Sunday June 15th, 2014

Stage 8Megève / Courchevel

Start 13h25 (Local time)

Key moments

Stage summary15.06.2014A big jump for Talansky, a springboard for Contador

In front of the ski jumping stadium of Courchevel, Mikel Nieve has saved the honor for Team Sky in a bad day for Chris Froome as he lost all his hopes to come back into the lead. But in another eventful stage in the mountains, it was Andrew Talansky who dethroned Alberto Contador and went for an epic ride to win the 66th Critérium du Dauphiné. For the defeated Spaniard, this race is however a springboard to the Tour de France.

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interview15.06.2014Andrew Talansky: «It's an absolute honour to win the Dauphiné»

“I didn't plan to do anything like this, especially today as it was the last chance for many teams to go and try to win a stage. We saw some riders attacking so Ryder and I went with them. Towards the end, we had the time gaps but I was trying not to think of winning the race but I focused on my ride only. Once I past the finishing line and I looked at the TV screen, that's when I realized I won. It's an absolute honour to win the Dauphiné. This is the biggest victory of my career so far...

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interview15.06.2014Alessandro De Marchi: «I've discovered a new passion»

“This King of the Mountains classification is a team award. I was feeling the fatigue today. I wasn't able to go up the road so my team-mate Kristjian Koren went in the break to do the mathematics. It's an enormous satisfaction to win the polka dot jersey. It's not something I experienced before but during this Dauphiné I've discovered a new passion for myself in this kind of goal. I might do it again, why not at the Tour de France, as I realize how important this jersey is for French...

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interview15.06.2014Vincenzo Nibali: «The team classification is important for

“To win the team classification is important for Astana. It means the whole team was going very well. But today, personally I suffered. I've tried my luck but I was left with no energy after a week of racing at an extremely high level. I'm on the right path towards the Tour de France. There are still many days left until July 5. The Tour will be very hard, especially in the last two weeks, so I hope to be at my best at that time.”

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interview15.06.2014Mikel Nieve: «We were hoping to help Froome...»

“This was a very hard stage. It started very fast. We were hoping to help Chris Froome but he hadn't fully recovered from his crash. He suffered so I took my opportunity to win a stage and that makes me happy.”

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Newsflashes (Local time)

16:50Overall ranking

1. Andrew Talansky (Garmin)

2. Alberto Contador (Tinkoff), at 0.27

3. Jurgen van den Broeck (Lotto), at 0.35

4. Wilco Kelderman (Belkin), at 0.43

5. Romain Bardet (AG2R), at 1.20

16:46Top 5

1. Mikel Nieve (Team Sky)

2. Romain Bardet (AG2R), at 0.03

3. Adam Yates (Orica), at 0.05

4. Andrew Talansky (Garmin), at 0.09

5. Jurgen van den Broeck (Lotto), st

16:43Talansky wins the Dauphiné

Andrew Talansky is the winner of the 66th Critérium du Dauphiné.

16:42The winner is... Mikel Nieve

Mikel Nieve wins stage 8 of the Dauphiné for Team Sky in Courchevel.

16:41Talansky-Contador: the duel is on

Five seconds virtually separate Contador and Talansky with 1km to go.

16:40Nieve under the flamme rouge

1km to go for Nieve, chased down by Van Garderen at 10 seconds. The Talansky group is at 17 seconds.

16:39Contador with Nibali and Voeckler

Contador has caught Nibali and Voeckler. He has a deficit of 58 seconds from Nieve but he wants to close the gap on Talansky who is 39 seconds down on him on GC.

16:372km to go: Nieve alone

Nieve is solo with 2km to go while Contador is coming across to Nibali.

16:35Nieve alone

Nieve has 8 seconds lead with 2.8km to go.

16:34Nieve attacks at the front

Nieve attacks at the front with 3.3km to go, trying to save the honour for Team Sky.

16:32Kelderman drops Nibali off

Wilco Kelderman at 16 seconds with 4km to go, Nibali at 22 seconds.

16:315km to go: Contador at 1'

Contador is at one minute with 5km to go.

16:29Talansky leads in the final climb

Talansky sets the pace in the final climb with Van den Broeck behind him.

16:27Poor cooperation at the front

The leaders don't seem to have the same determination to ride hard together at the bottom of the final climb. Nibali and Kelderman are only 20 seconds behind.

