Wednesday July 11th, 2012

Stage 10Mâcon / Bellegarde-sur-Valserine

Start 12h25 GMT 2+

Key moments

video11.07.2012 in 23:00Summary of the race


Summary of the race

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Stage summary11.07.2012 in 17:34Voeckler: once, twice... three times a treat!

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Thomas Voeckler knows how to get the maximum out of himself at the Tour de France. He's out of contention for another stint in the yellow jersey or a top four overall finish in the race like he achieved in 2011 but on the day to Bellegarde-sur-Valserine he did enough to earn three appearances on the podium. First, he led over the first 'hors categorie' climb of the 99th Tour - the Col du Grand Colombier to take the lead of the climbing classification, then he was voted the most aggressive...

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video11.07.2012 in 16:00Interview - Stage Winner


Interview - Stage Winner

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Sporting stakes12.07.2012 in 11:00Who dares wins

We've seen long range exploits succeed in the past and if there is a day for a rider to challenge the dominance of Sky and its cool, calm, collected and (apparently) comfortable leader, it's in stage 11. That said, the first real test – the 2,000m ascent of the Col de Madeleine – is likely to serve to serve as the climb on which The Escape is established. It is followed by another ‘hors categorie' pass that is bound to lure those chasing the polka-dot jersey into action. There are a...

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interview11.07.2012 in 18:36RadioShack opens the gap

The presence of Jens Voigt at the front of the race gives the leaders of the team standings a new bonus of more than three minutes. RadioShack-Nissan won the stage as a collective in Bellegarde-sur-Valserine finishing ahead of the Kazakh Astana group that demonstrated how it is has a consistently strong line-up even if the the places of Dimitri Fofonov (10th), Janez Brajkovic (22nd) and Robert Kiserlovski (29th) go somewhat unnoticed. In general, the group that's registered in Luxembourg has...

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interview11.07.2012 in 18:32Voeckler: I believed I could win only five metres before the finish

Just starting the Tour in 2012 seemed like a triumph for Thomas Voeckler in a season in which he's been plagued with injuries but the Frenchman has again won a stage - his third in this race - and now he also leads the climbing classification.

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interview11.07.2012 in 18:16Wiggins: It all went to script today

There was a big climb and Bradley Wiggins had to manage attacks from the likes of Vincenzo Nibali and Jurgen van den Broeck but the race leader never panicked and ultimately he reached Bellegarde-sur-Valserine in contact with his main rivals for the yellow jersey.

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video11.07.2012 in 11:48Analysis of the stage


Analysis of the stage

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video11.07.2012 in 10:30The day's route


The day's route

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17:17No change to top five overall

Cadel Evans led Wiggins to the line at the end of stage 10, 3'16" behind the stage winner. Thibaut Pinaut actually finished one place ahead of the Australian (in 11th) but there is no change to the top five of general classification as Wiggins, Evans, Froome, Nibali and Menchov all finished the stage with the same time as one another.

17:15Voeckler's third Tour stage win

He's worn the yellow jersey for over 20 days and won two stages before today and now Thomas Voeckler will visit the podium three times today: as stage winner, Fighting Spirit winner and the new leader of the climbing classification.

The top five in the stage is:

1. Thomas Voeckler (FRA) EUC

2. Michele Scarponi (ITA) LAM at 3"

3. Jens Voigt (GER) RNT at 7"

4. Luis Leon Sanchez (ESP) RAB at 23"

5. Dries Devenyns (BEL) OPQ at 30"

17:12Victory for Voeckler!

Voeckler has timed his run to the line to perfection. He has held off an exhausted Scarponi and Jens Voigt.

17:11Not today Dries...

Devenyns has been caught by Voeckler and the Europcar rider loos like he could win the stage!

17:11Voeckler leading Voigt to finish...

Voeckler is within sight of the line but Sanchez is chasing hard. Still, it looks like another French stage win is about to happen...

17:10Devenyns in the big ring

Devenyns now has to hold off the Vs - Voeckler and Voigt are together...

17:09Devenyns holding off Voigt

Voigt was within 20m of the stage leader but Devenyns is now looking far stronger than the German. Voeckler is the third man at the moment but a betting man would put money on Devenyns now. He doesn't appear to be slowing down and he's advantage over second and third is significant...

17:08Voigt about to catch Devenyns

Voigt has just about caught up with the stage leader in the last 2km of the stage but that has prompted the Belgian to surge again on the uphill leading towards the finish.

17:07Devenyns attacks...

Devenyns has indeed been planning an attack. He has hit out with 3.5km to go and the others have been unable to respond.

17:07Voigt leads the pursuit...

Voigt is the rider who has accepted the responsibility of trying to chase down Devenyns. The other three cannot respond...

17:055km to go

With 5km to go there are five in the lead again. Sanchez is gesturing for Devenyns to take a turn but the Belgian refuses. Of the escapees today, it's Devenyns who has shirked work the most... he was urged through on climbs but declined.

