Friday July 12th, 2013

Stage 13Tours / Saint-Amand-Montrond

Start 13h25 GMT 2+

Key moments

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Stage summary12.07.2013 in 17:34Cavendish's 25th win after an epic GC bout

The 13th stage was one of back luck for the rider ranked second in the general classification; in the middle of a bout of action that was instigated by Omega Pharma-Quickstep at the 56km mark - and caused the peloton to split into three groups - the Movistar team leader had a rear puncture. Ultimately five team-mates waited for Valverde who suffered his mechanical at the 84km mark. He lost 37» to the yellow jersey's group that was paced by Belkin and Omega riders at a time when the...

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interview12.07.2013 in 18:58Pierre Rolland: "Never nice to get caught behind"

The leader of the climbing classification collected the only point on offer in stage 13 but an untimely puncture saw him lose ground on the group he'd been riding with.

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interview12.07.2013 in 18:41The time for change is now: Saxo-Tinkoff earns a taste of yellow...

For the third consecutive day, Omega Pharma-Quick Step won the team classification of the stage, and again they got the full haul with Mark Cavendish also winning individually. But the coup of Team Saxo-Tinkoff is the final major event of the 13th stage. The Danish outfit placed six riders among the 14 leading men, including Roman Kreuziger, Alberto Contador and Michael Rogers, who settled in command of the overall team classification, where a battle is looming with Belkin Pro Cycling, the...

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interview12.07.2013 in 18:37Peter Sagan: "The error was my fault"

Second in the stage for the fourth time this year was enough for Peter Sagan to admit that he is still learning. He notes his errors but wants to forget about the 13th stage of the 2013 Tour.

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interview12.07.2013 in 18:29Michal Kwiatkowski: "Everyone in the team is smiling"

The best young rider in the 100th Tour followed André Greipel over the line as the second rider from the second group to finish in St-Amand-Montrond. Here's how Michal Kwiatkowski summed up the stage...

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interview12.07.2013 in 18:20Chris Froome: "This race is 100 per cent open..."

Once again Chris Froome was under attack by a whole team. In the Pyrenees it was Movistar but on the day that team was effectively eliminated from the GC standings because of a puncture for Valverde, the Saxo-Tinkoff squads turned the screws and pulled over a minute out of the Sky leader's overall advantage.

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interview12.07.2013 in 18:08Mark Cavendish: More watts to make the echelon than to win the sprint...

Twenty-five! The stage win collection keeps on growing for Mark Cavendish and he continues to set the standard in sprinting. Just when you think he might be slowing down, he and his team put on a show that was anything but just another sprint stage...

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Sporting stakes11.07.2013 in 18:45After Kittel's triple: will the shock of the new continue?

The winner of 24 stages of the Tour de France since the 2008 edition only has one victory to his credit in the 2013. Every success is a major achievement but Mark Cavendish isn't used to being beaten. In Tours at the end of stage 12, he was poised to add another win to his tally after another perfect lead-out by Geert Steegmans.It didn't happen.

Marcel Kittel has arrived.

The winner of stage one backed up his effort in Bastia by beating a surprised André Greipel in St-Malo;...

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17:22Valverde at the finish: 9'54" behind Cavendish

The rider who was second overall at the start of the stage has just reached the finish. Valverde has lost 9'54" in stage 13.

17:17The new top 10 over general classification

The 13th stage has been an animated one and an unlucky one for Valverde who is yet to finish but we can already report who the top 10 on GC is...

