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Auf der strecke

Namur Province

Drapeau de la province de NamurCrédit : Nicnac25

With a population of 500,000 spread over 38 towns, the Namur Province is one of the least populated in Belgium with only 4.3 pc of the total population.  The economy is mainly produced by small businesses specialised in building or services. The Namur province was created in 1795 when part of Belgium rallied the French Revolution. The French department of Sambre-et-Meuse was then created on the remnants of the Namur county and the Liege principality.

Km 3 : Chaudfontaine

Chaudfontaine (Belgium) - © Jean-Pol GRANDMONT

The town owes its names to several hot springs, unique in Belgium, flowing at a temperature of 36.6 C.

Several of those springs provide lowly mineralised water ideal for the newly born and it is bottled on the spot and sold in supermarkets. Other waters are destined for spa treatment and cure rheumatism. Victor Hugo once dubbed Chaudfontaine the “violet of spas”.

The Chaudfontaine fort, partly destroyed during WWII, overlooks the city and offers a superb viewpoint on the valley. On top of the Chevremont hill, the basilica stands above the Vesdre valley and is turned  towards Liege. 

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