Friday July 6th, 2012

Stage 6Épernay / Metz

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Cancellara: We have to look forward

interview06.07.2012Stage 6- ?pernay / Metz

The winner of the prologue has kept the yellow jersey for the entire opening week but he knows that his time in the lead of the Tour de France is about to come to an end.

“I'm just going on and on to see how long I can hold on to this yellow jersey but, for sure, tomorrow on the wind will change. It will be like it's coming from an entirely different direction. We're going uphill and it's going to be really, really hard. And I know already that it's going to be the end of my days in yellow.
“Fränk [Schleck] lost time but we'll go on like we have to go on, just like always. We have Andreas Klöden and we still have someone up there. Fränk lost all these minutes because of the crash today but I don't think that we should say, ‘Okay, it's over!' You can put a lot of other teams under pressure and maybe that can help us and put us in a better situation when the others are under pressure. When we come to the mountains and he's out there something could work in our favor.
“Okay, we have to employ different tactics but RadioShack-Nissan-Trek will still be switched on and we're not going to give up until the end.
“It was a pretty hectic day and crashes like that are never nice especially when it happens just next to you. I'm not sure how the crash happened; I had to concentrate and look forward. You have to look out for yourself and make sure you're not one of those who ends up on the ground – it's part of our job. And I try my best to have the team riding on the front and so on but when there's a crash in the 20th position it's hard. When there's a crash in 60th position, it's also difficult.
“Fränk lost time today but we have to go on and look forward to the next few days.”

Stage 6 ?pernay / ?pernay

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