1. Froome (SKY)

2. Mollema (BEL) at 2'28"

3. Contador (TST) at 2'45"

4. Kreuziger (TST) at 2'48"

5. Ten Dam (BEL) at 3'01"

6. Fuglsang (AST) at 4'39"

7. Kwiatkowski (OPQ) at 4'44"

8. Quintana (MOV) at 5'18"

9. Peraud (ALM) at 5'39"

10. Martin (GRS) at 5'52"

17:14The top 10 stage 13

1. Mark Cavendish (GBR) OPQ - 173km in 3h40'08"

2. Peter Sagan (SLO) CAN

3. Bauke Mollema (NED) BEL

4. Jakob Fuglsang (DEN) AST

5. Niki Terpstra (NED) OPQ

6. Roman Kreuziger (CZE) TST

7. Alberto Contador (ESP) TST

8. Laurens Ten Dam (NED) BEL

9. Sylvain Chavanel (FRA) OPQ

10. Michael Rogers (AUS) TST

17:12Froome's group hom 1'10" behind Contador

Froome will keep his yellow jersey but he has lost 1'10" to Contador today.

17:11Cavendish collects his 25th stage win

Sagan could not even challenge Cavendish who has beaten an elite selection to the line to claim his 25th stage win in the Tour de France ahead of the green jersey.

17:10Chavanel leads out Sagan and Cavendish

The surge has come from Chavanel and now Sagan is ahead of Cavendish who has started his sprint.

17:10Tepstra on the attack

With the lead group near the 'Flamme Rouge' Tepstra (OPQ) has attacked. He has Bodnar right on his wheel and Kreuziger leads the rest of the selection of 14.

17:09Cavendish or Sagan...?

With 2km to go, Cavendish is on the wheel of the green jersey. These two riders have won a stage each already this year and they are now starting to prepare themselves for the sprint for stage honours...

17:07Valverde over 8 minutes behind!

He started the stage in second place and now Valverde has fallen out of the top 15. He is in a group that is now 8'10" behind Contador and his five team-mates...

17:06Froome loses 1'00" to Contador

The second group - that includes the yellow jersey - is 1'00" behind the 14 at the front of the stage.

17:0614 leaders 5km from finish

Sagan (CAN), Bodnar (CAN), Fuglsang (AST), Contador (TST), Bennati (TST), Kreuziger (TST), Roche (TST), Rogers (TST), Tosatto (TST), Cavendish (OPQ), Chavanel (OPQ), Tepstra (OPQ), Mollema (BEL) and Ten Dam (BEL) are inside the final 5km.

This group is 1'00" ahead of Froome's group.

17:05Omega Pharma-Quickstep wins 'Fighting Spirit' award

Cavendish will represent his team, Omega Pharma-Quickstep that has just been voted winners of the 'Fighting Spirit' award for stage 13.

17:03Siutsou out of Froome's group

Contador continues to gain time on Froome who has just lost the services of Siutsou. Stannard is also about to drop out of the group that's 53" behind the 14-man lead group.

16:59Reminder of the 14 stage leaders... ahead of Froome by 40"

Sagan (CAN), Bodnar (CAN), Fuglsang (AST), Contador (TST), Bennati (TST), Kreuziger (TST), Roche (TST), Rogers (TST), Tosatto (TST), Cavendish (OPQ), Chavanel (OPQ), Tepstra (OPQ), Mollema (BEL) and Ten Dam (BEL) are the men at the front of the stage with a lead of 40" over a group that includes the yellow jersey.

Valverde's peloton is now 6'55" behind Contador.

16:55Valverde out of the top 10 overall... 6'15" behind

The rider who started the stage in second place has paid dearly for the puncture at the 84km mark. He is now 6'15" behind the 14-man group that's led by five Saxo riders.

16:5315km to go: 14 lead by 45"

Saxo-Tinkoff have a second team time trial in action. They are gaining time on Froome who is now 45" behind and Kennaugh has just been dropped from the yellow jersey's peloton.

16:51Froome at 37": Valverde over 5'00" behind!

The Saxo-Tinkoff team is still gaining time on Froome who is now 37" behind Contador's selection.

Valverde could drop out of the top 10 as he is now in a group that's over five minutes behind Contador.

16:50Tosatto turn adds another few seconds of advantage...