Could it be Omega Pharma's turn to win a stage?

17:04Scarponi on the attack

Voigt is off the back of the five-man lead group at the same time that Scarponi appears to be trying to gain an advantage...

17:03Voeckler earns to prizes...

Voeckler has been called to the podium to collect a red race number for tomorrow's stage after being voted the winner of the 'Fighting Spirit' award. He is also the new leader of the climbing classification and destined for a stint in the polka-dot jersey.

17:02VDB & Rolland inside final 10km

With 10km to go, Rolland and van den Broeck are 2'50" behind the five stage leaders.

17:01Voigt attacks!

With 8.5km to go, Voigt has attacked the lead group. He has been chased down and there are five together at the front again.

17:00Voigt catches four...

There are now five men in the lead of the 10th stage. Voigt has caught Scarponi, Voeckler, Sanchez and Devenyns.

16:5910km to go

Scarponi, Voeckler, Sanchez and Devenyns are inside the final 10km. They are just 10" ahead of Voigt...

16:57Rolland & VDB at 2'50"

With 15km to go, Rolland and van den Broeck are 2'50" behind the four stage leaders. The yellow jersey's group is at 3'30".

16:55Voigt in 5th place...

Voigt is 19" behind the four stage leaders who are inside the final 15km of the stage.

16:54Rolland and van den Broeck continue their attack

Rolland and van den Broeck have gained 20" on the yellow jersey's group.

16:53Burghardt joins Evans...

Burghardt had been in the escape group earlier today but he's just slotted in to the group with his team leader, Evans.

16:5125 in the yellow jersey's group

There are around 25 riders in the group with Wiggins that continues to be led by Porte and Froome. Rolland has just attacked this group in the final kilometre of the third climb. He is pursued by van den Broeck... they were 3'00" behind Voeckler's at the top and the yellow jersey was at 3'10".

16:4920km to go

The leaders have less than 20km to go in the stage. The points for the final climb were won by:

1. Thomas Voeckler (EUC) 2pts

2. Michele Scarponi (LAM) 1pt

Voeckler is the new leader of the climbing classification.

16:47Nibali looking at his chasers...

Nibali has realised that he cannot escape the grip of Sky. He has looked behind and seen the black and blue train leading the yellow jersey towards him. His attack is over and he's about to be caught.

16:47Four inside final kilometre of climb

Voeckler's group is inside the final kilometre of the final climb. This four is 3'05" ahead of the yellow jersey group that has just caught Nibali.

16:45Grivko caught by yellow jersey

NIbali's advantage on the yellow jersey's group has dropped 20". This check was taken as Givko was caught by Wiggins and co and van Garderen was dropped.

16:43Nibali drops Grivko

Grivko is unable to maintain the pace being set by Nibali in the final 3km of the third climb.

16:42Nibali into virtual second place...

If he can maintain his current advantage, Nibali will move past Froome and Evans in the general classification after the stage...

16:41Nibali joins forces with Grivko

With 5km to go to the top of the third climb, Nibali has caught Grivko who was in the escape early today. This pair is 3'15" behind the four stage leaders and the yellow jersey's group is 3'55" behind Voeckler's group.

16:40Four lead five by 1'10"

Casar's quintet is 1'10" behind Voeckler's quartet.

16:3925km to go

Voeckler, Scarponi, Devenyns and Sanchez are inside the last 25km. The next group includes five men: Burghardt, Voigt, Martinez, Casar and Fofonov. Then comes Nibali at 3'25". The yellow, green and white jersey's group is at 4'00".

16:37Nibali goes ahead alone

After being assisted by Sagan on the descent and in the valley, Nibali is on his own in pursuit of the nine men ahead of him in the stage. He is 50" ahead of the yellow jersey.

16:32Sagan & NIbali gain 50"

Sagan and Nibali are 4'15" behind the stage leaders and 50" ahead of the yellow jersey's group.

16:30Pinot catches Liquigas pair

Nibali and Sagan have been caught by Pinot in the final part of the descent.

16:29Leaders on third climb

Voeckler's foursome is now on the early slopes of the col de Richemond which is 7.4km long with an average gradient of five per cent.

16:28Leaders in Lochieu

The front four are at the bottom of the descent and have a lead of 5'05" on the yellow jersey's group which now has two Sky jerseys and Wiggins near the front.

Sagan has waited for Nibali and the Liquigas pair are trying to gain time on the yellow jersey.

16:26Four lead by 1'05"

Voeckler, Scarponi, Sanchez and Devenyns are 1'05" ahead of five: Burghardt, Voigt, Martinez, Casar and Fofonov...

16:24Nibali goes ahead

Nibali is now on the attack and gaining time on the yellow jersey's group.

16:23Evans still at the front on descent

Evans leads Nibali and a Sky rider - either Froome or Porte - and then Wiggins on the descent. Van Garderen is in contact with this group as well as a number of others who are rejoining the elite group after a fast start to the descent.

