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Stage summary07.06.2013Thomas Voeckler takes his first win at the Dauphiné with style

Thomas Voeckler has claimed his first stage win in seven participations to the Criterium du Dauphiné. He took advantage of a breakaway formed at half way into the race while climbing the col du Barioz. It came down to a four-man sprint in Grenoble. The popular Frenchman proved himself to being the fastest even against two riders from Astana, Kevin Seeldrayers and Egor Silin who failed to attack in the finale while Omega Pharma-Quick Step couldn't bring green jersey wearer Gianni Meersman...

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interview07.06.2013Thomas Voeckler: "It brings good feelings back"

Thomas Voeckler is a winner again. "It brings good feelings back!", the Frenchman reacted. "I was not used to reach the month of June without the pleasure of winning. Doubt had taken place in my mind, I must admit. What reassured me since the beginning of the season was the great performances of our team. But personally, I wasn't very successful. I was worried by the Movistar rider. I didn't know if he was fast or not. Otherwise, I told myself to profit from the excessive numbers of...

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interview07.06.2013Chris Froome: "I can see my team-mates getting stronger and stronger"

Chris Froome has defending his yellow-blue jersey without any problem for his first day in the lead at the Dauphiné. "Today, it's been harder than expected", the Brit echoed Gianni Meersman. "It didn't look very hard on paper but it was because the sprinters' teams were motivated to catch the breakaway and it took a long for the breakaway to go. I'm happy to keep the yellow jersey. My team-mates worked very hard for that. There are two mountain top finishes to come. It's going to be hard...

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interview07.06.2013Gianni Meersman: "It was much harder than I expected"

Despite consolidating his green jersey, Gianni Meersman was kind of disappointed after missing out on the stage win in Grenoble. "Today it's been much harder than I expected", he observed. "It took a long time for the breakaway to take shape. We started chasing as early as in the col du Barioz. We rode flat out. But they've been very strong at the front. Tony Martin rode as fast as he could but at the end, only Michal Kwiatkowski could stay with me and we couldn't do any better. I was confident...

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interview07.06.2013Rohan Dennis: "We rode with no stress"

Best young rider Rohan Dennis remains third on GC after being threatened at some stage by the presence of Alexandre Geniez of FDJ in the breakaway. "We were aware of the danger of Geniez being", the Australian said, "but I also knew that he was around three minutes down on me on GC and they never got more than three minutes. We rode with no stress. It worked out well at that point. Omega pulled it back. Ahead of the two coming mountain stages, I'm looking forward to see how far I can get....

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Newsflashes (Local time)

14:31Top 5

1. Thomas Voeckler (EUC), 3.24.13

2. José Herrada (MOV)

3. Kevin Seeldrayers (AST)

4. Egor Silin (AST), all st

5. Edvald Boasson Hagen (SKY), at 0.46

14:29The winner is: Thomas VoecklerThomas Voeckler outsprints his three breakaway companions and wins stage 6 in Grenoble.
14:281km to goSilin attacks Under the red flame
14:252km to goWith 2km to go, Silin accelerates but Voeckler watches out.
14:215km to go: 1.15Time gap with 5km to go: 1.15. The four breakaway riders keep cooperating well and it's still Geraint Thomas leading the peloton.
14:191.20 with 10km to goIt looks better and better for the four breakaway riders: 1.20 with 10km to go.
14:18Viviani off the backStage 2 winner Elia Viviani (CAN) isn't noted in the main peloton.
14:12The leaders don't loseThe four leaders aren't losing any time and the curvy finale favours them. The gap remains 1.15 with 12km while Rohregger is brought back by the peloton now led by Geraint Thomas (SKY).
14:11Janse van Rensburg abandonsReinhardt Janse van Rensburg (ARG) who came 4th in Oyonnax and was one of the favourites today has quit the Dauphiné like his team-mate Yann Huguet earlier on.
14:10Rohregger counter-attacksThomas Rohregger (RLT) who was noted in a front group earlier after the hot spot sprint at Albertville (km 22) is gone as a lone counter-attacker.
14:04Only four riders at the frontThe leftovers of the eight-man breakaway are caught by the peloton. Only four riders in the lead with an advantage of 1.10 with 20km to go: Herrada (MOV), Voeckler (EUC), Seeldrayers and Silin (AST).
14:03Tony Martin in actionTony Martin is leading the chase. The peloton has a deficit of 1.05 with 22km to go.
14:02Frenchmen also in troubleAfter Hushovd, Nacer Bouhanni is also getting dropped, so is Chavanel after the great job he did for Meersman. Jérôme Coppel (COF) is also in difficulty.
14:00The gap remains steadyGeniez has been dropped from the front group. Herrada (MOV), Voeckler (EUC), Seeldrayers and Silin (AST) keep a lead of 1.20.
13:55Hard time for HushovdThor Hushovd is getting dropped from the bunch again.
13:53Splits in the front groupJosé Herrada has accelerated at the front. Five riders remain in the lead: Herrada (MOV), Seeldrayers and Silin (AST), Voeckler (EUC) and Geniez (FDJ).
13:45Bouhanni also in contentionFrench champion Nacer Bouhanni (FDJ) is one of the sprinters who got dropped in the climbs and is now back in the main peloton, timed 1.24 behind the eight leaders.
13:45The gap goes down1.40 is the new time gap with 35km to go.
13:41Chavanel at the head of the pelotonUnhappy with the speed set by Team Sky, Sylvain Chavanel (OPQ) has taken the command of the peloton with the intention of bringing the peloton back for an eventual stage win for Gianni Meersman. BMC also comes in help to Omega Pharma-Quick Step as Thor Hushovd who was dropped in the climbs has made it across.
13:36Seeldrayers the climberKevin Seeldrayers (AST) has scored 28 points for the KOM competition. With 65 points already Under his belt, Thomas Damuseau (ARG) will keep the polka dot jersey, shall he finished inside the time cut today, but the Belgian climber from Astana will move into second place, with 40 points, just like David Veilleux (EUC). Expect him to be offensive again on the way to l'Alpe d'Huez tomorrow!
13:23Result of KOM at col des Mouilles