Tosatto (TST) has just done a turn that has put his group of 14 further ahead of Froome who is now 30" behind GC rival Contador.

16:48Contador continues to gain time...

The Contador group is increasing its advantage over Froome who is now 26" behind with 20km to go in this dramatic stage to St-Amand-Montrond.

16:4714 lead by 20": Froome losing time...

Sagan (CAN), Bodnar (CAN), Fuglsang (AST), Contador (TST), Bennati (TST), Kreuziger (TST), Roche (TST), Rogers (TST), Tosatto (TST), Cavendish (OPQ), Chavanel (OPQ), Tepstra (OPQ), Mollema (BEL) and Ten Dam (BEL) are the men in the lead of the stage.

The yellow jersey's group is at 20" and being led by Sky and Lotto-Belisol.

16:45Valverde over four minutes behind!

Valverde's group is now 4'15" behind the Contador group of 14.

16:4314 lead by 11" with 25km to go

The Contador group has a lead of 11" on Froome with 25km to go.

16:42Composition of the front group of 14

The riders in the lead of the stage are: Sagan (CAN), Bodnar (CAN), Fuglsang (AST), Contador (TST), Bennati (TST), Kreuziger (TST), Roche (TST), Rogers (TST), Cavendish (OPQ), Chavanel (OPQ), Tepstra (OPQ), Mollema (BEL) and Ten Dam (BEL).

16:41Froome 10" behind Contador's group

The five Saxo-Tinkoff riders continue to set the pace of the front group and we see three BMCs, four Katusha and a handful of others swapping off to try and limit the losses of the yellow jersey's group.

16:3914 in the lead group

Contador, Roche, Rogers, Kreuziger are four of the five Saxo-Tinkoff riders who are pushing the pace of a group of 14 (including Cavendish, Chavanel and Sagan) that is now 15" ahead of the yellow jersey.

16:36Five Saxo-Tinkoff riders split the lead group

Contador has four team-mates with him and they have surged at the front of the bunch and are currently putting time into Froome.

16:35Three Sky guys with Froome

Stannard, Kennaugh and Thomas are still in the lead group along with Chris Froome. Porte was originally there but he was dropped with 40km to go. He is now at 1'25".

16:34Belkin seizing their opportunity...

We see Omega Pharma-Quickstep and Belkin riders continuing to push the pace of the lead group. This is a chance for Mollema and Ten Dam to move up from third and sixth overall to second and fifth.

16:32The Valverde/Kittel group is at 2'25"

There are five riders from the top 20 on GC in the group that is now 2'25" behind the yellow jersey: Valverde (MOV), Costa (MOV), Nieve (EUS), Moreno (KAT) and Anton (EUS).

16:27Costa sacrifices top 10 position on GC to help Valverde...

The Movistar team has suffered a big blow today. Valverde looks like he'll lose his second place on GC while team-mate Rui Costa will drop out of the top 10 after he waited for the leader of his team.

16:2640km to go: 1'55" between yellow jersey and Valverde

Bauke Mollema (BEL) is going to move up to second overall after what has been a particularly unlucky 13th stage for Movistar. The Spanish team's leader, Valverde, is now in a group that's 1'55" behind the Froome/Mollema/Contador/Kreuziger group...

16:211'40" loss for Valverde...!

The Valverde group got as close as 50" to the lead peloton but it is now 1'40" behind. Omega Pharma-Quickstep continues to swap off with Belkin but the work horses, including Steegmans, have started to lose contact with the lead group. There is another 45km to go in the 13th stage.

16:19Movistar at 1'15"

The Movistar riders are isolated and 1'15" behind the Omega Pharma-Quickstep and Belkin-led peloton.

16:18Belkin's pace drops riders from lead group

There are a number of riders now losing contact with the lead group as the Belkin team sets a furious pace...

Porte (SKY) is one of the riders to be dropped.