16:21Evans into the lead of elite group

The yellow jersey is being put under more pressure on the descent than he was on the ascent. Nibali was the first to attack and now Evans is speeding ahead... but Wiggins has the support of both Rogers and Froome... Rogers has a bike problem and he is now waiting for the team car.

16:19Wiggins at 5'30"

Wiggins and the elite peloton is now 5'30" behind the stage leader. The have begun the long descent and Nibali is on the attack early on the downhill.

16:18Result of Grand Colombier

The points at the top of the first HC climb were won by:

1. Voeckler (EUC) 25pts

2. Scarponi (LAM) 20pts - at 5"

3. Sanchez (RAB) 16pts

4. Devenyns (OPQ) 14pts

5. Voigt (RBT) 12pts - at 1'08"

6. Casar (FDJ) 10pts

7. Martinez (EUS) 8pts

8. Fofonov (AST) 6pt

9. Grivko (AST) 4pts

10. Peraud (ALM) 2pts

16:17VDB attacks again

There has been another attack from Van Den Broeck and he's marked by Rolland.

16:14Pinot attacks yellow jersey

Pinot has attacked the yellow jersey's peloton that is 5'40" behind Voeckler.

16:13Voeckler attacks for 25 points

The stage leaders are about to reach the top of the Grand Colombier. Voeckler has attacked the front group and taken 25pts. He is the virtual leader of the climbing classification.

16:12Evans on the wheel of Wiggins

Froome had been hovering behind his team leader but the winner of stage seven is now ahead of the yellow jersey. Porte leads Rogers who leads Froome who leads Wiggins. And, on the wheel of the race leader, is Evans (BMC).

16:11VDB attacks again

Van den Broeck is attacking the yellow jersey's group again but Richie Porte just rode up to him and relegated him back into fourth place as though it was little more than a nuisance - rather than a true threat - to the Sky train...

16:08Four chasing four

The second group in the stage is composed of Voigt (RNT), Martinez (EUS), Casar (FDJ), and Fofonov (AST). This quartet is 54" behind Voeckler's four...

16:07Four lead yellow jersey by 6'10"

Voeckler is leading the front four inside the final 2km of the Grand Colombier. They are 6'10" ahead of the yellow jersey.

16:06Four Sky guys now...

Boasson Hagen's turn at the front of the yellow jersey group is over. There are now four Sky guys in the group that's recently spat the likes of Vinokourov, Kruiswijk, and a number of others out the back. There are now about 25 riders in the Wiggins group.

16:05VDB teases with a little acceleration

The leader of the Lotto team did only a few pedal rotations at the front of the yellow jersey's group before he was promptly chased down by the Sky riders. This bout of action did, however, eliminate Phil Gilbert from the chase group...

16:03Voeckler & Sanchez into the lead

Voeckler is attacking the Grand Colombier and he's being marked by Sanchez at the front of the stage. The yellow jersey's peloton has just been attacked by van den Broeck but Sky is marking him closely.

16:00Two BMCs supporting Evans

Hincapie and van Garderen are still near the head of the peloton that is now 6'20" behind Voeckler's quartet. Evans is right on the wheel of Froome who has been following Wiggins since the start of the climb.

We now see Gilbert (BMC) also pop his head up near the front of this elite selection.

But it's Sky that's in complete control with Boasson Hagen still setting the pace...

15:57Peloton catches Hutarovich

Boasson Hagen still leads the peloton with Wiggins in it. That group also has Hincapie and Evans near the front and they have just caught a former escapee, Hutarovich.

15:55Still five Sky riders leading peloton

Porte spent a few minutes at the front of the yellow jersey's peloton but Boasson Hagen is still in command of the bunch that is about six minutes behind the stage leaders. Wiggins still has the support of four team-mates...

15:55Four in the lead

Sanchez has been caught by Devenyns, Scarponi and Voeckler at the front of the stage.

15:53Three in pursuit of Sanchez

Voeckler, Scarponi and Devenyns have Sanchez within sight. The peloton is 5'50" behind the Spanish stage leader at the 141km mark.

15:51Voeckler surge drops Casar

Voeckler has accelerated after sucking in a few deep breaths. His surge has dropped Casar out of the first chase group.

15:50Eight in chase group

There are eight in pursuit of Sanchez who is on his own at the front of the stage with an advantage of 33".

The chase group is composed of: Burghardt, Voigt, Voeckler, Martinez, Scarponi, Peraud, Casar, Fofonov and Devenyns.

15:48Boasson Hagen still in position

The yellow jersey's group continues to be led by the super-domestique Edvald Boasson Hagen. At the back of this group is one of the most expensive workers in the peloton, Philippe Gilbert (BMC) who seems like he's going to lose contact any minute now.

They have just caught and passed Goss (OGE).

15:47Voigt in second group

Sanchez (RAB) is still on his own in the lead of the stage. Voigt has joined the group that he was with so that means the Spaniard is ahead of a group of seven: Devenyns, Voeckler, Casar, Fofonov, Scarponi, Martinez, and Voigt.

