt, Riblon and co.

15:00Contador chatting with Froome...

The peltoon is now 1'05" behind the nine stage leaders. We've just seen Froome and Contador - 1st and 2nd overall - having a chat as they make their way up the col de Pres.

14:59Kreuziger comes back after puncture

Kreuziger (TST) has been helped back to the peloton by a team-mate after a recent puncture.

14:58Leaders on fourth climb

The nine stage leaders are now on the col des Pres, a 3.4km long ascent with an average gradient of 6.9 per cent. It is rated category-3 and the top is at the 51km mark.

14:57Burghardt doesn't surrender...

Despite his flat tyre, Marcus Burghardt (BMC) is not just sitting up and waiting for the peloton. He is 20" behind his former escape companions. The peloton is at the 47km mark and is 54" behind the nine stage leaders.

14:53Burghardt out of the lead group

Burghardt (BMC) had to get a new back wheel from the Mavic neutral spares he is now out of the lead group and is 30" behind his former escape companions.

14:5380km to go: 10 are 55" ahead

The 10 escapees are inside the final 80km of today's short 125km stage. They are just 55" ahead of the peloton.

14:51Rolland grabs another two points

Pierre Rolland has collected first at the col d'Aillon-le-Vieux. He beat Riblon to the line at the top of the third climb in stage 20.

14:46Climbing classification differences with one day to go...

There is only one point separating first and second in the climbing classification with one more day to go in the mountains.

The top five on the eve of the final climbing stage is: 1. Froome 104pts; 2. Rolland 103pts; 3. Nieve 98pts; 4. Quintana 97pts; 5. Riblon 93pts.
Here is a summary of the differences in points before the final mountain stages of recent years:

2012 (before stage 17 to Peyragudes): 1. Voeckler 107pts; 2. Kessiakoff 103pts; Sorensen 77pts; 4. Rolland...

14:43Still eight from Movistar at the front: 1'15" behind

The 10 stage leaders are being made to work for their advantage. Movistar is refusing to let them gain any advantage with the time check now 1'15".

14:41No spotted knicks for Rolland today...

The rider who is wearing the polka-dot jersey had led the climbing classification earlier in the 2013 Tour and he appeared at the start each time with the full regalia of polka-dots; not just the jersey but dotted helmet, knicks, socks, sunglasses... the lot.

Today it's just the polka-dot jersey for Pierre Rolland. The fashion police, it seems, did catch up with him and tap him on the shoulder with a warning...

14:39Average speed for first hour: 37.8km/h

The escapees covered 37.8km in the first hour of racing in stage 20.

14:37Sagan just has to finish the Tour to win the green jersey

Even if Mark Cavendish was first at the finish today, first in the intermediate sprint and first (again) in the final stage of the Tour de France, he would not be able to collect enough points to beat Sagan in the race for the green jersey. All the Slovakian has to do is finish the Tour and he'll be guided to the podium in the middle of the Champs-Elysées to collect the green jersey as winner of the points classification for the second successive year.

14:35Full result of intermediate sprint

The points for the intermediate sprint of stage 20 were won by:

1. Flecha (VCD) 20pts

2. Riblon (ALM) 17pts

3. Gautier (EUC) 15pts

4. Burghardt (BMC) 13pts

5. Clarke (OGE) 11pts

6. Voigt (RLT) 10pts

7. Anton (EUS) 9pts

8. Astarloza (EUS) 8pts

9. Brutt (KAT) 7pts

10. Rolland (EUC) 6pts

11. Greipel (LTB) 5pts - at 1'05"

12. Cavendish (OPQ) 4pts

13. Sagan (CAN) 3pts

14. Sabatini (CAN)...

14:32Flecha takes 20 points with... ah, ease

Flecha (VCD) has found himself well ahead of the nine others in the escape as he rolled over the line for the intermediate sprint. The Spanish veteran collected 20 points for his efforts.

(Full results to follow shortly.)

14:31Here comes Cannondale...

The dark blue jerseys of the Movistar team are now being complimented by the green of Cannondale as the team of Sagan comes forward to set their sprinter up for the intermediate sprint at 33.5km.

14:26Leaders at 28.5km mark: 1'25" ahead - sprint due soon

The 10 stage leaders: Burghardt (BMC), Voigt (RLT), Rolland (EUC), Gautier (EUC), Riblon (ALM), Brutt (KAT), Anton (EUS), Astarloza (EUS) and Clarke (OGE) are inside the final 5km leading to the intermediate sprint. They have a lead of 1'25" on the peloton.

14:22Quintana comments after stage 19...

"We will have to see how the stage holds tomorrow," said the rider in third overall after 19 stages, Nairo Quintana. "Sometimes, one thinks that things will go some way, and they turn the other way round in reality. It will be a hard day to keep the podium and we will have to pay attention to any attack from our rivals."