16:16Omega Pharma-Quickstep continue working with Belkin

There are now only two teams working at the front of the stage: Omega Pharma-Quickstep and Belkin. They have pushed the advantage of the yellow jersey's peloton up to 1'00".

Voeckler, Cunego and Hesjedal are in a group that is now over five minutes behind.

16:1450km to go...

Rolland and his team-mates have been caught by the Valverde group. They are 50" behind the yellow jersey with 50km to go.

16:13Gautier and Gene with Rolland

Rolland has stopped hanging on to the team car and now he has to pedal to get back to the front peloton. He has Reza and Gautier along for support.

16:12Magic spanner work for Rolland...

Rolland is holding on to the Europcar team car will the mechanic feigns a mechanical fix of the rear brake.

16:10Rolland stops after puncture

Rolland is now out of the lead group. Gene waited for him after a rear puncture.

16:10Orica assist Movistar

There are riders from the Orica team now working with the Movistar riders who are urgently trying to reel in the front group. The two groups are separated by 1'00".

16:0855km to go: second peloton coming back...

For the first time since Valverde (MOV) joined the second group the advantage of the leaders has started to drop.

Still we see Omega Pharma-Quickstep riders at the front of the bunch but with 55km to go, the Movistar peloton is 1'08" behind.

16:06Belkin lead front group for 57% of the last 10 minutes

In the last 10 minutes, Belkin riders have been at the front of the lead group 57 per cent of the time.

Omega Pharma-Quickstep: 23 per cent.

Europcar: 20 per cent...

This selection is 1'15" ahead of the Valverde group.

16:04Full resuts of intermediate sprint

1. Greipel (LTB) 20pts

2. Cavendish (OPQ) 17pts

3. Sagan (CAN) 15pts

4. Flecha (VCD) 13pts

5. Sabatini (CAN) 11pts

6. Tosatto (TST) 10pts

7. Bennati (TST) 9pts

8. Terpstra (OPQ) 8pts

9. Rogers (TST) 7pts

10. Martin (OPQ) 6pts

11. Contador (TST) 5pts

12. Monfort (RLT) 4pts

13. Gesink (BEL) 3pts

14. Kreiziger (TST) 2pts

15. Wynants (BEL) 1pt

16:01First three at the intermediate sprint...

The points for the intermediate sprint have been won by:

1. Greipel (LTB) 20pts

2. Cavendish (OPQ) 17pts

3. Sagan (CAN) 15pts

15:59Omega Pharma-Quickstep continue setting the pace...

Omega Pharma-Quickstep has help from Belkin at the front of the stage. There is also one Europcar rider swapping off. This group is 1'25" ahead of the Valverde group and is 1km from the site of the intermediate sprint.

15:56Quintana in front peloton

The only Movistar rider in the lead peloton is Nairo Quintana. There were originally seven but when Valverde punctured Erviti, Castroviejo, Costa, Plaza and Rojas waited for their team leader. These last six are now in the second peloton.

15:555km to intermediate sprint

The leading peloton is at the 107.5km mark with an advantage of 1'25" over Valverde's group.

15:52Four from the top 15 overall in second peloton

There are four riders in the top 15 of GC in the second peloton: Valverde (MOV), Costa (MOV), Nieve (EUS) and Anton (EUS).

15:5070km to go: 1'15" between pelotons

The Valverde group is now being led by three Euskaltel riders and three from Movistar. It is 1'15" behind the yellow jersey's peloton.

15:4475km to go: Omega Pharma-Quickstep and Belkin lead front group

We've not seen a Sky rider at the front of the lead group since the puncture of Valverde but Omega Pharma-Quickstep and Belkin never ceased their efforts. With 75km to go, the second peloton is 1'12" behind the yellow jersey's group.

15:42Valverde in second peloton

The puncture at 84km has cost Valverde dearly. He is now in a peloton that's 1'05" behind the yellow jersey's peloton.