Result of KOM at col des Mouilles, cat. 4, km 98:

1. Kevin Seeldrayers (AST), 3 points

2. Mikel Nieve (EUS), 2

3. Thomas De Gendt (VCD), 1

Peloton at 2.10

13:222.50 at the col des AyesAtop the col des Ayes, the deficit of the peloton is 2.50.
13:19Result of KOM at col des Ayes

Result of KOM at col des Ayes, cat. 2, km 90.5:

1. Kevin Seeldrayers (AST), 10 points

2. Thomas De Gendt (VCD), 9

3. Egor Silin (AST), 8

4. Mikel Nieve (EUS), 7

5. José Herrada (MOV), 6

6. Alexandre Geniez (FDJ), 5

13:15Huguet quits the DauphinéYann Huguet (ARG) abandons.
13:112.15 at km 86Team Sky sets the pace at the front but without determination, so the gap goes up: 2.15 at km 86.
13:10New time gap: 1.55At the bottom of the second category climb of col des Ayes, the deficit of the peloton is 1.55. Wellens is back in the front group composed of eight riders again.
13:0435km in the second hour35km have been covered in the second hour of racing. It makes an average of 42.7km/h.
12:59Results of KOM at col du Barioz

Results of KOM at col du Barioz, cat. 1, km 80.5:

1. Kevin Seeldrayers (AST), 15

2. Thomas De Gendt (VCD), 13

3. Egor Silin (AST), 11

4. Mikel Nieve (EUS), 9

5. Thomas Voeckler (EUC), 8

6. Alexandre Geniez (FDJ), 7

7. José Herrada (MOV), 6

at 0.25, 8. Tim Wellens (LTB), 5

Peloton at 1 minute

12:581km to the topThe eight breakaway riders are 1km away from the top of col du Barioz.
12:54The eight riders in the break are:Thomas Voeckler (EUC), Alexandre Geniez (FDJ), Kevin Seeldrayers and Egor Silin (AST), José Herrada (MOV), Thomas De Gendt (VCD), Mikel Nieve (EUS), Tim Wellens (LTB). Peloton led by Sky at 30 seconds.
12:52Nieve joins the front groupMikel Nieve (EUS) joins the five leaders. Egor Silin (AST) and Thomas De Gendt (VCD) are chasing behind. Peloton led by Team Sky at 25 seconds.
12:50Wellens replaces Flecha at the frontTim Wellens (LTB) who tried his luck solo in the climb to Valmorel yesterday has replaced Flecha in the front group of five riders.
12:47Voeckler and Flecha insistVoeckler and Flecha continue their progression. They are joined by: Kevin Seeldrayers (AST), José Herrada (MOV) and Alexandre Geniez (FDJ). Peloton at 25 seconds. Riders are climbing to col du Barioz.
12:46Damuseau at the backKOM leader Thomas Damuseau (ARG) might not score any point today as he's dropped from the main bunch with the likes of Tony Martin (OPQ) and Vassil Kiryienka (SKY).
12:44Voeckler reaches Flecha in the leadClimbing to the col du Barioz, the front group splits up. Flecha remains at the front and he's rejoined by Thomas Voeckler who has attacked from the peloton.
12:39On the hunt for a new sponsorEuropcar riders have several reasons for chasing. One is their need to show off in order to find a new sponsor to take over from the rental car company. Interviewed in today's newspaper Le Dauphiné, team manager Jean-René Bernaudeau described the situation: "We have serious talks with five companies and one has rejected our offer. They all know that we need to finalize before the end of this month."
12:38Europcar in chasing moodFlecha, Bazayev and Huzarski might not go as far as they wanted. After reaching two minutes, the gap is down to 50 seconds at km 70. The Europcar team is chasing.
12:19Result of KOM at côte d'Arvillard

Result of KOM at côte d'Arvillard:

1. Juan Antonio Flecha (VCD), 3 points

2. Assan Bazayev (AST), 2

3. Bartosz Huzarski (TNE), 1

Peloton at 2 minutes

12:17Côte d'Arvillard coming upThe leading trio has an advantage of 1.25 at the bottom of the côte d'Arvillard, which is the first categorized climb of the day.
12:1140 seconds at km 55Edvald Boasson Hagen (SKY) and Arthur Vichot (FDJ) have tried to bridge the gap but they've been reined in. Bazayev, Huzarski and Flecha have 40 seconds lead at km 55 while many riders stop at the back of the peloton to answer the call of the nature.
12:10Bazayev, Flecha and Huzarski in the leadThe leading trio is formed of Assan Bazayev (AST), Juan Antonio Flecha (VCD) and Bartosz Huzarski (TNE). They have 15 seconds lead at km 52. The peloton seems to let them go.
12:0450km in the first hour50 kilometres have been covered in the first hour.
12:02A leading trioAt km 46, a leading trio is noted but the riders aren't identified yet.
12:00Rohan Dennis: ??An amazing experience?

White jersey wearer Rohan Dennis has corrected a rumour on social networks according to which he had a mechanical yesterday when he got dropped from the group of the favourites. “It was just too hard for me at that point”, he declared to local newspaper Le Dauphiné. “I've done everything I could to hold the wheels until I blew. It's been an amazing experience to climb with the yellow jersey. It was nice to see other riders let me race at the front. It made my life easier.” The young...

11:56Barguil is back in the bunchWarren Barguil is back in the peloton, apparently with an injured shoulder. It took him almost 30km to come across! The young Breton rider is known for being courageous and ambitious.
11:50Kritskiy quits the DauphinéTimofey Kritskiy (KAT) has abandoned the Dauphiné. Yesterday, he did a lot of work at the head of the peloton to bring the breakaway back to favour his captain Dani Moreno who finished sixth at Valmorel.
11:46All together after 35kmThe speed is high and the pack is all together after 35km of racing.
11:43On the way backThe riders are on familiar roads! They rode the first 35km of today's stage in the opposite direction yesterday. There are a lot of speed bumps in the valley of the Isère.
11:40End of the breakawayThe six escapees haven't been given the green light. Their initiative ends at km 28.5.
11:38Chavanel generates the first breakaway of the daySylvain Chavanel hasn't stopped his effort after leading Meersman out for the hot spot sprint in Albertville. Five riders go with him: Thomas Rohregger (RLT), Jérôme Coppel (COF), Pierre Rolland (EUC), Sébastien Duret (BSE) and Jan Barta (TNE).
11:26Meersman wins the hot spot sprintAt Albertville, green jersey wearer Gianni Meersman (OPQ) wins the hot spot sprint of the day, ahead of his team-mates Sylvain Chavanel and Nikolas Maes. They have scored 5, 3 and 1 points respectively.
11:21Barguil crashedWarren Barguil (ARG) has crashed. But the winner of the 2012 Tour de l'Avenir is back on his bike, trying to get back on.
11:12All together after ten kilometersDespite many skirmishes, the peloton is all together after ten kilometres.
11:08Chavanel is the first attackerAfter the start proper given at 11.06, Sylvain Chavanel (OPQ) is the first attacker of the day but the peloton reacts immediately.
11:00For sprinters or attackers?Stage 6 is a medium mountain stage. It's pretty unlikely that GC contenders will fight each other today. It's a good day for attackers but the sprinters like Elia Viviani, Gianni Meersman, Reinhardt Janse van Rensburg and Nacer Bouhanni also have ambitions for today. But the climbs of the Belledonne chain aren't easy. A similar stage was contested on the other side of the valley in 2006, using some climbs in the Chartreuse, saw the victory of Thor Hushovd who is still in the...
10:59Climbs of the day

Today's climbs are situated in the second part of the course:
- Km 60.5: côte d'Arvillard, cat. 4, 2.2km at 5.3%
- Km 80.5: col du Barioz, cat. 1, 7.1km at 7.3%
- Km 90.5: col des Ayes, cat. 2, 3.8km at 8.1%
- Km 98: col des Mouilles, cat. 4, 2km at 6.1%

10:56Sky leads the teams' classificationUnsurprisingly after yesterday's demonstration, Sky Procycling leads the teams' classification. Saxo-Tinkoff is at 2.03, RadioShack-Leopard at 2.45, Cofidis at 3.45.
10:54Jersey holders

For the first time in his career, Chris Froome wears the yellow-blue jersey of the Dauphiné, as he leads the overall classification with 52 seconds over his team-mate Richie Porte and 54 seconds over his predecessor Rohan Dennis who had switched to white. The Australian from Garmin-Sharp is the best young rider with an advantage of 1.04 over Michal Kwiatkowski of Omega Pharma-Quick Step. Thomas Damuseau (ARG) consolidated his polka dot jersey yesterday but his lead is tiny ahead of the big...

10:46Elia Favilli is a non starter170 riders have taken the start of stage 6 at La Léchère-les-Bains. Elia Favilli (LAM) is a non starter. The young Tuscan is reported to being sick.
10:45Welcome to stage 6Welcome to the live coverage of stage 6 of the 65th Criterium du Dauphiné, from La Léchère-les-Bains to Grenoble.


Jersey wearers after the stage 8

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