Sanchez's advantage is 20".

15:44Sanchez attacks leaders

Luis Sanchez has attacked the lead group and Voeckler is doing his best to repond but the Spaniard is riding away with 9km to climb.

15:43Seven lead peloton by 5'20"

We have no time checks for the remnants of the escape group (who have been dropped on the Grand Colombier) but we can report that Fofonov has caught the lead group which now includes seven men.

15:43Horner returns after puncture

Despite having a flat tyre on the climb, Horner has been able to rejoin the yellow jersey's group.

15:41Six in the lead now

There are three Frenchman in the lead of the stage: Peraud (ALM), Casar (FDJ) and Voeckler (EUC). Also in the lead of the stage are Scarponi (LAM), Sanchez (RAB) and Devenyns (OPQ). They are 11.5km from the top of the Grand Colombier and 5'30" ahead of the yellow jersey's group.

15:39Horner punctures

Chris Horner has got a flat back tyre. He's waiting to be serviced but is going to lose contact with the yellow jersey's peloton.

15:38The stage leaders

Scarponi, Peraud, Devenyns, Sanchez, Voeckler are the riders at the front of the stage. All the other former escape companions have been dropped by this quintet on the Grand Colombier climb.

15:3716 in the lead

There are now 16 men in the lead of the stage. Scarponi is setting the pace at the front but Gerrans and Ladagnous are the latest to lose contact with their former escape companion.

15:36Chavanel, Gesink and Martin amongst dropped riders

Kern, Cancellara, Hoogerland, Marcado, Dan Martin, Sylvain Chavanel, Gesink... are some of the riders who have recently been dropped by the peloton.

15:34Five Sky riders up front

The peloton is led by Boasson Hagen, then comes Porte and Rogers, followed by Wiggins and Froome. There are three Lotto-Belisol riders to their right and Evans is also near the front as is Schleck and Nibali.

15:33Kessiakoff dropped from peloton

The rider in the polka-dot jersey, Kessiakoff, has been dropped by the peloton along with a long list of others but the GC favourites are all near the front of the group that continues to be led by Boasson Hagen. This group is 5'45" behind the 18 stage leaders.

15:3218 in the lead

Millar (GRS) has been dropped by the lead group.

15:31Boasson Hagen leads peloton

The surge by Hansen didn't last too long before Sky riders came around him to assume control of the peloton. Currently we see Boasson Hagen at the front of the peloton followed by Porte.

15:30Hansen attacks Grand Colombier

Hansen of the Lotto-Belisol team has led the peloton to the second climb. He is attacking the peloton and Evans (BMC) has marked him closely. Already Gallopin has been dropped...

15:30Peloton at 6'00"

The bunch arrived at the base of the Grand Colombier 6'00" behind Sagan's group.

15:29Arashiro and Kroon dropped

Arashiro (EUC) and Kroon (STB) have now also been dropped from the lead group. There are now 19 in the lead group.

15:27Sagan and Horrach dropped

With the peloton 6'00" behind the escape group and the peloton, Sagan and Horrach have been dropped by the pace set by Arashiro, Voeckler and Burghardt.

15:24Hutarovich & Goss gone from lead group

In the first few hundred metres of the second climb, Goss (OGE) and Hutarovic (FDJ) have dropped out of the lead group.

15:2360km to go

The two Europcar riders - Voeckler and Arashiro - are at the front of the escape as the 25 leaders begin the ascent of the col de Grand Colombier.

15:22Result of intermediate sprint

The points for the sprint in Beon were won by:
1. Matt Goss (OGE) 20pts

2. Yauheni Hutarovic (FDJ) 17pts

3. Peter Sagan (LIQ) 15pts

4. Yukiya Arashiro (EUC) 13pts

5. Jens Voigt (RNT) 11pts

6. Marcus Burghardt (BMC) 10pts

7. Sandy Casar (FDJ) 9pts

8. Luis Sanchez (RAB) 8pts

9. Michael Morkov (STB) 7pts

10. David Millar (GRS) 6pts

11. Michele Scarponi (LAM) 5pts

12. Dmitry Fofonov (AST) 4pts

13. Dave...

15:19Goss gets 20 points

Goss, Sagan and Hutarovich sprinted ahead of the escape group at the intermediate sprint. Goss took first place.

15:18Leaders near intermediate sprint

Sagan is moving forward as the escape has less than 1,000m to ride before contesting the intermediate sprint. Gerrans is at the front with Arashiro on his wheel. Goss is marking Sagan...

15:15Five Lotto-Belisol riders up the tempo

With the break up to 7'10" ahead, five Lotto-Belisol riders have moved to the front of the peloton. This happened as the leaders reached the 125km mark...

15:13Ladagnous goes ahead

FDJ-BigMat has the most riders in the escape (three) and now one of them, Matthieu Ladagnous seems to be putting in a (mild) bid to go ahead. There wasn't much of a reaction from the rest of the break... but now he's been reeled in again.