15:41Four with Valverde - at 48"...: waiting for Kittel's group

The Movistar riders are now waiting for the second peloton rather than try bridging on their own to the front one.

15:39Crisis for Movistar...

Plaza has lost contact with the other Movistar riders who are pacing Valverde back to the lead peloton.

15:36Rui Costa also waits for Valverde

The rider in ninth place overall, Rui Costa (MOV) has also dropped out the front group that is 25" ahead of Valverde. There is now a six-man pursuit of the lead peloton in action...

15:35Kittel's group at 55"

The second peloton is 55" behind the yellow jersey's peloton.

15:3520" between leading peloton and Valverde...

Valverde (MOV), the rider in 2nd overall, is 20" behind the yellow jersey's peloton.

15:34Belkin not waiting for Valverde

Valverde and his four team-mates have the lead peloton in their sights but there are riders from Belkin now swapping off with Omega Pharma-Quickstep riders at the front of the stage.

Valverde lost 37" with his wheel change.

15:33Boeckmans off the front

Boeckmans (VCD) was in the original escape today and he's launched a brief attack at the front of the front peloton... he has been reeled in by Omega and Belkin riders at the 89km.

15:32Another Movistar rider waits for Valverde...

Rojas has dropped out of the lead group to try and help Valverde to rejoin the peloton after his puncture at the 84km mark.

15:30Valverde at 37"

Erviti, Plaza and Castroviejo are the Movistar riders who are helping Valverde try and rejoin the peloton. This quartet is 37" behind the leading peloton.

15:29Valverde with flat rear tyre

There are four Movistar riders out of the lead group after a puncture for Valverde.

15:26I'00" between first and second peloton

The lead group is now in the feedzone with an advantage of 1'00" over Kittel's peloton.

15:25Rojas in the lead group...

The dominant teams in the front peloton are Omega Pharma-Quickstep Belkin and this two squads are insisting with the pace setting but Saxo-Tinkoff has a number of riders – including Contador – tucked in just behind. Rojas (MOV) is another sprinter who has made the front selection.

15:21Hesjedal's group at 1'55"

There is still a third group that contains Ryder Hesjedal. It is 1'50" behind the front group that is now driven by Omega Pharma-Quickstep, the team that started the action at the 56km mark.

15:18Front peloton on the climb

The front peloton is about to pass the cote de Crotz and Rolland has ridden ahead to claim the one point for the cat-4 hill.

His group is 50" ahead of the second peloton.

15:16Bardet in dropped group

As the first peloton catches the six stage leaders, we can report that the rider in third place in the youth standings, Bardet (ALM) is in the second peloton.

15:15Six lead by just 20"

Niemiec, Gene, Perez, Lemoine, Boeckmans and Maté earn one last mention... because they are about to be swallowed up by the first peloton that continues to be led by Belkin.

15:12100km to go: 1'00" advantage

The yellow jersey's peloton (led by Omega Pharma-Quickstep and Belkin) is 1'00" behind the six stage leaders.

The Kittel group is at 1'30".

15:11Seven Belkin riders at the front

The front peloton is now dominated by the Belkin team. There are seven from the Dutch squad now working with riders from Omega Pharma-Quickstep to try and keep the splits in the peloton open.

15:09Three teams swapping off at front peloton

Belkin, Omega Pharma-Quickstep and Saxo-Tinkoff has riders swapping turns at the front of the lead peloton that is now just 1'35" behind the six stage leaders.

15:08Kittel's group at 10"

The second echelon is closing in on the front peloton; there is just 10" between the two groups now.

15:07Escapees ahead by 2'03"

The maximum gain of Niemiec and his five escape companions was 3'50" at 55km. The recent accelerations in the peloton has reduced this to just 2'02" at the 67km mark.

15:0422" between first and second echelon

The Argos-Shimano team has a number of men at the front of the second peloton that is 22" behind the one that contains Froome, Cavendish, Rolland, Sagan and Kwiatikowski.

