Bouhanni hits first

Victorious of the first stage of Paris-Nice a few weeks ago, Nacer Bouhanni hit hard again on the Critérium International, capturing victory on the morning stage around the city of Porto Vecchio. The sprinter appears to have recovered from the knee injury he suffered, beating Nathan Haas and Marko Kump to the line in a bunched sprint. Bouhanni claims the overall leader's Yellow Jersey.

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The stage in pictures


Criterium International 2014 - 29/03/2014 - Etape 1 - Porto-Vecchio - Porto-Vecchio - Théo Vimpere (big) endosse le maillot à pois du classement du meilleur grimpeur © ASO/P.Perreve


A sporting view

Time schedule Porto-Vecchio / Porto-Vecchio 89KM

from the finishfrom the start46 km/h44 km/h42 km/h
Les Bergeries de Palombaggia79.59.509h4209h4309h44
Bocca Di l'Oro73.016.009h5009h5109h52
Carrefour CC-N19870.518.509h5409h5509h56
Foce (ZONZA)54.534.510h1510h1710h19
Bacca (ZONZA)53.036.010h1610h1910h21
Pinarello (ZONZA)51.537.510h1810h2110h23
Carrefour D468-D168 A50.538.510h2010h2210h24
Sainte-Lucie-De-Porto-Vecchio (ZONZA)48.041.010h2310h2510h28
Côte de Conca43.545.510h2910h3210h35
CONCA (D168-VC-D168)41.547.510h3210h3410h37
Foni (D168-N198)31.557.510h4510h4810h52
Sainte-Lucie de Porto-Vecchio19.070.011h0111h0511h10
PORTO-VECCHIO (N198-D359-N198-VC-D359)7.581.511h1611h2111h26

Tourist attractions


The town of Porto-Vecchio was the exceptional setting for the “Grand Départ” of the 100th edition of the Tour de France on 29th June 2013. The success of the event was universally acknowledged, allowing Porto-Vecchio to become a part of the Tour de France's sporting history and was in keeping with its tradition as a destination which plays host to major international sporting events.
A land of sport, with around 12,000 inhabitants in the winter and nearly 100,000 at the height of the summer season, Porto-Vecchio has become Corsica's third biggest town.  Extending to nearly 17,000 hectares, with 40 kilometres of coastline and 5,000 hectares of mountains rising to the Massif de l'Ospedale at 1,314 metres, it is right at the heart of this micro-region in the extreme south of Corsica.
Built in 1539 on the immense pink porphyry rocks, the five bastions marking the edges of the old town today house an attractive town centre full of charm.  Porto-Vecchio is also known as the “Salt Town” because for many years its economy mainly relied on the production of salt as well as that of timber and cork subsequently.
Ideally situated between the mountains and the sea, Porto-Vecchio attracts a great number of visitors with its sites of remarkable beauty: the beaches of Palombaggia and Santa Giulia with their turquoise waters are extremely popular with both water sports fans and sun worshippers.
The island's tourist hotspot is equipped with extensive accommodation with a wide range of high quality establishments.  A whole range of facilities awaits visitors:  the Sud Corse Figari International Airport, close to the town and a commercial port, as well as a 380-berth marina which will soon be extended.  The municipality's drive to improve the lives of Porto-Vecchians goes far beyond the numerous town projects which have been completed or are underway: the multisports complex in Prunellu, its tennis courts and its clubhouse, the development of new roads, the building of new homes and the construction of a new crèche, etc.
This driving force behind the whole of the Grand Sud region doesn't stop there, because the town is also leading the way in cultural terms, with two unique resources: the ‘Casa di Lume' Corsican Regional Cinema Complex and the Cultural Centre. An auditorium and a conference hall, seating 380 and 120 respectively, can be found in the Jean-Paul de Rocca Serra Centre, which is open all year round. Summer brings with it a rich and varied programme of activities including exhibitions at the Bastion de France, shows at the Théâtre de Verdur (open-air theatre), music festivals on the beaches and in the town centre and concerts at Saint Jean-Baptise Church.

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Vue aérienne de la ville - © Eric Di Marcantonio Palombaggia - © E. Vollto Barrage de l’Ospedale - © J.P. Piras

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