His Movistar team has a lot to gain today. Quintana leads the youth classification, is fourth in the climbing classification and is just 21" away from second place in...

14:20Movistar insist on keeping break close

The maximum gain of the escapees was 1'45". It is now down to 1'10" and the Movistar team is racing at a furious pace at the front of the peloton after 25km of racing.

Erviti is the rider ahead of Rojas at the moment and behind the Spanish squad are the Sky and Saxo-Tinkoff teams.

14:16The ??Fighting Spirit?? award winners in 2013

A jury of six vote for the winner of the ‘most aggressive rider' in each stage. This is known as the ‘Fighting Spirit' award.

Often there is one or more riders who receive the red ‘dossard' (race number) more than once and in the 100th Tour the only multiple winner is Jérôme Cousin of the Europcar team. Here is the summary of the winners of the red race number in each stage of the 2013 Tour:

Stage 01: Jérôme Cousin (EUC)

Stage 02: Blel Kadri (ALM)


14:15Gautier on the attack

Rolland and Anton have been caught by the other escapees but we now see Gautier at the front of the group that is just 1'25" ahead of the peloton.

14:13Rolland the virtual leader of the climbing classification

The peloton has arrived at the top of the second climb 1'30" behind the stage leaders. Pierre Rolland (EUC) has collected first place points at both the climbs of the 20th stage. He now leads the climbing classification by five points, 109pts to Froome's 104.

14:11Points for col de Leschaux

The two stage leaders have taken the points at the top of the second climb.

1. Igor Anton (EUS) 2pts

2. Pierre Rolland (EUC) 1pt

14:11Anton darts ahead of Rolland

Two of the lead group have been on the attack and although Rolland was the early aggressor he has been left behind by Anton who has flown ahead to grab two points atop the col de Leschaux (17.5km).

14:07Eight riders from Movistar at the front of the bunch

All eight of the remaining Movistar riders in the peloton are now at the front of the bunch that is just 125" behind the 10-man escape group.

14:0510 men in the lead

The six have caught the four stage leaders. Easy maths, but we'll spell it out: 10 men at the front of stage 20 after 15.5km of racing.

They are 1'30" ahead of the peloton.

14:04Movistar leading the peloton at 1'45"

The maximum gain of the break is just 1'45", the current deficit of the peloton to the Rolland quartet. We see Movistar driving the pace of the bunch at the moment. The next climb is just a few kilometres away and the pace is very fast early in stage 20.

14:01Result of the first climb

The points at the top of the cote de Puget were won by:

1. Rolland (EUC) 5pts

2. Flecha (VCD) 3pts

3. Voigt (RTL) 2pts

4. Burghardt (BMC) 1pt

14:00Each of the four stage leaders has won a Tour stage before

The four men in the lead of stage 20 are:

- Marcus Burghardt (BMC)

- Juan Antonio Flecha (VCD)

- Pierre Rolland (EUC)

- Jens Voigt (RTL)

Each of them has won at least one stage of the Tour de France in the past.

13:58Leaders 1km from the top of first climb

The escapees are inside the final kilometre of the first climb.

13:57Anton best on GC of leading riders

The six-man counter-attack is 34" behind Rolland's group, while the peloton is at 1'35". The best on GC of the riders who are on the attack is Igor Anton (EUS) who started the stage in 23rd overall, 42'13" behind Froome.

13:54Tuft dropped early...

One of the crash victims of stage 19, Svein Tuft (OGE) has been dropped early in stage 20.

13:53Anton catches the Riblon group

There are now two groups ahead of the peloton. Anton has caught the Riblon group that is now 31" behind the four stage leaders.

13:51Four lead five by 27"

Voigt, Bughardt, Flecha and Rolland are 27" ahead of Gautier, Riblon, Brutt, Astarloza and Clarke. Anton is at 45" and the peloton is at 1'45".

13:49Anton the 10th rider to attack...

There are nine men in two groups ahead of the peloton and they are being pursued by a lone Euskaltel-Euskadi rider, Igor Anton. He is 1'00" behind and the peloton is now at 1'24".

13:48Sky and Omega Pharma-Quickstep at the front of peloton

The peloton seems happy with the selection that has raced ahead early in stage 20. There are riders from Sky and Omega Pharma-Quickstep spread out across the front of the bunch that is now 1'05" behind Voigt, Burghardt, Rolland and Flecha.

13:47Leaders on first climb

The nine men ahead of the peloton are at the base of the cote de Puget which is 5.4km long with an average gradient of 5.9 per cent. It is rated category-2 and the top is at the 12.5km mark.