15:10Reminder of the 25 leaders

With the escapees currently enjoying the biggest advantage they've had all day (7'10"), here's a reminder of who is in the break.

Burghardt (BMC), Cummings (BMC), Popovych (RNT), Voigt (RNT), Scarponi (LAM), Sagan (LIQ), Grivko (AST), Voeckler (EUC), Arashiro (EUC), Martinez (EUS), Millar (GRS), Zabriskie (GRS), Peraud (ALM), Jeandesboz (SAU), Horrach (KAT), Casar (FDJ), Hutarovich (FDJ), Ladagnous (FDJ), Sanchez (RAB), Kroon (STB), Morkov (STB), Fofonov (AST), Devenyns (OPQ), Gerrans...

15:06Europcar's pair rejoin lead group

Voeckler and Arashiro have caught up with the lead group after the puncture about 10km ago. The escapees are 7'10" ahead of the bunch with less than 75km to go.

15:05Alain Gallopin: The day will be difficult for him

The directeur sportif of the RadioShack-Nissan team, Alain Gallopin, has just offered an appraisal of his nephew, Tony Gallopin who is ranked 13th overall.
“I am a little worried,” said the Frenchman with the American team. “Tony was ill for much of the night and the day will be difficult for him. He will have to survive on this stage and tomorrow. Then I think it will get better.”

15:01Arashiro drops back to help Voeckler

Arashiro is the second Europcar rider in the escape. He has dropped behind the conoy to help Voeckler rejoin the leaders. Sagan is currently at the front of the 25-man group that's 6'50" ahead of the peloton.

14:57Voeckler punctures

Thomas Voeckler has just changed his rear wheel after a flat tyre. He is riding again and it shouldn't take him long to rejoin the lead group.

14:56Davide Malacarne: 25 today

The Italian on the Europcar team in the 2012 Tour de France, Davide Malacarne, celebrates his 25th birthday today.

Today is the 18th birthday of one of the most promising riders to come out of Australia in many years, Caleb Ewan who is the junior omnium world champion.

14:51Lead up to 7'00"

At Hauteville, the advantage of the escapees is up to 7'00". This check was taken with the peloton at the 101km mark.

14:49Peiper: The winner should be from today's escape

“We wanted the two from our team who are in the move to be there,” said Allan Peiper from Garmin-Sharp about Zabriskie and Millar when he spoke with recently. “We thought it would be a group of strong men to get in the early break and with Dave and Dave we've got guys who can go okay on a climb... but there are lot of good climbers in that move now, huh?”
Peiper then went on to list the likes of Casar, Scarponi, Martinez and Peraud. “That's how it goes. But we'll see...

14:39Three winners of 'Fighting Spirit' prize in today's escape

Of the 25 in the lead, three have previously been to the podium in the 2012 Tour to collect a red dossard and a moment on the podium as winners of the 'Fighting Spirit' award. They are:

Michael Morkov (STB), Yukiya Arashiro (EUC) and Zabriskie (GRS).

14:39Leaders through the feedzone

Burghardt is now at the front of the lead group which has recently ridden through the feedzone (at Aranc, 96km).

14:37Bike change for Sanchez

One of the three Spaniards in the lead group - Luis Sanchez - has just stopped to change bikes. He is currently behind the Astana team car and pacing himself back to the 24 others who are 6'45" ahead of the bunch.

14:35Scarponi not yet a virtual leader

Michele Scarponi is the official winner of the Giro d'Italia from 2011. He is riding the Tour de France for the second time in his career and is in the escape group today. Of the 25 who are 6'45" ahead of the peloton, he is the best placed on GC after nine stages - starting the day ranked 27th overall (at 10'27").

The only time he did the Tour before this year was in 2004 when he finished 32nd overall (1h03'01" behind Armstrong).

14:32Peloton 1km from top of 1st climb

Sky is starting to pull the escapees back. With 1km to go before the bunch reaches the top of the first climb, it is 6'45" behind Sagan's group of 25.

14:29Results of 1st climb

Morkov was the Saxo Bank-Tinkoff Bank rider who was first at the top of the first climb today (not Kroon as previously report).

The points for the cote de Corlier were won by:

1. Michael Morkov (STB) 5pts

2. Andriy Grivko (AST) 3pts

3. Jens Voigt (RNT) 2pts

4. Thomas Voeckler (EUC) 1pt

14:28Average speed for 2nd hour: 39.6km/h

The average speed for the second hour of stage 10 is 39.6km/h. The average for the first two hours is 44.7km/h.

14:27Kroon leads escape over the climb

The five points for first at the first climb today have been won by Kroon who surged ahead in the final 100m. He was marked by Grivko and Voigt.

14:26Lead up to 7'00"

The peloton is 7'00" behind as it reaches the 80.5km mark.

Kroon is at the front of the escape and on his wheel is Ladagnous and Grivko.