The third echelon (with Hesjedal, amongst others) is at 40".

15:02Kittel in second echelon

The winner of yesterday's stage, Kittel (ARG) is in the second echelon.

15:01All leaders' jersey's in lead peloton

All the riders in the prize jerseys of the Tour - Froome (SKY), Sagan (CAN), Kwiatkowksi (OPQ) and Rolland (EUC) - are in the front echelon.

15:00Martin leading the front peloton

There are 25" between the leading peloton with all riders from the Omega Pharma-Quickstep represented (as well the yellow jersey who has Kennaugh ahead of him).

Martin (OPQ) was at the front of the but now we see Sky riders and Lotto-Belisol's Hansen at the headof the front group.

14:58Six lead by just 2'40" after Omega Pharma-Quickstep attack

The antics of the Omega Pharma-Quickstep has caused havoc in the peloton and also rapidly reduced the advantage of the six escapees who are now just 2'40" ahead.

14:57Hesjedal, Bakelants and Cunego in last group

Some of the riders who are in the last echelon at the 60km mark are Hesjedal (GRS), Cunego (LAM), Bakelants (RTL).

14:56Peloton splits to pieces at 56km

The action from the Omega Pharma-Quickstep team has had the desired effect. The peloton has split into three echelons.

14:55Movement at the head of the peloton

The Omega Pharma-Quickstep team is putting the pressure on at the front of the peloton. There are now seven riders from that team leading the peloton. The move started at the 56km mark.

The advantage of the leaders dropped quickly from 3'50" to 3'20".

14:51115km to go: six lead by 3'50"

The advantage of the escapees is still growing. With 115km to go, they are 3'50" ahead of the peloton that continues to be led by the teams of the sprinters: Lotto, Omega and Argos...

14:402,013km raced in the 2013 Tour de France

As the six escapees pass through the town of Coulangé at the 51.5km mark of stage 13, they will have ridden 2,013km of the 2013 Tour de France. (There are 1,391km to go before the end of the Tour's 100th edition.)

14:33Optimism from Sir David Brailsford...

The head of Sky Procycling has offered a comment about the forced retirement of Edvald Boasson Hagen: "The less resources you have the more resourceful you become," wrote Sir Dave Brailsford this morning.

14:31Average speed for first hour: 44.5km/h

The leaders have covered 44.5km in the opening hour of stage 13.

14:30Contador back with peloton after puncture

Alberto Contador (TST) recently had to stop to get a new rear wheel after copping a puncture around the 37km mark.

14:283'20" after 38km...

The peloton is at the 38km mark after about 56 minutes of racing. It is 3'20" behind the six-man escape group.

14:26Boeckmans relegated from intermediate sprint

One of the riders vying for points at the intermediate sprint in stage 12, Kris Boeckmans (VCD) was relegated to the last place in his group after straying from his line yesterday.

“I'm happy to have spent one more day without a hitch. In the end, I was close to falling," said the rider in the green jersey, Peter Sagan, after the stage. He continued his appraisal of the stage by stating: "I'm more upset about what happened at the intermediate sprint. I do not understand why Kris...

14:15Peloton at 29.5km: 3'00" behind

Niemiec (LAM), Perez (EUS), Gene (EUC), Maté (COF), Boeckmans (VCD) and Lemoine (SOJ) are 3'00" ahead of the peloton with the peloton in St-Quentin (29.5km).

14:09Rojas: 27 top-10 finishes in the Tour; no victory... yet!

After 12 stages of the 100th Tour de France, José Joaquin Rojas (MOV) has finished in the top 10 on five occasions. This is his fourth start in the Tour de France and he's yet to win a stage but, two years ago he was second in the points classification (behind Cavendish).

Here is a breakdown of his top 10 placings at the Tour:

2009: 7th in stage five, 3rd in stage six, 5th in stage eight, 6th in stage nine, 5th in stage 10 and 7th in stage 21

2010: 7th in stage one, 7th...