16:25Nibali has the front group in sight

Nibali and Kelderman can see the front group now at the bottom of the final climb to Courchevel.

16:23Froome at almost three minutes

Froome and his teammates keep losing: almost three minutes...

16:21Talansky and Bardet accelerate downhill

Andrew Talansky and Romain Bardet take some advantage in the downhill but eventually stop taking risk. They are 42 seconds ahead of Nibali-Kelderman.

16:20Talansky first at côte de Montagny

Result of cat. 1 KOM price at côte de Montagny:

1. Andrew Talansky (Garmin), 15 points

2. Jurgen Van den Broeck (Lotto), 13

3. Romain Bardet (AG2R), 11

4. Mikel Nieve (Sky), 9

5. Dani Navarro (Cofidis), 8

6. Adam Yates (Orica), 7

7. John Gadret (Movistar), 6

8. Tejay van Garderen (BMC), 5

16:1616km to go

At côte de Montagny with 16km to go, Nibali is 45 seconds behind the front group, Contador and König are at 1.10

16:15Contador at 1.21

1km before the top of côte de Montagny, Contador is 1.20 behind the front group. Talansky is 39 seconds down on him on GC.

16:09Contador followed by Atapuma

Contador is doing very well. Only Atapuma follows him but Froome keeps losing time, about one minute behind.

16:089 riders in the lead

Nine riders in the lead: Nieve, Navarro, Yates, Gadret, Bardet, Van den Broeck, Van Garderen, Trofimov, Talansky.

16:06Bardet attacks

Bardet attacks at the front with 19km to go. Péraud is dropped.

16:05Nibali and Kelderman at 48 seconds

Nibali and Kelderman come closer to the front group: 48 seconds.

16:03Froome with two team-mates

Porte and Lopez escort Froome in the chase of Contador who is riding alone.

16:0320km to go

With 20km to go, the front group has 1.09 lead over Nibali, 2.15 over Contador, 2.35 over Froome.

16:01Contador alone

Contador keeps riding alone chased down by team Sky.

15:56Contador attacks

Contador attacks from the group of Froome to try and come across to the Nibali group.

15:55Froome-Contador at 2.21

Péraud leads in the front group with Bardet on his wheel in the côte de Montagny. The Nibali group is at 1.06, the Contador-Froome group at 2.21 in Aigueblanche.

15:54Nibali in between with two team-mates

Kangert has waited for his leader, so Nibali is chasing with Fuglsang and him. The Astana trio is accompanied by Kelderman.

15:51Peraud keeps the speed high at the front

While Contador and Froome watch each other, Péraud keeps the speed of the front group high, so the gap goes back up: 2 minutes with 25km togo.

15:49Nibali on the move

Nibali continues. Froome and Contador look at each other and let him go with Fuglsang and Kelderman.

15:48Froome attacks, Contador reacts

Froome attacks in the valley, with Thomas. Contador reacts. Nibali counters! It's 30km to go for their group.

15:47Porte and Bakelants back in their group

Porte and Bakelants are caught.

15:45Gougeard punctures

Gougeard has a flat tyre. He's out of the front group.

15:45Porte and Bakelants ahead of the chasing group

Richie Porte was riding so hard in the chasing group that he rode away from Chris Froome, followed by Jan Bakelants.

15:43The rain is behind the riders

The breakaway riders are no longer racing under the rain. The road is dry at La Léchère, and also at the finish in Courchevel.

15:40Game over for Pate

Danny Pate has finished his job at the service of Chris Froome. He's no longer in the chasing group.

15:391.20 at 35km to go

The first two groups are separated by 1.20 with 35km to go.

15:37Hesjedal puts the front group in one lane

Ryder Hesjedal rides flat out in the valley despite the difficult rainy conditions. He stretches the front group with the aim of keeping Talansky in the virtual lead.

15:28It rains on the road of the Dauphiné

Rainy weather in the valley before the riders climb to Courchevel.

15:27Gallopin wins hot spot sprint

Result of the intermediate sprint at La Bâthie, km 86:

1. Tony Gallopin (Lotto), 5 points

2. Yoann Bagot (Cofidis), 3

3. Thomas Voeckler (Europcar), 1

15:2644.4km/h average

44.4km have been covered in the second hour of racing. Average speed so far: 41km/h. Time gap: 1.45. The peloton looks like giving up the chase behind the first two groups.