14:25Leaders near first climb

The 25 escapees are 6'55" ahead of the bunch as it arrives near the foot of the cote de Corlier - this is a 6.4km long ascent with an average gradient of 5.5 per cent. The top is at the 90km mark of today's 194.5km stage.

The points on offer at the top are: 4, 3, 2 and 1 for the first at the line.

14:18Advantage continues to grow

The escapees are able to increase their advantage: Sagan started the move at the 2km mark. He was joined by Grivko and, eventually (around 36km) 23 others. This group of 25 is now 6'45" ahead of the peloton that is led by Eisel and the seven other Sky riders.

14:08France best represented nation in the lead group

Of the 25 in the lead today, five are from France - Voecker, Peraud, Jeandesboz, Casar and Ladagnous.

There are three Spaniards: Sanchez, Martinez and Horrach.

And there are four nations with two riders each: Germany (Voigt and Burghardt), Ukraine (Popovych and Grivko), Australia (Gerrans and Goss), and Britain (Millar and Cummings).

14:00Maximum gain: 5'55"

The 25 leaders - Burghardt, Cummings, Popovych, Voigt, Scarponi, Sagan, Grivko, Voeckler, Arashiro, Martinez, Millar, Zabriskie, Peraud, Jeandesboz, Horrach, Casar, Hutarovich, Ladagnous, Sanchez (RAB), Kroon, Morkov, Fofonov, Devenyns, Gerrans and Goss - are now 5'55" ahead of the peloton which is at the 71km mark.

This is the maximum gain of the escape so far today.

13:58Similarities with escape from stage nine of last year...

Today's break includes the three riders who fought it out for the stage win after an escape in stage nine last year. The race to Saint-Flour was won by Luis Leon Sanchez and Thomas Voeckler took the yellow jersey. In second place that day was Sandy Casar... all three are in the escape that's now 5'35" ahead of the peloton.

13:53Gerrans a stage winner in 2008

The Australian champion is one of the 25 men in the lead. He is one of the 11 of today's escape to have won a stage of the Tour. That was in Prato Nevoso in 2008. It was on the day that the 2006 Tour champion, Oscar Pereiro, was involved in a dramatic fall and the accident was seen by many in the peloton. This prompted an easing of the pace of the chase...

Gerrans was with the French Crédit Agricole team at the time and one of his escape companions was Egoi Martinez (EUS) who is also...

13:47Lead evens out...

The advantage of the 25 escapees has been steady for the last 10 minutes: 5'30".

13:44Four former Tour leaders in escape

Of the 25 in the lead, four have previously worn the yellow jersey in the Tour de France: Voeckler, Voigt, Zabriskie and Millar.

13:4011 of the 25 in the lead have previously won a stage of the Tour

The 25 are now 5'15" ahead of the peloton. To date, 10 of them have won a stage of the Tour de France - some of the have won mulitple times. Here is the list of escapees today who have previously enjoyed success in a stage of the Tour:

Burghardt (BMC), Popovych (RNT), Voigt (RNT), Sagan (LIQ), Millar (GRS), Zabriskie (GRS), Casar (FDJ), Sanchez (RAB), Kroon (STB), and Gerrans (OGE).

13:3125 lead by 4'50"

With the peloton at the 49.5km mark, the advantage of the escapees has grown to 4'50". Here's a reminder of the men who are ahead of the bunch in stage 10:

Burghardt, Cummings, Popovych, Voigt, Scarponi, Sagan, Grivko, Voeckler, Arashiro, Martinez, Millar, Zabriskie, Peraud, Jeandesboz, Horrach, Casar, Hutarovich, Ladagnous, Sanchez (RAB), Kroon, Morkov, Fofonov, Devenyns, Gerrans and Goss.

13:28The escapees on a stage similar to today's...

The fifth stage of the Criterium du Dauphiné this year (in June) was raced on a similar course to that used today. It included the col du Grand Colombier and some of the riders who are in today's escape were also on the attack that day were: Fofonov (AST), Martinez (EUS), Jeandesboz (SAU). The stage was won by Vichot (FDJ).

13:28Fastest start for a stage this year...

The average speed in the opening hour in stage 10 is easily the fastest of the 99th Tour: 49.8km/h!

13:25Feillu punctures

The rider in third last place on GC, Brice Feillu (SAU) has just had copped a flat rear tyre. At about the same time a rider from RadioShack-Nissan has also punctured.

13:23More from Katusha's Torsten Schmidt...

Although the DS from Katusha was loathe to discuss tactics, asked Torsten Schmidt for his thoughts on how stage 10 might be played out. “It's not secret that the guys who are a little bit better than the others will try their luck. The stage tomorrow is for the riders who are good on the climbs and that's where they might be able to make a real difference. It will be a very exciting few days – they have to do something. They can't just sit around and follow wheels until the...

13:1925 lead by 3'50"

The 25 men at the front of the stage have an advantage of 3'50" on the peloton.