14:06Quiz answer: Mr Rojas: 38.57% in the top 10, zero victories

Of the 70 road race stages (ie. not including time trials) that José Joaquim Rojas (MOV) has contested in the Tour de France, he's finished in the top 10 27 times! The 27-year-old is yet to win a stage but he is one of the most consistent of all the sprinters.

14:05No previous stage winners in the lead group

Of the six in the lead of the 13th stage, none has previously won a stage of the Tour before. The riders who are 2'40" ahead by: Yohann Gene (EUC), Ruben Perez (EUS), Przemyslaw Niemiec (LAM), Luis Maté (COF), Kris Boeckmans (VCD) and Cyril Lemoine (SOJ).

14:02Quiz: who has been in the top 10 of 27 stages but never won one? has been considering the consistency of the riders in the peloton of the 2013 Tour and, like man, we have noted how often one man in particular has finished in the top 10 of stages in the Tour de France... but he's not won one yet.

A clue for this quiz: he's been in the top 10 27 times since making his debut in the Tour in 2009. Can you guess who it is?

13:51Sprinters teams at the head of the peloton

The maximum gain of yesterday's escape group of five was 9'00"... the last to be caught by the peloton was Juan Antonio Flecha (VCD), 6km from the finish.

The sprinters teams are already at the front of the pack with the six escapees only 2'05" ahead. The squads setting the pace of the peloton are the usual suspects: Omega Pharma-Quickstep, Lotto-Belisol and Argos-Shimano.

13:48Light crosswind early this morning

Seb Piquet, the voice of Radio Tour, has just told that there is a light crosswind (blowing from the left side of the road) early in the 13th stage.

13:47Six lead by 2'00" at 10km

Niemiec, Gene, Perez, Maté, Boeckmans and Lemoine are 2'00" ahead of the peloton at the 10km mark.

13:457 riders in the Sky team

The retirement of Edvald Boasson-Hagen because of injury and the elimination of Vasili Kiryienka (who was outside the time limit on stage nine) means there are now only seven men in the team of the race leader, Froome. Last year, the British team had managed to accompany Bradley Wiggins to success with eight riders still present in the group – after the abandonment of Kanstantin Siutsou.

Here is a summary of the number of riders in the team of the Tour champion in recent...

13:39The six escapees are 1'30" ahead of the peloton at the 5km mark

Niemiec's escape has been given a little leeway but the break only has 1'30" on the peloton at the 5km mark.

13:37Five Lotto-Belisol riders in skinsuits for stage 13

Once again the prediction for the stage is that it will end with a bunch sprint. The Lotto-Belisol team is dressed for success on the road from Tours to Saint-Amand-Montrond with five of the riders wearing skinsuits (ie. a one piece, instead of jersey and knicks).

The five riders from Lotto-Belisol who have opted for skinsuits for the 173km stage are: Adam Hansen, Greg Henderson, Marcel Sieberg, Jurgen Roelandts and André Greipel.

13:36Niemiec best of the escape on GC after 12 stages

Of the six in the lead of the 13th stage, the best on GC is Przemyslaw Niemiec (LAM) who started the move. He is 36th overall, 24'58" behind Froome.

13:35Six in the lead of stage 13

There has been an attack in the first two kilometres and six men have gained an advantage on the peloton. The riders involved are:

- Yohann Gene (FRA) EUC

- Ruben Perez Moreno (ESP) EUS

- Luis Maté (ESP) COF

- Przemyslaw Niemiec (POL) LAM

- Kris Boeckmans (BEL) VCD

- Cyril Lemoine (FRA) SOJ

13:31Racing in stage 13: 181 riders in the race.

The official start of the 13th stage from Tours to Saint-Amand-Montrond is at 1.30pm. There are 181 riders in the race; Boasson Hagen (SKY) is the only non-starter.

