Sporting stakes / rules

ARTICLE 1. Organisation

The 77th FLÈCHE WALLONNE is organised by Amaury Sport Organisation (A.S.O.) in conjunction with the Royal Cyclist Pesant Club Liégeois (R.C.P.C.L.), under the regulations of the International Cycling Union (UCI) and the Royal Belgian Cycling League (RLVB). It will take place on Wednesday 17th April 2013. The FLÈCHE WALLONNE is part of the World Tour calendar.

ARTICLE 2. Participation

The event is open to 1st and 2nd division teams. The number of riders per team is restricted to a maximum of 8 and a minimum of 5 at the start of the race.
The mere fact of entering and/or participating in the event, implies that each team fully accepts all the provisions laid out in these specific regulations and undertakes to respect them.

ARTICLE 3. Uci europe tour classification

The 77th FLÈCHE WALLONE counts for the UCI World Tour Ranking and awards points as follows: 80 – 60 – 50 – 40 – 30 – 22 – 14 – 10- 6 and 2 points to the first 10 riders.

ARTICLE 4. Permanence

The race headquarters will be open on Tuesday 16th April from 2.30 pm to 6.30 pm at the
HÔTEL DE VILLE - Grand-Place - 7130 - BINCHE
Licence-holding team managers will be able to collect race numbers from 2.30 pm to 4.45 pm.
The team managers’ meeting, in the presence of members of the Stewards’ Committee, will be held at 5pm at the race headquarters.

ARTICLE 5. Radio-tour

Information about the race will be broadcast using the frequency of 169.425 MHZ.

ARTICLE 6. Neutral technical support

Le service d’assistance technique neutre est assuré par MAVIC.
Le service est assuré au moyen de 3 voitures techniques et 1 moto.

ARTICLE 7. Finishing deadlines

All riders finishing within a time limit exceeding 8 % of the winner's time will not be included in the classification. The Stewards’ Committee may extend finishing deadlines in the event of exceptional circumstances after consultation with the organiser.

ARTICLE 8. Classifications

The general individual time classification will be established based on the order of arrival at the finish line.

ARTICLE 9. Prize money

PLACES Prize totals :
1st € 16, 000
2nd € 8, 000
3rd € 4, 000
4th € 2, 000
5th € 1, 600
6th € 1, 200
7th € 1,200
8th € 800
9th € 800
10th € 400
11th € 400
12th € 400
13th € 400
14th € 400
15th € 400
16th € 400
17th € 400
18th € 400
19th € 400
20th € 400
Total € 40, 000

Table of prizes money for the climbs :
In each of the selected climbs : to the 1st rider : € 250, i.e. € 250 X 12 = € 3,000

Total amount of prize money for the climbs : € 3,000

The overall total amount of prize money distributed for the competition is € 43,000

ARTICLE 10. The fight against doping - doping control

ASO and all participating teams consider as an absolute necessity strict compliance with rules and recommendations issued by the authorities in the fight against doping and the obligation to observe impeccable conduct in this regard. Participating teams undertake to apply these rules and recommendations and will be fully responsible for the strict compliance by their riders and by all employees and contractors.
Doping control will be carried out under the authority of the UCI by designated officials, upon arrival at the race.

ARTICLE 11. Protocol ceremony

After each Stage, the following must report to the protocol: The three winners of the competition.

ARTICLE 12. Penalties

The scale of penalties designed for the competition is the sole applicable scale.

ARTICLE 13. The environment

A.S.O. sets up collection areas which are specifically designated to recover waste. Riders must only dispose of their waste, water bottles or any other object in these specially equipped areas.
Riders and followers must behave responsibly with regards to the environment in all circumstances and respect the legal provisions in force.

ARTICLE 14. Objection- exclusion

14.1. ASO respects the preservation of its image and reputation and that of the contest. ASO reserves the right to refuse participation in – or exclude from - the event, to any team or one of its members, whose presence would be likely to damage the image and / or ASO's reputation and / or event.

14.2. In addition, ASO may disqualify or exclude from any team or one of its members, in the following cases :

  • violation of the rules of the event, including those concerning the internal discipline to the event;
  • serious breach of Belgian law;
  • non-use of the team transportation vehicles provided by the organisation during the transfers;
  • fraud while passing through customs.

14.3 The right of withdrawal or exclusion referred to in sections 14.1 and 14.2 above shall be exercised under the following conditions :

a) ASO will advise the team of there decision in writing, notified by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt or by letter delivered personally with receipt, either by fax or e-mail. This letter should :

  • Specify whether the disqualification or exclusion is related to the presence of the entire team or the presence of some of its members.
  • Specify that, if the disqualification or exclusion is linked to the presence of its members, the team will, in its capacity as employer, withdraw its staff and associated personnel for the event or, alternatively, waive any right to participation of the entire team to the event;
  • State the grounds on which it is based
  • Mention that to challenge this decision, the team will have a period of 24 (twenty four) hours from receipt of the letter of disqualification or exclusion to enter the Court of Arbitration for Sport ("CAS" ) in Lausanne. Failing that, the team will be deemed to have accepted the disqualification or exclusion.

b) If the CAS is contacted by the team, it will immediately appoint a single arbitrator under the expedited procedure under the Rules of Procedure of the CAS. After calling each party to evaluate its case, the arbitrator will decide within the time limits imposed, whether to reject or exclude the entire team or one or some of its members.

The language of arbitration shall be French. The arbitral decision shall be final and binding.

ARTICLE 15. Image right

To enable the optimal promotion of the Flèche Wallonne, each team, and therefore each rider within the teams, acknowledges that participation in the competition grants the organiser and its successors or assigns cause to reproduce and display, without any compensation whatsoever, their name, voice, picture, biography and more generally its sports performance in the Flèche Wallonne as well as the brand of their equipment and sponsors, in any form on any material existing or in future, in any format, for any communication to the public domain, for any purpose including promotional and / or commercial use without any limitations. And for the duration of the protection currently given to any territory by the laws or regulations, judicial decisions and / or arbitration of any country, and international conventions either existing or in future, including any extensions that may be made at this time.
However, the organisers, when they allow others to use pictures of the event for advertising or promotional purposes, will not allow others to use the name, voice, image, biography or performance sports of a rider or team or the brand of their sponsors or equipment for a direct or indirect association between the rider, the brand of its sponsors or equipment and the product, service mark or trade name of such as third party without the express permission of the rider, sponsor or supplier concerned.
Similarly, with the exception of books, photo books, comics, any form of publishing, video cassettes, CD-ROMs, DVDs or more generally any video recordings or video on any medium and format that may become the subject, is in whole or part of the Flèche Wallonne, posters, log books, autograph books, maps, official programmes for the Flèche Wallonne, the organiser will not carry and will not allow the exploitation of the individual image of a rider in the commercialisation of products known as merchandise.


This regulation is written in French and shall prevail in case of difficulty in interpreting its terms in another language.

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