13:16Scarponi best of the escape group

The best of the 25 stage leaders in the general classification after nine stages is the leader of Lampre-ISD, Michele Scarponi. The Italian is ranked 27th overall at 10'27".

13:15Composition of the lead group

The 25 riders who are in today's escape are: 

-Burghardt and Cummings (BMC)

- Popovych and Voigt (RNT)

- Arashiro (EUC)

- Martinez (EUS)

- Sagan (LIQ)

- Scarponi (LAM)

- Millar and Zabriskie (GRS)

- Peraud (ALM)

- Jeandesboz (SAU)

- Horrach (KAT)

- Casar, Hutarovich and Ladagnous (FDJ)

- Sanchez (RAB)

- Kroon and Morkov (STB)

- Fofonov and Grivko (AST)

- Devenyns (OPQ)

- Gerrans...

13:13Escapees are 2'00" ahead at 35km

That's it, the selection has been made. We'll post the names in the next flash but we can report that, at 35km, the peloton is behind by 2'00" and led by Team Sky. There are 23 in the escape that initially began at the 2km on the initiative of Sagan (LIQ).

13:06Some in the chase group

It seems as though this counter-attack might be the one that's able to escape the peloton. Riders in the chase of Sagan and Grivko include:

Voigt (RNT), Voeckler (EUC), Millar and Zabriskie (GRS), Casar (FDJ)...

13:06Leading pair caught

Grivko and Sagan have been caught by the counter-attack at the 32km mark.

13:0223 in the counter attack

There are 23 men in the counter-attack but we still don't have any names of those involved...

13:0115 or so in chase group

The selection for today's escape is taking a while to become established. Still, we see Sagan and Grivko on their own at the front. This pair is 25" ahead of a group of about 15 riders but all of the counter-attacks to date have been short-lived.

There are four men in a second counter-attack (at 30").

And then the peloton at 38".

12:58Two in the lead...

Lemoine (SAU) has given up on being part of the escape today. There are now just two men at the front of stage 10: Peter Sagan (LIQ) and Andriy Grivko (AST). They are 12" ahead of the bunch that seems intent on reeling this break in...

12:56Torsten Schmidt (Katusha): I can??t say anything about tactics... contacted the directeur sportif of the Katusha team to ask how the rider in fifth overall after nine stages, Denis Menchov, spent the rest day and to find out what we can expect from the Russian in the 10th stage. “Oh, okay,” said Torsten Schmidt, “but I can't say anything about tactics for today.”
Fair enough, but how was the rest day for the Katusha riders? “First of all, we had a very nice, calm rest day that I think was good for everybody. Denis also used the...

12:54Lead doubles in a kilometre

At 20km, Sagan's trio was 20" ahead. At 21km, it's 40" over the peloton... but there are 12 men in a counter-attack. We await the name of those in the second group... stay tuned sports fans.

12:52The escapees and their GC position...

The three who escaped the bunch at the 2km mark have a lead of 20" at 19km. The riders on the attack are:

Peter Sagan (SVK) Liquigas - ranked 41st overall after nine stages, 23'29" behind Wiggins.

Andriy Grivko (UKR) Astana - 68th overall, at 32'10"

Cyril Lemoine (FRA) Saur-Sojasun - 158th overall, at 1h02'36"

12:49More from Ledanois...

“Rui Costa is someone who has a leadership role,” Yvon Ledanois of Movistar told this morning. “He did it on other races as the Tour of Switzerland, and now he is the top ranked rider from our team, so he's a leader. We will do everything to keep him as close as possible to the top 10, and it will be up to him to seize opportunities. I said from the outset that we will have a Tour of movement. For now, we mostly saw the movement come from Sky! But with the differences we have...

12:47Counter-attack over...

The move involving around 20 men has already been reeled in by the peloton. Sagan's trio is now 15" ahead of the bunch but the counter-attacks haven't yet stopped...

12:4620 men in counter-attack

There is a group of about 20 in a counter-attack. They are 17" behind Sagan, Lemoine and Grivko at the 15.5km mark. The peloton is at 27".

12:43Yvon Ledanois: The Tour is far from over spoke with a DS from Movistar earlier today to find out what the prospects are for the Portuguese rider Rui Costa who won the Tour de Suisse in June and is currently ranked 11th overall.
“This situation has not come about because he has had a tough week,” said Yvon Ledanois. “With three riders who been forced out fo the race, we must revise our ambitions down a little. Still, I think the Tour is far from over; we are at the end of the first week. And so far we have not...

12:4220" at 12km

Sagan's trio is only 20" ahead of the bunch. They have been on the attack since the 2km mark and they are now at the 12km mark.

12:40Millar caught by peloton...

The counter-attack has been caught by the peloton that is now 17" behind Sagan's trio.

12:39Three lead Millar by 15"

Millar (GRS) is now stuck in between the peloton and the three escapees (Sagan, Lemoine and Grivko). The Garmin rider is 15" behidn the stage leaders.

12:36Five chasing three leaders

The counter-attack is composed of five riders but they have not yet been named by Radio Tour.