13:22Peloton still in the 14.3km neutral

Today's stage has a neutral zone of 14.3km, this is the longest so far for the 100th Tour de France. The peloton is yet to reach the site of the official start.

13:18Has Koen de Kort??s hair been cut short?

After the celebrations of Argos-Shimano's third stage win in the 100th Tour de France there were some matters that needed tending to at the team hotel. Marcel Kittel explains: “Koen de Kort was a bit afraid that I might win again because we had a bet that, if I win three stages he has to shave his head,” said the triple stage winner yesterday. “This is going to happen now.”

We are yet to see a photo of the Dutch rider who was the last lead-out man for the German winner of...

13:08Prize classification review: part 04 ?? white jersey

Michal Kwiatkowski (OPQ) finished 16th in the stage to Tours yesterday, just missing out on adding another point to his tally in the green jersey competition (by just one place) but he's not interested in this prize; instead he's looking to defend the white jersey that he's worn for seven days already in his first Tour de France. As the best young rider in the race, he's 34” ahead of his Colombia rival, Nairo Quintana (MOV). Another debutant, Romain Bardet (ALM) is ranked third,. 6'53”...

13:06Prize classification review: part 03 ?? polka-dot jersey

For the second successive day, there were no points awarded in the climbing classification and so Pierre Rolland (EUC) only had to finish stage 12 to keep his polka-dot jersey. He did that, placing 93rd in Tours. He has 49 points; Froome (SKY) is second with 33, and Porte (SKY) is third with 28.

There is only one categorised hill in stage 13: the cote de Crotz and it's rated category-four (ie. with only one point on offer for the first over the line). This is at the 77.5km mark of the...

13:03Riders in the neutal zone

The peloton is currently rolling through the 14.3km neutral zone which leads to the site of the official start of stage 13.

13:00Prize classification review: part 02 ?? green jersey

With his second place in stage 12, Mark Cavendish (OPQ) collected 35 points for the sprint classification. The British champion also led the peloton to the line of the intermediate sprint in yesterday's stage (claiming 10pts).

Those extra 50 points have pushed him ahead of André Greipel (LTB) in the race for the green jersey. The German who won stage to Montpellier was out of contention for the sprint in Tours after being caught behind the crash with 2.5km to go; he finished 33rd and...

12:57Prize classification review: part 01 ?? yellow jersey

The leader of the Tour de France after 1,961.5km at the 100th Tour de France is Chris Froome (SKY). The runner-up from last year's race has a lead of 3'25” over Alejandro Valverde (MOV) and 3'37” over Bauke Mollema (BEL). The 2007 and 2009 Tour champion, Alberto Contador (TST), is fourth at 3'54” with his team-mate Roman Kreuziger is fifth at 3'57”.

There were no changes to the top order of GC after stage 12 but Froome will be affected by the events that unfolded about 2.5km...

12:53Today's question on Can Sagan win another stage?

For each stage of the Tour de France, there is a poll on the official site of the race - - and today we ask:

Do you think Peter Sagan can win another stage?

- Yes

- No

- No, but he'll win the green jersey.

What do you think?

12:50Welcome to the live coverage of stage 13

At the 51.5km mark of the 173km 13th stage of the 2013 Tour de France, the peloton will pass the 2013km mark of the 100th edition. The stage is due to begin at 1.00pm and there is a 14.3km neutral zone leading riders to the site of the official start. This is expected to be at around 1.25pm.

The sun is shining in Tours for the start and the temperature is expected to climb above 30 degrees Celsius for this stage to St-Amand-Montrond in the Cher department.

There is at least one...


Jersey wearers after the stage 21

Classifications after the stage 21


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These five riders have won sprint stages of the 100th Tour de France. Of these five, who do you think will win in Paris?

  • Marcel Kittel14.93%
  • Simon Gerrans1.08%
  • Mark Cavendish54.21%
  • André Greipel5.5%
  • Peter Sagan24.28%
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