C. Prudhomme's comment

After the demanding cobbled stage and a rest day, the way the climbers will take on this tricky transition could be rather instructive. The climb up the Col de la Croix Fry will come just before a technical test heading up to the Plateau des Glières using a 2-km carriage way… without tarmac! The riders will then have to take on a frightening double with the climbs up the Col de Romme and la Colombière.

Sport Side

Road Kilometers Schedules Local Time
Arrival Start Caravan 39km/h 41km/h 43km/h
29 130 09:04 09:04 09:04 09:04
15 144 09:04 09:04 09:04 09:04
90.5 68.5 09:04 09:04 09:04 09:04

Col de Romme

Km 130 - 1297m 8.8kilometre-long climb at 8,9% Category -

Col de la Colombière

Km 144 - 1618m 7.5kilometre-long climb at 8,5% Category -

Montée du plateau des Glières

Km 68.5 - 1390m 6kilometre-long climb at 11,2% Category -

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