12:36Sagan the best of the escapees

Of the three who are 18" ahead of the peloton, the best on GC after nine stages is Peter Sagan (LIQ) who is ranked 41st overall, 23'29" behind Wiggins.

12:34The three escapees

The riders in the lead of the stage are:

- Peter Sagan (LIQ): who launched the attack before being joined by two others.

- Cyril Lemoine (SAU)

- Andriy Grivko (AST)

This trio leads by 20" at the 6km mark.

12:335km raced... three lead by 15"

We await confirmation of the names of those involved in the escape but can report that the three escapees are 15" ahead of a counter-attacking group and a little bit further behind is the peloton.

Kiryienka (MOV) and Jerome (EUC) have been involved in a crash.

12:31Jean-Christophe Peraud: I'll start the stage motivated

When he was contacted by before the start of the stage Jean-Christophe Peraud was one of many who stated that he would like to be a candidate for the breakaway of the day: “We have visited the end of this stage with the whole team before the Tour and it is a profile I like,” said the Frenchman who was 10th overall last year. “Our goal today is to put someone in the break, because we think it can go all the way to the finish and a stage win is on offer.
“I'll try to go...

12:30Three lead by 10" at 3.5km

The attack from three men started at the 2km mark. After 1.5km, the trio - which includes Peter Sagan (LIQ) is just 10" ahead of the bunch.

12:29Sagan the escape

One of the riders on the attack is the leader of the points classification, Peter Sagan (LIQ).

12:29Prize classification review: part 04 ?? white jersey

After 1,621.4km of racing, Tejay van Garderen (BMC) is back in the jersey he first took on the opening day. The American was fourth in the long time trial – the same position he earned in the prologue – and the white jersey is the reward for his impressive effort two days ago. He is ranked eighth in the general classification and first in the young riders category. His advantage over the only other rider to have worn the white top in 2012, Rein Taaramae (COF) is 42”. Tony Gallopin...

12:28Three in the lead...

There are three men with a small advantage on the peloton but the start of stage 10 is extremely fast and the break doesn't look like it will survive...

12:27Prize classification review: part 03 ?? polka-dot jersey

This is the second day that Frederik Kessiakoff (AST) will wear the polka-dot jersey in the Tour de France. The Swedish rider is ranked 43rd in the general classification but he has 21 points in the climbing classification, one more than the winner of stage seven, Chris Froome (SKY). Cadel Evans is ranked third with 18 points and the winner of stage eight, Thibaut Pinot (FDJ) is in fourth place with 16 points.
The rider who wears the yellow jersey for the third day – Bradley Wiggins...

12:26Racing in stage 10!

As soon as the flag dropped to signal the start of racing today (at 12.25pm) there was an attack by a rider from Vacansoleil.

12:25Klöden returns to peloton

After his flat tyre, Andreas Klöden has returned to the peloton which is near the site of the official start of stage 10.

12:25Prize classification review: part 02 ?? green jersey

Each stage receives a ranking based on the profile and today is considered “High Mountains” and this means that the allocation of points for the green jersey is significantly lower than when it's categorised as a “Flat” stage. The intermediate sprint still has the same allotment – 20pts for first, down to 1pt for 15th – but the finish is different when it's a day for the climbers. The allocation of points at the end of today's stage is the same as it is for the intermediate...

12:22Prize classification review: part 01 ?? yellow jersey

The winner of the ninth stage, Bradley Wiggins (SKY) significantly increased his advantage with his impressive ride in the time trial. He is now 1'53” clear of last year's Tour champion, Cadel Evans (BMC) and the team-mate of the Brit, Chris Froome is ranked third overall (at 2'07”).
The former race leader, Fabian Cancellara (RNT) finished third in the 41.5km time trial to Besançon but he is now well down the rankings in 32nd place, 14'10” behind Wiggins.

12:21Three non-starters...

There are now 175 riders in the Tour de France. The three who finished stage nine but didn't start stage 10 are: Tony Martin (OPQ), Matt Lloyd (LAM) and Remy Di Gregorio (COF).

12:21Klöden punctures in neutral zone

The rider in 15th overall, Andreas Klöden (RNT) has to wait for the team car in the neutral zone after a puncture.

12:19Rolling in the neutral zone

The peloton is currently making its way to the start of the 10th stage; it is currently rolling through the 4.2km neutral zone in Mâcon.

12:05Welcome to the live coverage of stage 10 of the 2012 Tour

The 10th stage of the 99th Tour de France is due to start soon. The riders will leave the 'départ fictif' at 12.15pm. There is a 4.2km neutral zone before the site of the official start. This is expected to be at around 12.25pm.

On the menu today are three categorised climbs, including the first 'Hors Categorie' col of the 2012 edition. The weather is fine and the temperature before the start is around 22 degrees Celsius.

The 194.5km race today is from Mâcon to...


Jersey wearers after the stage 20

Classifications after the stage 20


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