15:22Peloton at 4.10

At Albertville, the peloton is timed 4.10 behind the leading group.

15:19AG2R-La Mondiale rides hard at the front

In the front group, the AG2R-La Mondiale riders are doing a lot of work. It's the only team with three riders up there: Péraud, Bardet, Gougeard. Their lead is 1.50 at the entrance of Olympic city Albertville, 53km before the finish right in front of the ski jumping stadium at Courchevel.

15:151.55 between the first two groups

At km 75, the time gap is 1.55 between the Talansky group of 21 riders at the front and the Contador-Froome led by Belkin's Martijn Keizer in the downhill.

15:092.10 between Contador and his team-mate

The peloton led by Tinkoff-Saxo is 2.10 behind the Contador-Froome group.

15:04Correction: Favilli and not Ligthart

In the front group of 21 riders, there's Elia Favilli (Lampre) but not Pim Ligthart (Lotto). They were originally 23 but Richie Porte and Lieuwe Westra have dropped down.

14:59Voeckler and Gallopin caught

Voeckler and Gallopin are back in their initial breakaway group.

14:582.50 between Voeckler/Gallopin and Contador

The Contador-Froome group has a deficit of 2.50 at km 60. Voeckler and Gallopin look like waiting for their former breakaway companions.

14:5628 seconds lead for the French duo

Voeckler and Gallopin have 28 seconds lead.

14:52Gallopin and Voeckler in the lead

Tony Gallopin and Thomas Voeckler have gone clear in the downhill of the col des Saisies.

14:482.35 at col des Saisies

The Froome-Contador group of 18 riders has passed the col des Saisies with a deficit of 2.35. Peloton at 3.35.

14:46Koren first at Les Saisies

Result of KOM price at col des Saisies, cat. 1, km 47:

1. Kristjian Koren (Cannondale), 15 points

2. Alexis Gougeard (AG2R), 13

3. Ryder Hesjedal (Garmin), 11

4. Thomas Voeckler (Europcar), 9

5. JC Péraud (AG2R), 8

6. Jurgen Van den Broeck (Lotto), 7

7. Adam Yates (Orica), 6

8. Tony Gallopin (Lotto), 5

14:43Front group at Les Saisies

The front group is at col des Saisies, 2.35 ahead of the chasing group led by four riders from Team Sky. Alberto Contador follows the move but is left with no team-mate.

14:36Chasing group

17 riders between the breakaway and the bunch: Chris Froome, Vassil Kiryienka, Danny Pate, Geraint Thomas (Sky), Vincenzo Nibali, Jakob Fuglsang (Astana), Alberto Contador (Tinkoff), Luis Maté (Cofidis), Mikaël Chérel, Ben Gastauer (AG2R), Sébastien Reichenbach (IAM), Darwin Atapuma (BMC), Dani Moreno (Katusha), Jan Bakelants (OPQS), Wilco Kelderman, Martijn Keizer (Belkin), Leo König (NetApp).

14:32Chris Froome on the move

Climbing to Les Saisies, Chris Froome has attacked with three team-mates: Vassil Kiryienka, Danny Pate and Geraint Thomas. Alberto Contador accompanies them with no team-mate. Sébastien Reichenbach is also up there. The peloton is 55 seconds behind those counter-attackers.

14:31Péraud and Talansky pull at the front

JC Péraud (AG2) and Andrew Talansky (Garmin) ride hard at the front and there's some action behind them uphill to the col des Saisies.

14:2937.6km in the first hour

37.6km have been covered in the first hour of racing.

14:24Millar pulls out

David Millar (Garmin) quits the Dauphiné.

14:23Sky at the head of the pack

Team Sky is noted with Tinkoff-Saxo at the head of the peloton with three riders, probably due to the presence of Andrew Talansky, third on GC, in the front group. The British team really want a duel in Courchevel, apparently!

14:18Over three minutes

New time gap: 3.20.

14:16Difference on the up

The gap keeps increasing: 2.50 at km 33. Tinkoff-Saxo and IAM set the pace of the peloton.

14:122.35 at km 31

The 23 leaders have a lead of 2.35 at km 31.

14:082.10 at km 29

The 23 leaders have an advantage of 2.10 at km 29. Andrew Talansky (Garmin) is the virtual leader of the Dauphiné.