13:46Four lead five by 27"

Voigt's quartet is 27" ahead of five counter-attackers: Gautier (EUC), Riblon (ALM), Astarloza (EUS), Brutt (KAT) and Clarke (OGE).

The peloton is at 40".

13:43Four lead by 20"

Burghardt, Voigt, Rolland and Flecha are now 20" ahead of the peloton.

13:42Voigt catches Rolland: four now in the leads

There are now four men at the front of the stage. Voigt (RTL) has caught Rolland (EUC). They have been joined by Burghardt (BMC) and Flecha (VCD).

13:41Several riders are involved in counter-attacks

Rolland remains in the lead at the 1.5km mark. He has Voigt (RTL) in hot pursuit...

13:40The biggest peloton at the finish of a Tour de France

Before this year, the most number of finishers of any Tour de France is 170. That was in 2010. There are just 258.5km to go before the end of the 100th edition are there are still 170 riders in the race. With a number of crashes in stage 19 – including five retirements – there are several injured men in the peloton at the start of stage 20.

Here is a summary of the starters and finishers of the last 10 years:

2012 – 198 starters/153 finishers

2011 –...

13:39Rolland attacks immediately: stage 20 has begun at 1.38pm

As soon as the flag was waved to signal the start of the 20th stage, there was an attack from Pierre Rolland (EUC). There are 170 riders still in the peloton and the polka-dot jersey is alone at the front of the stage.

13:36Prize classification review: part 04 ?? white jersey

Nairo Quintana (MOV) only has to finish his first Tour and he's essentially assured of winning at least one prize jersey. The white is his already with an advantage of 10'36” over Michal Kwiatkowski (OPQ) and 10'52” to Andrew Talansky (GRS). All three are contesting the Tour for the first time.

There are 29 riders left in this category and the first leader of the 100th Tour de France, stage one winner Marcel Kittel (ARG) is ranked last. He is 3h39'30” behind Quintana.

13:34Prize classification review: part 03 ?? polka-dot jersey

If one rider takes first place at each of the six climbs of stage 20, he will earn 71 points. The mountains of the penultimate stage are: the cat-2 cote du Puget (at 12.5km), col de Leschaux (cat-3 at 17.5km), cote d'Ailon-le-Vieux (cat-3 at 43km), col des Pres (cat-3 at 51km), Mont Vevard (cat-1 at 78.5km) and the final ascent which is ‘hors category' and carries double points.

Chris Froome (SKY) still leads the climbing classification but he has never worn the polka-dot jersey in...

13:33Prize classification review: part 02 ?? green jersey

There are still 105 points on offer in the race for the green jersey and Peter Sagan (CAN) has an advantage of 102 points over the rider in second place, Mark Cavendish (OPQ). For the Manxman to overtake Sagan, however, he has to win the two remaining intermediate sprints, the 20th stage and the 21st stage and hope that the Slovakian doesn't score a single point. The message here is that Sagan just has to finish the Tour to win the points classification for a second successive...

13:33Prize classification review: part 01 ?? yellow jersey

Chris Froome (SKY) has one last challenge before he can relax knowing that he's about to become the champion of the 100th Tour de France. Two stages remain in the 2013 race but the race from Annecy to the ski station just 15km out of the same town, Annecy Semnoz, takes the peloton over five categorised climbs before the final ‘hors category' ascent this year. He has a lead of 5'11” over Alberto Contador (TST) who is just 21” ahead of the Colombian debutant, Nairo Quintana...

13:29Riders ready to roll...

The yellow jersey is at the site of the start in Annecy. Chris Froome is to the left of riders in the other prize jerseys: Nairo Quintana (white), Peter Sagan (green), Pierre Rolland (polka-dot). They will lead the peloton through the 3.6km neutral zone and are going to start rolling in one minute.

13:24Tour??s social media growth during the 100th edition

Before stage one of the 2013 Tour de France, the official Twitter account for the race - @LeTour – had 172,186 followers. On the eve of the final stage there are 244,621 followers.

The equivalent count for the Tour's official Facebook page – – was 944,463 “likes” before stage one; on the eve of the final stage it's up to 1,054,384.

13:18Welcome to the live coverage of stage 20

Gentlemen, get set! The 20th stage is about to begin: 125km and six climbs await the peloton that is currently gathering near the start in Annecy. The sun is shining and the cyclists will start rolling at 1.30pm.

There is a 3.6km neutral zone before the white flag will be waved to signal the official start of the stage – this is expected to be about 1.40pm.

On the menu for penultimate stage are the cote du Puget, cote du Puget, col de Leschaux, cote d'Ailon-le-Vieux, col des...


Jersey wearers after the stage 21

Classifications after the stage 21


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