Wednesday July 4th, 2012

Stage 4Abbeville / Rouen

Start 12h25 GMT 2+

Cancellara: I'm lucky and happy

interview04.07.2012Stage 4- Abbeville / Rouen

He wasn't in contention for the stage win but Fabian Cancellara is already looking forward to his 26th day in the yellow jersey. Before he knew this was possible, however, he had to survive the fourth stage of the 2012 Tour...

“In my opinion, it seemed that a crash could have happened at 30km to go. Something like that is always possible. We were going 60km/h, we had the wind at our back, there were thousands of spectators, there's a lot of road dividers, and the whole peloton was going fast... it was already hectic a long way before the finish. But the riders know that the closer we get to the end, the more risky it gets – only the smallest thing can happen and riders will fall and crash. I'm lucky and happy that I could get through it all safely. It's never nice when people crash.
“There are only milliseconds to think about going left or right, or do you jump over it when a guys falls in front of you? There's a micro moment to consider what to do but really you have to go where the wave is going.
“The bunch sometimes is a wave: it goes from one side of the road to the other side and when it's going so fast and it's so hectic, it could happen or it could not happen. I don't say it's a lottery but when someone just moves a little the whole peloton moves and eventually there'll be a crash.
“In a way a day like this [which is over five hours of racing] is easier – it certainly is when you go through the data on your SRM files but on the other hand, for the mind it's not easy. It's even harder because the parcours is always the same and you've already spoken a lot with the guys. You think about eating, you eat. And then, sometimes it can feel like long hours but it's the Tour, and if you have the [yellow] jersey it's special. I even had a chance to say hello to the camera and wave to people who are watching all over the world... I have a good friend over in Hawaii who is watching the Tour de France and I got to say hello today. That's how it is. Every day is different and I try to enjoy it.”

Stage 4 Abbeville / Abbeville

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