14:07Willems pulls out

Frederik Willems (Lotto) quits the Dauphiné.

14:0623 ridersin the lead

The 23 breakaway riders are: David Lopez, Mikel Nieve, Richie Porte (Sky), Tanel Kangert, Lieuwe Westra (Astana), Dani Navarro, Yoann Bagot (Cofidis), Adam Yates (Orica), Igor Anton, John Gadret (Movistar), Romain Bardet, Alexis Gougeard, Jean-Christoph Péraud (AG2R), Thomas Voeckler (Europcar), Jurgen Van den Broeck, Tony Gallopin, Pim Ligthart (Lotto), Kristjan Koren (Cannondale), Tejay van Garderen (BMC), Yuriy Trofimov (Katusha), Ryder Hesjedal, Andrew Talansky (Garmin), Bartosz...

14:01A group away

A group of approximately fifteen riders is away in Megève with 55 seconds lead. Cofidis riders Dani Navarro and Yoann Bagot are part of it.

13:51Romain Bardet: ??I like this kind of unpredictable cycling?

Second at the first KOM price of the day, Romain Bardet (AG2R) indicated that he's still hungry for more strong showing at the Dauphiné. Questioned by before the start, he declared: “I really had a good day yesterday. I was scheduled for getting better and better every day and that's what happened. I was obviously disappointed at the col du Béal on Monday but the second part of the week is very positive for me. I've climbed to Finhaut the way I wanted. I also took the...

13:49Jersey holders

Alberto Contador (Tinkoff-Saxo) is in the yellow jersey for the first time in this edition of the Dauphiné. After six days of domination by Chris Froome (Team Sky), the Spaniard leads the overall ranking by eight seconds. Chris Froome wears the green jersey as he leads the points classification with an advantage of only two points over Contador. The duel is on for both competitions. Wilco Kelderman (Belkin) retained the white jersey with 1.12 lead over Romain Bardet (AG2R-La Mondiale)....

13:47Van Garderen first at côte de Domancy

Result at the top of the côte de Domancy, cat. 2, km 16.5:

1. Tejay van Garderen (BMC), 10 points

2. Romain Bardet (AG2R), 9

3. Rein Taarämae (Cofidis), 8

4. Tanel Kangert (Astana), 7

5. Mikaël Chérel (AG2R), 6

6. Darwin Atapuma (BMC), 5

13:44Chavanel and co got caught

In the côte de Domancy, the four leaders have been reeled in. More accelerations are taking place.

13:3920 seconds lead at Domancy

The four breakaway riders have an advantage of 20 seconds at the bottom of the côte de Domancy, that has remained famous for being the decisive location of the world championship won by Bernard Hinault in 1980. The last stage of the 2010 Critérium du Dauphiné also finished in Sallanches on the same circuit including the côte de Domancy and was won by Edvald Boasson Hagen.

13:37Four riders in the lead

Three riders have rejoined Sylvain Chavanel at the front: Julian Alaphilippe (OPQS), Johannes Fröhlinger (Giant) and Elia Favilli (Lampre). One chasers is noted in between.

13:29No French stage win so far

Sylvain Chavanel (IAM) obviously wants to avoid a Dauphiné with no stage win. In the past fifteen years, there has always been a minimum of one stage victory by a Frenchman.

13:27Chavanel attacks downhill

First attack by Sylvain Chavanel downhill. From Megève, the riders go to Saint-Gervais.

13:26Start proper given at 13.22

The start proper has been given at 13.22

13:24Four climbs today

Climbs of the day

-    Km 16.5: côte de Domancy, cat. 2, 2.5km at 9.6%

-    Km 47: col des Saisies, cat. 1, 13.4km at 5.2%

-    Km 115.5: côte de Montagny, cat. 1, 8km at 6.5%

-    Km 131.5: Courchevel-Le Praz, cat. 1, 5.9km at 6.2%

13:14One non-starter: Leigh Howard

140 riders have signed the starting sheet, the very last one being Chris Froome. One non-starter: Leigh Howard (Orica).


Welcome to the live coverage of the eighth and last stage of the 66th Critérium du Dauphiné from Megève to Courchevel (131.5km). This is the grand finale with only eight seconds between race leader Alberto Contador and runner up Chris Froome.


Jersey wearers after the stage 8

Classifications after the stage 8


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